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Returning to the royal capital, there're maids at the mansion.
You might not understand what I'm saying but, even I don't understand.
As I was taken aback 『Welcome back, ojousama』 they greeted me together.
It seems that they've taken over everything from the mansion's security to its management.
It certainly is overly large, though not to an extreme, I think it is impossible to manage though.

「……This is Kran isn't this.」

Maa, I have no reason to reject a welcome proposal.
I won't reject it but, since it's about that Kran.
I can't deny that it feels like she's tightening a noose around my neck.

While thinking about things in that manner I looked at the yard from the second floor balcony, Ilya and the maid-sans were gathered there.

「I think more flowers can be grown there.」

I see, it might be pretty if the display becomes better.
Since we have such an opportune open yard after all.
It'd also be good for playing with Rin-chan wouldn't it.

「I think the site should have a higher defense system layed out, we should discuss this with an alchemist.」

It seems safe but they're going even further aren't they.
We obtained a ma.s.sive sum after all.

「The security schedule is――」

Anything and everything, Ilya discussed in detail with the maid-sans about the mansion's management.
Like they were holding a meeting while lined up orderly on the lawn, they aren't amateurs.
Those are trained maid-sans.
Different work than people who are waitresses.
No mistake.

「And so the head maid, is decided.」

She's certainly moving up the ladder isn't she, Ilya.
As her master I feel happy for her.
At that point all the maid-sans gathered their eyes on one person.

「Ojousama, how beautiful……Such hair shining from brilliant sunlight, it has a value far beyond something like silver coins.」

As the maid-sans looked up, that leaked out while they seemed to become intoxicated.
……Am I an idol.
With my eyes wandering randomly as I felt an indescribable pressure, attention gathered to me until I had everyone's focus.


What is this?
This, atmosphere like they're waiting for my words!?

「……Everyone, I think that I will be putting you through some difficulty but, I ask that you handle it well. I have high expectations of the work done by each and every one of you.」

And continuing with the like, I tried saying that sort of thing.

「Yes, my, lady.」

Ilya got on her knees and saluted like a knight.
And matching that, the maid-sans all also kneeled.

『We receive your command, ojousama!』

Where is my future heading……
while obfuscating with tense smile, I returned to my room while waving.
And so, there was a small invader inside.

「Kuaa……tired. Uumu, bright……melting.」

Are you a vampire……
While rubbing her eyes, Till slovenly walked with her negligee's shoulder string coming undone.

「It would be good to comb my hair, Alice……Kua.」

While yawning strongly, she gave me an order.

「Mou, please sit in front of the dresser.」

Pulling her hand I brought her to the chair.
I promptly carefully combed Till's hair with a comb.
Really pretty and nice to the touch, I actually arrange Till's hair because I like doing so.

「Nn~, I'm the one calming you aren't I.」
「Nothing at all.」

Rather than giving an order, being ordered is more fitting.
I suppose that from the start Till didn't have a sense of unease from her sort of position on the side though.
Maa, is it because she's used to it?
Ilya is already completely used to it, maybe it will become normal eventually.
……If it becomes like that then, I need to take care so that I don't act arrogantly then.
Without forgetting my original intent.
For that purpose as well then!

「From now on please keep treating me arrogantly okay, Till!」

It might have been my imagination but, Till made an irritated looking face from the mirror's reflection.

After finishing with arranging her hair and getting her changed, Till promptly left the room.
As such she left from the balcony into the sky.
……I'd like it if she'd come and go through the entranceway thouugh.

「I'm free arren't I.」

Though the one who deployed the maid-sans is definitely probably Kran but, I suppose it's no good if it isn't me who looks after those girls from here on.
If I make Kran do that, it'll become a conversation of what am I doing with the country's money.
Doing that means that no matter how much money I have it won't become a bother, of course I'll still keep doing work as an adventurer but separate from that I want to manage my funds.
Since I do have the capital.

「Though for business stuff it's Eleanor-san I suppose.」

If I prepare the a.s.sets for store number two, store number three and continuing, would the joint owner like form be a bother?
Should I try discussing it with Ilya this time?

「I guess there's no need to rush. Fortunately, I've obtained enough money for that after all.」

However if I bring out something like a platinum coin in a store then, the change won't come back will it?
I suppose the easiest to use are silver coins aren't they.
I suppose it's troublesome when gold coins get brought out lightly.
Maybe I should search for a money exchange or the like.

「Yosh, let's heading out!」

Thinking that, I looked at the balcony.
……Setting out through the sky, seems like it would feel good.
Like I was drawn in to setting out from the balcony, now――!

