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1716. Flageolets, Oboes, etc. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1728. Organ, Christ Church. Philadelphia, Pa.

1733. Organ, Trinity Church. Newport, R. I.

1737. Organ, Trinity Church. New York, N. Y.

1743. Organ Moravian Church. Philadelphia, Pa.

1743. Violins, Horns, etc. Bethlehem, Pa.

1745. Bromfield Organ. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1756. Organ, City Hall. New York, N. Y.

1756. Organ, King's Chapel. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1769. Spinet (J. Harris). Boston, Ma.s.s.

1770. Organ, Congregational Church. Philadelphia, Pa.

1774. Pianoforte. John Behrent. Philadelphia, Pa.

1787. Pipe Organ, J. Downer. Cookstown, Pa.

1803. Pianoforte, Benj. Creh.o.r.e. Milton, Ma.s.s.

1823. Pianoforte, J. Chickering. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1837. Pianoforte, Wm. Knabe. Baltimore, Md.

1853. Pianoforte, Steinway & Sons. New York, N. Y.

1863. Organ, Music Hall. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1878. Organ, Music Hall. Cincinnati, O.

1914. Organ, Pan American Exposition. San Francisco, Cal.

MUSICIANS 1735-1794. James Lyons.

1737-1791. Francis Hopkinson.

1746-1800. William Billings.

1792-1872. Lowell Mason.

1813-1893. John S. Dwight.

1820-1895. George F. Root.

1826-1864. Stephen Foster.

1829-1869. Louis N. Gottschalk.

1829-1908. William Mason.

1834-1891. Eben Tourjee.

1835-1905. Theodore Thomas.

1839-1905. John K. Paine.

1839-1909. Dudley Buck.

1854-1910. William Sherwood.

1861-1908. Edward MacDowell.

1862-1901. Ethelbert Nevin.

NATIONAL HYMNS 1798. April 25. "Hail Columbia." Philadelphia, Pa.

1814. Sept. 14. "The Star-Spangled Banner." Baltimore, Md.

1832. July 4. "America." Boston, Ma.s.s.

OPERA COMPANIES (Managers, etc.) 1790. French Company. New Orleans, La.

1793. French Company. Charleston, S. C.

1825. Garcia's Company. New York, N. Y.

1827. French Company. New York, N. Y.

1832. L. da Ponte's Company. New York, N. Y.

1838. Seguin's Company. New York, N. Y.

1847. Havana Company. New York, N. Y.

1848. Maretzek's Company. New York, N. Y.

1849. Artists' Union Company. New York, N. Y.

1850. First opera in Chicago, Ill.

1853. First opera in San Francisco, Cal.

1855. German Company (J. Ungher's Co.). New York, N. Y.

1857. Strakosch. New York, N. Y.

1867. Opera Bouffe. New York, N. Y.

1869. Russian Opera. New York, N. Y.

1878. Mapleson's Company. New York, N. Y.

1883. Henry E. Abbey's Company. New York, N. Y.

1890. Abbey and Schoeffel. New York, N. Y.

1893. Abbey and Grau. New York, N. Y.

1895. Damrosch's German Company. New York, N. Y.

1897. Damrosch-Ellis Company. New York, N. Y.

1902. H. Conried. New York, N. Y.

1906. Hammerstein. New York, N. Y.

1908. Gatti-Casazza. New York, N. Y.

1909. Boston Opera Company. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1910. Philadelphia-Chicago Company. Chicago, Ill.


1722. First Theatre in America. Williamsburg, Pa.

1753. Na.s.sau St. Theatre. New York, N. Y.

1798. Park Theatre. New York, N. Y.

1807. Le Theatre St. Philippe. New Orleans, La.

1813. Theatre d'Orleans. New Orleans, La.

1818. Theatre d'Orleans rebuilt. New Orleans, La.

1833. First Opera House. New York, N. Y.

1847. Palmo's Opera House. New York, N. Y.

1847. Astor Place Opera House. New York, N. Y.

1852. Music Hall. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1854. Academy of Music. New York, N. Y.

1856. Academy of Music. Philadelphia, Pa.

1859. New French Opera House. New Orleans, La.

1865. Crosby Opera House. Chicago, Ill.

1877. Tivoli Opera House. San Francisco, Cal.

1879. Central Music Hall. Chicago, Ill.

1883. Metropolitan Opera House. New York, N. Y.

1889. Auditorium. Chicago, Ill.

1893. New Metropolitan Opera House. New York, N. Y.

1904. Orchestral Hall. Chicago, Ill.

1906. Manhattan Opera House. New York, N. Y.

1908. Academy of Music. Brooklyn, N. Y.

1908. Hammerstein Opera House. Philadelphia, Pa.

1909. Opera House. Boston, Ma.s.s.

1911. Aeolian Hall. New York, N. Y.

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