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Chapter 150 – Annihilation (Part 2)

We set out to inspect each island one by one.

We killed all resisting pirates and sank any ship we saw. Even the bridges connecting other islands to the docks, we wrecked them all.

Afterwards we moved to another island and repeated the same thing.

After destroying several islands in the same way, the pirates that were being defeated so one-sidedly began showing a new tactic.

I used Sylph to scout and we discovered that the pirate ships and pirates were gathering on a large island to the north.

They must be planning their final stand.

'Good for me.'

If they were all together, I could kill them at once. I had more than enough bullets and it made it easier for me.

'Should I lure them into the forest?'

Shooting with both guns is good too but I felt like it's a waste of bullets.

Setting fire to the forest and getting rid of a large number didn't sound like a bad idea either.

I said this and Cha Ji-hye offered a different suggestion.

"How about we go around the island and sink all their ships instead?"

"If you burn their ships along with their food stores, even without the ha.s.sle of fighting, I think the pirate archipelago will naturally be suppressed. If you give them half a month even the pirates will either get boats or canoes and escape the archipelago."

"Do you not like it?"

"No. Just wondering why I didn't think of that before."

Cha Ji-hye's suggestion would allow me to not waste bullets and I wouldn't have to get blood on my hands.

"I'm glad you like it."

"Can I hug you?"

"…… why would you?"

"To compliment you on your good idea."


Denying me flat out, even that was cute.

"Then shall we start by sinking their ships?"

"That sounds good. Since we have to take away their means of transportation."

We got into our boat together and I stroked her hair.

"Why are you doing this."

"Just because. Don't you like it?"

"I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"I don't."

Cha Ji-hye's expression didn't change one bit. But even so she didn't brush my hand away.

On our boat and we went around the pirate islands clockwise and shot down any pirate ships I saw with my AW50F.

Two shots each.

I just shot both masts to cause them to fall side by side.

Just to be sure I used another shot to make a large hole in the lower body of the ship. Flooding with water, the pirate ship began to sink.

One ship, two ships, three ships……

Continuously, the pirate ships sank.

The pirate ships docked in the docks too were all sunk.

Only then did the pirates all rush to get onto their ships to run away from me and begin racing in the opposite direction


Pa.s.sing the side of the island, Sylph who had been scouting ahead, called out sharply and looked up to the cliff above.

I received her message in my head. The effect of superior spirits.

"There are pirates hiding atop the cliff."

"They must have prepared an ambush."

"I'll be right back; would you like to row in the meantime?"

"I'll go. Have Sylph send me up please."


I have Sylph fly her up to the top.

Cha Ji-hye flew through the air and in an instant, she was at the clifftop where the pirates were lying in ambush.

As she landed on the cliff, she drew both blades out from her waist.

Through Sylph, I received word of the situation above.

Armed with crossbows and arrows, the pirates lying down at the top of the cliff were surprised at the appearance of Cha Ji-hye.

Without mercy, Cha Ji-hye flung both blades and sliced pirates to death.




Scary sword wielding.

As if red flowers were blooming, the area around her became decorated in red.

She only lightly wielded them but with physical strength buff superior level 1 and the synthetic muscle suit's exponential effect, it carried a lot of weight.

The pirates were slayed without effort.

In an instant the pirates that were lying in wait were taking care of and she jumped off the cliff without hesitation.

Having received my order, Sylph caught Cha Ji-hye and guided her to the sailboat.

The storm-like day pa.s.sed.

The pirate army was swept in chaos and fear.

It didn't even take a whole day for them to lose all their pirate ships and burn all their food stores.

The scarier thing was that the situation was this bad, but no one had even seen their enemy's face.

"It has to be the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that killed leader Heising!"

"d.a.m.n it! No food and no ships, what are we going to do now!"

"Cruel b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

"He's planning to starve us out on the island."

Lamentation and condemnation came from the pirates that were stricken with fear.

All the leaders of the pirate army hurriedly gathered and consulted with each other but there was nothing that came of that either.

"…… this is the end. There is no other option."

Said an elderly man with a bulky build and scars everywhere.

Temporary leader Bremen.

After Heising and the ma.s.s murder of the stronger ones, he temporarily became the leader.

He was also the oldest and had been a captain in the pirate army for the longest time.

"Leader, then is our pirate army done for now?"


"That can't be! Then what is to become of us now?"

"More so than that, we have to find a way to stay alive!"

"d.a.m.n it, the leader is right. Heising isn't here and all the ships are sunk. Now it is impossible for us to carry on as pirates!"

Captains here and there all gave a word of frustration.

The notorious pirate army that controlled the continent's western seas.

When the previous leader Heising, who was an aura master, and even the executives that had lots of power all died, the pirate army was finished.

With black hair and yellow skin, they had dominated the pirate army and took the lead from them.

