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Ch 42 - Rong Momo wants to fight too

TL-ed by Wei

Edited by LD

Watching as a large number of clay puppets rushed toward it, no matter how brave the Abyssal Vine Demoness was, it also knew that there was something up with the clay puppets. So, it gave up the a.s.sault on the mummies and ghouls, and diverted some vines to deal with the encroaching clay puppets.


These clay puppets were extremely crafty, hard to capture and problematic. Even if a devil vine managed to capture a clay centipede that was over a meter long, it would self-detonate and cause an explosion that would destroy everything within a two to three-meter range!


There was no need to elaborate on the agility of clay gra.s.shoppers and pigeons. One leaped unpredictably around on the ground while the other soared freely in the sky, making it extremely hard for the vines to catch them. The most the vines could do was to somewhat suppress the clay gra.s.shoppers and pigeons, distancing them from the gigantic eyeball.


Did the Abyssal Vine Demoness think this was useful?


It was too naive!

Screech, screech~


Clay spiders the size of ants filed out from the ceramic floor beside the gigantic eyeball!

Some time earlier, these spiders had begun digging into the ceramic tiles and drilled holes the whole way until they finally approached the actual vessel of the Abyssal Vine Demoness!

When it noticed the clay spiders emerging from the dirt, the Gigantic Eyeball was infuriated and glared at them with its widened eye!

The Abyssal Vine Demoness used her Spiritual Cyclone!

It was to no avail as the clay spiders were not living animals; they were mere puppets that did not possess consciousness!

In a blink of an eye, the clay spiders had already leaped onto the eyeball. Their sizes expanded rapidly. Then…


An explosion occurred that was not too major nor minor, probably equivalent to the might of a hand grenade.

The Abyssal Vine Demoness was not injured because it was a spirit type demonic lifeform. It was able to use its spiritual energy to form a layer of forcefield on the surface of its body; an insignificant explosion was unable to inflict any injury on it!

Despite that, the explosion that had occurred within a close proximity to the Abyssal Vine Demoness still impacted her consciousness somewhat and reduced her movements slightly. During that instant, the clay pigeons in the sky and the clay gra.s.shoppers on the ground broke through the defenses of the devil vines. Then in a single spurt, they attacked their way to the gigantic eyeball!

Shortly thereafter, the white pigeons and gra.s.shoppers completed their tasks as all of them turned into more than ten deafening explosions!


It was as though a small bomb was exploding.

With the Abyssal Vine Demoness at the core of the explosion, the impact sent countless pieces of concrete, marble and dust into the air. Even the lights and gla.s.s doors had not been spared, and they shattered from the blast. The entire ballroom shook for a moment, as though it would collapse if it shook several more times!

The explosion caused smoke to rise, but it was soon dispersed by the chilling breeze and downpour. Li Jiayu looked at the center of where the explosion had taken place, and the Abyssal Vine Demoness was lying pathetically on the ground!

The Gigantic Eyeball oozed with green blood. Its retina was tattered from the explosion, and the whites of its eyes were blown up in several places! The large number of vines, which had seemed omnipresent, lost their vitality and limped to ground one after another like dead snakes!

“Good! Who knew this using this trick would resolve this battle so easily…”


Li Jiayu coughed up a mouthful blood. On his face, he flashed an excited and cruel sneer. A carefree feeling filled his heart as he succeeded in the leapfrog challenge, but he had more of a bitter feeling from the possibility of being defeated. 

‘Who knew that I’d be facing death this quickly after my rebirth? I am truly unwilling!


‘Everything was because of the Abyssal Vine Demoness!


‘I must grind its bones and turn it into ashes. Otherwise, I will not rest in peace in the underworld!’


“Mummies, ghouls! I command you to utilize your most brutal of means and destroy the Abyssal Vine Demoness! Rip it to shreds, gnaw at it, trample it, devour it!”

Li Jiayu’s eyes gleamed with a brutality that resembled those of a desolate beast, emanating a scent of death like a bottomless pit of despair. This influenced the mummies and ghouls slightly, as they craned their necks while issuing heart-wrenching shrieks.

