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“Oh… Octopus… Understands…” 

Dark Octopus had been relishing in the company of the group of girls, laughing foolishly. That was until it had gotten smacked in the head by Li Jiayu and realized that there was still an upcoming battle ahead.

In order to save the girls in danger, Dark Octopus thought that it should not slack!

“L-Ladies… Please move aside… I n-need to go… Search Essence Core…”

After it had dispersed the girls, Dark Octopus wriggled its wounded body strenuously across the ground, leaving a long b.l.o.o.d.y trail behind. It made its way towards the small hill of piled Corrosive Worm carca.s.ses and brandished its tentacles, which then proceeded to drill themselves into the brains of the carca.s.ses!

As Dark Octopus was tinkering with the insect carca.s.ses, the girls who had chatted happily with Dark Octopus earlier watched on in dismay and almost threw up! However, when they saw Dark Octopus’s horrible wounds, they felt heartache replacing the initial disgust.

As grotesque as it appeared while Dark Octopus consumed the insect brains, it was actually placing a lot of thought into it. Although the image seemed rather overwhelming, its spirit of wanting to protect the girls was praiseworthy in itself!

Hsiao Wanqing tilted her head to the side. She dared not watch such gory scenes of Dark Octopus ripping apart brain after brain and inquired Li Jiayu,

“Essence Core? Insect Core? Are there any relation between the two?”

“Well, there’s a little bit of relation. For lower ranking insects like the Corrosive Worms and Venomous Spiders, there is an extremely low probability of them condensing an Essence Core. Honestly, it all depends on the circ.u.mstances. There's a 10% chance to the extent of only a 1% chance.

Although Essence Cores do not strengthen the body like the Insect Cores do, their mystical effects lie in their medicinal properties. Usually, they contain the effects of healing injuries, gathering one’s spirit and dispelling illnesses. The Essence Cores of some rare insects can even alleviate fatigue and replenish mental energy… En, like how the red, blue, and strength pills were the same, just that blue pills and strength substances are rarer…”

Li Jiayu sketched it in light shades and even enlightened the few awakened,

“According to your strengths… If you guys use your strengths appropriately, it would be no problem if one of you went up against a trash monster such as the Venomous Spider… When everything is in order, follow me to kill Crimson Crowned Beetles and Venomous Spiders. We must reach the cafeteria by the end of today. Even if we can’t, we must at least reach the students’ market! Otherwise, we will have to starve today!

“It’s probably be 5 pm… Even though it’s summer, raise your heads and take a look. The black clouds are so thick. I estimate that by 6:30 pm onwards, the sky will be completely dark, without any light. With no electrical appliances and if we can’t find candles… we can only endure through the pitch black darkness.

“The toughest to endure isn’t the starvation or the darkness, but the cold… Everyone is wearing short sleeves and thin pants. A few female students are even wearing short skirts… Haha, the cold wind is already blowing. When it reaches night, the temperature of the air will reach approximately 10 degrees. Coupled with the thunderstorm and moisture in the air, when the wind blows, it will be hard for us to bear…

“If it’s possible… We should look after the girls a little more and do our utmost to take down the girls dormitory. That way we’ll be able to retrieve the girl’s clothing. Otherwise, they’d probably freeze and collapse!”

The several Awakened silently listened on with keenness. Other than Shapeshifter Lan Xiaoyue, who was at a loss at what to do, and the hesitant Flame Sorcerer Feng Liaoyuan, the rest of them, such as Sword Saintess, Sonic Warrior, Draconian had solemn faces. They knew for certain that the circ.u.mstances were dire. At this point in time, it was only natural that they shouldered more burdens.

Those female students, who did not possess any combat prowess, heaved a sigh of relief… Sure enough, Li Jiayu was a nice person. Although his words were sometimes jarring to the ears, his treatment towards the girls was renowned for being gentle, thinking of the girls in every aspect.

In actual fact, they could not be further than the truth. Li Jiayu did not care about the lives or deaths of the female students, it was just that he did not want Hsiao Wanqing to catch a cold.

“Killing insects… Can I do it? However, I do not know how to control the flames. It would be fine if I was dealing with Venomous Spiders… but, against Crimson Crowned Beetles, I’m probably dead meat!”

Flame Sorcerer Feng Liaoyuan hesitated for a moment before asking weakly.