With their strong military force as their foundation they made their way onto land and  when they went head to head with the army they didn't lose and couldn't be stopped.

They killed lots of people and plundered endless wealth.

But not long ago, Heising was killed in the battle at Deport.

The pirate army had to make a pathetic retreat and when they returned to the pirate archipelago, the remaining executives had all been murdered by an unidentified a.s.sailant.

The pirate army was in chaos for a while, but they elected a new leader and a half year later, they were able to barely reorganized themselves.

But now, when they had thought they had just escaped the chaos, something like this happened.

It is the attack of the one that killed Heising and protected the Deport harbor.

He sank ship after ship with an attack that couldn't be seen.

And without alerting a mouse or bird he set all the storehouses on fire.

The pirates that had been guarding the storehouses say they couldn't see the enemy and all said that the fire happened suddenly.

In a word, he was like a ghost.

The pirate army lost their fighting spirit and temporary leader Bremen eventually had to make the ultimate choice.

"I'm disbanding the pirate army."


"So futilely…….!"

The captains who had spent their lives in the pirate army shed bitter tears of grief.

Temp leader Bremen sighed and said.

"Gather yourselves. We won't disband until we have escaped this archipelago."

An order was given out to prepare for escape by gathering all the smaller boats that haven't been sunk and to cut down trees to make rafts.

The couldn't just sit and starve on this pirate archipelago with no food.

Like that the meeting was over and the captains dispersed to direct those under them.

There was a man quietly watching all of this.

"The end for this here too."

A young man who appeared to be about in his mid-20's.

He looked like a plain pirate but his pale complexion untanned by the sun was different from the others.

"So my role here is over then too."

The pale man finished talking to himself when.


A black energy began to flare out of the young man.

The black energy spread in all directions to the archipelago, but no one saw it.


"What, what is that?!"

Screamed one pirate in fright.

"What are you screaming about?"

"Huh? That, that……!"

Only then did the other pirates look to the sh.o.r.eline and shrieked as well.





Corpses were letting out strange moans and began walking ash.o.r.e from the sea.

Among them was a zombie without a leg, crawling ash.o.r.e, making the sight all the more ghastly.


"Zombies have appeared!"

Screams amongst the pirates.

"Here too!"

"They're here too!"

"From all over!"


From all sides on the pirate archipelago, hordes of zombies were climbing ash.o.r.e.

Thousands, tens of thousands, so many they couldn't be counted.

The pale young man continued to mumble while looking at the fl.u.s.tered pirates stricken with fear.

"You will the fertilizer used to bloom a great work. So your deaths will not be in vain. Rather than escape and live like insects, this end is much more meaningful."

And then the young man leisurely walked off to a place with no humans.

The zombie horde attacked the pirates as they came across them. Actually, they attacked anything alive.

"Save me!"

"What the h.e.l.l is happening to us!"

Looking for any means of escape the pirates were running around.

But on the pirate archipelago, on all the islands, in all directions, zombies were climbing ash.o.r.e.

As if they had been trapped under the sea for a long time, all kind of sea life hung off their bodies as they climbed ash.o.r.e. The zombie horde was fear itself.

Some of them got onto small boats and attempted to escape.

But from somewhere deep in the sea, tons of arms sprung up and clung to the boats. The sea zombie horde.


"Go away, you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!"

One, two, three, four……

As the zombies clinging to the boat grew in number, the small boat tilted and ended up flipping. Before the pirates could even swim they were caught by the zombies and were buried at sea together.

Like that the pirate archipelago was quickly turning into h.e.l.l.

The pale young man appeared at the sh.o.r.eline when he could no longer see any living pirates,

Countless pirate corpses were stacked like mountains.

The zombie horde was still loitering about looking for living things.

"You all shall become fertilizer."

As he said that the young man raised both hands to the skies.


From the corpses of the pirates that just died, shards of white light came out.

Tons of white light fragments gathered up into the sky.

From the dead corpses, the crumbles of light kept flowing out effortlessly.

They were fragments of souls.

When something alive dies, as the soul leaves it, traces of the soul remain in the corpse.

To gather these soul fragments, the young man had called the zombie horde to kill them all.

At last the soul fragments were gathered into a bundle the size of a fist and came into the hands of the young man.

"Not too bad."

Without emotion, the young man put the wad of soul fragments into his cloak.

"It was a good way to gather soul fragments but to end it like this, what a pity."

He had been active on this pirate archipelago for a long time.

Aside from Trees of Life, the life forms that left the most soul fragments were humans and elves.

The pirates went around everywhere killing people. Because of that, the pirate army was a very good and important way of gathering soul fragments.

But now that was over with as of today.

"Then I shall go take care of this new disrupter to the cause."

The young man started walking towards the sea.



The zombie horde followed after him.



The pirate army that was killed at the hands of the zombie horde also rose up as zombies.

All followed after the young man.

"His name……examinee Kim Hyun-ho was it?

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