Although there were only two mummies and three ghouls left, it was more than sufficient to send the heavily injured Abyssal Vine Demoness a one-way ticket to h.e.l.l!

They staggered toward the Gigantic Eyeball. Then with their b.l.o.o.d.y claws brandished, they opened their foul mouths and bit down on the eye!

Green juice splattered, and blood and flesh flew in all directions! In an instant, the Abyssal Vine Demoness’ Gigantic Eyeball was bitten beyond recognition, and the pupil was yanked out by the mummy while dripping profusely with blood!

Seeing as the Abyssal Vine Demoness was about to get killed, Li Jiayu suddenly became speechless as there was a change in the situation!

He witnessed several cracks running along the ground on which the mummies and ghouls stood on. The cracks split open and removed the mummies and ghouls from this world!


‘What in the world is going on?’

Wave after wave of fatigue flooded out from the depths of Li Jiayu’s mind. He knew that this was due to his spiritual energy depleting and that he was unable to support the consumption of so many undead organisms!

At this moment, the body of the heavily-wounded Abyssal Vine Demoness glowed with a faint light and the flower on the Gigantic Eyeball… it seemed to be trembling slightly, as though it was about to bloom!

Li Jiayu’s heart shuddered. He did not know what would happen after Abyssal Vine Demoness’ flower bloomed. Even if he used his b.u.t.t to think, he knew that it would definitely not be anything pleasant!

“d.a.m.n it. Why would the flower bloom at this moment…”

Li Jiayu really wanted to pick up Frost Blade and stab the Abyssal Vine Demoness to death, but his injuries were too severe, and he was unable to walk. He had initially hoped that Dark Octopus might be able to do it, but he then saw that Dark Octopus was riddled with wounds from being pierced and was half dead on the ground. So, his hope vanished.

There were no signs of movement in the ballroom, so it was probable that the Abyssal Vine Demoness had placed a mental shackle on Ran Hongxia that made her momentarily unable to awaken. With that being said, Li Jiayu did not hold onto any hope that Ran Hongxia would run over and stab the Abyssal Vine Demoness to death. 

As for the axe-wielders that lay on the battlefield, their heads had either exploded from the spirit cyclone or had been sent into severe comas. There was no way they could be of any help!

‘If it’s like this…'

‘Sigh, it seems like I must deal with this personally…’

“Endless void, depths of the cracks... Although we are separated by thousands of spatial barriers, we are still linked through fate…”

The summoner’s song began to resound once more. It was the same incantation that had been used in the summoning of Dark Octopus. This was a cla.s.sic incantation during random summons. Not only was the consumption of mental energy low but it also placed the least burden on the body.

At present, this was an incantation that Li Jiayu was able to use, however, the summoned lifeforms were extremely unpredictable. It could turn out to be a hen with close to zero combat prowess, or it might turn out to be a Skeleton Knight with considerable strength.

After a moment, a magical formation appeared before Li Jiayu, and the vague silhouette of a person appeared!

‘Hmm? Looks like my luck isn’t bad. It is a humanoid creature, and humanoid creatures are usually equipped with considerable fighting strength. So, it probably has the strength equivalent to a Mid First Tier or above, right?’

However, as Li Jiayu saw this humanoid creature, his expression changed to that of an extreme oddity.

That was a woman adorned with the garment of a palace maid and a wooden tablet atop her head!

It was a woman, that’s right. Unfortunately, it was a wrinkly, arrogant-looking old hag!

In her hands, she grasped several steel needles and every last one shone with a cold l.u.s.ter that was undoubtedly sharp!

Li Jiayu had never seen such a humanoid with this strange fashion. Holding onto steel needles… 

‘Oh? Maybe it’s a demoness that’s adept in using concealed weapons?

‘But isn’t this demoness a little too old and ugly…? Don’t legends speak of demonesses to be gorgeous and mesmerizing?’