“Of course you can! As long as you’re confident in yourself, you can treat Venomous Spiders as live practice targets. As for Crimson Crowned Beetles… en, you have only recently awakened and you don’t have any ways to conjure long-distance flame attacks, so for the Crimson Crowned Beetle and like, leave it all to me, Dark Octopus, and the other three. Lan Xiaoyue and Princ.i.p.al Hsiao,  the both of you can be soy sauce(extras) and stay by the side.”

Shapeshifter Lan Xiaoyue could only shapeshift her hair, so at the moment, there was absolutely no use for her. Moreover, she was a girl and one with a relatively weak psychological state too. It would be really unreliable having her as a teammate unless she grew got stronger. Otherwise, there’s no way Li Jiayu would allot responsibilities onto her. The only reason why he allowed this burden to tag along was to let her witness more battles, so as to nurture her heart.

As for Hsiao Wanqing, there was no need to say. Hsiao Wanqing was a pure a.s.sist type cla.s.s and within two months, she would have no practical use on the battlefield. The reason why she tagged along was only so she could heal Li Jiayu’s fatigue. After all, out of the group, only Li Jiayu could inflict damage onto Crimson Crowned Beetle, so his combat prowess and perseverance played an exceptionally crucial role.

“Taking advantage of this moment during Dark Octopus’s recovery, I’ll coach you guys a little bit, so listen attentively. Regardless of how much you can understand, try your best to learn as much as possible!”

During his previous life, Li Jiayu had battled countless of humanity’s experts. Not only that, he had also crossed swords with the Abyssal World’s experts. Although he had been an unadulterated Summoner, he had deep knowledge regarding other occupations. Even if one had never tasted pork, they would definitely have seen pigs running. Li Jiayu only needed to give them a few important pointers on their rough methods of attacking, opening their eyes and causing them to realize the superiority and shortcomings of their methods.

Especially Ran Hongxia... When he arduously endured his vexations to explain a 3-minute long swordplay a.n.a.lysis, then even went as far as to demonstrate and teach her several techniques he had comprehended during life-or-death situations... These immediately allowed her to deduce many things, leading to her having a deeper understanding of the principles of the sword and lethal weapons.

“When your sword has reached a higher realm, you will no longer be limited to the form of the “sword”. Sometimes blade, ax, clubs, spears and so on can also be a.s.similated into the theory of sword path, so...

“During a moment where a sword isn’t necessary, use these fire axes to replace the sword! Although I’ve never seen an axe-wielding Sword Saintess… However, I believe that a simple-minded girl like you will be able to produce Sword Qi with the ax! En, it’s definitely possible!”


Ran Hongxia rolled her eyes and threw away her wooden sword grudgingly. With both hands, she held the two fire axes Li Jiayu handed over to her and immediately became an ax warrior.

“Chu Xiang! Don’t worry about your exterior, that is only temporary. When your strength has stabilized, you’ll naturally be reverted to your human appearance. However, I highly suggest that you retain this Draconian state because your ability to fight bare handed is strong; your strength is as strong as a rhinoceros’, your skin is as tough as copper and your lizard tail can also be a weapon...

"Oh, I suggest that you do not use the fire axes. Just use that big air-conditioning unit as a weapon. If the Crimson Crowned Beetle gets. .h.i.t by you once, it will definitely suffer a great deal.”

Draconian Chu Xiang, who was two meters tall, looked on pensively, then strode over to the wall silently. He stretched out both hands, which were covered in scales, and, unexpectedly, lifted up the heavy air conditioning unit!

Everyone in the hall looked on with wide eyes and gaping mouths!

'That air-conditioning unit should weigh at least 200-300 Jin(150kg), right?'

'This fellow actually lifted it up to his head so casually. How terrifying is his strength?!'

Perhaps even Olympian weightlifters could not compare to him.

In fact, Chu Xiang was indeed miles stronger than a professional weightlifter. He possessed 8 times the strength of ordinary humans. 

His only shortcoming was his sluggish speed and reaction time. Otherwise, at this point in time, the strongest should be him.

“Chen Kun, your throat should be hurting a lot right now, right? Don’t speak for now. After a few days, it should recover naturally… During these few days, it’ll be fine to practice deep breathing… Breathe into your Dantian and hold it all together as much as possible. In that way, it should form a sound wave bullet. If you utilize it well, the power should not be inferior to a hammer!

