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Chapter 1029 Prince, Bei w.a.n.g

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu instantly became excited. Back then, when Celestial Thearch Zhen Wu suggested using the Dao of Blood, he had made this calculation. When one cultivated the Dao of Blood to the supreme realm, they could achieve the ability to be undying. Every drop of blood contained in their body was a brand new life.

Therefore, in theory, as long as Ye Qiu had a drop of blood left in the world, he could revive again, even if his body was no longer there. This idea was one of Celestial Thearch Zhen Wu's calculations, but he didn't know if it could actually be done.

However, Ye Qiu seemed to have seen a brand new bright path in front of him. It could be realized! This Blood Bodhi contained powerful vitality. It carried the power of immortality to begin with. Once it fused with the blood in his body, he would be able to possess such a magical ability.

"Haha, the heavens are helping me! Since the heavens have given me this opportunity, I won't stand on ceremony."

Longevity Calamity? It seemed like the key to breaking through the calamity was here! Ye Qiu gradually became excited. At this moment, he couldn't care less. In the cave, the five mysterious people from the other side were already completely restrained by Brainless. They had no chance to deal with him at all, and this Blood Bodhi was just inches away. Who could stop him?

Ye Qiu immediately stretched out his hand without any hesitation and took the Blood Bodhi in the blood pool. Suddenly, a scarlet blood saber slashed over from above in the darkness.

Ye Qiu was shocked and had no choice but to retract his hand. If he was a second slower, his arm would have been cut off. After coming back to his senses, his eyes were instantly filled with killing intent as he coldly looked into the fog.

A n.o.ble-looking man in a white robe appeared in the image. His temperament was very unique, like a high and mighty G.o.d, giving people the feeling that they could not look straight at him. What was even more terrifying was that his pair of blood sabers that emitted a shocking ruthlessness emitted a powerful emperor's aura.

Ye Qiu was stunned. "Human? No, it's not a human." At first glance, Ye Qiu thought that this was a human descendant, but after careful observation, he discovered that he wasn't a human. There was a pair of dragon horns on his head, and the surface of his skin revealed silver runes scales. "Who are you?" Ye Qiu stared coldly and said. He was very strong.

This person's strength seemed to be even stronger than the Dao Child of Heaven, He Yi. The pressure he gave off was very strong. This was more like the suppression from his bloodline.

A high and mighty G.o.d.

Facing Ye Qiu's question, the Crown Prince, Bei w.a.n.g, didn't answer. Instead, he examined everything in the cave coldly. It was as if in his eyes, everyone in this cave was just ants. They could not interest him at all. Looking at the five people confronting the Brainless, Bei w.a.n.g frowned and locked his gaze on that mysterious lord. "It's you?" He recognized the mysterious lord and sounded surprised and stunned.

Seeing this scene, Ye Qiu wasn't in a hurry to attack. He wanted to see because he also wanted to know where that black-robed man came from.

"Haha, I was wondering who it was. So it's the descent of the Crown Prince." The black-robed man sneered when he saw that Bei w.a.n.g had recognized him.

"Why are you here?" Clearly, Bei w.a.n.g did not care about his rudeness. He was more concerned about why the other party was here. What was his motive? Bei w.a.n.g didn't say much, but every word went straight to the point.

"Why can't I be here?" The black-robed man asked.

"No!" Bei w.a.n.g shook his head and said, "You shouldn't be here." He looked at the scene in the cave and then looked at the altar. He seemed to have understood something. "You want to use the Blood Sacrificial Array to reconstruct your true body?"

"So what if I did?" A trace of displeasure flashed across the black-robed man's eyes. If not for the fact that he could not escape at this moment, he would have attacked long ago.

Ye Qiu seemed to understand something. "So they're not in cahoots."

Bei w.a.n.g seemed to have some hostility towards that mysterious lord and treated him as the greatest threat. Although they were all from a foreign land, it was obvious that there were many factions between them.

After thinking this through, Ye Qiu heaved a sigh of relief. Very good. If that was the case, the pressure on him would be much less. However, this Bei w.a.n.g had a powerful background. Ye Qiu was shocked when he heard his background.

Crown Prince? No wonder he had such a strong bloodline pressure. So he was the son of an Immortal Emperor? If that was the case, the problem was serious. Ye Qiu still didn't know if the Immortal Emperor behind him was still alive.

If he was still alive, he definitely couldn't touch this person. Otherwise, Ye Qiu would die in the outer realm.

Immortal Emperor? That was a giant existence. With a thought, it was enough to turn Ye Qiu into ashes. The situation was a little complicated. Why did Bei w.a.n.g find this place? Moreover, his first target was Ye Qiu.

Clearly, he was here for Ye Qiu. This was a little difficult. However, at this point, Ye Qiu had no way out. He only needed to take the Blood Bodhi and destroy the altar. As long as the Blood Bodhi perfectly matched his blood, Ye Qiu could create an immortal body.

At that time, he would not feel so much pressure.

"Should I call you the Immortal G.o.d King, or the former undying king, Cang Lan?" In the silent and oppressive atmosphere, Bei w.a.n.g spoke again. His tone was very cold and aggressive. It was as if an incomparably cold killing intent instantly enveloped the entire cave.

"Impudent. How dare you call my lord's name." As soon as Bei w.a.n.g said this, a black-robed man was instantly enraged.

The Immortal G.o.d King did not show any anger. Instead, he looked at him coldly and said, "It doesn't matter if you call me Immortal G.o.d King or call me by my name. On account of your father, I can let bygones be bygones. However, the Blood Sacrificial Array has been completed. Anyone who dares to stop me will be killed without mercy. I advise you not to do such a stupid thing. It's not good for you to be tainted with karma that you shouldn't be tainted with."

"Is that so?" Bei w.a.n.g revealed a rare smile and said, "I'm not interested in your lousy matters. Whether you want a blood sacrifice or slaughter the common people, it has nothing to do with me." At this point, his gaze shifted back to Ye Qiu and he said, "You're Ye Qiu, right? I'm more interested in you than him."

The atmosphere instantly became oppressive as soon as these words were spoken. Good lord, he's coming for me? As expected, Ye Qiu's initial judgment was right. He was here for him. In that case, there was no way out.

"Haha, this is rare. I didn't expect myself to be a famous person now. I really can't keep a low profile even if I want to." Ye Qiu smiled. He didn't have stage fright at all, nor did he lose in terms of aura.

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