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After dropping a query with the bank Alex thought of thinking about this matter later. Throwing the matter of 1 million to the back of his head Alex changed and started waiting for the text from his team leader.

Slowly time went by and soon it started to turn dark outside still there was no message from Fred. Thinking Fred might have forgotten to message him the details Alex called Susan.

"Hey! where are you I was just about to call you aren't you running a bit late?" Susan complained.

"What do you mean I haven't even received any message from team leader" astonished by Susan's words Alex explained.

"What but I received the details about the venue and time around the same time as we left the company"

"Am I not invited? Does he not like me? Should I not come?" asked Alex with hesitation, from the moment he saw Fred he can feel that the other didn't like him and merely regarded him as a side character not even worthy to remember and this incident further verified it.

"Don't even think about not coming I will send you the details right now" threatened Susan, silently cursing that piggy Fred for playing such a trick on Alex. After leaving the company she directly went home and spent the entire time trying dresses, after that she barely managed to get enough time to get her hair done on her way to the welcome party just so that she can look her best for Alex and now listening to his words it's like someone drenched her with cold water on the coldest night during winter.

"Will it be okay after all I am not invited" still not convinced by her Alex was thinking of all the troubles he might face if he goes uninvited, he will become Fred's target for sure during the whole party.

"You have to come what will I do in a group of strangers, please don't leave this pitiful lady all alone" Susan played the victim card trying to persuade him.

"Okay, I will be there" finally Alex gave in.

Saying this Alex hung up and soon he received the message from Susan and set out for the venue.


On the other side, George's a.s.sistant entered his office

"Sir, there is something I need to report," he said respectfully

"Is that important?" without taking his eyes off the file he was reading George asked his a.s.sistant.

"Yes sir"

"Okay but first tell me about what happened with the matter about Cornell family" finally looking at his a.s.sistant George asked, he was more concerned about the matter regarding his wife.

"Well I have confirmed about that and George did beg on his knees to madam and she has also forgiven him"

"That easily?" astonished that the matter settled so easily George asked his a.s.sistant for more information, he knew by this time his a.s.sistant must have obtained all the related information.

"Well, the thing is sir it was all kind of a misunderstanding to begin with. Earlier today Alex brought a young boy who was in an accident to the hospital where madam works. George went to madam's office to thank him but after a series of actions they ended up fighting each other and this led to the current situation. I think that since it was not intentional to begin with madam might have forgiven him and..." coming to this point the a.s.sistant suddenly grew a bit hesitant

"And what?" looking at the nervous a.s.sistant George felt that his wife might have done something more.

"Well, from what I heard George even offered some compensation to madam"

"How much?" asked George amused, his wife even extorted money from a family of gangsters.

"1 million dollars" replied the a.s.sistant looking at the look of interest on his boss's face.

"Hmmm... what? How much?" first nonchalant and then surprised emotion appeared on George's face. Even though he can command a lot of power from the government that might shake the country but still he was a government employee, financially nowhere near these big families. 1 million dollars was a big amount even for him.

"Sir, 1 million dollars" the a.s.sistant repeated, the look on his boss's face was amusing.

"Ahh... she bought me so much trouble" finally sinking the situation in his heart George sighed.

"Sir, the money was deposited directly to Alex's account and he even dropped a query about the transaction with the bank." the a.s.sistant further explained.

"What a good son I have not even a million dollars can shake him" finally listening about his son his mood lifted
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"So did he asked how to return the money?" George asked while sipping coffee

"No sir, he inquired whether there were cases when a company deposited 50 years of salary in advance" even the a.s.sistant could not help but snicker while explaining.

"Pfft... cough! cough!... ahh! that silly boy, how is he going to survive in this harsh society" On one side he was grateful that his son was not like other youngsters playing around causing trouble but on the other hand he was worried that if something happened to them how is he going to survive on his own.

"Now tell me about the other matter you were talking about" now that the matter with his wife was solved he can move on to official matters.

"Sir, it's about Alex as you instructed we have been keeping tabs on him and it's something that happened yesterday" returning to his usual calm manner the a.s.sistant started to explain.

"Yesterday at the company? but he never said anything about it"

"Sir from what I heard yesterday there was a confrontation between Alex and the head of the PR department which ended in the department head being sustaining some injuries and Alex ended up fainting at the spot." the a.s.sistant explained further.

"Really? Alex never mentioned anything about this" their son use to tell them everything no matter how small but he never mentioned anything about yesterday's incident.

"Well it was not anything major and since the company higher officials thought that Alex has some connection with us they let the matter slide but the thing is that..." a.s.sistant started to explain everything.

"If nothing else you may leave now" after listening to the entire situation George was first angry that his son was slapped in front of so many people but later calmed himself.

"Sir, there is one more thing, about the group of delegates coming from the M country next month, I heard that someone from their Royal family is also coming" the a.s.sistant started to explain more.

"It's fine, for the time being focus most of the manpower on this meeting with foreign delegates"

"Yes sir"

After the a.s.sistant left George was left in thoughts about his son and his unusual behaviour.


Alex arrived at the venue and found Susan waiting for him outside. It was the "Frosty Palace" one of the most popular nightclub c.u.m restaurant in Winterlyn city. It was also the place where most of the second and third-generation young masters come to hunt their preys.

"You are finally here" seeing Alex stopping his bike in front of her she complained.

"Sorry, I don't usually go to these places so took me some time to find" giving his bike keys to the valet Alex stood in front of Susan and explained.

"Are you kidding me, who doesn't know about the 'Frost Palace' in the Winterlyn city. Where do you usually go to enjoy nightlife?" she inquired according to her Alex led a very boring life.

"Well I usually go to clubs nearby my home," Alex told her.

"Who do you go with?" Susan started to pry whether he went to those clubs with some girl like that vixen neighbour of his.

"Mom and sometimes dad" Alex innocently replied.

"What you go with your mom to a night club?" listening to Alex talking Susan almost stated to feel dizzy how can there be such a mama boy in this time and age. His romantic life was non-existing, well come to think of it she didn't even a romantic life either but that's not the point at least she enjoyed her life with her friends.

"Well we just go there for a drink and talk about our day, is there something wrong about it?" Alex tried to argue back.

"Alex, I want to ask you something are you a 'Mama's boy'?" unable to hold back Susan finally asked.

But to her surprise, Alex didn't even try to deny it but readily accepted and even argued back.

"What's wrong with that? Don't you like going out with your parents or siblings?" Alex counter questioned while moving close to her till their face were about only about 10 cms. apart.

"I... I... we don't usually do that" seeing Alex staring so intently into her eyes she couldn't help but feel her heart racing. She avoided eye contact with him and answered.

"Well you should it's not your friends or colleagues that stand beside you during tough times but it's your family, you should cherish them"

oblivious to the situation Alex patiently tried to explain the importance of family to her.

"Not all families are the same" Susan murmured.

"Well even if they are not the same you can always try a different approach you know all the parents ultimately wish to provide a good life to their children but their methods may be different. Some think providing them whatever they want is necessary, some think securing their future is and so on." Alex explained further.

"Well thank you I will think about it, let's go inside" not wanting to drag the topic any further she dragged him inside.

"Let's go"

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