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The ordinary facial features in the mirror change a bit with as time progress. As seems there an invisible hand that putting makeup on her. A little bit tracing over Feng DuWu's facial features, instantly turns from ordinary looks into something magical, turning that mediocre face into stunning ones.

Under covering the Qing-Dai mist, there was a pair of lively phoenix eyes. The bright- clear and dark eyes were like the blue ripple of the fresh mist that from time to time the bearing shown through the eyes. The beautiful nose looks moist and the soft lip was like the petal of flower exactly like the first glimmer of dawn that shining upon the flickering peach blossom which staring on the next morning ray that tender and plump. Snow like delicate and jade-like skin as if can broke with one blow. (TL Note: Feel like skipping this part explaining her features, just say that she is a beauty XD).

Even though one was already made preparation and seen these face in host memory, but when one really facing it, Feng DuWu knows how shocking it was, it was an impeccable beauty!  She thought that if when she was not born with that pure Yin energy, surely this face would bring disaster.

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The deeply shocked Feng DuWu didn't notice along with the bit of her revealed appearance, a faint of alluring fragrant slowly spread in the room and spreading outside through the narrow slit.

Outside the door, Wu Gang smelled this unique fragrance and can't help gulping, his body immediately reacted. He clenched his fist and dumbly said: “Xiao Rou, you……Have you smelled some fragrance?”

“Fragrance, no ah?” Wu Rou sniffed at the air looking at the abnormal blush on Wu Gang's face, quickly rush over to support Wu Gang, “Big Brother, what's wrong with you?”

As the scent became more strong, Wu Gang's face begins turning red, clenching his hand the blue veins appears on it, biting his teeth he pushed Wu Rou and snarled: “Leave me away!”

“Big Brother!” Wu Rou that caught off guard was pushed to the ground, she unbelievably looked at Wu Gang.

Wu Rou shouting returned Feng DuWu to her sense in the room, she (FDW) immediately stopped looking at the mirror then flipped her wrist where gla.s.s bottle fell to her palm. Taking a deep breath, she opened the bottle then raised her head gulping the liquid inside. Afterward, she fell down on the couch enduring the pain brought by Tian Yin sacred water.

Tian Yin sacred water, sixty-four kinds of medicinal materials with extreme cold Yin attribute where each of it was refined separately, even pract.i.tioner must think twice before consuming it, one can imagine how dreadful to one to drink that sixty-four types of fusion.

In the split second of that fell, Feng DuWu suddenly felt like she was dropped into the icehouse. That type of pure cold as if air cond (AC)'s like knife slid down to one throat below. Seems every drop of her blood was condensed into ice. Though the cold unable to freeze her brain yet also unable to make her faint, it could only make her curl up on the couch however, every moment was like an endless year for her.

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A few moments later, her body was covered with a layer of frost. The frost gradually condensed into thick ice. Feng DuWu then trapped inside thick cold ice. The cold air also continuously overflowing up until the whole couch was covered with thin frost.

These faint of chilly air floated out of the door, not only made Wu Gang clear-headed and recover at the same time it also made both brothers and sister trembling from the cold.

“In the end what is Young Miss doing?” Wu Rou rubbed both her arms and looked at the cold air that floated out from the narrow slit of the door, she couldn't help feeling curious and concerned.

“Young Miss's matter is not something that we can meddle in.” said Wu Gang for a moment then became silent.

“Young Miss body is frail, I'm worried she can't stand this cold.”

One need to know that their brothers and sister were both true six-stage pract.i.tioner. They couldn't resist this coldness that was separated from the door, their Young Miss didn't have even a speck of cultivation and she was inside, how could she not worry about it?

“Young Miss told us not to enter without permission,” Wu Gang still insisted, “Moreover if there anything dangerous to Young Miss, both you and I will feel it, we better wait alright, in order to avoid delaying Young Miss's big event.”

Wu Gang's words made Wu Rou worried heart a little calm.

The two obediently guarded the door, while Feng DuWu that was frozen over didn't see the ‘bone' that Feng DuWu taken from the p.a.w.nshop and put on the dressing table was shrouded with a faint of layer fiery light–resembling flashing wisp of blood on the ‘bone' was flickering continuously. Along with the b.l.o.o.d.y shining more brighter, the ‘bone' seems affected by an invisible force, slowly floating steadily opposite Feng DuWu. Feng DuWu frozen body also flashing with layer of silver-white color.

The two light seem to control each other neither giving way to other provocations. Suddenly the ‘bone' flame was flashing past as if there some powerful essence absorbing the cold ice around Feng DuWu.

The silver-white color visible to the naked eye continuously swallowed by the ‘bone'. The ‘bone' ruthlessly engulfed it, as the ‘bone' engulfing, the cold ice feeling beginning to withdraw. The ice on the room began to melt and warm up.

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When Feng DuWu continuously thinking she might not able to withstand the cold attribute of Tian Yin sacred water and likely frozen over, a thread of warm air unknowingly floats into her body just like an ignition in her ice cold body, made her regaining a bit of her consciousness.

Until finally there one cold, one hot violent energy collision inside her body, like two naughty children scuffling into a ball, unwilling to separate. After the last most fierce collision, Feng DuWu felt there some force exploded like fireworks in her body then scattered into her eight meridians.

In a sudden, she opened her eyes, and there was one red light, one white light, two intertwined flashing through her eyes. She quickly turned then sit cross-legged, flipping her palm to blocked her big acupoint, enduring the severe pain and forced those four powers to her Dantain. Those powers touched the barrier of her Dantian until finally, Feng DuWu absorbed the whole thing.

Sensing the huge force in her Dantian, Feng DuWu flipped her palm and pressed hard while clenching her teeth. Meanwhile, the force in the Dantian suddenly rose up.

“Pff–” a burst of heartbreaking pain made Feng DuWu spit out a mouthful of blood.

There was joyous light in Feng DuWu's eyes, extending two fingers, a deep purple light was shot from her fingertips from waving it, hitting the porcelain bottle next the dressing table.

A gust of wind blew outside the window, swaying the light muslin curtain. In a flash, the bottle that absorbed the purple light was covered with cracks.

Seeing this, Feng DuWu felt ecstatic!

She already read the record that was left behind Qian Xue regarding Tian Yin sacred water and aware that once she pa.s.sed that extreme cold Yin attribute then she can smoothly unblock her Dantian and successfully absorb the Qi (energy). Only unknowingly one didn't think where that pure Yang energy came from, not only it let her unblock her Dantian, it also made her power to rise into seven stages at once!

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