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Chapter 36.4 : Capital of North

It seems she finally accepted her fate and responded while looking down in disappointment.
Parsish is laughing delightfully when Kyouksan said so. It’s surely a refreshing smile on his face, but it’s nothing more than a disgusting laugh to me who can see his real face.
「Well then, please have a pleasant conversation between the youth. I’ll excuse myself for now」
Eclas left the room while laughing heartily.
Which left the five of us in this room.
Parsish is talking happily to Kyouksan. It seems he’s truly delighted to be able to dance with Kyouksan. By the way, Kyouksan still has that cramp on her face.
Well, it’s a fact that Kyouksan is an extremely beautiful woman. She was a beauty even before coming to this world, but it seems that her beauty became even more refined after coming to this world.
After coming to this world, the color of her light brown hair had become closer to gold than black; her white skin became glossier. Even if it’s not Parsish, the number of men who would want to dance with Kyouksan would be innumerable.
But then, Kyouksan’s complexion is rather bad right now, it cast a little shadow on her beautiful face.
I give my sincere prayer to Kyouksan in my mind and then look at my own partner.
「Best regard… Uhm, I might be lucky to have got Omiros-san?」
「Yes, best regards too, princess Shirone. I’m Omiros of Algore」
Omiros bows to me. What he said made me a little bit curious.
「Algore? Princess Regena kingdom?」
Omiros shouted out aloud when I uttered Regena’s name.
「Yes… We met her for a while when we stopped by Algore before」
「I see, it’s natural for the wife of hero-sama to meet her. Because I wasn’t in Algore during that time…」
Omiros is saying so with his head lowered.
His expression is really gloomy. From his expression, it might not be a trivial matter.
「Tell me, Omiros-san. Could it be that something happened to princess Regena? 」
I’m asking just in case since Reiji-kun would worry about princess Regena if he were here.
「Yes, the truth is…」

Omiros starts to tell me about what happened in Algore.
「No way…」
I’m at a loss for words after hearing the story from Omiros. I never imagined that princess Regena would experience such tragic fate.
「It’s a really cruel story, isn’t it?」
Having heard the story, Kyouksan is moved to tears.
「For their families who were against each other to have torn the two of them. It’s just like a tale that I read in the past」
After Kaysan said so, Kyouksan and I nod in agreement.
「Yes, I’ve read that story too… It was an extremely tragic story」
「I read that, too. I’m sure that it’s a story which tells about 10 representative ninjas who were sent out to kill each other… It’s such a sad story, isn’t it…」
When I’m saying so, both of them were looking at me with curious faces. Eh?Was that supposed to be a different story?
「It’s completely different from the story that I read…」
「Yes, I don’t think it’s the type of story that depicted a h.e.l.lish scenery like that one」
Why are you looking at me with disappointed faces? I wonder what’s the matter.
「I do feel bad about what happened to princess Regena, prince Omiros. Let’s enjoy the ball dance to forget such painful occasions! Don’t you think so, princess Kyouka?」
Parsish is saying so as he took Kyouksan’s hand.
Kyouksan’s face paled when Parsish took her hand.
「Y-Y-Yeah, that’s right」
Kyouksan stuttered to respond while trying to retract her trembling hand.
I expected such a reaction since Parsish is truly an ugly one, but I absolutely won’t voice it loud because I might do the same if I were in her position.
Omiros was looking at a different place with an expression of reminiscence. He might be thinking about princess Regena.
He’s not Parsish, but I hope that he will enjoy the party even if it’s just a little.

◆ Silver Witch, Kuna

I met with the queen of Karon again.
「Uhm… Where’s your excellency?」
The goblin queen is searching for Kuroki.
「Kuroki isn’t with me. Tell your business to Kuna」
As if I’m going to bring my dear Kuroki in front of a woman like you.
The goblin queen looks disappointed.
「So, what happened, goblin queen?」
The goblin queen heaves a grand sigh.
「The truth is, it’s about the hero Parsish of Algore in the report few days ago… Parsish is, in fact, my son who has changed his appearance with magic, Goz. That son of mine came few days ago and expressed me that he had no ill intentions」
I recall about Parsish after hearing from the goblin queen. It seems he changed his appearance with magic, but he can’t fool Kuna’s eyes. His face certainly was of a goblin’s in accordance to the goblin queen’s explanation.
「Is that so, then?」
「I would like to really apologize for asking your excellency for this… But I want to end this matter」
The goblin queen bowed down.
After pondering for a while, I felt bad for the goblin queen, but I didn’t have any intention to withdraw from this matter.
The people from that time were definitely speaking Regena’s name.
I couldn’t understand the reason why they spoke Regena’s name out of nowhere. I just want to confirm the reason for that. The reason why I’m doing this is to eliminate Regena from Kuroki’s side as soon as possible.
「Understood, I’ll tell Kuroki about that. And then, what’s your son doing right now?」

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