「Please stop, ojousama. It is improper.」

Ilya was waiting in ambush on the lawn as if to say she knew this would happen.
Why just me……

I was sent off extravagantly while leaving maturely through the entranceway.
I don't need an attendant, I'll refrain, since I tried saying as such I'm alone.
it seems that money exchange is possible even at the guild so, I finished it quickly.
As such, free time.
Seems like I should stretch my wings then.
Thoroughly looking around the royal capital is, something I've never actually done isn't it.
Walking about the city wherever it seemed suitable, when I was tired I rode a carriage or the like, I enjoyed my rest day with whatever seemed suitable.
Maa even if I call it a rest day, it's a day I felt of as a rest day though.
I walked about town without an objective for that reason and, I somehow arrived at the shopping district.
Though my mood had a sense kind of like what should I do for today's schedule.

――From here on, we will prepare the food for you.

Since the head maid gave that sort of request, that means there's no need for me to go out and buy ingredients.
Since there's no reason to break those girls' pride.
An opportunity to teach Saira cooking maybe, or perhaps even so far as something of the sort that overflows with pa.s.sion like I want to make it myself isn't particularly something I want to do here.
What should I buy, even just looking is like peeking into one part of this other world's lifestyle so it's fun though isn't it.

――And so I spent a while enjoying walking about town, at present, I'm entangled in high praise.

「Hang out with us wouldn't you, neechan. Hehe, you seem real bored alone right?」
「Ooh, you will play with us, right?」

Three men are encircling me together, they're detaining me against a wall.
U~~n, I might've made a poor choice when I entered a bit of a back alley.
isn't that the first on the list of things that you shouldn't do on an overseas trip.
Ya~, my mistake, my mistake.

「Pu, please stop, it's troubling……!」

While showing a little trembling, I tried letting out a voice like I was pleading.
The men expressed even more vulgar smiles.
I did something useless, didn't I.
Is it because I'm bored.

「Neechan, you're seriously cute aren't you. I, feel like I'm about to become serious here.」

Saying that the man closed in one step closer.
Since there's a wall behind me, there's no opportunity for escape.
Since it's a back alley, people pa.s.sing by is itself rare.
Even if they do pa.s.s through, they don't show any concern.
As expected of back alley people.
I tried looking up at the men with upturned eyes.
The two in the front have slovenly faces.
I really don't understand the one with gla.s.ses in the back.

「An? What is it?」
「Calling out to a girl that you don't know, requires a good deal of courage doesn't it? You oniisans are, rather amazing. About the manly expectations of such oniisans, I have one question.」

At the least, I can't do that sort of thing.
At that sort of strange question, the men made confused faces.

「I'm a slightly strange person who likes girls but, what do you think, about that sort of thing?」

All of them became even more completely confused.
It's hard to ask this of the people around me so, since this is a good chance I'll get an answer.
The two men in front, folded their arms and looked at eachother.
The man in the back, raised his gla.s.ses with one hand.

「A loss for humanity isn't it?」
「A tragedy for men.」
「――My favorite.」

Everyone's gaze with myself included focused on one point.
You, are you serious……
while everyone's wordless gazes condemned him, that man pushed his gla.s.ses up with his finger and, opened his mouth once again.

「My favorite.」

the man nodded like he had found enlightenment somewhere.

「Oi, you guys. This child isn't an existence that is okay for us to taint. She's something more sacred.」

The man with gla.s.ses adjusted his att.i.tude and, put his hands on the two dumbfounded men's shoulders.

「So, let's go.」
「……Ha? Yo, wai!」

Pressed by the guy with gla.s.ses before they could agree or disagree, the men left the back alley as such.
When they left gla.s.ses-kun turned around.

「Sorry for the bother. Please stay as the person that you are.」
「Ha, haa……」

His gla.s.ses shined, and this time the man left.
The development was completely out of my expectations.
I could frankly cut my way out with one finger even if things became rough and, I could I also leap away so that no one would get hurt.
Even though before that, I just felt like asking for their opinions as a reference.
Maybe they were unexpectedly good people.

「……Uumu, I understand a certain amount. Is it fine to think that?」

What is, understand a certain amount……?
For now, is it okay that I like girls?
As that back set out to leave, for some reason I felt like it looked manly.

…………It might've been my imagination though.

Walking about town wherever, as expected my throat became dry.
Eleanor-san's store is nearby so, my feet bringing me there was a natural progression.

「I also want to thank Eclair after all.」

For her visit when I was sick.

「――I see, that person is here isn't she?」

Suddenly, the person wearing a hood covering her face reacted to my words.
This voice is……

「Ku, Kra――muguguu!?」

My mouth was pressed down on by a hand before I could let out my voice.

「Pu, please speak quietly, Alice. I am acting under cover here.」
「Nn~, nnn!」

I understand that but, is it necessary to speak this close to the ear!?
Her breath is making contact so, it tickles though!?
My mouth was finally released so, I drew in a breath.

「Kran, since when……?」

I asked a question while keeping my voice down.
……Since our faces are close to begin with.

