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Featured Image: Nicholas in a nutsh.e.l.l

Proofread: Shiro

I sat facing the guy in front of me.

The guy being, Nicholas・Likefield.

[Sorry for the wait.]

[Ooh, it's already here. Nee-chan, you sure this is the strongest sake you have in this shop?] (Nicholas)

[Yes, and the price is—–]

[Ah it's alright, it's alright. You don't have to talk about the money.] (Nicholas)

Taking the sake bottle from the waitress, Nicholas smelled the tip of the bottle before pouring it into two cups that were provided.

[Alrighty then, bottom's up lad.] (Nicholas)

[Before that, where have you heard about my name?] (Ryouta)

[Aaah~?] (Nicholas)

Even though he was the one who recommend me to drink up first, he went and drank the whole cup before me.

If he shuts up, he would've been dandy, but his expression and gestures makes him look rather childish.

Or maybe leaning towards being comical, that's what I feel.

[It's this, look.] (Nicholas)

Nicholas then took a piece of card from his pocket and placed it on the table.

This is—— A card with my face on it.

7☆, it was the same card that I saw back in Shikuro.

[Ugaa!] (Ryouta)

N O T, T H I S, C E L L, A G A I N ? ! ? !

[Ain't that you? Ryouta・Satou right? I didn't know at first, cause the quality of this card is simply horrible.] (Nicholas)

[The quality?] (Ryouta)

[The reproducibility is juuuuuuuust bad you know? It's not even one tenth, no wait, a hundredth of the real life aura.] (Nicholas)

[Aura…..but it's a card you know.] (Ryouta)

I don't know whether it portrays me or not, but to have the card produce an aura is simply an impossible feat.

Well, leaving that aside. I stared hard at the card.

I knew why he knows  my name and my face.

[Don't sweat the small stuffs, drink up lad, gulp it all at once.] (Nicholas)

The sake that Nicholas recommend to me made my lips moistened.

I don't know what kind of sake he ordered, but I know for a fact that it's distilled sake, which makes it easy to drink, and with that judgement alone, it seems to be a good sake.

[Ma~n, I can't believe I would meet you in a place like this. You know that I wanted to meet you for the longest time?] (Nicholas)

[You wanted to meet me?] (Ryouta)

[It's the Ryouta Family's boss. The untouchable, Ryouta・Satou.] (Nicholas)

[The untouchable? Who the heck created that name?] (Ryouta)

[It's based on you obviously. Look, whoever dares to cause trouble, you'll be the one to intervene, and it's not just successfully stopping it, but also making those who oppose you be unlucky forever.] (Nicholas)

[Aaah…….] (Ryouta)

Now that he mentioned about it, I do remember a saying about this.

Recently, there were rumours of this going on, especially the Clifford case that was brought up multiple times.

[So everyone decided to call you the Untouchable — A person not to be messed with.] (Nicholas)

[I understand now. It's kind of a troublesome name to have.] (Ryouta)

[Hey now, wanna have a go with me?] (Nicholas)

[……What?] (Ryouta)

[As—-I—-said—-, I wanna fight with you. To be able to encounter a 7☆ adventurer, don't you just want to have a go with them?] (Nicholas)

[Of course I won't! What sort of spartan like thinking is that?] (Ryouta)

I placed the cup down, refusing him.

[I don't want to fight. Besides, I don't have a reason to fight with you.] (Ryouta)

[What the heck man. Isn't it fine, just a little, hey, just a teeny-weeny bit.] (Nicholas)

[Even if you beg me on all fours, I still won't accept.] (Ryouta)

[We'll end it after one of us collapses, isn't that good?] (Nicholas)

[You're really serious about this fight huh! I won't do it though.] (Ryouta)

[Why not, let's fight, let's fight. Hey please.] (Nicholas)

[Stop acting like a child!] (Ryouta)

Nicholas started whining like a child.

With a dandy face, and even a deep and manly voice.

But he acts just like a child, a spoiled behaviour.

I wonder how'd this guy get an annoyingly horrible behaviour.

[That's right.]

Sweat slowly dripped behind my back.

The whiny Nicholas suddenly stood up like a ghost.

[Just now you fought with those guys right. Alright, I should do the same to that waitress—–] (Nicholas)

[Stop it.] (Ryouta)

With a calm but firm tone, I verbally asked Nicholas to stop.

The waitress that was moving around in the busy bar stopped coming towards us after Nicholas had a thought of attacking her.

His eyes strangely light up.

[Stop it?] (Nicholas)

[Yes…….If you ever do something like that, I'll never ever fight against you anymore. No matter what.] (Ryouta)

After I nodded, I told Nicholas what I had in mind.

Untouchable, a saying that I not only stop someone from doing unreasonable things, but that person would lose their luck even.

After thinking about that, I glanced at Nicholas, and warned him.


[Wwwwwait a minute, if you did that, I'll be troubled by it.] (Nicholas)

Nicholas's hype was suddenly slashed in half, and he sat back down on his chair before looking at me.

[I see, so if I purposely do it, then it'll have an opposite effect huh.] (Nicholas)

[……] (Ryouta)

[Hmmmm, Mumumumu……Ugaaaaa.] (Nicholas)

He groaned, and whine, then hugging his head he made strange noises while flailing around.

I don't how to say…..but that he really looks like a huge kid.

[…….Sigh, can't be helped. I'll just give up.] (Nicholas)

[Then again, why do you even want to fight against me?] (Ryouta)

[Cause you're strong.] (Nicholas)

[…….Well, other than that.] (Ryouta)

[I want to fight someone who's strong. Like……my crotch is aching….] (Nicholas) (TLN: What the actual???? Are you even serious with me right now Author?!?!?)

