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I agree to his request. I shouldn't bring Belzaza and MacGius to their own to their death due to my own selfishness.

Thus, I stand up from my sitting place.

「Done with your rest?」

A voice suddenly reverberated. A female voice.

All the members of our party turn around toward the owner of that voice.

What we saw over there was an extremely beautiful girl.

Her silver-colored hair and snow white near-transparent skin enhanced her beauty even further.

She's wearing something that resembled a black dress, and in her hand is a huge scythe.

It is my first time meeting this kind of beauty. Her beauty seems to be something that shouldn't be in the mortal world.

Everyone is charmed by her.

「Miss, may I ask about your business? You don't seem like an ordinary person to me」

When all of us were stunned, Parish is the only one who can move among us.

Just as he said, there's no way for her to be an ordinary girl.

「You're the people who came from Algore, right?」

She is asking us.

「Yes, it's as you say, but then….」

I nod at him.

「I see… Then, who is this Herpes?」

We were exchanging glances after hearing her question. There's no Herpes amongst us.

「No one? I heard he is the Brave of Algore…」

I finally understand what she meant.

「If you're asking for the brave of Algore, then it's not Herpes, it's Parish, young lady」

MacGius corrects her.

「I see… Then who's that Parish chap?」

It seems that she couldn't even remember Parish.

「I'm Parish, young lady」

Parish introduced his name while acting pretentious with his long hair.

「Goblin face… You're that… Parish? 」

Though it's troublesome to introduce his name again, in the end, he nodded at her.

Moreover, she's saying strange things, goblin face she said. Parish is a beautiful guy even seeing from my perspective as a man. He shouldn't be resembling those ugly goblins.

「Then, fight Kuna. I want to see the fruits of my training」

After saying so, the girl set her stance with her scythe. Everyone amongst us is surprised by her att.i.tude. Does this girl want to fight us?

「Why do you want to fight us? 」

「Kuna just wants to see the fruits of her training」

What kind of reason is that? She's just a battle maniac.

「You don't understand huh… Are you a Nargol dweller? 」

The girl is nodding in affirmation to Parish's words.

「Yes indeed, Kuna is living in Nargol」

We are shocked by her response.

「Living in Nargol… You're not a human, then?」

Nargol is the kingdom where the demons live. It's definitely not a place for humans to reside. It seems this girl isn't a human. Yeah, she possesses inhuman beauty, after all.

「Could it be… You're that legendary demon race. A witch?」

「I heard that the females of demon race have terrifying appearances. But she's way too beautiful…」

People around me are praising the girl. If she really is the inhabitant of Nargol, she is the enemy of humanity. Is that why she has come to attack us?

「Strange, the females of demon race should be more… Are you really a demon race?」

An idea suddenly flashed inside my head after hearing those words from Parish. Did Parish see demon race before?

「Kuna isn't a demon race. Kuna is Kuna」

The girl answers to it nonchalantly. It seems she's quite impatient herself.

「Enough with chit-chat, draw your sword. If you just want to stand there, then I'll be the one who comes at you」

It seems she's going to attack us anytime.

「I don't want to fight a girl if possible, but…. I have no choice I guess」

Parish draws his sword and sets his shield.

「My apologies, I'm powerful, you know」

Parish is strong. But, the girl in front of us isn't an ordinary person, either.


The girl then swings her scythe.

「Fufufu, that posture」

Parish is receiving the girl's scythe with his shield while showing a face br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a smile…


…. He's thrown back.

Parish, thrown back while raising such a strange scream, crashes on the rock wall behind him.

Everyone is shocked by the events that unfolded before them.



We snap back after a while and then rush toward Parish.

「Gob… Such a power….」

After crashing against the rocks, Parish still seems to be alive and well.

「No way… That Parish-sama is….」

「With such small body….」

In spite of her slender arms, the girl has monstrous strength. No matter how many Algore soldiers fought Parish, none of them could beat him.

「What had happened just now? Kuna just swung her scythe lightly」

Everyone feels dread upon hearing her words.

That swing just now isn't her full power.

「Her appearance is different, but it seems she's quite powerful… But, this isn't the end」

Parish's feet are staggering. He set his sword and shield for the second time.

「You're powerful indeed, but how about this! Fireball!!」

A fireball in the form of a bullet shot forth from Parish's hand.

The fired fireball hits the ground in front of the girl, raising a dust cloud. It seems his aim is to create a blind area on the other party's field of vision.

「Acceleration(Haste)! ! ! 」

After raising that cloud of dust, Parish started moving while letting out that scream. Parish's movements became faster. He's approaching her like a gust of wind.

After accelerating, Parish circles behind the girl and finally stabs toward her unprotected back.

