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Chapter 170: On the flyover

Three led his men onto a small mountaintop and deployed camp, their harvest was abundant and Zhang Xiao Qiang's subordinates found new tarpaulin stored inside one of the makeshift tents, all of these tarpaulins were perfect for the construction of their new camp location. Three and his men stabbed many thin metal bars into the ground and rigged up the scaffolding by using pliers to twist the metal bars in place. With the bars reinforcing each other, they built up a frame and then used steel wires to tie the tarpaulins together and build a standard and simple room. The ground was covered with a layer of dry sand and again with a measured and cut tarpaulin, then with the quilt to ensure comfort.

Old Frank could not idle at all, he was constantly bundling up the reinforced steel bars which allowed easy and quick loading of the bundles with his men whenever the trucks arrive. The two sisters also followed him on this day, dressed in work clothes and helped Old Frank to bundle the bars up.

In the distance, the Fat Chef and a few female helpers surrounded a large wok which was placed on an il barrel with a big opening that had arm-sized firewood exposed and an exposed fire that occasionally blazed upwards. The 3 inch high flames spewed beneath the wok, the high temperatures caused the Fat Chef to break out in perspiration. He stood on an elevated platform dancing with a frying spatula, occasionally ordering the ladies beside him to pour in the ingredients they prepared loudly. In no time, the fragrance of his stir-fry dispersed with the wind, regardless of whether they were resting or working, everyone turned towards Fat Chef's direction.

Yang Ke'er sat on a folding chair placed on a hillside, watching the busy people while listening to the radio. She was pleased with her position as she stretched her body and continued to observe the crowd. She was secretly delighted in her mind when she was with Zhang Xiao Qiang, she had worked extremely hard and occasionally would think that in Zhang Xiao Qiang's eyes, she was just a coolie worker. But she was no longer needed to do work and felt extremely pleased being able to see others work. Is this the feeling of being a lady boss?

Shangguan Qiao Yun sat at the entrance of a makeshift room with ammunition box that was covered with a galvanized iron sheet. A layer of white cloth was placed over the chest with the dismantled components of an M1 Garand. At that moment, she had the trigger a.s.sembly in her hands which she was carefully cleaning with a bottle of grease that w.a.n.g Le had replaced. Shangguan Qiao Yun's dream was no longer to reach WH City or for the men around her to become stronger. Her path of thoughts had changed, she wanted to be able to control her mysterious and unfathomable marksmanship and no longer wanted to be controlled by the strange feeling, she wanted to have control of her own body. She placed the trigger a.s.sembly down and looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang who was standing at the top of the slope, observing his subordinates at work and oblivious to Shangguan Qiao Yun's gaze at him.

Shangguan Qiao Yun only retracted her gaze after a long time and continued to maintain the gun parts. Her emotions towards Zhang Xiao Qiang was complicated, she wanted to be closer to him but was afraid of doing so, she wanted Zhang Xiao Qiang to know that she was very casual but did not proactively got close to him, and Zhang Xiao Qiang would frequently ignore her. She initially had the thoughts of him taking the initiative to chase after her, she did not care if he had a couple of ladies; Excellent men were rare after the apocalypse and they could only follow excellent men to ensure their own survivability and supplies, but Zhang Xiao Qiang never displayed any attraction towards her and never displayed any initiation. Am I not to his taste? What made her most angry was that Zhang Xiao Qiang used to enjoy flirting around with her, but everything changed and every time he saw her, it was as if he had seen a ghost. Why? Did I become very scary?

Zhang Xiao Qiang watched the busy crowd with a sense of accomplishment in his heart, I'm like a small boss now with close to a 100 men working for me, although the ones who truly dare to fight with their lives number only to around 20, but what kind of world are we win? This is an apocalypse where only 1 out of a 100 can survive, to be able to have so many people under me is my fortune. Just as he was being contented with his achievements, he caught something falling from the sky.

A human form object from the flyover breakpoint dropped downwards from the 40 to 50 m bridge. Right when Zhang Xiao Qiang raised his head, the object plopped beneath the bridge. Aside from rousing a cloud of dust, there were no other movements. That was when Zhang Xiao Qiang noticed that at the bottom of the breakpoint of the flyover were more than 10 zombie bodies, all of them with signs of evolution.

Zhang Xiao Qiang finally realized the reason for the lack of zombies. They arrived in town early in the morning at 10 to start work, there was still time till lunch, all of the workers were in the construction sites, aside from the chef who was looking after the materials in the camp, the zombies that Zhang Xiao Qiang had led his team to kill were only an insignificant number, the rest were all on the flyover bridge above their heads.

Zhang Xiao Qiang took out the dagger hung on his left thigh and was about to slice his own palm until he saw the toothed edge of the blade. He became unwilling, why should I harm myself when I don't have to, my recovery rate might be fast but the pain is unbearable! He turned and looked towards his subordinates. Who can be my sacrificial lamb?

Zhang Huai An? No way, he's too old, Old Frank? Zhang Xiao Qiang looked towards Old Frank who was smiling and talking to the two sisters and shook his head. Forget it, I'd better not bully Old Frank. He turned his gaze towards others. At that moment, w.a.n.g Chong noticed that Zhang Xiao Qiang was looking around at everyone and thought that Zhang Xiao Qiang was looking for someone to do something, so he diligently ran over and spoke to Zhang Xiao Qiang.

Seeing w.a.n.g Chong running towards him, Zhang Xiao Qiang was speechless. He had never seen anyone volunteering themselves to donate blood after the apocalypse, but the pitiful looking w.a.n.g Chong had actually done so? Zhang Xiao Qiang did not elaborate much and stated that he needed a bit of blood, resulting in w.a.n.g Chong's face to turn pale white. But without saying a word, 'whoosh', he lifted up his sleeve and extended his arm out to Zhang Xiao Qiang. Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at w.a.n.g Chong who had his face turned away, eyes closed and teeth clenched and used his dagger and made a small slit on the back of his arm. A thin red line slowly appeared which leaked blood out. w.a.n.g Chong saw the blood flow on his arm and was puzzled.

Zhang Xiao Qiang did not explain himself, the two of them stood at their positions and looked up at the flyover. w.a.n.g Chong did not comprehend the situation, he simply stood there and held onto his arm as he tilted his head up to look at the 40 to 50 m tall flyover,. That was when a small black dot suddenly appeared at the tip, he squinted his eyes and noticed that it was a zombie staggering around. Behind it was another zombie, all of them were attracted to the blood scent and were moving towards the edge of the breakpoint.

"BANG….." After the first zombie had fallen, more and more zombies started to fall off the bridge. Some of the zombie’s heads had yellow or red safety helmets as the stream of black bodies started to fall, forming a line that started from the 40 to 50 m tall bridge, endlessly falling off the bridge until the line formed into a horde of falling zombies, into a waterfall. Not all of the zombies were fortunate enough to fall onto the ground beneath the bridge.

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