[Huh?] (Ryouta)

[It's vibrating so hard, and it seems like it's about to burst… Uwaaaaa……like it's as if it's about to explode—–] (Nicholas)

[You freaking perverted old freak!] (Ryouta)

Oh my gosh, there's a second pervert right here. What's more this is the dangerous type of pervert. (TLN: Police, please take him away)

[Don't you get it? It's the same feeling as when a girl hugs me, but in this case it's like ten times—–] (Nicholas)

[I know okay! I know a perverted fellow when I see one!] (Ryouta)

And why the h.e.l.l are you even trying to explain it to me, disgusting!

[Haah……Hey, what can I do for you to fight with me?] (Nicholas)

Nicholas suddenly placed his face on the table, and asked me while looking at me with pleading eyes.

Even though he's an old man, but acts like a child……I think I should just call this b.u.g.g.e.r a childish old man.

……For some reason, it sounded cute when I called him as such, so I better don't use that.

[It'll be helpful if you just give up.] (Ryouta)

[I will never give up! No matter what happens!] (Nicholas)

[Stop with that cool saying. You know next time people would force me to fight with them if I accept this.] (Ryouta)

Seeing that I'm not forcibly obliged to do it, and even though he seems like a dangerous person, it looks like he won't do anything for now, so I continued to drink.

[He, hey, what are you doing!]

There was some disturbing noise coming from the entrance of the shop.

As I peeked out, I saw the debt collectors.

Their numbers have increased, is he trying to get revenge by bringing more of his friends?

The chimpira guy grabbed the waitress from earlier, approaching her with a "Dosu". (TLN: Chimpira just means the lower ranking yakuza)

[Where's that guy earlier.]

[Eh, eh…..]

[Answer me now!]


The guy raised his hand and hit the woman in the cheek, causing her to fall to the floor.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.ds——–

[Oi oi oi oi oi ooi.]

Before I could do anything, Nicholas stood up and went there.

He then walked towards where those guys were.

I thought of looking at the situation first.

Since he was the one who wanted to have a fight with me(7☆), so it should be alright to leave it to him, but if something goes wrong I'll help him.

[Bo, Boss. Thank you for your hard work!]

[ [ [Thank you for your hard work! !] ] ]

The guys all bowed down, and the guys that he brought over bowed down in unison.

Wait, boss?

[Oioioioioi, what the h.e.l.l are you guys doing?] (Nicholas)

[Eh? We're here to collect……this woman's money that she owed.]

[I've already seen it. That guy has already paid the debt. So what the h.e.l.l are you doing to our customer who has already paid their debts?] (Nicholas)

[Th, that is……]

The guy stood upright, however his entire body was shaking in fear.

The friends that he brought along were doing the same as well, as if they've encountered an extremely strong monster, where all they could do was stiffen up.

To the guy who didn't respond, Nicholas whacked the guy.

It was a punch without any indication, and the guy flew all the way out from inside the shop.

Nicholas then slowly walked towards the guy who flew outside.

He kicked that guy who was laying down there.

He kicked and kicked without mercy, the guy must be feeling the pain.

After kicking for a few times, he grabbed the hair of that guy and brought his face up.

[Hey, didn't I always tell ya guys. People who don't pay us back are guests, and those who've paid in full are our valued customers.] (Nicholas)

[Ah, ye……..s.]

[You, what are you trying to do with our valued customer, huh?] (Nicholas)

[Pl, ea……..]

[Huuuuuh?] (Nicholas)

He grabbed his face with his other hand and slammed it to the ground.

Then bringing his face up again, he—–

Did not do it as I stopped him before he could.

Before the guys face could touch the ground, I placed my hands there to stop it.

Phew, I made it.

If I didn't make it, I'm sure this guy's head would've become a red mess, like a squashed tomato.

[What is it?] (Nicholas)

[Isn't that enough?] (Ryouta)

[This guy's my henchman, so I'm trying to teach him a lesson of the things he did wrong. You should understand right?] (Nicholas)

[If you end up killing him, then there's no point right? Wouldn't your teaching then end up in a waste.] (Ryouta)

[A waste?] (Nicholas)

Nicholas tilted his head, and started thinking for a moment.

[That's true.] (Nicholas)

He smiled, and let go of the guys head.

Then standing up, he looked at me straight in the eyes.

[Yeap yeap, that's true. You're right with what you said. If I kill him, then there's no point.] (Nicholas)

[I'm glad that you understood.] (Ryouta)

I was relieved.

For now, I was glad that I've prevented a horrible scene from happening.

[Well, you're really a great guy. Hey, let's have a go right now, ain't that great too?] (Nicholas)

I wonder if he has been poisoned. I seemed to have charmed this Nicholas guy.

[I might've fought with you if you left him alone.] (Ryouta)

[Ehhh?] (Nicholas)

[Well, if I were to beat your henchman, then you'll come out as the boss, then you could've fought me, right?] (Ryouta)

[…..Aaaaaaahhh! I've gone and done it! Wait, give me one more chance! Please give me one more—–] (Nicholas)

[By the way, don't bother going all the way, I won't help out anymore so don't get your hopes up.] (Ryouta)

[Ugaaaaaaa!] (Nicholas)

Nicholas lamented as he hugged his head.

[d.a.m.n it…….G.o.d is being mean to me.] (Nicholas)

Nicholas was heartbroken.

No matter how I look, it really feels like I've charmed this fellow.

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