「It's my win. I'll spare your life if you surrender」

Parish is saying so while smiling at the girl.

「What are you talking about. Is that all you have?」

When she said so, her figure suddenly vanished.


Parish is shocked.

The vanished girl is standing right behind Parish.

「S-Since when did you!」

Parish is turning around with a shocked face.

「Now is my turn to atack」

She swings her scythe.


It's not just Parish, everyone is shocked by the sudden turn of events.

The scythe-wielding girl is rushing toward Parish and then splits into many.


Parish can do nothing but scream. The number of scythes slashing toward Parish is already too many to count.

A few seconds later. The scythe vanished.


Parish showed a surprised face. He didn't seem to have died even though innumerable scythes slashed on him.

「Don't worry, I don't want your life. I just cut your armor」

After the girl said so, Parish's armor began to crumble to the ground.

The scythe of the girl didn't touch Parish's body at all. She had accurately aimed for his armor. Parish's armor crumbles in the next moment.

But, it's not just his armor that crumbled. Even the clothes below his armor are cut.

「It's a failure, huh… My aim is still 1 mm off. I have no choice but to start training again」

The moment the girl said so, Parish trouser slips down.

Parish's a.s.s is visible to us in its full glory.

「How small… Is yours tiny sized one?」

The girl mutters so as she looked down.

That attack is too devious. I feel bad for Parish.


Parish is running away while desperately covering his nether region. That's wa~y too uncool of him.




My subordinates are also running away from this place.


MacGius is urging me to run.


I turn around and run away with the rest.

When I turn around while escaping from that place, I can see that the girl isn't coming after us. Then, I noticed that there's another person besides that girl.

◆Dark Knight, Kuroki

「Too weak. I don't even know whether my skill is improving or not」

Kuna is pouting as she said so.

「It can't be helped. Kuna is too strong after all….」

I gently brush Kuna's hair. Thereupon, Kuna's expression softened a little.

「They escaped. What shall we do then, Kuroki? 」

Kuna is asking me.

「To be honest… I'm also wondering about that….」

We just accidentally saw those people coming out from the goblin nest when we were riding on Glorious.

I'm sure that whoever they are, they must have some sort of contact with Parish the brave.

Since they might escape if they see Glorious approaching the goblin nest, I made Glorious to land at a slightly separated place and approached them while erasing my presence.

Well then, what should we do now I wonder? Why are they coming to this kind of place? Should I ask for the reason?

But then, they might be the one who banished Regena into the goblin nest. Those guys might have no decent reason. So, it might be better if I don't ask them.

Thus, I wanted to give them the taste of a slightly bitter experience so that they will never come again.

And then, when I was about to contact them while thinking of such things, Kuna, currently accompanying me, said she wanted to see the results of her training with her giant scythe.

By the appearance, the scythe is a weapon that is hard to handle. Thus, real combat is definitely the best way to see the result of her training.

But, I was reluctant to let Kuna fight. But at the end of the day, I just couldn't bring myself to say no to Kuna.

Though inaccurate, I can measure the power of my opponent to some extent. Thus, I know that those guys are weak. They shouldn't pose much of a threat to Kuna.

That's why I agreed to Kuna's request.

Thus, Kuna approached them by herself.

Naturally, I was in hiding so that I could move as soon as the situation turned dangerous. But, they're much too weak to be considered as a problem. They easily escaped just like that.

In the end, it seems we can't make them promise to not return to this place.

Should I go after them?

「Come to think of it, did you hear what they were talking about previously? 」

My ears had become much sharper ever since I came to this world. But, I couldn't hear their voices from my hiding place.

「If I'm not wrong it's about… Re-….」

「Re? 」

Kuna stopped what she was about to say. And then, it's as if she was deep in thought.

「Uhn, it's not an important matter anyway. Sorry, Kuroki. Kuna couldn't hear their voices」

Kuna is replying so.

「Well it can't be helped, Kuna. You couldn't hear their conversation, after all」

Moreover, I don't think I'm eager to hear that either.

I would rather ask for their reason. I don't think that they're going to be a good child, but Kuna is good at using charm magic, domination magic, and magic to detect deceptions.

They won't be able to resist her magic with their low magical power, and we might be able to make them confess their reason immediately.

「Well, shall we go back to the demon king castle?」

I brush Kuna's hair. Kuna seems to be happy with such a gesture.

「Understood, Kuroki」

Thus, we went together to the place where we left Glorious.


Kuna who's walking right behind me is calling my name.

「What's the matter, Kuna? 」

「Kuroki's huge, after all….」

「I see….」

Did she mean that my back is big? [TL: No, it's your d.1.c.k]

Thus, we returned to the demon king castle while having such banter.

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