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Chapter 46 - A vision of a coming storm… confounding one and all

TL-ed by Wei

Edited by LD

“Why are you people surrounding the door! Did you not hear my command to forbid anyone to interrupt his rest?!”


While Chu Xiang was being pestered by the group of students, Ran Hongxia appeared suddenly. Her entire face was covered in frost as she berated the students with Dark Octopus trailing unsteadily behind her. This fellow appeared low spirited with a dull gaze, obviously still in an heavily-injured state. Otherwise, it would have gone to greet the beautiful ladies.


“President Hsiao… why do you forbid us to take a glance inside?”


“That’s right. We’re worried to the extent that we’re losing sleep. Please, at least let us know Li Jiayu’s condition, alright?”


“President Hsiao, just give us a straightforward answer—what exactly happened to Li Jiayu? I saw the situation clearly with my binoculars. It was definitely not as simple as a flesh injury. Something must have happened. He must’ve suffered a fatal blow…”


Ran Hongxia’s eyebrows creased, crying out inwardly that things weren’t going well. Blocking off information was simply not a good way to go about this. These college students were not that gullible; a small portion of them must have started to making guesses about whether Li Jiayu was dead or alive.


Even though they had witnessed the bizarre phenomena on Li Jiayu’s body, who knew if Li Jiayu would wake up. In the case that his resurrection came to naught and the news of his death was released to these students… that would inevitably lead to the collapse of their mental pillars, triggering a chain of harmful aftermath events.

“Li Jiayu did suffer heavy injuries, but they’re not critical, so you can rest easy. Go back. When Li Jiayu’s condition stabilizes, you’ll naturally be able to meet him,” Ran Hongxia replied.

“President Hsiao, this is your mistake! Li Jiayu suffered such a heavy injury, so how could you allow Vice Princ.i.p.al Hsiao Wanqing to mess with him when she does not possess an ounce of medical skill?! She has only just awakened recently and can, at best, aid others in recovering physical strength… However, our medical faculty has two elder professors specialising in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine). Their acupuncture techniques are G.o.d-like! With their a.s.sistance, Li Jiayu should be able to recover sooner even without Chinese medicine!”

“That’s right… President Hsiao, I have also learned a some ma.s.saging techniques which were pa.s.sed down from my ancestors. It is able to improve blood flow and stimulate the meridians. It also carries great benefits for nursing one’s body, and the recovery of the consciousness and the like. So, just let me ma.s.sage him…”

Although these people were doing this out of concern for Li Jiayu, Ran Hongxia dared not allow them into the room! Despite their extravagant words, Ran Hongxia could not help but stiffen her face. Imitating Li Jiayu’s way of speaking, she said,

“No means no! You guys do not need to care that much! Li Jiayu condition is very unusual and will not be able have contact with anyone for now! Scatter! if you dare make a ruckus, don’t blame me for not warning you!”

These words gripped the hearts of the students on the sidelines. On the contrary, the more Ran Hongxia refused to let them encroach, the more it made their doubts grow. When they were about to open their mouths to say something, the sound of a grieving shriek resounded abruptly!

That sounded like the sorrowful cry of a malevolent ghost!

Not only Ran Hongxia but everyone on the scene felt their heartbeat hasten!

“Who is crying inside?”

“That kind of sound… it makes one’s skin crawl!”


“President Ran, what in the world is going on in that room?”

Faced with these barrage of questions, Ran Hongxia shuddered as her heart gripped with fear. She clearly recalled the utility room only contained Li Jiayu and Hsiao Wanqing, and they definitely did not sound like that!

‘Could it be that a ghost or a demon broke into the room?’

As the thought crossed her mind, Ran Hongxia, who was worried about Hsiao Wanqing’s safety, did not care about anything else. With her heart burning in anxiety, Ran Hongxia kicked down the door. Then just as she was about to charge in, she froze in place.

That was because she saw a tall, rotten corpse obstructing her path!

Rotten corpse? Moreover, it was a standing rotten corpse!

How could a place like the 13th floor have rotten corpses? Could it be that a dead student turned into that?

Looking at the disgusting corpse, whose eyes were full of maggots, Ran Hongxia’s face instantly grew pale, and she retreated backwards immediately. A few students who had noticed the rotten corpse felt their hair stand on ends, and their faces paled as they dispersed in confusion. 

“Zombie! It’s a zombie from those movies! Everyone flee!” A student, who had watched too many movies, screamed his heart out, instantly startling the other students who were in their slumber. This made them panic even more.

“f.u.c.k! It’s just a mere zombie. It can’t even be compared to an insect!”

Chu Xiang was not frightened by the malevolent-looking corpse and smashed a fist over at it. His strength, which was over 10 folds stronger than ordinary measures, was not merely for appearances. 

