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A gale whistled violently as rain drizzled downwards and thickened thunder clouds began to lower, exuding a sense of suffocation!

“I-Is this a joke…”

LJY, who was about to initiate the third summoning, felt his fingers stiffen. He stared blankly at the magic formation before him and felt a sense of absurdity wash over him.

'What in the world is going on?'

'Have I gone blind? Or did I get my head jammed by the door?'

'Why… After my rebirth, why are my summons always going beyond the boundaries of summoning knowledge?'

The mating CCB released a large amount of life essence, along with the birth of many fertilized eggs. Throwing these into the equation, the offering this time round should have had the lives of several hundred of newborns attached to it. Although the quality of the offering was low, the quant.i.ty should be close to a Second Tier offering!

So arguably, LJY should be able to call forth a summon that’s close to the Second Tier. If he was fortunate, there was a probability of summoning Lower Second Tier consumables, such as: Explosion Tags from ; Lightning Bomb from ; Impact Dial and Usopp’s Special Firebird Star from ; Demonic Bead[1] from ; Zhuge Crossbow[1] from ; Potion of Invisibility from ; and Great Ball from !

'But w-why did such a scene appear?'

The summoning formation continued to emanate bursts of neon lights. Countless abstruse patterns melded together to form an incomprehensible imagery, while the cla.s.sroom was whirling with sand-

'Wait! Where did all this sand come from?'

'How did the magic formation send out these large amounts of yellow sand?'

'This does not conform to common sense!'

'Even if one was to summon an undead creature, it would, at most, be accompanied by a foul scent mingled with blood and decomposition.'

LJY possessed vast amounts of experience. During his previous life, he had summoned many creatures from other worlds, but he had never encountered a situation such as this in which yellow sand had emerged!

Contrary to his expectations, the summon did not consume a large amount of time. Before LJY could even react, the summon had appeared!

Amidst of the waves of churning sand, a human silhouette was gradually revealed.

It was a pale-skinned, red-haired juvenile. He had rather exquisite facial features and narrow eyes with dark circles around them.

The right side of his forehead was inscribed with an inconspicuous, red "爱(love)" character.

He donned ethnic desert clothing with a huge, yellow gourd slung across his back, giving him a bizarre appearance.

However, his appearance was not what mattered! Instead, everyone was attracted to this teenager's gaze. It was devoid of any vitality and emotion, yet it concealed a sense of tyranny within, like a barrel of gunpowder. If anyone dared to offend him, it would inevitably set off a large explosion!

What was much more incredible was that the large gourd hanging on his back seemed as though it was alive, heaving the yellow sand, that whirled in the air, in and out. In the eyes of Hsiao Wanqing and the others, it was mysterious, like magic, and completely overturned what they had been taught in science cla.s.s!

“A Legendary Tiered character?”

LJY was startled!

'What in the world is going on?'

For a long time now, his summons had always been creatures of the darkness, such as Liches and Reapers with Legendary Tiered strength. 

However, they had come from the depths of the Abyssal World. So, strictly speaking, they were not legendary characters, but the spirits of the legends. Furthermore, his summoning rites would have consumed, inevitably, a large amount of mental energy!

The red-haired juvenile was the first ever Legendary Tiered summon LJY had conjured and he could not figure out how such trash offerings had managed to call forth a heaven deterring force such as a Legendary Tiered expert!

The previous summon, “Frost Moon”, was already considered a miraculous accident. However, this time… Goodness, LJY honestly did not know whether to chortle out loud or to bawl!

A powerful summon… indeed possessed incredible prowess, but if one called forth a disobedient summon, that moved on its own initiative and had a bad personality, it would probably devour the summoner that summoned it!

“Who summoned me… Was it you?”

The red-haired juvenile's emotionless gaze landed on LJY and the sand around him also ceased its swirl.

As the gaze belonging to a Legendary Tiered expert swept past RHX and the crew, who were situated behind LJY, they felt their breathing stifle and their body turn rigid. It was as though a dangerous predator was staring at them and they felt an unspeakable terror!

Standing before the Legendary Tiered expert, LJY did not fl.u.s.ter in the least. He nodded slightly and did a Summoner’s greeting with a peaceful and neutral gaze that was neither humble nor overbearing,

“Yes, it is I. Gaara, the protector of the Sand Village in a distant universe, may I have the honor of inviting you to a temporary cooperation? I, this plane’s Apprentice Summoner LJY, shall forever remember every second in which you and I fight together!”

The yellow sand whirled and an intangible psychic energy seeped out from the red-haired teenager! His taciturn gaze remained on LJY, then his lips gradually parted and he spoke with a voice as dull as stone,

“I apologize… Your strength is far too weak. It barely covers the consumption of energy needed to retain me on this plane… Furthermore, in my world, the village still needs my protection…”

'Did I get rejected?'

'True… Legendary Tiered individuals... every last one of them has their sights set higher than the roof. Furthermore, they’re extremely haughty,  so why would they degrade themselves to being a lowly-summon of an Apprentice Summoner?'

LJY heaved out a breath, ‘It appears that… this third summon has turned out to be an utter failure. It’s like having given away my bride and then losing my army as well[2]!'

