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「That was a close call, Rena」

Someone called me when I'm about to reach my house in Elios.

When I look at the direction of that voice, a man is standing on that place.

「What's your business, older brother?」[TL : she is calling him "Aniue" which can only directly translated as "older brother" without any cute meaning behind it]

I asked G.o.d Alphos, my twin older brother's business in his coming to see me.

I'm in a bad mood. I really hate this G.o.d-brother of mine. Though our appearance resembling each other, the character is extremely different. [TL :……………..]

「I heard that dark knight is aiming for your life, Rena」

「Rather than that, how did you hear such things? 」

I said with a slightly displeased mood.

「Yeah, I just knew about such things, you see. That dark knight is just a small problem」

「I'm aware that he is a problem」

Alphos is shaking his head.

「Just a moment ago, he single-handedly destroyed the chivalric order of holy knight」


The chivalric order of holy knights is comprised of individuals handpicked from the elites of angel race and the heroes of human to serve under the G.o.dking, Oudith.

It's the elite force of Elios, and the strongest chivalric order in this world.

The one who could be their match might be just the chivalric order of dark knights serving under Modes.

So one can imagine just what kind of a person is one who can single-handedly destroy the chivalric order of holy knight, right?

「It's because the skies around Elios is under their jurisdiction, right?. Naturally, the skies of Holy Republic Lenaria also fall under their jurisdiction. He used flight in these skies」

The sky is the juridiction of the G.o.ds. Basically, no one, except for birds, can fly in these skies without permission. And I, at the least, managed to make those heroes to not fly in the skies.

Needless to say about the angel race, the heroes of the human race also guard the skies by riding on a pegasus. Trespa.s.sers will definitely be caught by them as long as they are flying carelessly.

「And then, he annihilated them in a battle when they tried to arrest him. Well, I'm not surprised by the person who defeated the hero who annihilated the chivalric order of dark knights to be able to do at least that much」

Alphos said detachedly.

I recall about the dark knight Diehart. His appearance made me unable to connect him with a subordinate of Modes.

His masculine face with a slight shadow on it along with his dark hair, almond shaped eyes accentuated by his dark pupils. Why's someone so handsome like him serving under the ugly Modes?

「You seem so happy hearing about him, Rena」

Alphos is saying so.

「EH! ?Is that so? 」

I'm touching my lips.

「And then, what will Oudith do then?」

I tried to distract the conversation.

「Ah, he reconciled with Modes, you know」


That was an unexpected word.

「Did he make such a decision without a.s.sembling the G.o.ds?」

The decision of the G.o.ds, normally called as the summon and decision of Oudith, is the way to restrict the G.o.ds belonging to Elios.

The summon and decision of Oudith doesn't mean that Oudith could make any decision that he liked. Oudith will make the final decision based on the most votes that came out during the congregation. Oudith would then have to act in accordance to that decision. Since no one would abide to Oudith if he doesn't do so.

「I don't remember partic.i.p.ating in any meeting where they made such decision」

Though I have no obligation to partic.i.p.ate in such a meeting, there's a chance that they would have made an unfavourable decision without my knowledge.

Thus, I was never absent from such meetings.

And then, there should be a message sent to each G.o.ds when the meeting happened. Without that message, the decision made in the meeting would be invalidated.

「You're wrong, Rena, Oudith is the only one who reconciled with modes. Therefore, there's no need for the other G.o.ds to abide by this」

「What does that mean?」

Certainly, it might be a good thing if such a meeting didn't happen.

「Maybe the condition for the treaty is for Oudith to oppose you」

「Certainly, maybe you're right」

「That's why Oudith might be offering an exchange for him to not invade Nargol with the destruction of summoning tools owned by Modes」


From the viewpoint of the agreement, only Oudith won't invade Nargol, but Oudith is the king of G.o.ds. If Oudith doesn't make his move, no one in Elios will.

In essence, Modes is tied by a non-aggression pact with Elios in exchange for his summoning tools.

