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I felt like the t.i.tle was subt.i.tle fraud so, it was altered from the next time preview.


Finishing with the guild's procedures, I quickly went to try visiting the requestor's home.
To speak well of what's at the lakesh.o.r.e, she has peculiar tastes, to say it poorly that person's address is an old isolated house.
It's not something that's all that large, I suppose it might be just about right for living alone.
As there aren't any other homes around, she goes to hang out at a lake favoured by fishermen.
In fact there's also a wharf set up there.
There's even some small ships connected to it.

「Seems like it.」

Ilya having checked the map went there's no mistake, and nodded.
There's guild work after all this time, so I need to focus and get it done.
My enthusiasm is sufficient.
I revved myself up in front of a door with traces of having been repainted countless times.
No, but visiting unfamiliar people's houses makes me nervous doesn't it.
Using work that involves unsolicited visits as an example, I feel like I'd end up circling my destination 3 times……Until I resolved myself.

「Ha, haii.」
「Giving birth is easier than worrying, you taught me said proverb right?」

Ilya heard my miscellaneous knowledge one way or another.
Whether that's words or customs, she regularly listens to my hometown's……that is my previous world's matters but, in any case, it seems she has an interest in that.
Since I'm also very interested in this world, I don't not understand that feeling.

「I think, I get it. It is okay, considering when ojousama gives birth.」
「……Gives birth?」

Luminchan is……Eclair's, right?
To begin with there's no mistake since I'd already withdrawn from that world.

「……Elves, give birth?」
「Of course. How did you think they were born, ojousama?」
「I, I suppose so.」

They're brought into being by the world……I wouldn't say that.
However in the case of elves, I guess there's also the sort of problem of which gives birth, u~n.
My interest in children has come out for now but, I just can't accept that as natural.
I suppose that's the difference between having actually been a girl to begin with, and when that isn't so.
I guess it could be called resolve.

「……Un, maa, I'm not sure what to make of standing around and talking in front of a stranger's house so, let's resolve ourselves and visit.」
「That is indeed so is it not.」

The door n.o.b was an item with an old bra.s.s ring form.
I try taking that in hand and knocking lightly.
The wooden door and bra.s.s ring played a m.u.f.fled note.

「……Who could this be?」

Whoever it was reacting to that, she was someone rather hoa.r.s.e.
It didn't come from inside the house but, from the dead angle behind the building.
As it seems she was somehow busy with laundry, an old lady with deep wrinkles carrying a basket showed her face.
I suppose she came to check since there was an obvious ruckus out front, I'm sorry.
There's a pure white dog at her feet, who seems to nestle up to her.
So as to release my vigilance, I created a smile as best I could.

「I am called Alice, we came for the guild's request.」

How's that.
But what came back was a sharp glare as if she was scowling at us.
Strange isn't that.

「The guild's……?」

But, the worth of a smile is priceless.
The strongest magic that makes the world peaceful.
There's no mistake in that.

「……I'm sorry after you went out of your way but, you should go back.」

It seems that wasn't the case.
Letting out a sigh like she'd given up somewhere, the old lady shook her head.

「You're not in the wrong, it's just……I suppose it's that. I've, been waiting.」

The old lady's turned her eyes to the sky as if she's thinking back to the past.
I unintentionally gazed at the sky as well but, of course only the blue sky stretches out there so there's nothing at all.
Fumu~n, turned away at the gate is it.
I returned my gaze and, the old lady is rubbing her head and going yare yare.
Her laundry basket might be heavy.
Staying here too long also seems rude.

「I understand, then we'll come another time.」

Withdraw honorably.
I have a sense that it appears ordinary methods really won't work.
But even if I say that, as long as the requestor doesn't withdraw the request I also have no intention of abandoning this.
The quiet dog sitting at the old lady's feet stared at me steadily as, I began to turn my back.
I tried waving.
It suddenly turned its tail on me.
……You too then?


