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"Oi, did the female cla.s.smates wet their pants? Take advantage of this moment of time to clean yourselves or you'll inevitably be targeted by the insects before everyone else. What they crave most are preys with strong odors!"

As panic overrode the hearts of these teenagers into helplessness, Li Jiayu's teasing voice resounded from behind them.

Everyone instinctively turned back to notice Li Jiayu standing leisurely behind them with a fire ax in his grasp. His piercing gaze made him seem like a seasoned warrior.

"Li Jiayu... You... Do you really have to speak in this nasty manner... Are you a gentleman? Do you have to poke fun at us while we're like this?"

One of the students who had wet herself bawled in shame. Her reddened eyes welled with tears as she sniffled, teardrops trickling along her cheeks. If it had been the usual, everyone would have drowned Li Jiayu in spittle but the gravity of the current situation forbade them from doing so.

Li Jiayu turned to observe the wailing girl. Her name was Zhou Jiamin. Appearance wise, she looked delicate and graceful. Her lithe body was not to be belittled either. Now that she was crying, she managed to exude a different kind of style which provoked pity and compa.s.sion.

Unfortunately, Li Jiayu wasn't the soft-hearted naive teenager from before. He would not show anyone mercy even if they cried and begged. Don’t even mention a.s.sociating with these sorts of people.

During the end of the world, surviving alone is extremely harsh and he was a prime example of that. So, a team was definitely necessary. However, if a hindrance joined your team, constantly begging for protection and crying all day, efficiency would instantly be reduced to half!

No one fears G.o.d-leveled adversaries, only pig-like companions!

Women like Zhou Jiamin were bound to be miserable during the apocalypse. Li Jiayu had seen many women like her and there were two common outcomes: one was to be devoured by insects; and the second was to be the plaything of men. It was unlike the past when they could rely on their beauty to enjoy all sorts of advantages as well as the attention and care of the men who sought after them.

Li Jiayu shook his head. Mockery was evident within his voice, "You think I'm taking liberties with you? This was just a kind reminder. I won't stop you guys from seeking your deaths."

Smacking his lips, he then continued, "Cla.s.smates, I've seen the future of the world, including how you will die. Everything is exceptionally clear!"

Pointing toward Zhou Jiamin, Li Jiayu said, "Zhou Jiamin, out of everyone present, you'll be the first to go as that heavy scent will be your undoing. A Scythe Beetle will select you as its first target and you'll be decapitated. Your blood will dye the floor red and your face will be gnawed on, disfigured and turned into a messy meat paste. I really pity that face of yours... 

However, after a few bites, your head will be discarded with your brain sucked dry and your innards will splatter all over. While the other students fight off the beetle with many sacrifices, your head will be cradled in your sobbing friend's arms.”

"You are spouting nonsense! My fate won't be that miserable..."

Zhou Jiamin seemed infuriated but was in fact uneasy. Her body started to shudder as she forced herself to dismiss Li Jiayu's nonsense. However, whenever she thought of his accurate predictions, her heart palpitated as although she had been cast into an icy h.e.l.l.

With that, Li Jiayu pointed toward another robust male student and said while laughing, "You, Lin Zhibin. You’ve had a crush on Zhou Jiamin for four years, right? From high school til university, am I right?"

"Nonsense! I- I only treat her as a friend!"

"Well, maybe you haven't realized it yourself. However, when she suffered a tragic death, you were the first one to go crazy and ran up to fight the Scythe Beetle. When your loyal roommates saw you acting like that, they also rushed forward fearlessly. 

As a result of your folly, out of the six men, three died and two were heavily injured but the Scythe Beetle was repelled. The ones who died were Du Wei, Liang Bin and Jiang Haitao. While you, Lin Zhibin, had your entire hand clipped off. However, you acted like nothing happened and continued mourning with Zhou Jiamin's headless corpse in your arms, hollering how you should've confessed and would be accompanying her to the underworld..."

"No! Stop it! I beg you to stop... I know I'm not good enough for her but I would definitely not allow that to happen! I'll protect her!" Li Zhibin growled through gritted teeth, looking at his crush before turning back to Li Jiayu.

"Ah, I hope it goes as you've said... What i saw was one of many outcomes but it may not necessarily turn out as predicted. If you people listen and do accordingly to every arrangement of mine, although it may not necessarily prevent all tragedies, it will reduce casualties..."

Li Jiayu patted his shoulder then pointed toward another student who wore spectacles. "w.a.n.g Siyuan, when we're escaping, you'll be stabbed in the calf by a Venomous Lion Scorpion. In less than 5 seconds, your calf will turn completely black and begin to rot. The venom will spread along your leg toward your heart and you'll be wreathing in agony. You will be the first one to die from venom..."