However, the next words Gaara said showed him a light at the end of the tunnel,

“Actually… I am only a sand clone. My real body has been left at my universe/plane. If you require my a.s.sistance, I do apologize. I can’t do anything even if I’m a clone. However, I can lend you my Sand Gourd. Although it only contains 1% of its original Chakra prowess, it should be sufficient for your current level.”

LJY took a gander at the yellowed and muddy Sand Gourd hanging on Gaara’s back and a slight smile emerged on his face as he said sincerely,

“I a.s.sume your sand gourd has accompanied you since you were young? Refined by your spiritual energy, it must have upgraded to a Legendary Tiered Artifact… I sincerely thank you for your a.s.sistance, Gaara, Prince of the Sand. This favor, I will remember it. When I become a Greater Summoner, I will think of ways to return this favor.”

Naturally, LJY knew just how precious the Sand Gourd that Gaara had sent him was!

All Legendary Tiered Artifacts possessed earth-shattering prowess as well as incomparable and unusual abilities. Even when contending against undead creatures like the Zombie Dragons and Bone Dragons, an attack from these Legendary Artifacts would injure them heavily even if they do not fall.

Even if Gaara sent him an item that contained 1% of the prowess of a Legendary Artifact, it would still be more precious than anything else as the item was comparable to Lower Second Tier.

In comparison to “Frost Moon”, this Sand Gourd possessed more significance in combat!

Although Frost Moon was a Legendary Tiered Artifact, this sc.u.mbag of a weapon would not recognize LJY as its owner.

As the spirit of the sword remained in slumber, the sword had entered a sealed state and hence, LJY could not display the artifact’s prowess. Aside from the slight sharpness and the freezing effect, it could not compare even to an ordinary Demonic Artifact!

“Favor or not… I will not take it to heart as long as it’s of a.s.sistance to you. You've summoned me with offerings, so I can’t let you return empty-handed, making it a loss for you.”

Gaara spoke without any emotion. Suddenly, his expression changed and his ears wiggled slightly as he said,

“My chakra fluctuations are too noticeable… I've attracted some trouble to you, but rest a.s.sured, I will remove these annoyances.”

“What? Attracted the insects?” LJY naturally knew that this particular summoning had caused a commotion. After all, it would be strange if it did not provoke the insects.

LJY pondered if he needed to evacuate the people from this cla.s.sroom to avoid being rushed by the insects or if they would have to leap off the building.

"I saw with my ‘Sand Eye’ that four red beetles are rushing towards us… Sand Burial!”

As his voice fell, Gaara’s fingers clasped together and large amounts of yellow sand erupted from the Sand Gourd. 


Rapidly, the sand formed a veil in mid-air. It flew toward the entrance of the cla.s.sroom and in an instant, four mournful cries echoed from the corridor!

At this moment, Draconian Chuxiang ran to the entrance. He looked along the corridor and noticed that over 60 meters away, a big tuft of yellow sand was flying towards four unidentified objects.

Subsequently, those four unidentified objects, which were the size of spanish bulls, were subjected to a horrifying compression.


A sickening squelch resounded and a big pool of green insect blood emerged from the sand!

Shortly after that, the insects were forcefully suppressed and squeezed into the size of sows!

Their sizes were instantly reduced by 3 times!

Yellow sand dispersed from the target and formed into threads made of sand, then quickly scuttled back once more. 

Chu Xiang gawked foolishly at the four unidentified objects. He found it hard to believe that those were the powerful CCBs he had to exert tremendous amounts of strength in order to kill!

‘Minced meat!’

‘Four lumps of minced meat!’

That hard, red carapace had been crushed and deformed. The insect flesh had been crumbled into minced meat and smeared on its carapace. The entire forms of the CCBs had been warped completely. If Chu Xiang had not witnessed this appalling sight, he would never have a.s.sociated the four CCBs with these lumps of minced meat.

'What terrible prowess!'

'The red haired juvenile that LJY summoned… who in the world is he?!'

“This clone’s chakra is now depleted…”

Afterward, the yellow sand returned to the Sand Gourd and Gaara looked at LJY.

“Well, then… I'll take my leave. Here, take care of it…”

After saying that, Gaara hoisted the Sand Gourd down and held it in his hands. A moment pa.s.sed and a yellow light flashed. The gourd, which has been the size of an adult human, shrunk down to the size of an ordinary gourd. Gaara then tossed it over to LJY.

The Sand Gourd felt crude and rough to the touch, much like sand, but it felt warm in his hands.Faintly, LJY could feel the grains of sand spiraling and swirling.

'An Inferior Second Higher Tier treasure!'

Even though in the past, he had s.n.a.t.c.hed numerous treasures from abyssal Undead Kings and Liches, those were all in his previous life and he had no method of bringing them over. As of right now, LJY was merely a poor and bitter student. However, with this Higher Second Tier treasure for self-defense, his safety was greatly improved. This meant he could now visit more treacherous areas!

“Desert prince, take care. I won’t see you out then…”

LJY replied and Gaara, who was in the magic formation, had long since turned into a flash of light that sank downwards rapidly. After a few seconds, not only had Gaara disappeared, but the array patterns, rays of light and the two sacrifices had also vanished completely!

Once more, the suffocating silence returned to the cla.s.sroom!

If it had not been for the yellow gourd in LJY hands and the four lumps of minced meat, Hsiao Wanqing and the rest of the group would definitely think that everything had been an illusion.

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