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Of course Zhao Jiali couldn't see Xin Yudie. She called Xin Yudie for several times but no one answered. She looked for her at her house but was not allowed to enter. Xin Pengfei had totally given up. What he regretted most was asking Xin Qing to file for bankruptcy. The fixed a.s.sets were frozen by the bank now. The only things left for him were the villa they were living in and three other houses.

In fact, if they were common people, they could sell the villa and rent out two houses. Xin Pengfei's houses all had a great location. The rent they received every month and the money from selling the villa was far enough for them to live a comfortable life. But how could they put up with such a life...

This didn't bother Xin Haoyu very much. He locked himself in the room and played computer games every day. All his attention was on the fantasy of curing his disease through traditional medicine. Lin Xiaoyu was still in pregnancy and was busy taking care of herself. Only Zhao Jiali and Xin Pengfei couldn't accept such a fact. Every day, the latter drowned his trouble in drinks, while the former dressed up and played Mahjong with those rich ladies.

In the Ying family.

"Here you are!" Ying Qingcang handed Xin Qing a thick file packet.

Xin Qing took it over with curiosity and saw her own picture printed on it, reading, "Jewelry Company of Xin Enterprises!" She screamed out of surprise. Her name was printed on it as the legal person.

"The openning ceremony was in the next week. Are you going to attend?" Ying Qingcang touched her head. This was Xin Qing's requirement when they met the first time and he realized it for her today.

Xin Qing thought for a moment and asked, "I'd better not show up. Can you manage the business for me?" Then she added, "I can give you some share or dividend!"

"What did you say?" Ying Qingcang's face darkened. Xin Qing didn't know where she said wrong and looked at him with blinking eyes. "Don't you agree? Then what do you suggest?"

Ying Qingcang stood up at once and carried her on his shoulder. He spanked her a.s.s and pretended to be ferocious, saying, "You should compensate me with your body! That's better!"

Xin Qing was thrown into bed before she had time to resist. Later, she totally surrendered to Ying Qingcang and allowed him to take every advantage of her.

When they finished, Ying Qingcang looked at Xin Qing, who was lying in his arms like a satiated cat, and felt satisfied. He kissed her and asked in a murmur, "Do you still want to settle accounts with me?"

"Not... Not anymore..." Xin Qing quivered with excitement and said, "You... you can help me... take care of it."

Ying Qingcang pressed a hard kiss on her neck and said, "That's right! If you want to settle accounts with me in the future, I'll keep you in bed for three days!"

"Um... um!" Xin Qing shook her head, closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Xin Qing's company was at last managed by a guy named Lu Tong, who she met once when she was looking for a company to have her designs made. That company, including all its jewellery Ying Qingcang had auctioned for her and those experienced craftsmen, now belonged to Xin Enterprises. Of course, the jewellery was not for sale. It was only for exhibition so as to improve the standard of the company.

According to Ying Qingcang's original plan, Xin Qing should check the account and attend the regular meeting once in a month.

But Xin Qing stared at him with her watering eyes and said, "What's mine is yours! You are in full charge of them!" Therefore, President Ying gladly served as her labor and helped her manage the company. But he posed a condition by the way.

"Let's find a wife for Le Le!" Ying Qingcang explained, "It has grown up. Look at the dog next door. It has two wives. But our Le Le has none."

Xin Qing thought about it and agreed. She saw the three dogs before, which were of precious breed.

"All right, let's do it! I'll have a look on the internet to see if there's something about dog dating."

Ying Qingcang refused. He said that since Le Le was so important to Xin Qing, he had to choose a wife for it by himself. Although Xin Qing felt there was something fishy about it, she had no reason to refute and could only agree.

It was soon July. Xin Qing began to be busy with all kinds of exams, especially specialized courses. Since students in the School of Design had to submit their own design work, she buried herself in the library and dormitory again. When the exams were over, the summer vacation was coming.

At this time, Xin Qing received a notice. The study invitation from the previous CK compet.i.tion was sent to her. The university told her that she could suspend her schooling for the next year and study first, or she could apply for delay in study abroad and wait until she graduated.

Xin Qing originally planned to go after graduation, so she wrote the application letter soon and delayed the study. Suddenly, Chen Ming called her. They had no contact for a long time.

"I'll get married next week. Can we have a talk tomorrow?" Chen Ming asked with a low and somewhat pleading voice.

Xin Qing wanted to say no. However, when she heard his voice, she couldn't refuse, and agreed in the end. After hanging up the phone, she stole a secret glance at Ying Qingcang, who then raised his head and asked, "Is it Chen Ming?"

"How do you know?" Xin Qing's eyes rounded.

Ying Qingcang pinched her face and laughed, "It's so easy to tell from your guilty expression."