What is this?
And as I tilted my head, it's that sort of thing, ojousama.
Together with Ilya as she expressed a lukewarm smile that seemed very much to want to say that, we left that place.


We've returned to the mansion for now.
We'll properly see the old lady's request through.
And so a smile is invaluable for opening people's hearts.
My smile wasn't perfect, there was the look of the chill of an artificial good……probably.
Given there's one thing to do.
Having decided that I'm trying to smile in front of the mirror in my room for now.
……Would raising the corners of my mouth be sweeter?
Using both my index fingers, I tried raising the corners of my mouth.
Ooh……I could see that it seemed to unexpectedly look like it.

「Don't grin on your own, it's disgusting.」

I was set back from the start of my efforts.
Reflected in the mirror from behind me there's, my small small teacher's form.
That girl saw something she didn't likeー, she pa.s.sed by as if to imply that.
……I want to make a ruckus.

「……Till, please don't freely enter other people's rooms.」

She made a large yawn with a do I care.
The small statured elf was walking about within the house in her negligee appearance again today.
Having said that, to say whether that appearance is indecent as a female that's not necessarily so.
Rather than saying there's no unevenness she's still a child so it can't be helped can it, I guess I feel her figure is like that.
I suppose she's simply slovenly, I'd say I'm not getting any impression except of that sort.
Her long blond haired twintails are her trademark but, she's currently left them down.
Those deep blue eyes sway from her yawn.
……With this she's the Witch of Ice and Snow.
Tillbell・Einshaula, she is the world's strongest magician.

「Alice, ma.s.sage my shoulders.」

And she's also high handed.

「……Hai hai, I understand.」

Using my beautifully arranged bed with a canopy attached without restraint, Till is sitting down with her legs crossed.
Furthermore, she didn't come with anything but one layer on top so it's abnormally perilous……
Why would she use that sort of sitting posture?
No, it already gives a sense that it doesn't belong when Till does a girl sit so, to the contrary I can't not say that it suites her……I guess?
But as I'm really troubled as to where my eyes should be, I hurriedly circle to Till's back.
I begin to ma.s.sage her slender shoulders, causing her to relax and purr like a cat while stretching her neck up at me.

「Mu, sure is great……」
「Isn't it isn't it. I have confidence in my ma.s.sage.」

Since in any case I did it on a daily basis in the club in my original world?

「As usual you possess specialties that I rather don't understand.」
「What are you saying, I'm rapidly getting my magic UP you know.」

On that note, Till is bent back such that she's peering up toward me from below.

「Fumu……you're clad in rather good magic power. No, you're naturally controlling magic power.」

This person really is amazing issn't she, just by looking……
Maa certainly.

「I've become such that I can use magic, better than before.」

Because of Makina right.

「In any case, quickly become strong and make me entertained.」
「Is it my imagination that you seem to have been saying, it's been busy lately and I can't stand it……」
「I've stayed in my room for about 3 years.」
「Do you get enough serotonin, Till?」

Not interested, she returned her face as if to say that.
Sunbathing is important you knowー.
But I suppose it doesn't seem like a big deal even if an elf stays inside for 10 years.
Ah, Till's hair whorl.
Would I be sent flying if I poked it?

「Well it's fine though, which is stronger between the current me and Libra?」
「It would be your immediate defeat.」

I'm just saying this but, since I'm the type that grows with praise you know?

「Then, if the current me tried fighting Till seriously?」
「It would end in 3 seconds, with your death of course.」

Surely that's an exaggeration!
Since this person hates losing……

「Then then, if I tried fighting Eclair?」
「Speculative stories are fine either way.」
「Maa maa, how do you actually feel?」
「Becoming ash, you would of course die.」

For the nonce, perhaps I should aim for the highest ranked job.
So as to surpa.s.s those 3 people as well, there's nothing but to start with raising my own power is there.
And in fact, I'm really not all that optimistic either.

