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望みへの糸口~ The beginning of Hope


「Is it okay, Alice-sama? It was not necessary to undertake her request. 」

「Well.. as I understand. So, please do not show such a grim face, Ilya.」

On the way back, it takes a while to get back to the lodge so Ilya draws close to me.
Calm down Calm down.
Francesca’s desire is to have her own representative getting well-known in the limelight.
In short, it is that sort of thing.
If that happens, it will be a power struggle in the battle tournament.
Perhaps, the influential person who Francesca is battling against is also planning to send in their representatives.

「This country is probably rougher than I thought. Do you have yesterday’s report, Ilya? 」

「…. Certainly, I am hearing information that several influential people are aiming at the next regent seat 」

「I am certain that the king has pa.s.sed away several years back and now the young prince is in his place or so?」

「Yes, Prince Dioru. The regent is Romasu-tono. As he is a senior, the trust from the late king is deep and in addition he is a devoted retainer. 」

「Francesca is that Romasu-dono granddaughter,I am not wrong right?」

「Francesca Wilmington. There is no mistake that she is Romasu Willmington’s granddaughter」

I do not think that you alone have a capable right-hand man, Francesca.
Well, by no means, it’s only me till now who has not thought of using my free time to collect information.
Ilya’s too cool
The memo’s news material, saying what was happening concisely.

Thanks to that, I felt at ease for not being a clown dancing in Francesca’s palms.
…. Well, but i cannot guarantee that our movements over here will be grasped by them.

「She is one of the big three families right?」

「Yes, Austria Family, Sacramento Family, Wilmington family. Presently, the situation is that they are fighting for power in the kingdom. 」

The decayed royal family huh…
Til has sharply talked about it but I sort of trust her a little more

「The guy behind Francesca?」

「I am really sorry. I do not know him.」

「It can’t be helped. It’s only 1 day after all.」

That’s far as Ilya is concerned, I am sure.
Although she is like a ruffian, now she is good.

「Francesca’s house is the moderate faction against the war with the republic. That is the truth, am i right? 」

「Even if it’s a little, that seems to be Romusu-tono’s will.」

「That Romusu-tono is bowing down due to illness. but this is the current situation given」

Ilya nodded her head.

「Autria family are belligerent die-hards. As for Sacremento family’s current situation, I do not know much.」

「However, both head of the families are healthy 」

「Yes. And the Wilmington Family. Francesca-sama’s parents died several years back due to an 『accident』」

「Francesca’s motive…. revenge?」

「There is a possibility.」

This is an extreme display of power.* and strongly disapprove it *
Even if you think about that, it is no wonder. But….
Compared to that, I am worried about the last few words that Francesca talked about just now.

「……The republic dog. Ah! I am sorry, Saira,. I do not have any detestable meaning in my words!.」

「No! I understand, therefore I trust …… Alice-san nya.」

「Thank you, Saira.」

Saira who is walking opposite of Ilya, shook her head forcefully.
TL: I am not sure how to say about this. it is something like this *Ilya*Alice*Saira*
In order not to betray this trust, If there is something I can do then I must do it?
I do not want to see the beast tribe bearing the full brunt of the war etc.
No, in reality it does not stop with just that.

「If the republic spy enters….. the Austria family?」

「If there are premises of the republic starting a war.」

「Premises huh….」

If the republic were to start a war, do they think that they will win?
There is such an overwhelming difference in power?
I had just came into this world, therefore, I do not quite understand relationships between the countries.

「I am still lacking of tons of knowledge.」
Literal TL : he is full of holes Ie lacking of things he doesn’t know.

Trying to poke around the bush takes efforts too. 「Ojou-sama. Are you really taking part in the battle tournament?」
「The surface power struggle, I will take part. Francesca’s battle will be the other side no?」 TL: The author uses 表 and 裏 which can be depicted as both sides of the coin, namely heads and tails. It can also be describe as front or back. Therefore, in this case, Alice is trying to say she will be the one out in the open while Francesca will be in the shadows.

「I understand what you had said. However, in the first place is that lady a trustworthy person?」


Ilya tiled her head at my laughter.

「I am sorry, well? Probably Francesca had also said the same thing.」

That butler indeed seems to have said that.

「Wilmington Family is one of the big three. That young lady is Francesca. I do want to avoid the war. Using this chance is effortless no? 」

「If Ojou-sama were to say so. 」

By chance huh. But just because it’s a coincidence, I can’t just not worry. The uproar caused by Francesca is a little hard to fanthom. When you think about …..The flip side of the flip side and so on, to some extent you will become someone like Til who do not trust humans.