「I would say it has been since the time when Alice said that she loved me.」

No, maa……the back alley site then?
If so, this child is also doing dangerous things like always issn't she.

「It's been a while, Kran. Is going under cover, okay?」
「It's a necessary act. More importantly, did Alice not intend to order tea?」


「Ma, maa I suppose so. What will Kran do?」
「Of course, allow me to accompany you.」
「So that's how it is……」

Some~~how, I feel like, I don't won't the two of us to be here together.
I don't really understand this feeling.
Or rather……premonition?

「Sa, let us go in.」
「Wa waa.」

While I hesitated, Kran pulled my hand and entered the store.
What greeted us there was, just as proper, a pure crimson maid-san.

「Welcome, ojousama! ……tTe, it's you.」
「You're not doing it right!」

Like always, this maid isn't doing it right!

「You're being annoying okaay, is two people fine?」
「Maa, that's right but……」

Call the owner!
I want to say that.
You amateur!
While I was thinking that sort of thing, Kran boldly removed her hood.


Eclair opened her eyes widely.

「Nice to meet you, Eclair-sama.」

As Kran gracefully gave her greeting, Eclair frantically looked around her.

「……This way.」
「Wa waa!?」

Me again!?
That's Kran right!?
Pulling my hand forcefully, I was pulled into the inner VIP room.
It is, of course, as implied by the name, an individual room.

「This is a good store.」

Approaching a seat, Kran looked around the room while seeming to admire it.
With pictures set against the wall and, decorative flowers to entertain the customer's eyes, it's a high sense room.

「What is it, Alice!?」
「Why are you asking me……」

You should ask the culprit directly……
She's right beside you isn't she.
Eclair pa.s.sed her gaze over Kran for a moment, because I'm unrelated okay, with a feeling like that she returned her gaze to me.
……This is incredibly impolite behavior isn't it, in front of the head member of an entire country.
I felt like Kran also seemed to show no concern that the other party had such an att.i.tude though.

「Alice, what is the meaning of this?」

Kran is also my pace issn't she.
On the front of the menu, I pointed toward a certain item and asked a question.

「Aah, if that is ordered then this maid-san will provide a service, it's that sort of drink.」
「Maa, that seems like it would be enjoyable.」
「Then, one of that.」
「I don't want to! Don't joke like that, Alice!!」

No good is it.
I'm interested in Eclair being moe moe in front of Kran though.

「……No good?」
「It's decided that it's no good!?」

It's a maid cafe with lots of orders I guesss.

「Alice, then how about this?」
「Tha, that is……One drink is drunk by two people, like lovers……」

Kran's eyes sparkled.
Ah, this is bad.

「Then, let us go with this.」

As expected I guess.
In front of Eclair of all things……
U, u~n.

「……Thi, this latte art seems kind of cute and fun doesn't it, Kran?」
「Ara, is that the case? If Alice says so then, let us go with that.」

But looking at the princess-sama getting excited in the town's store, I suppose that I really do want to have her have as much fun as she can.
And something like a poisoning incident in Eleanor-san's store shouldn't happen.
……Just in case, I feel like I should drink first though, as a man.

「…………You seem to be having fun right, Alice.」

After we chose from the menu Kran came closer and looked at me, Eclair's eyes became dangerous.

「Is, is that soo? ……I have Ilya with me and, Saira is also there, wouldn't it be fun if Eclair also stayed with me, if Eclair would be with me!」

A strange sweat came out!

「Kusu, are you not rather honest.」

The room seemed like sparks would fly.

「…………Please wait a little, ojousama.」

Perhaps she remembered her role as an employee in that hazardous situation, Eclair quickly pulled out.
My life span shrunk……


While leaning against my shoulder, Kran laughed like she was having fun.

「……You know many various things don't you, Kran.」
「What could it be that I know?」
「A candidly refreshing opinion, it feels good to the ears.」

……She really is troublesome issn't she, Kran.

「Are you okay, Kran? I'm worried……」
「Since Alice is here like this, I can do my best.」

Kran naturally came and embraced me.
While Kran is doing that with me like that, I entrusted my body to her.

「Coming here is just as you imagined, I have an interest in that person.」
「It's too much like I imagined, stop being timid.」
「Ufu, as expected of Alice, you can't refrain from saying that can you. This encounter, allow me to make use of it.」
「Saying that so boldly……」

I'm sorry okay, Eclair……
Since even I can't stop Kran.
But she's not a bad child don't you think?
A certain level of disturbance……might happen though.
Just what, I held my face as my head brooded.

――And so.


Wai, my tongue……!!

「――Haa, you are full of openings. It would be best if you would take care, Alice.」

With Kran like that her expression felt captivating, her allure seems like it'll increase more and more doesn't it!
Girls, develop quickly……

「I will……keep that in mind……」

Kran and Eclair huh.
Those princess-samas are, totally different aren't they.

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