"My luck has always been great. Fortune tellers have always foretold that I was blessed by Buddha, how could I die in such a miserable manner?"

In shock, w.a.n.g Siyuan staggered two paces back. His face paled several folds and although he was screaming about how he does not believe anything Li Jiayu said, his heart was already drumming wildly, as though a thousand horses stampeded through.

Ignoring w.a.n.g Siyuan’s vehement reaction, Li Jiayu proceeded to scan through the cla.s.sroom and pointed out a fair-skinned male student. "Zhang Han, you'll also suffer during the escape. A two-metre long Purple Blooded Centipede will coil itself around you and those razor sharp legs will pierce your flesh while you yell for help. However..."

Zhang Han's expression stiffened. Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, he guessed, "However, no one will come to my rescue, right? Who would endanger themselves for a man in the gaping jaws of a monster like that..."

"Yes, at that time, many will suffer the same fate. You're not the only exception... Everyone is terror-stricken. How can they help someone else when their lives are also endangered..."

Li Jiayu pointed to another female student. "Han Xiaoqi, you'll be pushed down to the ground by zombies. You struggled relentlessly while crying but alas, how could your strength prevail that of a zombie who has no limits?"

Han Xiaoqi's figure froze before yelling like an animal forced into a corner, "What? I'll be raped by a zombie?! Li Jiayu, you scoundrel. You're spreading false information!"

"Hehe, who said you'll be raped by a zombie? Zombies aren't as dirty as you pictured. How is it possible for them to perform such a deed... That zombie will just chew on your neck and tear off a piece of flesh. Additionally, I saw you bleeding and coughing up large amounts of clotted black blood. Maybe, your throat will decay and finally, there will not be any areas of your body left intact.You'll ultimately join their ranks, lurking in the shadows as a walking corpse..."

"Zombies... I'll turn into one of them, wandering aimlessly in the darkness?"

Han Xiaoqi broke out in gooseb.u.mps. All her life, she loved dressing up and possessed a little bit of narcissism. If she turns into a zombie, her whole body will start rotting. That, for her, would be the worse outcome...

"Gao Xiang, a parasite will drill into your mouth and then devour you from the inside. Starting from your organs, you'll suffer for three days and nights before finally dying from the rotten organs..."

"He Jialan, you will be abducted by a group of miscreants during a moment of disarray. No one will know whether you're dead or alive, so you will be presumed dead after committing suicide or murdered..."

"Sha Yiran, starvation will be your cause of death. Driven by hunger, you will resort to secretly consuming the flesh of dead insects, resulting in food poisoning. You'll start swelling up like a balloon and when your stomach is three times the size of a watermelon, you’ll then commit suicide.

"Liang Junjie, due to your conflicts with people, your limbs will be severed and you will then be fed to worms..."

Li Jiayu mercilessly revealed what he knew without falsifying anything. "Your outcomes will be miserable. There will be only a small portion of you who survives. You will flee to Guangzhou, Yangcheng and Jianye in search for military shelters but end up being enslaved instead. Life is extremely harsh in the apocalypse... You guys will whine and b.i.t.c.h about the apocalypse, cursing the insects, but you will not possess an ounce of courage to stand up against them nor, to fight against your destiny!"

"W-what about me?"

Sun Weiwei asked timidly as she watched Li Jiayu under the illuminance of occasional lightning strikes. Her heart was extremely uneasy.

"You really want to know?"

Li Jiayu looked at Sun Weiwei's delicate face, the corners of his lips raising. "You know what? Many women will be sacrificed during the apocalypse, treated as goods to trade around…

“You are afraid of death and were spoilt since young, manipulated the flock of suitors in your palms. Your attachment to that lifestyle will force you toward a path where you forsake your dignity and chast.i.ty…

“First, you will seduce a senior of the boxing club and had a martial arts background, however, he will die soon after. Using your body as a bargaining chip, you went on to seduce an underground fighter and following that, an official who withholds a little authority, before finally ending up as a mistress of a district chief.

“Unfortunately, you’ll be disfigured with acid by one of the many jealous mistresses before ultimately driven mad on the streets with your brain sucked dry by a Soul Devouring Beast.”


Sun Weiwei broke out in gooseb.u.mps. She had never imagined herself to be that sort of woman who betrayed her body. Nor could she imagine herself being someone else's mistress. Furthermore, that her fate would be what women feared the most - disfigurement!

"Alright, let's stop talking about this... In short, if you want to avoid that tragedy, wise up and act accordingly!"

As Li Jiayu's voice fell, the window to the side of the cla.s.sroom crashed and someone shrieked!

Students who reacted quickly looked at the window and were immediately scared out of their wits!

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