「For Oudith, that dark knight and hero are even more troublesome than Modes, since the dark knight's a monster who single-handedly annihilated the entire chivalric order of holy knights, after all. That's why he considered the disposal of the summoning tools owned by Modes so that there's no more summoning beyond this」

「Then, what about the heroes and the dark knight who have already been summoned? They should be a problem, right?」

「Ah, I'm here to pa.s.s you the message that you'll be the one taking care of them. Since you're the one who summoned them anyway」

They poked at the right place.

At first, this matter was supposed to be done easily, and I was supposed to send them back to the spirit world as soon as they defeated Modes. But, the dark knight appeared right at the last moment.

Moreover, we lost all of the summoning tools.

It's been decided a few days ago that summoning is banned along with the further manufacture of magic tools.

Mobilizing the heroes beyond this point might become a dificult matter.

「Wait a minute, I'm not the one who summoned Diehart!!」

The one who summoned him is Modes, so I have nothing to do with him.

「Yeah, that is true, but Modes mentioned that the action of the dark knight depends on your hero. That's why it still ended up on your head」

Even if Oudith won't invade, it'll be the end if Modes was attacked by the hero first. It's natural for Modes to demand such a condition.

「Thus, I came to tell you about that, Rena. We wish that you won't make the hero to move in a way that will deter Elios」

I couldn't reply to that.

Seeing that I am capable of defeating Modes, I have to control the action of the hero. Any wrong action by them will cause me to lose my position in Elios.

「Understood, older brother, let me to do something about the hero. And then, if that's all you want to say, will you get off my sight now?!!」

I replied toward him with an angry voice.

「Sorry but, there's another matter, you see」

「And what could it be!?」

I'm glaring at Alphos. But my older brother won't flinch with only that much.

「When will you get married, Rena? 」


What the h.e.l.l is he talking about?

「Is that a message from Oudith, too? 」

「Nope, just an older brother worrying about his still yet-to-wed little sister」

I think it's none of your business.

「The male G.o.ds of Elios, everyone of them is a dishonest jerk. I have no intention to marry such jerks」

The male G.o.ds of Elios, ALL OF THEM have mistresses. How can I tolerate them, who keep adding mistresses while proposing to me.

And then, amongst them, the one I hate the most is this OLDER BROTHER of mine. He is a bachelor and yet has more than 2000 mistresses. And I hate those woman swarming upon my older brother, too.

「Oya, there's those honest-to-the-bone male G.o.ds too, you see」

「I hate the ugly ones even more」

Sincere or not aside, the only ones who are left aside from those dishonest male G.o.ds are the ugly male G.o.ds.

That's why, I'm still single.

「If it's not a G.o.d, is it the hero?」

「That's impossible, he is just like you」

In some way, Reiji is similiar to Alphos. That's why, I can't bring myself to like him.

「That's harsh. If that was the case, who can become your husband then? 」

I'm silent for a while before replying to him.


My older brother then showed an exasperated gesture with a light smile on his face.

「In that case, I have no other choice then. Let this older brother that you hate to take his leave then. See ya, Rena」

When my older brother turned away. I'm glaring at his back.

And then, I shake my head while pondering about his question.

Why did Diehart's face suddenly appear in my mind out of nowhere?

The Female Comrade of The Hero, Chiyuki.

We lost the means to go back.

Never did I think that the summoning tools would be destroyed.

After that, we chased after Shirone who left us behind to face Diehart.

In the first place, for me, Shirone's life is even more important than Rena. Shirone, who rushed to protect Rena, might have become a fool who came to sacrifice her own life.

We lost her so many times while chasing after her due to the spartoi that we encountered along the way.

Reiji wasn't in his normal condition, so Kaya could do nothing but stick closely to Kyouka who was already crushed by the might of liquor. We, who lost almost all of our vanguard, were forced to a close match. Moreover, Rino and I, who have high firepower, can't use our magic since we were inside a building. Thus, we were having a hard time against the spartoi.

And then, what we saw when we finally arrived inside the room was Diehart standing still in front of the crying Shirone.

Diehart sheathed his sword and then left when he saw us.

(~'.')~To Be Continue In Chapter 18 Part 2 ~('.'~)

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