「As for now, I am Wilmington’s representative. I will exemplify the power * on the light side*. Trickeries on the dark side will be taken care of by Francesca.」

「But, Ojou-sama should also reconsider skirting around danger.」
TL: the author uses consider in a very polite manner.

「You will protect me, Ilya?」

「It’s probably worth doing, I guess.」

Ilya smiled bitterly.
At most, I will make use of the 『Free』status I have in my palm,
TL: Alice is not a slave, a free person. she is talking about using her free status to become a slave when facing defeat.

So It’s mutually beneficial
Well, that platinum coin sure is very fascinating/ enticing.

「And, in this current topic who are the people you are worried about?」

「There are two people.」

「Fu~n 」



「Ojou-sama too」

「Ojou-sama too. is unexpectedly a terrifying person. I thought so today.」


Tremble more in fear and you might as well respect me! Ilya!

「Ah, no . As expected it is probably your imagination.」

「….. desuyone.」
TL : ……I see( In a dejected manner)

By the way, as I am partic.i.p.ating in the battle tournament, I want to win.
I do not plan to say something like…either victory or defeat is fine by me.
I will mow down lined-up enemies.

Besides, preparations for the event is important.
For those people who neglect preparations, the victory G.o.ddess will not smile at them.

And then the number one thing I lack as of now, is–
Let’s go back to the lodge quickly and *try to* start the strategy meeting
To check my condition, i slammed my hands on the desk.
It hurts badly!

「Ow, Ow..」

Only Saira moderately approve.
As for the remaining two.

「Oshishou-sama,  my apologies.  I am attaching.*probably her pigtails*..」

「It bothers me not, thy girl has doeth as I hath expected.  It shall at least not bore thee.」

「Ehhh. About that.」

「Over there! I can hear you from here!」

Please do not boldly gossip bad things about me behind my back!?
Til who is lying on the bed, for some reason is lying on Ilya.
….. This person is really sleeping the whole day?

「…..Anyway, Do not look back at today’s important incident. Even if you look back at it, you will not receive anything. 」

「Is that right?」


Ilya is cold.

「*cough* Sorry for the interruption. Ojou-sama, please do not give such a depressed face. I am Ojou-sama’s shield The words that I swore to you is never a lie.」

「Will you come with me?」

「Of course.」

「Even if it’s to do stupid things?」

「You will look cute desuwa~」

「….. If I were to say you are dark?」

「I am dark. My lady.」

Naturally, her hands move towards a chest, as though she was taking an oath while proclaiming this to me.
Even if I make enemies in the world, I feel that I can still live on.

「Ehh…. We are sticking out? O-Shishou-sama….」

「Leave it. Thou will get use to it.」

「I.. I see.?」

Thanks to Saira’s bewildered voice and Til’s yawn, we returned back to reality.
No No, but I do not plan to lose track and followed with the flow.

「(SFX: cough), At any rate, I am making the job of finding weapons my first priority. According the info I am having now, the weapons in the battle tournament are one’s responsibilities no?」

「Yes, quite so.」

I must visit every weapons store tomorrow to get my weapon, but….
I look at Saira
*Pikon*Her ears jumped.
Already used to  Ilya and Til or not, Saira is wearing neither the hat nor the hair band in the room.

「Saira, if there are no facilities for the blacksmithing, is it impossible to do anything?」

「No! It’s not. More than that, the raw materials are an important factor.」

「For instance, if only you have the raw material in this room, is it possible?」

「It’s possible nya!」

As it is one’s field of expertise, Saira’s eyes are sparkling.

「Eee, So the types of facilities we saw at rufin street, what are those?」

「Those are stoves meant for ma.s.s production. He also does kitchen knife, machete and so on. 」

「I see….. Those lining up in the weapons store with no inscriptions, perhaps they are?」

「Yes! We use that furnance to do ma.s.s production! Of course, if there are no raw materials, it is impossible. Therefore, there are limitations.」

I see i see.

「Certainly, if I were to have a furnace, I am able to contribute to Alice and co’s revenue, but…. 」

「Ng~. Well.. about that. Let’s think about that first. As for current situation,I want Saira to build our weapons and armour and so on.」

「Ye… Yes! Please give me an a.s.signment!  」

She seems really elated.
I become attracted to her smiling face.

「Alice-san, what are you using now? As expected, is it a rod?」

「As i do not have strength, heavy items are impossible for me….」

However, it’s like that.
I have to think about it.

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