「Nee Till? What magic does Libra use? Is her forte phantasmal magic as expected?」
「That person's magic is a little different, it's not purely under the 3 cla.s.s system.」

Magic separate from fire, lightning and ice is it?
I'm lacking in the studies of this world but, I felt that I suppose it naturally does exist.

「――Alchemist, that is that person's job , her magic and, her way of life as well.」
「My ane-disciple who's obsessed with intellectual curiosity, you could say that's the case then? ……She loves studying doessn't sheー」
「Kufu, you truly are an idiot aren't you.」
「I'll poke your hair whorl you know?」
「You idiot.」

Being said seriously……
I can only see her hair whorl so I can't see Till's expression but, her voice is soft.
……Nn? Ah, on that note.

「Till, has there been a time when you visited Wilmington in the past?」
「Maa, hasn't there been?」
「Please don't speak about your own affairs with such a question mark……」

People who live long lives might be indifferent about the general idea called time.
It's said that time is gold but, it might be silver for Till……no it might be at the level of copper.
U~n, an old lady searching for an elf, was it.

「Wouldn't you go for a short walk with me, Till?」
「I refuse. The bed is calling me.」
「Since it isn't calling……」

Maa, I guess it's fine after I ask the old lady.


I tried visiting 3 times after that but, I wasn't able to converse with the old lady anymore.
Once I was really wondering what I should do, Ilya stated the opinion of「Then how about trying to wear cute western clothes and, behaving so as to bring an approachable image?」 and, clinging to straws, I used the idea.
And so at present, it's around where I'm going to the store to buy clothes――together with kurozuk.u.me.

「……Etto, if you dislike it enough to wrinkle your eyebrows like that and intimidate everyone around you, it'll basically be fine even if you don't accompany me you know?」

With black hair, black eyes, and uniform monochrome black across his whole body the kurozuk.u.me object Solt-san, intimidated his surroundings with his usual look.
As a result no people come near us at all, not even the employees.
It seems this place is a relatively famous specialty store even for the princ.i.p.ality capital, the amount of customers coming in is proportionately numerous.
Yet we're in this state regardless of that.

「I'm not particularly……don't mind it.」
「No, it's completely taking up my attention though……」

This person is, mo~.
I let out an ostentatious sigh and, stretched my hand toward his eyebrows.
And so I poked at those wrinkles.

「That, that look! What is it? People who pointlessly threaten those around them are weak people, they're embarra.s.sing people.」

Having his eyebrows prodded by me, certainly even kurozuk.u.me's sharp eyes became round.
We may have ended up drawing an unexpected amount of attention along with that, the surroundings have become noisy.
Should I a.s.sume they're extolling me with praise for having cautioned a person with such an evil countenance?
Though in fact, this person isn't all that scary is he.

「Since that sort of thing, embarra.s.ses even me could you please stop okay?」
「…………I'll, keep that in mind.」

His eyes are kind of swimming but, I wonnder if he really understands.
Besides which this situation came to be because of the suggestion「I think considering clothes that are cute when seen by males is also important.」but, that's fundamentally not something necessary?
Rather I'd like a female vantage point.
……I can't explain why though.

「Nn~, maa it's fine. What sort of clothes does Solt-san think are cute?」
「Anything's fine.」
「In that case doesn't that mean there's basically no reason for you to come with me.」
「Ah, I'd like to buy some clothes for Rin-chan as well so, could you go choose out something?」

Is he a parrot?

「Solt-san, you have an oniisan right?」
「You met him then.」
「Hai, he's a frivolous person though isn't heー. Embrace me and such……」

Ah~mou, again with his eyebrows……well it's fine already.
Since they quickly returned to before.

「Did something……happen?」
「By something?」

Suspending the choice of clothes and turning his face toward me, his blazing eyes met mine……scary!

「……Did he do something to you?」
「Ha? ……Surely there's no way he'd do something to me!」

What are you saying!
Since I have no intention of changing all the way to my heart okay!?

「I see……」
「Obviously! ……Did you, not get along well?」
「That area is……irrelevant.」

Maa I don't understand well but, I suppose I have no intention of speaking up about other people's families.