‘Who cares if it’s a zombie or not. When the fist connects, its brain should be sent flying—definitely!’

However, in the next moment, he froze. That was because his fist did not collide into a material ent.i.ty. It was like he had punched a puff of smoke. His fist actually pa.s.sed through its brain!

Chu Xiang was dumbstruck. Then he came to an understanding a moment later while shouting,

“Don’t panic! This isn’t a zombie. It’s merely an illusion! There’s nothing to be terrified about!”

Only then did everyone settled down and immediately looked at it attentively. That rotten corpse was indeed just standing by the entrance, not moving a single inch, nor did it brandish its claws and fangs or emit weird groans. There was not even a single shred of rotten stench emanating from it!

Under the illuminance of the candle’s light, one could even notice that the corpse was a little blurry as though it may turn into smoke at any moment. Indeed, it was merely an illusion, nothing to be afraid about.

Ran Hongxia’s heart stirred.

‘Why did an illusion of a rotten corpse appear out of thin air? Is the room haunted?’ Instantly, Ran Hongxia was reminded of Li Jiayu!

‘Yes! Only with this mysterious fellow, Li Jiayu, would unexpected things occur. He must have resurrected and made up an illusion to scare people, right?’

Having thought this through, Ran Hongxia was too lazy to be bothered with the illusion of the corpse and rushed into the room, but she was stunned for the second time!

“Hong Xia, what has happened inside?”

Chu Xiang immediately trailed behind and froze in his footsteps as well.

The male students exchanged glances as they urgently wished to see what in the world was taking place in the utility room. After they had hardened their courage, they pa.s.sed through the illusion and strode into the room. Then as though they had been struck by lightning, they turned into unmoving statues!


In the utility room, a ghostly chill hung in the air. A myriad of legendary creatures that belonged to the darkness either knelt, laid, or stood in a picturesque disorder!

Amongst them, there was... 

A valiant and formidable-looking, Fairy of Darkness, whose entirety was emitting scorching heat!

A bewitchingly lascivious Nine Tailed Fox dressed in a light muslin while exuding charms of a thousand kinds!

Like a will o’ wisp that burned silently, the Ancient Spirit of Enmity!

With a ghastly row of sharp teeth and two horns on its head, the Demon Rakshaha!

Clothed in an undead magician’s robe and holding a human skeleton wand in its hand, a Lich!

Mounted on a warhorse wreathed in the flames of the underworld and with its body covered in ancient armor, the headless horseman, Dullahan!

Riddled in Daoist talismans and plastered with a sluggish look on its face, the Armored War Corpse!


Dignified and domineering, with three sets of wings on its back, a handsome Fallen Angel!


The narrow utility room was packed with these legendary creatures of darkness. These creatures surrounded Hsiao Wanqing—no, it should be said that they were surrounding Li Jiayu who was in Hsiao Wanqing’s arms!


Despite everyone knowing that these creatures of darkness were merely illusions, the illusion was honestly too realistic. An oppressive sensation loomed over the room as though they actually existed in the same place. It was to the extent which students with weaker mental const.i.tutions even forgot how to breathe!


Ran Hongxia’s heart churned with billowing waves!


‘Am I seeing wrongly?’


‘These… What are they?’


Why would these mythical creatures come to the reality plane? Moreover, every single one of them appeared so lifelike! Ran Hongxia could even vaguely see that handsome Fallen Angel flashing a cruel smile toward her!


The several students, who had broken into the room, felt both fear and excitement. Their figures shook and their faces flushed red. Did these legendary creatures of darkness truly exist? 

“Strange… Strange. These higher tiered creatures of darkness… Why… appear at once… initiate contract with master…? Master… how did he do it…? What ability does he possess… to get these dark creatures’… appreciation…?”

“But… the contract… is useless… Master’s mental energy is too weak… unable to… summon them…”

Dark Octopus gawked with wide eyes. It could not understand even after racking its brain.

If Li Jiayu was conscious, he would have been extremely surprised. That was because the demons that stood before him were all exceptionally strong creatures he had taken great pains and suffered untold hardships in order to sign contracts with after he had been promoted to a Greater Dark Summoner.

Now that Li Jiayu had been reborn, he was merely a meager Apprentice Summoner. So, why would they traverse s.p.a.ce and time in order to sign a contract with Li Jiayu?

“Guys, look! Look outside!”

A student pointed toward the window. Everyone looked along the direction he pointed and simultaneously felt a great shock!

Outside the window, there was a Colossal Frost Dragon!