“Alright, we’ll end the talk here. Let’s come to an agreement first. When we go out to kill Crimson Crowned Beetles, we’ll distribute the loot in accordance to labor. I take the big fellows and you guys, the small fellas. Also, 60% of the Insect Core are mine. 30% of the remainder can be distributed amongst yourselves. Are there any objections?”


The several combatants were surprised. They did not think Li Jiayu would be so honest that he would give part of the harvested Insect Cores to them. If that was the case, then the situation was very different. If Li Jiayu decided to hog the harvests, he would probably give everyone a few Insect Cores each. However, if it was according to percentages, with everyone working harder, they may be able to get four, five or even more!

In this era, no one would think they have too many Insect Cores!

Even if they could not use it all, they could give it to their relatives and friends! This was to increase their chances of survival!

The six combatants pondered silently.  Whenever they recalled Ran Hongxia’s transformation, Li Jiayu’s incredulous prowess and the threat of death, in an instant, their hearts stirred.

Li Jiayu’s unparalleled strength... Anyone who saw it would be envious… Would it not be great if they could chase after his footsteps?

Even if that was not possible, they could also become the university’s leaders. How grand would that be?!

“Alright, it’s a deal! With my air conditioning unit, I believe I'll be able to beat the Crimson Crowned Beetle until their s.h.i.t flies out!"

“Cough… Cough… That’s settled then. Watch how I’ll send the insects flying…”

“Although your sword path runs in the complete opposite direction from Father’s, your theory suits me very well… Watch well, Li Jiayu. I’ll perform well!”

“Ah? Percentages? Then what should a bitter sorcerer like me who can’t fight against Crimson Crowned Beetles do?”

“Please… Protect me well. I’ll do my best... to use my hair to help you…”

“Li Jiayu, everything is up to you! If you are low on energy, feel free to ask for help!”

The several Awakened had no way out. Coupled with the temptation of the Insect Cores and the burdens on their shoulders, they had to agree. Upon hearing that, Li Jiayu smiled and clapped his hands,

“Very well. Then our team’s main battle force is basically decided. In addition to this, we need several robust men as our backup force. These people should be fearless, courageous and have the preparedness to die! 

"Amongst these men on the scene, there are definitely a few people who’ve learned martial arts or outstanding athletes with fast reaction speeds...

"Up to this point, I don’t get why you guys are still terrified? Instead of hiding and feigning death like a mutt, you’re better off following me and killing insects!

"Amongst you people, there are definitely some of you who have a girlfriend that’s being besieged in the women’s dormitory. Don’t you guys wish to save your girlfriends?!

"Amongst you people, there are definitely people whose close friends died under the mandibles of those sickening insects. Don’t you wish to avenge them?!

"This is your duty and also your opportunity! Do not forget. There’s a 10% worth of Insect Cores to distribute amongst you. Of course, that is only for those who perform well.”

The men in the hall either: lowered their heads, not daring to meet Li Jiayu’s gaze; creased their brows with a face of hesitation as they shuddered with only G.o.d knew what was going through their minds; or were breathing heavily with flushed faces, evidently going through an intense inner struggle.

After spending roughly two minutes on this, Li Jiayu was finally done. 

Over 50 men were selected out of the entire four halls, which consisted of one thousand, eight hundred people. However, due to the shortage of fire axes and the extreme lack of weaponry, Li Jiayu decided to opt for the most elite of the selected to serve as reinforcements.

In the end, 15 men made the cut. Although they did not possess extraordinary skillsets, they excelled at the fact that they had excellent physiques and quick reactions.

Additionally, they were armed with sharp fire axes as weapons. If they utilized tactics well and had good teamwork, ordinary Venomous Spiders should pose no threat to their lives!

At the moment, Dark Octopus had basically consumed all of the brains of the Corrosive Worms and found three Essence Cores! Despite the Corrosive Worms’ Essence Core’s ugly-sounding names, they were extremely beneficial in aiding blood circulation and the regeneration of blood cells. 

Especially for creatures with strong self-healing capabilities like the summoned beast, Dark Octopus, the effects were much more evident. Added to the fact that its previous meal, a feast of the brains of Scythe Beetles, Venomous Spiders, and Crimson Crowned Beetles, had begun to take effect, Dark Octopus’s wounds were healing at a rapid rate. Its wounds had yet to scab, but the blood flow had already ceased. So, Dark Octopus was feeling much better and began to garner its spirits!

“Alright, we’re officially declaring war on the insects! First, we shall cleanse the twelfth floor of trash. Let’s go!”

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