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It had been a long, long time since Li Jiayu had last engaged in close combat!

Ever since he mastered the art of summoning, Li Jiayu usually fought through his manipulated summons, using them to charge the front lines. Furthermore, if the opponents were tricky, he would, at best, resort to some hara.s.sment with spells. At his level, melee combat was mostly considered worthless.

Today, the rebirthed Li Jiayu was not the summoner of old but an ordinary student. In the face of ferocious abominations such as these, the only thing he could rely on was the fire axe in his grasp!

For this battle, Li Jiayu only had 70% a.s.surance of victory!

If he won the gamble, Li Jiayu will gain his first ever life-preservation tool!

If he were to be defeated, the entire cla.s.s would be buried along with Li Jiayu!


Li Jiayu's pupils shrank to the size of a needle

point. In an instant, his tranquil heart, which usually remained unfazed in face of everything, stirred. With the impeccable coordination between his eyes and hands combined, Li Jiayu brandished the axe in one fell swoop!

Thunk thunk!

A sound that could only be replicated by the clashing of metallic objects resounded piercingly. Li Jiayu's hands throbbed painfully. He had barely avoided getting his wrists dislocated just by a hair's breadth!

However, lady luck was on his side and he emerged unharmed after the first confrontation. The Scythe Beetle's sickle sliced the air and grazed Li Jiayu slightly, leaving a faint scar along his face.

Whilst dodging, Li Jiayu lashed out with the axe and under such an enormous impact, it actually pierced the tough black carapace with ease!

He slashed the thick slab of insect flesh.

Slicing through the toughened bones, he swiftly cleaved off a portion of its body!

Viscous green-coloured blood splattered as three insect appendages spun in mid-air, along with the segments of wings, all of which were completely severed from its main body!

Almost half of its body was severed! With an abomination like this, one can only imagine the suffering it was going through as it revealed its agony through continuous hisses!


In a pa.s.sing moment, the Scythe Beetle emitted a shrill screech as Li Jiayu brushed shoulders with it, sending it ricocheting outward like a cannonball!

However, the location it headed toward, was in fact the rows of desks with students cowering underneath!



A scream rang out!

As it crashed into the desks, its razor sharp mandibles pierced the wooden desk with ease!

Thankfully, however strong the beetle was, it was still unable to break steel. Otherwise, the students beneath would undoubtedly have been sent straight to their deaths.

However, the impact of the collision sent a student flying out dazedly. The beetle continued to struggle. The remnants of its wings and limbs flailed relentlessly and its mandibles snapped out in attempt to kill the students around it!

At this moment, everyone had already reacted and fled the scene, leaving Sun Weiwei near the beetle!

Under the surprised gazes of the public, Sun Weiwei rushed to the back of the beetle and rained down numerous blows with her small hammer, targeting the hind joints of its limbs.

The insect paused for a moment before turning around. Its legs flailed about wildly in a fit of rage and its mandibles pointed toward Sun Weiwei. However, Lin Zhibin and the other male students had already made their way over and they a.s.saulted the beetle with desks, intentionally aiming for the gaping wounds left behind by Li Jiayu!


The Scythe Beetle was battered two meters away. Its wounds bled profusely, leaving trails of green blood behind in its wake. Fearful, it flapped its wings desperately in hopes for an opportunity at life!

However, it was too late!

The wheels of fate[1] were always spinning. A hunter no more, it was now reduced to merely being Li Jiayu’s prey!

"Trying to escape? No way!"

Li Jiayu recovered from the earlier discomfort and, with a yell, he pounced aggressively at the Scythe Beetle like a tiger, lashing out a strike towards its exposed belly with a vicious blow!

In regards to close combat... a primitive and brutal manner of fighting is able to bring out the adrenaline in people and Li Jiayu felt an immense thrill as the fire in his heart burned fervently. The power contained in that axe seemed as though it could destroy a mountain. His strength completely erupted!


A sound, resembling a cloth being ripped, resounded as a gash appeared on the fragile belly of the insect, measuring at least a meter long and twenty centimeters deep!

Compared to the injury previously inflicted on Li Jiayu, this was horrifying as both its chest and abdomen were thoroughly destroyed and its innards were shredded by the blow!


The Scythe Beetle fell down from mid-air as though it had gotten run over by a truck. Li Jiayu took two steps forward, closed the distance and brandished yet another swing of his axe!

Bang bang bang!

A series of blows deformed the insect's skull. Every blow contained all of his strength in order to split its head open. It was to the extent that one of its scarlet eyes exploded and turned into mush!

"Li Jiayu... I-It died?"

A girl stared dazedly at the axe-wielding Li Jiayu. His cold and decisive methods made him seem like a hero from the movie screens as he was emanating an extremely domineering aura!

If it had been the usual, she would feel disgust toward Li Jiayu, but everything was far from the usual. This was the apocalypse and with the enemies being giant insects, Li Jiayu's mannerisms mesmerized her.


‘Why didn't I notice he was this handsome before?’

‘Oh, my G.o.d. I am hopeless... What time is it, why am I caring about handsome dudes, ahh! I wetted my pants earlier. Li Jiayu must think of me as a pervert…’

Li Jiayu had not noticed the change in the female student's att.i.tude but it did not matter in the least as it would change nothing. He was not a Flower Knight[2]. Being admired did not mean that he should respond to it accordingly, no?

"Ah... It's finally dead... If it weren't for your help, I could still have brought them down but it would still result in two casualties"

Li Jiayu wiped away the sweat and smiled at the surrounding students.

"Is it true? We really won over the beetles?!"

"Are we dreaming?..."

"Li Jiayu... How on earth did you do that?"

"You were so cool! If it was me, let alone injuring the monster, I would have been split in half by its sickle..."

After a momentary daze, the cla.s.smates began to cry with joy. Although they were aware of the lurking dangers, the defeat of the Scythe Beetle brought them a glimmer of hope. Li Jiayu's desperate battle also ignited their determination!

Hope, especially at a time like this, even a little would be enough to move a person to tears.

"Ah, Li Jiayu... You... I was surprised at your performance, so I really do not know how to express my excitement. You managed to kill that creature... Are you the reincarnation of G.o.d?"

Everyone looked glowingly at Li Jiayu. They were surprised, in awe and worshipping him a little bit. If they had not witnessed the battle, even if someone battered them to death, they would never believe a sissy like Li JIayu would turn out to be so powerful!

"No, I'm only human and if you remain cool-headed, you'll be like me."


Li Jiayu replied. Looking down at the convulsing beetle, he stomped on its head and said, "My amulet... Finally, I’ve gotten my hands on you. It was a gamble from now onwards... My offering - if I get a good summon, I'll kiss lady luck's crotch and even drink her secretions! Hmph, fortunately, lady luck isn’t like you girls, casually wetting your pants or I wouldn’t dare to kiss it..."

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