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Chapter 36.2 : Capital of North

This kind of ball dance is the one that is usually held in Velos.
「What shall we do now?」
I enquire Kyouksan and Kaysan for their opinions.
To be honest, we should partic.i.p.ate in it.
It doesn’t mean that Eclas is coercing us to partic.i.p.ate, but we’ll be in his care after this. Not accepting such an invitation might be a bad choice.
We should attend it even if it’s just me.
But I feel bad for Eclas if the others aren’t too keen to join in.
The reason is because the ball dance is going to be held for another meaning, namely to look for marriage partners.
We, who came to this world along with Reiji-kun, have received numerous marriage proposals.
Amongst them were legitimate heirs of n.o.bilities and a prince of some country.
Normally, it would be the highest honor for us to receive marriage proposals from those young n.o.bles but, to be honest, I couldn’t feel an ounce of interest in all of them.
At any rate, everyone is too brittle. With our level of power, a normal male will have their bone broken just by having us gripping their hand a little bit stronger. For this reason, we must be very careful when we dance. Dancing with that kind of feeble men isn’t interesting at all, nor do I feel like accepting their marriage proposal.
In the first place, even without marrying them, for someone as powerful as us, becoming a king in any kingdom is easy. Anyway, I also don’t feel the charm of the position called king.
Moreover, they’re going to be compared with Reiji-kun.
Thus, no matter how much marriage proposals come from the people who are way inferior to Reiji-kun, it’ll be incomparable. It’s really troublesome.
Rino-chan stopped going out for the very same reason. Nao-chan wasn’t interested in the first place. Sahoko-san didn’t attend such parties in the first place because she can’t stand becoming the center of attention. Naturally, I’ve also never attended such a party.
As expected with the kind of situation where it’ll make us feel bad if no one will be attending, only Reiji-kun and Chiyuki-san have the will to attend such parties nowadays.
Even now, I wish that I didn’t have to partic.i.p.ate if possible.
Looking at Kyouksan direction, Kyouksan doesn’t seem too eager to attend it either.
She’s extremely beautiful as long as she stands quietly.
Naturally, whether it’s in this world or back in our world, many men dreamed of marrying her, too. In fact the number of men who courted her was far surpa.s.sing any of us. And then, it seems that she eventually got fed up with that. Thus, I expect that she won’t partic.i.p.ate in this party.
「Understood. We’ll partic.i.p.ate in that ball dance. Right, my lady?」
But then, Kaysan acknowledges her to partic.i.p.ate in that ball dance.
「Kaya! Why did you decide this on your own!!」
Kyouksan is fl.u.s.tered.
「My lady! Handling this matter is your job, my lady! Moreover, this is reasonable as you should take some distance from Reiji-sama. I think it’s better to use this occasion to know about the other gentlemen!」
Even Kyouksan is at a loss for words when facing against Kaysan’s pressure.
Even the always arrogant Kyouksan is no match for Kaysan.
I really can’t gauge the depth of their relationship.
Though I feel bad for Kyouksan, I do think that this kind of job matches Kyouksan due to her position as the little sister of Reiji-kun. Her figure being wrapped in a ball dance dress might be extremely beautiful.
「Ha~… I understood, Kaya…」
Kyouksan and I unwillingly gave in to Kaysan’s pressure.
「Hahaha, the ball dance should become more exciting with your presence」
Thus, we decided to attend the ball dance that is going to be held the day after tomorrow.

◆Prince of Algore, Omiros

Parsish is riding our horse toward Velos kingdom. Despite the fact that we left Algore early in the morning, it’s already night.
Velos is a big kingdom that is surrounded by a rampart and a forest without any urban area. Every tree of the forest bears a sweet fruit called as the fruit of Velos, one of Velos’s specialty.
When I take a glance at the rampart, I could observe the various kind of ornaments that were added all over the high rampart.
Maybe because it’s originally a fortress for a battle against demons, Algore’s architecture ended up being a bit rustic.
Different from Algore, Velos is an extremely wealthy kingdom.
Velos’s development is based on their trade and livelihood in this area.
The population is triple that of Algore. Their wealth might be no less than ten times of Algore.
That Velos kingdom, the central kingdom in this region, has now gathered their neighbouring royalty and n.o.bility for a ball dance under the sponsorship of the royal family. Naturally, we’re included as one of the attendees.
Though we came too early for the ball dance that is going to be held the day after tomorrow, there’s a reason for that.
I can’t dance. I think it’s the same for Parsish.
In the first place, there’s no hindrance to our daily life even if we can’t dance.
Though I have been trained as a warrior, I’ve never taken any dance lessons. The one who needs to tackle this kind of trouble is only the one who will become the king.
I really want to send a complaint to Montes, my father. Though father should be the one attending the ball dance, he pa.s.sed that responsibility to me since he can’t dance either.
Algore’s future is directly related to this ball dance. How can you really entrust such an important job to me?
During the reign of previous king, Qupis, Algore was a poor and isolated kingdom. We need to have a good relationship with Velos kingdom, the biggest kingdom of this region to cancel the isolation policy that had been set on our kingdom.
Since the royalties and n.o.bilities of various kingdom are also gathering in this ball dance, it became the most ideal stage to cancel the isolation.
If we succeed, we might even manage to provide a good impression to the big shots of various kingdoms in that ball dance.
That’s why, though I’m unwilling, I must attend this ball dance.
「A ball dance, I’m going too enjoy this, your highness」
Parsish chimes in, seemingly excited by that.
It seems that, different from me, Parsish is going to enjoy this ball dance. He shouldn’t be able to dance like me, but are you not feeling anxious at all?
Nothing can be done if you can’t dance. That’s why I want to ask king Eclas to introduce us to someone who can teach us how to dance.
No one can dance in Algore. And that was the reason why I have come earlier: to have a dancing lesson.
It’s already night, but we might be able to meet the king.
We headed toward the royal palace.
We told the gatekeeper of the royal palace that the prince of Algore has come.
I really can’t get used to this prince t.i.tle, yet.
The palace guard has come to lead us.
「Ooh, you finally came. Parsish-kun, prince Omiros」
King Eclas gives a warm welcome when we enter the room. He is the prince whose fiancee was s.n.a.t.c.hed by king Qupis.
For that reason, Algore and Velos wasn’t on good terms during the time Qupis reigned as a king.
「Our deepest grat.i.tude for inviting us to this ball dance」
I express my grat.i.tude.
「Not at all, it’s for both sides sake, after all. I hope to be on good terms with Algore from now on」
Eclas is laughing heartily. King Eclas is truly a kind-hearted person, and it seems he even allowed his fiancee to elope with Qupis, but the surrounding kingdoms weren’t as kind as him and severed any diplomatic relationship with Algore. But then, I really want our kingdom to be on good terms from now on.
「Nevertheless, you’ve arrived quite early. The ball dance is still the day after tomorrow, you know」
「The truth is, there’s something I wish to ask in regard to the ball dance」
「And what it might be?」

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