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Published at 10th of August 2019 10:40:55 AM Chapter 42.3

Chapter 42 . 3 : A Joke of A Fight In The Confectionary Castle

Omiros and Kyouka were looking at me .

「What about you, Regensan…」

I was also looking at Omiros . He was not lying . Omiros never lied to me .

It seems that Omiros would really send me back to my dear master’s side .

I nodded at him because this was a goodbye with the childhood friend who held me dear in his heart .

「Let’s go . 」

I stood up and headed towards Omiros .

「Wait a minute, Regensan . You forgot something . 」

Saying so, Kyouka then gave something to me .

「This is my … sword」

The thing I received was the short sword that my dear master gave to me .

「It’s your most important thing, right? Here, I’ll give it back to you . From now on, please do not forget the talk about moving to our place . We’ll be waiting for you . 」

Kyouksan said so with a beautiful smile on her face .

Could it be that this princess was actually a really nice person?

「I have to ask for my dear master’s permission for that . But, I’m grateful for your feeling of wanting to help us . 」

I bowed my head to her .

「… Well, I’ll excuse myself then . 」

Raising my head, I went towards Omiros .

「Let’s go, Regena . 」

I followed Omiros .

「Where are we going to go, Omiros? 」

「First is to the gravesite . 」

Omiros replied without even turning around .

「The grave … site? 」

「Mother’s gravesite because you might not be able to come back after returning to Nargol . 」

For some reason, I knew why Omiros was taking me to that place . Omiros was taking me to see my mother’s grave for the last time .

「No, we can’t do that!」

But I refused to go there .

「Why don’t you want to visit your mother’s grave, Regena?」

「I mean, everyone whom I left in Nargol couldn’t visit the graves of their relatives, and yet I’m the only one who can . There’s no way I can do that…」

Everyone except me couldn’t visit the graves of their relatives, so there was no way I could do that without the others getting the same privilege .

「I see…」

「Sorry Omiros … I ended up saying what’s been on my mind…」

「It’s okay … I’m glad to be able to meet you again, Regena . 」

Omiros was laughing as he kept looking forward .

It must have been hard for him .

I knew what he felt . But, I’ve made my decision .

That was why I couldn’t respond to his feelings even if I could stay in Algore .

I remembered the memories of that day .

The day when we were driven away to the goblin’s nest .

I was scared of goblins . We were running desperately so that those goblins wouldn’t find us .

Our comrades vanished one by one . My heart was on the verge of a breakdown due to fear .

And then, “IT” appeared in front of us . The embodiment of fear in this world, a gigantic dragon .

When that dragon appeared, my heart was shattered to pieces .

It was so scary that I ended up crying .

But then, a miracle happened .

The dark knight riding on the back of the dragon removed his helmet and smiled kindly at us .

The Dark Knight, riding on the back of the dragon, an existence more terrifying than the goblins .

The moment I saw his smile, my heart was at a loss .

The fear that I felt until a while ago vanished .

Starting from that moment, we started to live in Nargol .

Even though we were surrounded by those people of the demon race, I didn’t feel scared at all because my dear master was there . When I was by his side, the fear that I felt when chased by those goblins was gone .

If the most terrifying existence in this world was smiling at me, I didn’t think that there was anything left to fear .

I was no good without my dear master . I wouldn’t feel relieved unless I stayed by his side .

If I’m not by my dear master’s side, I will be haunted by the nightmare of being chased around by the goblins again . Such nightmares disappear when I’m by his side .

That was why I wanted to stay by his side . I was fine even if I couldn’t become his wife . I was fine even if I was not his mistress either . I was fine even if I was just his slave . Anyway, I was fine as long as I could stay by his side .

That was why I wanted to go back to my dear master as soon as possible .

I felt bad for Omiros who did so many things for me, but this was the only thing that I wouldn’t compromise on . Thus, I apologized to Omiros in my heart .

「Well then, let’s go to the watchtower . I’ve asked McGaius to clear that place of other people . If we go there, it’ll be easier for the Dark Knight to find us . 」

Omiros was walking in front of me as he said so .

The watchtower was the place that was higher than any other rampart built to watch over Nargol .