「It's fine already so, let's hurry and choose something.」

Since I feel bad for the surrounding store people questioning us from a distance already.
And, kurozuk.u.me suddenly took clothing in his hand and shoved it toward me as I was thinking.

「How is……this?」

I reflexively took hold of it and, my eyes went wide.
No, since I didn't think picking out clothes would be something this guy did so seriously.


Since I don't have any particular preferences or the like, I guess anything'll do.
And since it's a good chance, it's fine with this.
To be sure, I guess it might be best to at least try it on?

「Then, I'll try wearing it for a bit okay?」

I tried asking by pointing at the changing room and, he nodded while looking off to the day after tomorrow.
Maybe I should hurry up and, finish checking whether the size fits.
Since I also dislike wasting extended amounts of time choosing clothes.
Be at ease kurozuk.u.me, since I understand that area.
I quickly enter the changing room and, close the part.i.tioning curtain.


However it's a strange feeling isn't it.
Having a male that I brought along waiting outside, while I enter the changing room.
Such a situation is possible?
Or rather, it happened?
No that can't be……

「……What is it?」
「Ah, no it's nothing at all.」

I was surprised.
There's an uncomfortable feeling when conversing with the other side separated off by a single curtain isn't there……
On that note, this outfit is like a one piece but before that this……the shoulder section, is string!
Eh, what?
The matter of how this is prepared by tying this string portion over the shoulder?
That won't catch on something, come undone and fall off?


……Furthermore this might be bad.
If I continue trying this on like this, will the underwear I currently have on be plainly visible if it's this one piece?
Regardless of how much I say the contents are me, the appearance is a girl's.
Should I say it irritates me to go out of my way to give men service……And I also feel it's bad manners.
……It can't be helped.
I circle my hands behind my back and undo the hook.
If this was the mansion I could change without feeling anything but, I suppose this place makes me strangely nervous.
It makes me really anxious……
For now, I'll stow the underwear I removed into my tool bag.
I suppose with this something like, my underwear being seen because of this shoulder string one piece won't happen.
To the contrary not having it on is rea.s.suring isn't it.
On that note when females wear this sort of clothing what do they do?
……Show bra?
No, what sort of speech is such a thing as a show bra anyway.
I basically don't understand the difference between a bra that's fine to display and, a bra that's not.
If it's displayed boldly does that make it okay?

「……Is this alright?」
「Aah, hai. With clothes that you aren't used to wearing, it takes a little effort.」
「That so.」

In the end it took a little while didn't it.
As such, after that I managed to tie this shoulder string and……so, it's prepared!
I check with the mirror in front of me.
Ooh~, it's girlish.
Loose frill one piece is it.
This sort of thing is lovely issn't it, and I unintentionally ended up smiling.
The color is a simple monochrome dark blue.
……That guy always goes with this sort of color.
Wouldn't this be a good place to stop thinking of wearing nothing but black and the like already?
But my shoulders are breezy aren't they.
Maa, I'm not showing unnecessary things so, I guess it's alright.

「It's alright now, please look for a bit.」

I tried opening the curtain.
Kurozuk.u.me's right in front of my eyes and, a throng of people have built up along with him such that we're surrounded.
……What sort of thing?
It's somehow become noisy again……
Ma, surely it hasn't been realized that I've taken off my underwear……there's no way is there?

「……How is it?」

I was kind of a little anxious so, I tried asking in a reserved manner.

「……Ah, aah.」

That again is it.
However I feel like this guy's impressions are fine either way though, and it was something Ilya said wasn't it, to be sure.

「……I think, it's fine.」

He soon averted his gaze and, kurozuk.u.me began glaring at his surroundings.
But mightn't this guy be the type to end up saying 「I think it's fine.」whatever girls wearー.
It's fine regardless though.

「Is that so, then let's go with this.」

It's already bothersome to change into my previous clothes so, I should return wearing this.
I'll put the clothes I was wearing in a bag or something and buy this.


