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Looking at the northern sky from the window, it's steadily being dyed in black.
No, at this point, rather than calling it the northern sky, that influence has reached all the way to the sky above Rinal.
Given its pioneering populace, Rinal has a lot of tough people but, as the village as a whole somehow isn't sufficiently animated, I suppose that even so the unease won't go away.

「This is……we must hurry mustn't we.」

After unintentionally letting her voice out, my beloved daughter who had been napping on my lap ended up waking.
She had sleepy eyes for a while but, eventually our eyes met fully.

「A, a good morning to you, mother-sama.」
「Un, good morning Silvi-chan.」

It's already noon though isn't it.

「Please stop adding cha, chan……」

Perhaps she's embarra.s.sed with me steadily watching her face, perhaps her intends it as a simple protest, she proceeds to try and hide her face by pushing it into my stomach.
It's cute.
I give her silky hair a stroking.


She's turning pure red up to her ears but, is this okay?
Somehow I, understood it.
This child, she normally has things quite together so there's no mistake that she's smart.
Furthermore having an imouto from the beginning, she's also used to looking after people and pampering them at her age.
But she's overly weak to being pampered herself.
It doesn't seem to be the case that she's unhappy with my pampering so, I suppose she isn't used to it.
I kindly go on stroking her head and, she turns her face, rubbing it into my stomach.
U~~n, cute.

「Ojousama, if I may?」
「Ah, wait a moment.」

Silvi-chan moves immediately after she heard the sound from Ilya's knock.
Switching over to sitting on the chair with high speed, she swiftly arranges her hair and, lightly stretches out the wrinkles on her clothes.
She suddenly became a lady.
I laugh.

「Fufu, goーahead.」
「I'll be intruding. Aah, Silvis-sama was already with you then.」
「Eei, Ilya. Good work.」

The gap is severe but, it's also not particularly the case that she's feigning dignity but, that this is the normal version of Princess・Silvis.
On that note the person in question said it wasn't something she was hiding so, I quickly spilled her true form to everyone.

「About the investigation of the Deep Green Forest, oneesama and Marisama split up and were able to map up to the shallow areas. But――」

Ilya spread the map she carried onto the table.
What she pointed to was, a section that hadn't been mapped yet on the far northern side.

「Just about at this borderline. From this point on even if you advance into the forest somewhere you're covered in a deep fog and, if you step foot even a little within――」

Her finger points back to the forest's entrance.

「You're forcibly teleported.」
「A setup so people can't come close is it.」

So long as this isn't overcome, we can't arrive at the origin of that pitch black sky.

「On that note this is regarding the objective of that war with the commonwealth but……it's said there there was『something』in Wilmington though.」
「Hai, Marisama is having that investigated. Perhaps it was a particular cycle, or perhaps there was some other cause, that forest in the south that continues past the Deep Green Forest――there's no mistake it was there. However, that path is currently closed. It seems the investigation is still proceeding but, I was thinking there really is no choice but to proceed north from this Rinal.」

So I see.

「Ilya is? You resided near the fairy village right? As a dragon.」
「Ojousama, I am an discarded dragon. When being summoned a discarded dragon is thrown out of the forest with teleportation. I do not know of something like a route.」

I suppose they're quite the unforgiving race.
I have heard that elves also live beyond this forest but……that doesn't bring anyone to mind does it.

「I see, it is enough if it is mapped to this extent. I was thinking I could guide you.」

And, the Silvi-chan that was gazing at the map, raised her voice like it was nothing special.

「Eh? Could it be, you've been there before?」
「No, but as my objective is also in the north, I have heard the route up until the elf village in my original world.」

My heart made a startled jump.

「Who, who……did you hear it from?」

Silvi-chan is a truly clever child.
Her expression clouded just a little while looking at my face but, in the next instant she replied with a clear face like as if she had covered it with a mask.

「The Witch of Ice and Snow――it was Tillbell・Einshaulsama.」

If the world lines were mixed together, I wonder how much of an ideal world could be produced?

「As such, let us head to the elf village for now. While overcoming the Deep Green Forest's, labyrinth of mist.」

Our direction is decided.


Having made thorough preparations for a journey, and having been given a lavish send off by ossan and obasan, we set foot in the Deep Green Forest.
As in the magic sealing forest where I met the nine-tailed fox, I'm overwhelmed by the vastness of nature.