"Nonsense. I'm not guilty." Xin Qing twitched her mouth and said, "He's going to get married next week and wants to see me tomorrow." She thought Ying Qingcang would agree to go with her, but the latter nodded after a quick thought.

"Go then! Ah Che will take you there."

Xin Qing stared at him, full of suspicion. How could he become so relaxed?

Ying Qingcang looked at her but said nothing. Certainly he was not relaxed. But if he went with her, Chen Ming couldn't be honest with her and say what he really wanted to. Then he wouldn't give up and would find excuses to see Xin Qing again and again in the future.

It was better to give him a chance to speak out and totally gave up. Of course, Xin Qing was not supposed to know this. Otherwise, she would definitely get angry. She would think that he was too confident, not worrying at all that she could be taken away by Chen Ming.

He knew Xin Qing better and better. She was very insecure and always pushed herself to a dead end. If not for the misfortune in the Xin family, she wouldn't have grown so brave and tough. She should have become a delicate flower in the greenhouse.

Either way, Ying Qingcang believed he would like her very much. This wonderful feeling sometimes made him confused. Xin Qing was like a flower while he was the bee attracted by her smell. He had the urge to jump on her whenever he saw her.

On the second day, Xin Qing went to meet Chen Ming. Ah Che sent her to the door of the restaurant.

"Miss, I'll wait for you outside."

Xin Qing nodded, feeling very glad. Ying Qingcang was worried anyway and asked Ah Che to keep an eye on her!

"You look great!" Chen Ming pulled the chair for her.

Xin Qing sat down and smiled. "You look great, too! You're going to be a bridegroom." In fact, Chen Ming's face was far from great. He looked gaunt and tired. His handsome face was covered by anxiety.

"Hehe, is there anything wrong with your eyes? How can you tell I look great." Chen Ming squeezed a bitter smiled and said, "You know clearly that I don't love her."

Xin Qing was surprised. "At least you like her. Otherwise, why do you get married?"

"It's for the good of both families." Chen Ming grew hurried and said, "Xin Qing, my mind doesn't change at all. The one I want to marry is you."

Xin Qing laughed, "But I cannot bring anything good to your family."

"Are you mocking me?" Chen Ming stared at her.

Xin Qing shrugged her shoulders and answered, "I didn't say that."

"Ah..." Chen Ming signed. He looked at her sincerely and asked, "Xin Qing, you're too naive. Do you really think Ying Qingcang will marry you?"

Xin Qing's heart darkened. She lowered her head and didn't make a sound.

"Because of the condition and status of the Ying family, Ying Qingcang's marriage must be an alliance, too. He could love you all the same and marry a woman he doesn't love at all." "But do you really want to be his lover for your whole life? Have you ever thought about your children... Your children will become illegitimate children. They will always feel ashamed."

Chen Ming couldn't bear it when he saw Xin Qing's face getting pale, but he continued.

"Even if you win the game, you will always want you, his wife? She is his legitimate wife. If she deals with you, you will have to suffer. Xin Qing, you ask yourself, think about it. Is this the life you want to live? Will you do this for the rest of your life?"

Xin Qing's face was already ghostly pale, her big eyes full of bewilderment and terror. Chen Ming spoke out the truth, which she had been worrying about in her heart but dared not to confront all the time.

Xin Qing knew the problem Ying Qingcang's status could cause. She also knew about his childhood sweetheart who didn't show up yet. But she refused to face all these. She steadied her quivering hands, took a breath and said, "What about you? If I marry you, what will you do with Lu Manman?"

"Really?" Chen Ming was so excited that he almost jumped up, "If you agree to marry me, I'll cancel the wedding immediately. You'll become my legal wife. I'll treat you well."

Xin Qing looked at him and forced a smiled through the corner of her mouth, "What about your parents? Will they agree?"

"This..." Chen Ming hesitated for a moment and said, "Even though they don't agree now, they will at last when we get married and have children."

Xin Qing took the gla.s.s of wine on the table and gulped it down. She stood up and said to Chen Ming, "You should listen to your parents and marry Lu Manman! I cannot marry you."

"You cannot?" Chen Ming noticed that she said "cannot" instead of "won't". "What kind of agreement do you have with Ying Qingcang? You may rest a.s.sured. As long as you ask, I'll handle it for you."

Xin Qing shook her head, saying, "I cannot leave him for my whole life, even if he will marry another woman and I'll become her lover. I have no choice..."

After this, Xin Qing ran away with tears in her eyes. Chen Ming followed in a hurry, but was stopped by Ah Che beside the car door. He could do nothing but watch her leave. Neither of them noticed that a familiar figure was sitting not far away from them just now and was on the phone with a playful smile.

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