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Epilogue – Our new life from here on

On an ordinary morning, I woke up to the warm sunlight that was coming through the window.

When I slowly opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling, I realized that there was a little weight and a feel of softness on my right arm.

A gentle and sweet scent tickled my nostrils when I took a slow breath.


Then, I slowly turned to my right and saw a pretty girl lying there like a sleeping fairy.

I was surprised that there was a beautiful woman on my own bed. Moreover, she was sleeping right next to me.

「…Nnmm, Nnnnn…」

However, this beautiful woman was making seductive noises while she clung onto my arm.

There was only a bed sheet covering her body; she looked almost like a newborn baby.

Her smooth, silky blonde hair was shining in the sunlight.

Along with her neatly shaped features, she leaves an expression of a somewhat innocent girl. I know that under those long eyelashes was a pair of beautiful jade-colored, emerald like eyes.

Yup, this girl's name is Flora, who had become a couple with me since yesterday. When that came back to my mind, my shock settled down.

Perhaps it was due to her moving during her sleep, the bed sheet that should have been covering her up to her shoulders moved below her chest, exposing her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

She was just there breathing normally, but my thing down there was becoming lively as a normal physiological phenomenon.

Although my mind was calm, my lower body was getting restless.

It'd be unsightly to have a b.o.n.e.r first thing in the morning, so I covered her up with the bedsheet up to her shoulders without looking at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as much as I could.

Even though we're near summer, the morning was still chilly.

I gazed out the window for a while and s.p.a.ced out while I calmed myself down.

Then, I snapped back out of it from feeling some movements from below and I took a look at Flora's sleeping face as she slept next to me.

She was a girl who is nine years younger than me, but it doesn't look like that when I see her sleeping figure. I thought about that as I looked at her sleeping face.

Her sleeping face is so cute and defenseless… It makes me proud knowing that I'm the one by her side who gets to see this side of her.

I stroked her head with my left hand that was free.

Her hair was still as beautiful as ever.

I moved my fingers in a way that her hair would not get tangled on them. Her hair smoothly went through my fingers each time I brushed her hair.

Her smooth and dry hair felt nice to the touch and it made me want to keep touching it forever.


Even though she was supposed to be sleeping, her normal sleep breathing changed for a moment when I played with her hair.

I thought that it was only a coincidence, but I noticed that her eyebrows flinched like she was surprised for a moment.

Also, I felt a weight shift on my right arm where she was leaning her head on.


…Flora had woken up.


For a little while, there were no signs of her waking up while I played with her hair.

I thought that I was wrong for a moment, but when I was stroking her head and playing with her hair, her expression looked like it was becoming softer. Moreover, her cheeks looked like they were faintly dyed pink.

She definitely had woken up.

It may be nice to keep stroking her head like this, but as I watched her pretending to be asleep, my urge to play a trick on her grew.

I moved my left hand that I was using to stroke her head to her soft cheek.

「….Zzzzz….. Nnn! …. Zzzz…」

Then, her body flinched all of a sudden.

I unintentionally let out a smirk from her easy to understand reaction of having sensitive skin.

And so, I got to see an adorable side of her that I haven't seen until now.

Her cheeks were soft, springy and smooth.

When you gently touch it, it's like it sucks your finger in.

When I poke at it with my finger, it's elastic and it bounces my finger back.

It was fun to poke at her cheeks like this, but if I do it too much she might get upset.

Then, I ran my fingers down her cheeks to her neck.

She's ticklish after all, so her body was moving since she couldn't endure being tickled.

Then, I finally moved my face close to hers…


I nibbled on her earlobe.

Flora squeaked cutely from that.

「Hahaha, so you were awake after all」

「Mouu! You're a jerk」

Flora opened her eyes and protested when I laughed out loud.

Her child-like expression was so amusing that it made me laugh even louder.

Then, her expression looked more and more cranky.

"I'm really mad!" I'm really angry, okay?! It was as if she had those words written on her face.


「Yeah yeah, I know」

Since I understood why she was angry, I replied as I obediently aligned my lips with hers.

Her cranky expression softened up as soon as I did that while her voice leaked out.

The feeling of her soft and moist lips was directly transmitted to me.

Although it had been only a few hours since we kissed last night, it still felt like I was satisfying a long craving.

Our lips kept on overlapping while we listened to the birds chirping in the peaceful morning.

Then, we slowly parted from each other's face and opened our eyes.

I can see that she was embarra.s.sed from her red cheeks.

At the same time, my face also felt hot. It was probably red as well. I can guess that without having a mirror to check.

「Ehehe. Good morning, Aldo-san」

Flora laughed shyly and said good morning to me.

「Good morning, Flora」

I replied with a smile. I said it in such a soft voice that I surprised myself.

When I get up in the morning like this, there was the girl I love greeting me.

From now on, her bright smile will be greeting me when I wake up at home. Just that alone would be enough to blow away all my sleepiness and make my morning a good one.

Although I stopped being an adventurer and came to this village, I have never dreamed of living under the same roof with such a lovely girl together.

「…It makes me so happy to have the person I love greeting me in the morning」

When I looked at her and muttered that out, she smiled after looking surprised for a second.

「From now on, it'll be not only the greeting, but cooking, cleaning, seeing each other off, welcoming each other home, and at night time…. We'll be doing everything together」

「Yeah. We'll always be together from now on」

I'll be able to live with the person I love the most. Just by thinking that, I could feel joy that's two or three times-no, ten times more than anything else I do in my daily life.

I can eat her delicious cooking in the morning, do ch.o.r.es together, eat sweets together, talk about things together, and she will welcome me home with a smile when I come home from a hunt….

It puts a smile on my face just thinking about what life will be like with her.

「Well, let's go make some breakfast. Today is the day of harvest for the radishes, so let's make a dish with them」

「Yeah! Let's harvest the radishes that you've planted for the first time and make something with them!」

When I suggested that to her as I was getting out of bed, she also replied with excitement while she got up as well.

As a result, the bed sheets fell off our shoulders at the same time and our naked bodies were revealed.

My upper body and her beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s and body were exposed.



Even though we shared the bed for a night, she was still embarra.s.sed about showing her body naked? She quickly brought the sheets back to cover herself up.

She was embarra.s.sed, but she was really adorable when she turned her back to me with a red face and red ears.

It looks like the fact that my lover was a shy person did not change.

An ranked adventurer's slow living  Vol 1 -End-

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