When I was about to bend over to put on my shoes, kurozuk.u.me came to stop me as his facial color shifted.
……That surprised me, what is it?
The hands placed on both shoulders are directly touching my body so it's lukewarm or should I say, it feels a little unpleasant……

「……Are not wearing any, no……I'm begging you so, take care.」

I ended up unintentionally peeking at my b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
It seems that my method of tying the shoulders was somehow naive so, a gap is visible.
……Fu, mu.

「…………I will, take care.」

As expected……my face became somehow heated.
Putting my shoes on so as to cover that up, I turned to the clerk.
Before that, I turned to the kurozuk.u.me standing in place once.

「……Ano, did you see?」

What's, this, unease……
The item I bought with a great deal of hardship, was finished in this way.


With my preparations complete as such, I'm chatting with Ilya, along the way to the home of the lake's old lady.

「Ojousama, did going shopping become a change of pace?」
「U~n, it tired me out……」
「Huh? Fufu, in the end even ojousama becomes nervous when she's together with gentlemen doesn't she.」
「That's not it.」

It's the reverse, the reverse.

「Elves really are that sort of being aren't they.」
「I don't know that either……」

Ask Till, Till.

「? By the way, a large quant.i.ty of letters have been delivered to the mansion saying things like 『She was together with a man even though she's the princess-denka's betrothed!』but.」
「Please burn them.」
「Is that okay?」
「I'm going to strangle Kran, for once.」
「I was thinking that would be impossible for ojousama……」

Trust your goshujinsama more!?
Certainly I haven't had things go well when scheming with Kran as an opponent though.
……And I lost before.

「While saying that we've arrived haven't we.」
「Seems like it. Today's ojousama is extremely adorable so, it's sure to be alright.」

To be sure, I'm wearing the clothes kurozuk.u.me selected.
I'm a child that grows with Ilya's praise so I love them.

「Excuse me.」

I knock and, the old lady and her white dog come out together.
I've stopped using formal adventurer equipment for my clothes and, have girlish clothes.
I try expressing my practiced smile along with that.

「Please, listen to our conversation once.」
「Fu, you is it. You're a step more adorable again today, arren't you.」

Isn't that a good sensation?

「But well, it's fine already you see.」

The old lady is making a face like she somehow released her doubts and, has turned her gaze toward the lake.
Being pulled along I also look over there.
The calm lake is vivid isn't it, and furthermore the deep blue color is brilliant.

「Since, the promise has already been fulfilled you see.」

The old lady's smile is, imbued with a kindness befitting an old person who's lived long years.
This time those eyes turned to the ring layed bare on my left arm.

「I see……you're」

I'm not following.
For something to be advancing in a place I don't know, well it's a common story though.

「Naa, you. What color do you like?」
「Color? Blue, isn't it?」
「What a coincidence, I also love blue.」

Grasping the other parties hobbies and tastes is a strategy of business but, this doesn't have that sensation, anymore.

「The request is, it'd be fine to say it's completed you know, I'll even give a signature.」

Saying that the old lady took my doc.u.ments from me and, promptly made her signature.

「Tha, thank you……?」
「Hohho, give my greetings to your mother okay……ojouchan.」



That surprised mee.
Don't howl so suddenly, puppy.

「Is this okay? Something like it being complete with this……」
「There's no good or bad is there, because it's just one promise that's been fulfilled, hohho.」

I had the feeling my gut wouldn't calm down but, that being fine with the requestor, we left that place for that sort of reason.
We returned, reported to the guild and, were highly praised for resolving a request that couldn't be resolved even after countless decades pa.s.sed.
……U, u~n, even though I didn't do anything, I've accomplished another deed that I don't understand well.
Ah, but I did put a bit of effort in you know?
My smile for example or, choosing clothes as an example.
And so I try returning to my mansion and――

「Kuaa, Alice, let me suck up your magic power.」
「I don't want to!!」

My slothful shishou had been roaming the mansion, while rubbing her blue eyes.

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