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463. LIST III.

Die _by_, die _for_, die _from_, die _of_, die _with_.

Expect _of_, expect _from_.

Part _from_, part _with_.

Ill.u.s.trations of "die _of_," "die _from_," etc.:--

[Sidenote: "_Die_ of."]

The author died _of_ a fit of apoplexy.--BOSWELL.

People do not die _of_ trifling little colds.--AUSTEN

Fifteen officers died _of_ fever in a day.--MACAULAY.

It would take me long to die _of_ hunger.--G. ELIOT.

She died _of_ hard work, privation, and ill treatment.--BURNETT.

[Sidenote: "_Die_ from."]

She saw her husband at last literally die _from_ hunger.--BULWER.

He died at last without disease, simply _from_ old age.


No one _died from_ want at Longfeld.--_Chambers' Journal._

[Sidenote: "_Die_ with."]

She would have been ready to die _with_ shame.--G. ELIOT.

I am positively dying _with_ hunger.--SCOTT.

I thought the two Miss Flamboroughs would have died _with_ laughing.--GOLDSMITH.

I wish that the happiest here may not die _with_ envy.--POPE.

[Sidenote: "_Die_ for." (_in behalf of_).]

Take thought and die _for_ Caesar.--SHAKESPEARE.

One of them said he would die _for_ her.--GOLDSMITH.

It is a man of quality who dies _for_ her.--ADDISON.

[Sidenote: "_Die_ for." (_because of_).]

Who, as Cervantes informs us, died _for_ love of the fair Marcella.--FIELDING.

Some officers had died _for_ want of a morsel of bread.--MACAULAY.

[Sidenote: "_Die_ by." (_material cause, instrument_).]

If I meet with any of 'em, they shall die _by_ this hand.


He must purge himself to the satisfaction of a vigilant tribunal or die _by_ fire.--MACAULAY.

He died _by_ suicide before he completed his eighteenth year.--SHAW.

464. Ill.u.s.trations of "expect _of_," "expect _from:_"--

[Sidenote: "_Expect_ of."]

What do I expect _of_ Dublin?--_Punch._

That is more than I expected _of_ you.--SCOTT.

_Of_ Doctor P. nothing better was to be expected.--POE.

Not knowing what might be expected _of_ men in general.--G.


[Sidenote: "_Expect_ from."]

She will expect more attention _from_ you, as my friend.--WALPOLE.

There was a certain grace and decorum hardly to be expected _from_ a man.--MACAULAY.

I have long expected something remarkable _from_ you.--G. ELIOT.

465. "Part _with_" is used with both persons and things, but "part _from_" is less often found in speaking of things.

Ill.u.s.trations of "part _with_," "part _from_:"--

[Sidenote: "_Part_ with."]

He was fond of everybody that he was used to, and hated to part _with_ them.--AUSTEN.

Cleveland was sorry to part _with_ him.--BULWER.

I can part _with_ my children for their good.--d.i.c.kENS.

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