Certainly, it’ll be easier for my dear master to find us if we went there .

Thus, we marched towards the watchtower .

A while later, we arrived at the watchtower .

The place that could be reached by climbing the stairs was wide enough to accommodate up to 30 people .

「If it’s here, he’ll find you immediately . 」

Omiros was laughing .

「Thank you, Omiros . 」

I told my grat.i.tude to Omiros .

I wondered where my dear master was right now . When I was about to search for him…

「WAIT, REGENA! Someone is coming!」

I hid in panic as soon as Omiros said so .

I had become a hated existence for Algore’s citizens . Thus, it would be troublesome if they found my position .

I could hear the footsteps of someone climbing the stairs .


Omiros said so to the one climbing the stairs .

「It’s me, prince . 」


The one who came was Parish .

He stood there at the top most step of the flight of stairs .

「So it’s you, Parish-dono! Just where were you until now? And why are you here?」

Omiros moved closer to Parish .

「Well, it’s because I saw you climb the stairs of the watchtower … Rather than that, I also have something I want to ask you, prince . Why have you brought princess Regena to this place?」

I hid my face, but it seems he had discovered my ident.i.ty .

「That matter should have nothing to do with you . I want you to leave this place!」

But, Parish laughed as he shook his head .

「It’s not like this matter has nothing to do with me, Prince Omiros」

「What do you mean?」

「More importantly, tell me why you brought princess Regena to this place . 」

I felt something was fishy upon hearing him ask again . Why did he come all the way to this place to ask that question?

「Understood .   I’ll tell you … It’s to send Regena back to the side of the Dark Knight . Is that clear? Now, please leave this place immediately . 」

Having been overwhelmed in battle, Omiros told Parish his reason .

「… You shouldn’t do that . You really shouldn’t do that, Prince . 」

Shaking his head, Parish mumbled those words .

I could feel that something was wrong with him .

What was the cause of this unpleasant premonition? The short sword that I got from my dear master was ringing .

I looked at Omiros’s side and I caught a glimpse of Omiros’s shield shining for a moment .

「What’s happening to you Pari—–? Eh, the shield is?」

Omiros realized that my sword was shining when he looked at it .


The change of events was too absurd . Parish suddenly unsheathed his sword and tried to attack Omiros .

His attack was fast . By the time I realized it, it was already too late for me to warn Omiros .

But then, Omiros’s shield blocked that supposed-to-be-deathblow with an even swifter movement . It was as if the shield was the embodiment of my will to save Omiros .


Omiros retreated to my side .

「Are you okay, Omiros?」

「Yeah, the shield is … moving on its own . It’s as if it’s moving to protect me . 」

Omiros was looking at his shield as he said so .

His shield was shining faintly . It seems that it was a magic shield . I wonder where he got it .

I stared at Parish . Why did he try to attack Omiros?

「What is the meaning of this, Parish-dono?!」

Omiros glares at Parish .

「Ceh … Failed huh . ? Even though that attack was supposed to kill you…」

Parish’s tone was different from before . It was as if his polite tone until now was a lie .

「W– Parish-dono?」

Parish’s face got blurred for a moment . That blurred face changed to a completely different–almost the exact opposite–of his previous handsome face .

I let out a loud scream upon seeing that face .

「Y-Y-YOU … ARE!」

I knew that face . It was the face from that nightmarish incident which I sealed in the corner of my memories .

「You are … Goz?!」

Omiros then called his name .

「Yes … I’m Goz, Omiros-kun . I never expected you to remember my name . 」

Omiros was shaking his head after hearing Goz say so .

「I would never forget about you even if I wanted to, Goz . I never forgot about you ever since the day we met . I never expected you to use Parish’s face . 」

Omiros unsheathed his sword .

「Hohoho, I’m honored to be remembered by you, Your Highness Omiros . 」

Goz let out an unpleasant laugh .

「Step back, Regena . 」

I stepped back following Omiros’s advice . But there was no escape since we were at the top of the watchtower .

Goz was looking at me . I got gooseb.u.mps as he looked at me with those eyes .

「Come to me, Regena . I’ve come to pick you up . 」

Goz said so with a wide grin on his face .

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