“Ziwei, you little s.l.u.t. See if I, Rong Momo, will show you mercy...”

[Rong Momo - A character from the TV series My Fair Princess ]

Who would’ve known that this humanoid creature’s first words would be these unfathomable words? It honestly made one scratch their head in puzzlement. Rather than provocative words before a fight, it’d be more accurate to say that they were malicious words stemmed from jealousy!

‘T-this… What in the world is going on?’

Li Jiayu had summoned creatures of both large and small sizes and of different varieties numbering by the thousands. However, never had he encountered one that kept the words “little s.l.u.t” by their mouths…

‘Isn’t this demoness a little too uncivilized?’

During a random summoning, there was an ironclad rule that the summoner would not be provided with any clues. Even Li Jiayu was unsure as to which plane this creature had come, nor did he know her combat prowess and whether she was reliable or not!

“Excuse me, you are…?” Li Jiayu let out a cough before inquiring.


As the old demoness snapped out of her daze, her face had already been soaked by the rain water. A large portion of her makeup had been washed away, making her appear as though she was a female ghost that had come to seek vengeance.

She touched her face and looked dumbfoundedly at her vicinity: the unfamiliar surroundings and the dilapidated battlefield; the fallen axe-wielders and the corpses that were strewn all around; and the Abyssal Vine Demoness and Dark Octopus, this pair of inhumane monsters. All of a sudden, realization dawned upon her that she had arrived at a terrifying place!

“Ah! Where am I? Wasn’t I disciplining Ziwei, that little s.l.u.t? I know, it must be Ziwei, that little s.l.u.t, using demonic magic against me… Protect the queen, protect the queen! With me, Rong Momo, around, I will not let a hair on Her Majesty be touched!”

The humanoid creature that went by the name of “Rong Momo” had a face of confusion. She trembled faintly, yet her voice contained a fearless courage as she clasped tightly onto the needles dripping with blood!

“I apologize, but I would like to ask which plane you’re from… and how’s your fighting strength?” Li Jiayu asked patiently.

“Who are you?! Hmph. White hair and blue eyes... One glance and I know that you’re not a good person! You must be the demon that colluded with “Princess Huanzhu”, right? If you have the courage, then come at me, this Rong Momo! I want to see how scary a person of the demonic path is! Zi Wei, that little s.l.u.t, you can never bewitch me!”

With the term, “demonic path”, on the left and another term, “little s.l.u.t”, on the right, Li Jiayu felt his head getting bigger. It was his first time summoning such a marvel of a creature. It would be fine if it did not heed orders, but the problem was that he could not even communicate with it… This was contrary to the conventions of summoning!

Perhaps, this summoned creature by the name of “Rong Momo” did not know Li Jiayu was her owner? 

“I don’t care who you are… In short, I order you to stab the Abyssal Vine Demoness to death!” Li Jiayu had an exhausted expression and his eyelids lowered slightly. He felt that his life force was gradually slipping away. It was highly probable that not long after, it would be hard to keep himself clear-headed.

“Who will listen to an evil demon’s commands? You think you’re Her Majesty, the Empress? Such a scary demon, how could I, Rong Momo, deal with it? What if it goes crazy and injures me. What should I do then?” Rong Momo curled her lips.


Li Jiayu was stunned; this summoned beast actually defied his orders!

‘How is this possible?'

‘Is this a Top Second Tier beast?’

Li Jiayu, after performing the soul combustion technique, had barely reached the Middle Second Tier rank. It was reasonable to say that only summoned creatures a grade higher than the summoner could break away from the restrictions the summoner had placed and act on its own accord!

One could not judge a book by its cover; who knew that this ordinary looking Rong Momo, whose words and actions had no grace of an expert, was actually a Higher Second Tier expert!

Li Jiayu took a glance at the needles that dripped constantly with blood.

‘Maybe… just maybe, is she the Queen of Needles from the Abyssal World?’

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Apocalypse Summoner Ch 42 - Rong Momo wants to fight too summary

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