At this moment, not only was the crowd in the utility room startled but the students in the other halls had also noticed the Colossal Frost Dragon flying outside the sports field. Appalled shrieks rose and fell in succession, shaking the entire school building!

This Colossal Frost Dragon was extremely domineering!

In the boundless night, it was as though Colossal Frost Dragon was riding on waves. It unfolded its bat-like wings, instantly stretching over 100 meters! Its gigantic body practically covered up the entire horizon, emanating a blue radiance that seemed to illuminate the entire night sky!


In its tyrannical pair of dragon-eyes, there were flames of the underworld. It craned its neck and emitted a lengthy roar that resembled a tsunami as well as a crashing mountain torrent. Its intense and vehement dragon roar resonated throughout Xijiang City!

The residents in Xijiang City’s residential areas were either startled awake, halted by their balconies, or they had opened their windows and brought up their binoculars—all of them looking simultaneously toward Xijiang University!

“That’s a… dragon!”

“It’s an ice dragon!”

“Why would such a creature appear here…?”

“Is it an ally or an enemy…?”

“Why would such a creature crawl out from Xijiang University?”

“Ignore these for now! Don’t ice dragons only appear in legends…?”

The 500,000 civilians of Xijiang City were frightened till their expressions had become dull and pale. At the Xijiang military district, many soldiers looked at the skies in astonishment, at a loss of what to do!

In the end, the Colossal Frost Dragon hovered in the skies for more than 10 seconds and gradually turned into fog, twisting and turning before vanishing. 

Not only were the humans frightened, even the insects, which wrecked havoc in Xijiang City, knelt down in fear and shuddered. With sharp senses, they became aware of the dreadful presence of the dragon above!


Insects, such as the Corrosive Worm, Leaping Dragon Louse, Demon Eye and Wild Fire Crow, as well as other types of flying lifeforms, fell instantly from mid-flight due to the dragon’s prestige. Only G.o.d knew how many fell to their deaths!

It was only after several seconds of the Colossal Frost Dragon’s disappearance that the kneeling insects finally dared to get up. However, they were much more aware of their position now and would not be as unbridled as before!

Meanwhile, in the utility room on the 13th floor of Xijiang University, those illusions of the higher tiered creatures of darkness had long since vanished. In the serene darkness, only Li Jiayu’s heartbeat remained!

After a moment, Li Jiayu’s brow twitched and both his eyes opened abruptly!

They were luminous and penetrating, yet deep like a bottomless black hole. His eyes shone with an unfathomable yet formidable attraction!

“I survived… I’m alive! This is great. I have a second chance!”

---Translator Notes---

Hi guys, I have some bad news. This may possibly be the last translated chapter of AS to ever be posted.

Even though it has only been a few months since I've joined GT and started on the translation of Apocalypse Summoner(both the translation, and posting of chapters), it honestly feels like I've been doing this for years and it'd be a lie to say I have not grown attached to this novel...

During this period, many things have happened, both good and bad... like the loss of chapters when my Acer-Chan slipped into a comatose, the negative comments as well /flip table(I'm human after all). 

However, the good balances the bad out... my mental state included, such as the supportive comments left on the chapters.For the people that had supported the novel, either through reading, commenting, or even voting, I thank you with all my heart. 

For those haters, well... I have a question for you, what is- = ?.

Long story short, Apocalypse Summoner is being dropped due to various reasons, one of the major ones being my enlistment into the army. Whether the novel would be picked up in the future, I'll leave it up to fate.  I found this chapter to be the best chapter for a closure... also because it's a cliff-hanger and I'm an a.r.s.ehole.

However, please DO NOT use my translations... punks. If I find out anyone doing that, who knows what I may do, I'm a very petty person *pulls out deathnote*

Even though the journey wasn't as smooth-sailing as I had initially expected, and despite the many flaws of the novel, we're truly grateful for the opportunity GravityTales gave us to share this novel with you

Once again, thank you all for sticking with me through this wonderful journey, especially LD for trudging through sleepless nights just to a.s.sist me with AS and many many O/ more :3.  It's been fun while it lasted. 

May you find a beacon of light in every dark tunnel you go through, you punks.

Hi everyone, LD here. Although most people don't know this, I actually applied to be an editor on GravityTales in order to help Wei with AS. Like Wei said, it has only been a few months, but it's a project we've spent many, many hours working on, and for us to drop AS at this point in time (in the novel as well as outside it)... it's not really a good feeling. Nevertheless, when one door closes, we can only hope that another one opens. Maybe there'll be a dragon waiting to shock us into confusion. coughs Thank you all for coming along on this ride with us! o/

Ps - Wei: I may continue to translate Apocalypse Summoner in my leisure time, however, it would be at a very slow pace.

( ◕ . ◕ )/ 

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