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Lesnes, or Lyesnes, or Westwood, Kent. Bodl. 656; Douce, 287.

Lichfield Cathedral. Ashmole, 1518.

London, St. Paul's Cathedral. Digby 89 ('Liber Magistri Thomae Lysiaux, decani Sancti Pauli').

---- The Carmelites. Laud Lat. 87.

---- 'Domus Salutationis Matris Dei, ord. Carthus.;' _i.e._ The Charter-House. Douce, 262.

---- Hosp. of St. Mary of Elsyng, now Sion College. E Mus. 113.

Louth Park, Linc. Fairfax, 17.

(Ludlow Parish Church. _Printed Book_, D. 2. 13. Art. Seld.[368])

Maxstoke, Warwickshire. Bodl. 182.

Merton, Surrey. Digby, 147; Ashmole, 1522.

---- John Ramsey, Canon of. Seld. _supra_, 39.

Missenden, Bucks. Auct. D. I. 10; Bodl. 729.

Mottenden, or Motynden, Kent. Bodl. 643 (bought by Brother Richard de Lansyng in 1467 for 26_s._ 8_d._)

Muchelney, Somerset. Rich. Cosc.u.mbe, Prior. Ashmole, 189. ii.

New Place, Sherwood. Laud Lat. 34; Laud Misc. 428.

Norwich Cathedral (Holy Trinity). Bodl. 151, 787; Fairfax, 20; Douce, 366, (see _infra_, p. 329.)

Nutley, or Notley Abbey, Bucks. Douce, 383, iii.

Oseney, Oxford. Bodl. 655; Digby, 23 (bequeathed by Henry de Langley); Rawlinson, C. 939 (_Officia Eccles._).

Osyth, St., Ess.e.x. Laud Misc. 329.

Oxford, Balliol College. Bodl. 252.

---- Exeter College. Bodl. 42; Digby, 57[369].

---- (Hertford College. _Printed Tracts_ on the Bangorian Controversies, 8vo. I. 237, BS.)

---- Lincoln College. Bodl. 198 ('ex dono doctoris Thome Gascoigne').

---- Merton College. E Mus. 19 (given by William, Bishop of Chichester); Bodl. 50 (bequeathed by Thomas English), 689 and 757 (given by Henry Sever, Warden, in 1468), 700 and 751 (given by Richard Fitz-James, Bishop of Chichester); Digby, 155 (given by John Burbache), 216; Ashm. 835. (_Printed Book_ S. 9. 14. Th[370].).

---- St. Edmund Hall. Rawlinson, C. 900 (given by Hen. VIII).

---- St. Mary's College. Bodl. 637.

---- Staple Hall. Ashmole, 748.

---- The Minorites. Digby, 90 (given in 1388, by John de Teukesbury, with the a.s.sent of Thos. de Kyngusbury, 'Minister Angliae').

---- (name cut off), Bodl. 215.

Paignton Parish, Devon. Rawlinson, C. 314 (Canons of Bishop Quivil).

Persh.o.r.e. Bodl. 209; Barlow, 3; Rawlinson, C. 81.

Pesholme (? Will. Marschalle, Chaplain of). Bodl. 857.

Peterborough Cathedral. Barlow, 22; (see _infra_, p. 328.)

Pipewell, Northampt. Rawlinson, A. 388.

Pleshey, Ess.e.x, Trinity College. Bodl. 316.

Pontefract, Holy Trinity Hospital. Barlow, 49.

Ramsey. Bodl. 883.

---- Welles, a monk of. Bodl. 857.

Reading, St. Mary's Abbey. Auct. Digby, B. N. 11; Digby, 148, 200; Bodl. 125[371], 197, 200 (given by W. de Box), 241, 257, 550, 570, 713, 730 (?) 772, 781, 848; Laud Misc. 79, 91, 725; Auct. D. I. 19; D. II. 12; D. III. 12, 15; Auct. F. III. 8; _infra_, I. 2; Rawlinson, A. 375.

Robertsbridge, Yorkshire. Bodl. MS. 132 (written by Will. de Wodecherche, 'laicus quondam conversus Pontis Roberti[372]').

Roche, or de Rupe, Yorkshire. Rawlinson, C. 329.

Rochester Cathedral. Laud Misc. 40.

Rossevalle, Kildare. Rawlinson, C. 32 (_Ordo servitii_).

Salisbury Cathedral. Digby, 173 (given by Peter Fadir, Vicar Choral[373]); Bodl. 407, 516, 756, 765, 768, 835; Rawlinson, C. 400 (_Pontificale_, given by Bishop Martivall).

Selby. Fairfax, 12.

Sempringham. Douce, 136(?)

Shene, Surrey, Carthusian Priory. Bodl. 797; Rawlinson, C. 57 (8vo. H. 36 Th. BS., a book printed in 1608, belonged apparently to some foreign branch of this house: 'Domus Shene Anglorum').

Sherston, Wilts, The Church (in 1577). Bodl. 733.

Shrewsbury, St. Chad. Rawlinson Misc. 1131. (_Martyrol._ and _Obit._)

Sion, or Syon, Middles.e.x. Bodl. 630.

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