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The Scythe Beetle Lord fell down a meter before Li Jiayu. Its mandibles clamped desperately toward Li Jiayu as though h.e.l.l-bent on splitting Li Jiayu in half. However, that was impossible as it was being thoroughly suppressed by the tentacles which coiled air-tightly around it!

"Dark Octopus!"

Li Jiayu was stunned as he stared at the shadow which straddled the beetle. Its body was an inconspicuous pink throughout and roughly two times the size of its hostage; it was an octopus!

This octopus was bald. Its beady eyes resembled two bra.s.s bells and its body was covered with a faint layer of oil that dripped with a ‘zi zi’ sound - bodily fluids reeking of the sea.

Its terrifying tentacles were most notable as they were as thick as two human thighs and measured approximately two metres long. They were also covered in dark-red suckers, the size of steamed buns, and twitched constantly.

‘How in the world did I manage to summon a rare beast such as the Dark Octopus…’

Li Jiayu soon snapped out of his daze. Murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he strode forward deftly, fast approaching the beetle, and lifted his axe, cleaving at the beetle's wounded eyes!

The Scythe Beetle Lord was like an impenetrable fortress. Its defense could not be compared to the likes of ordinary Scythe Beetles, so attacking it head on usually resulted in naught. The only weakness it had was its relatively fragile eyes and as long as one could destroy its eyes, the brain would be in reach. Thus, it would die!

Peng! Peng! Peng!


Li Jiayu hacked down mercilessly at its eyes. Following that, parts of its face and foul-smelling blood splattered in all directions. However, the beetle had amazing tenacity. With its legs and wings twitching and flailing desperately, two of its limbs managed to remove two tentacles before stabbing toward Li Jiayu!

He sneered at the desperate attempt by the cornered beast. It was definitely hard to dodge but there were only two appendages and with the 800 pound body weighing it down, its movement was greatly affected. Li Jiayu's silhouette flashed to the side and easily evaded the attack. Reeling back, he hacked away.

Probably realizing that killing Li Jiayu was futile in its miserable state, it switched targets and made every effort to eliminate the students around them.


It screeched, stunning the surrounding teenagers whose faces paled several folds. Even Li Jiayu's eardrums throbbed from the terrible pain!

The Scythe Beetle Lord struggled desperately to turn its body. Crawling toward the window, its intentions were completely obvious to all and that was to commit suicide by throwing itself out the building, in an attempt to flee from the wildly-hacking student. Otherwise, it would be tortured with its eyes exploded and brain squashed!

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You think I would allow you to escape in one piece after making me so miserable? Impossible. Die for me!"

Li Jiayu stalked after it like a shadow, executing a series of moves: mountain splitting axe; straight cleave; and ground levelling axe. Blow after blow connected like a flowing stream of water landing on the eyes of the fallen Scythe Beetle Lord. The heavy blows from the barrage of a.s.saults caused the Scythe Beetle Lord, which had long since lost its center of gravity, to crash to the ground!

Li Jiayu's eyes flashed with a tinge of chill as the beetle fell to the ground. Performing a spin, his waists, shoulders, wrists and axe seemed to have formed a connection as he unleashed burst after burst of unparalleled power!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

His momentum was imposing and after five consecutive 360-degree swings, he finally managed to destroy the left eye of the beetle. The eye socket sank down and exposed the pale flesh within.

At this time, the Dark Octopus, which had been straddling the beetle, moved and its bell-like eyes rolled as though it smelled something delicious. It leaned forward to determine where the source of the aroma was and thrusted one of its many tentacles into the exposed eye socket of the beetle.

Goo… Goo...


The sound of wailing resounded and the tentacle that stabbed the eye socket started to constrict and contract, dredging up the beetle’s brain matter.


Li Jiayu looked on, flabbergasted. While he was still hung up on how he would go about destroying the brain, the octopus had acted unexpectedly... Although something like draining the brain matter appeared perverted and the way the Dark Octopus absorbed them looked grotesque, it wasn’t any worse than being the enemy’s very nightmare.


In less than 3 seconds, the previously arrogant and domineering beetle, that had killed students left and right and forced Li Jiayu into a corner, stopped struggling and wilted down. It had become so completely and utterly motionless that it could not be any less dead. After the Dark Octopus sated its hunger with the nutritional brain stew, its tentacles slid out clean. However, on its suckers, there was an impressive red crystal.


This crystal appeared exquisite. It was the size of a grape and shone with a flame-like l.u.s.ter. Who would have imagined something so beautiful could be found inside a creature as grotesque as the beetle? Even world-renowned jewelry gems seemed inferior.

"Insect Core! Lord Tiered insect Core! And the purity is so high!"

Li Jiayu exclaimed. Never had he expected to be so lucky as to attain such a windfall in the beginning of the apocalypse—this was a rare item!

Usually, as long as an insect was a Higher First Tier, they would produce insect crystals while the lord of insects would produce lord insect cores. However, lord-type insects were extremely rare. Out of tens of thousands, only one would emerge. It would be harder to hunt down a lord-type insect as their intelligence surpa.s.sed the others, they had command over other insects and they knew to flee when the situation was dire.

In Li Jiayu's past life, there had been a market for Insect Lord cores, where people competed over them and their prices were also beyond those of ordinary cores, probably by a hundred, thousand or even a million times!


What was the usage for lord tier insect cores... They were extremely useful! Family tour, murder and arson - it was a heavenly treasure for marrow cleansing. Albeit being a First Tier Insect Lord core, it possessed enormous use for him.

Just as he decided to plan the usage of the lord-type insect crystal, Li Jiayu felt his body go numb all of a sudden. In a state of light-headedness, he saw stars in his vision and held onto the walls. Li Jiayu looked at his bleeding left elbow, then at the tentacled octopus that was waving proudly and smiled wryly.

"Octopus dude, you are too vicious, draining 300 mls of my blood... And I was too desperate, causing a temporary energy exhaustion that makes me unable to even stand straight... However, thank you. If you hadn't appeared in time to suppress the beetle, I would probably have been shredded into a thousand pieces..."

Li Jiayu was not exaggerating one bit. From a certain point a view, the Scythe Beetle Lord's prowess seemed to lack, but in fact, it was extremely powerful in the wilderness and even second tiered insects were of no match!


Unfortunately, today, it had been constrained in this relatively cramped cla.s.sroom which limited its fighting capabilities. Its flying capabilities had been neutralized and coincidentally, Dark Octopus sp.a.w.ned atop it, so it failed to play out most of its lord capabilities.

Otherwise, even tens of Li Jiayu would have been sent helter skelter.

Unexpectedly, the octopus seemed to contain sentience as it nodded its head. Both of its eyes then narrowed slightly in a wretched kind of way, akin to perverted maniacs, and the octopus scuttled across the ground, sweeping the panties and stockings up with its tentacles like they were treasures!


And as it strapped the last panty on its head, it emitted a m.u.f.fled cheer...

"Oh... A-Are you a pervert?"


Li Jiayu's face froze at the octopus' actions. A sense of foreboding took root in his mind and he then uttered,

"W-wait... You... You're not Dark Octopus! You are actually one of those tentacle monsters that exist in those hentais! That kind of low-life creature?!"

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