「Alice, are you okay?」
「It's alright oneechan, since I'm used to forests now.」

Since in any case it's to the extent that elves are called a forest race aren't they.
……Maa, that's not much related to me though.
But, since I've traveled a variety of forests up until now okay!
And so the formation this time has Shion-san walking at the head, the tail end is Marisan.
The sense of security from being surrounded by powerful characters.

「Ah, Silvi-chan, don't walk too quickly okay?」
「Hai, mother-sama.」
「Sitra, be mindful about the tree roots at your feet.」
「It is alright, Alice-sama.」

……Somehow I wonder if I'm, p.r.o.ne to worrying?
I could end up being thought of as an annoying person.
As I fret about strange things, my head is suddenly given a tight hug by Ilya.

「No, ojousama was zoned~out so, probably, at this rate you were going to run into a tree branch, so.」

Ilya pointed toward a tree branch right in front of me at just the height of my head.
……Un, I'd have run into it.
I totally didn't notice.
But having told people take care take care, can I say such an odious thing?

「……Kohon, I appreciate your efforts Ilya. I did notice of course but, I rate your devotion highly.」
「Thank you very much, ojousama.」

Oi wait, your face is laughing a little Ilya.
Ah, no everyone is laughing a little here?
Ev, even Silvi-chan?

「Sorry sorry Alice, from now on I'll cut down branches that seem like they'll be a problem then.」
「I don't know what you're apologizing for but, if oneechan wants to do as such, I think its fine to do as such, buu.」
「Hai yo, o-princess-sama.」

Ane is bowing her head reverently to me as I puff my cheeks.
Stop it, I want to die.

「Ara ara maa maa.」

With such an exchange, Marisan was watching us from behind as if enjoying herself.


Under Silvi-chan's guidance, we came right up to the place said to be the entrance to the labyrinth of mist.
Just as I was told, the mist was such that even in broad daylight the scenery an inch ahead can't be seen.
Even supposing we aren't teleported to the entrance, this really isn't something we can fumble our way through.
Without pushing ourselves, we came to camp here for the time being.
Setting up the tent, acquiring firewood, cooking preparations.
Because I love thisーsortーof thing, I take the initiative and get to work.
The amount of people is sufficient now with the help of Ilya and Silvi-chan along with even Sitra.
And so oneechan requested Marisan into a bout.

「Haa, haa!!」

Along with screaming spirit, sword flashes too fast to be caught by the eyes rain down on Marisan.
Shion-san's sword that few powerful enemies have evaded is, entirely warded off by Marisan.

「Kuu, it won't hit!」

No really……
Looking at her anew, Marisan really is incredible isn't she.
I suppose she effectively held out on her own at the national border didnn't she.
That's at Till's level……

「With the talent in the sword my eye observes, surely Shion-sama will eventually reach out to the heights where she will called as a sword saint will you not.」
「Haa haa, even if I'm told such a thing now, it doesn't make me happy at all though does it.」

Speaking in terms of stamina, Marisan still has plenty to go while Shion-san is worn out.

「Thank you Marisan, this has become good practice.」
「For me as well.」

Marisan's sheathing motion is also cool issn't it.

「Shion-sama, go ahead.」

Silvi-chan brings Shion-san a towel.
Shion-san pats Silvi-chan's head as she takes that.

「Thank you, Silvi. Haha, you really do have Alice's looks don't you.」

Just as she said, Shion-san gave my beloved daughter affection like I do so I'm happy.

「Thank you very much, it would make me happy should I become alike to mother-sama.」

And, a perfect smile in which I could sense no fakery.
Is she overproducing?

「That's right, would Silvi also match off against Marisan? You use a sword right? We have to become stronger, for what comes ahead don't we.」

She said it in a joking manner but, her eyes were serious.
Because Shion-san knows well, the fearsomeness of battle.
The reason she doesn't say this to Sitra is, because that girl sufficiently understands that meaning.
Since it's those two who were always fighting on the battlefield after all.


After Silvi-chan thought a little, Marisan turned her gaze.
Marisan gave a questioning look with her eyes by tilting her head in a「are we doing this?」look.

「Acknowledged. Allow me to borrow your skills, Maria.」
「Certainly, princess-sama.」

It kind of felt very strange but, since Silvi-chan actually is a genuine princess-sama, I suppose her position is above Marisan isn't it.
There's no mistake in terms of the education to rule so, well it's fine.
Silvi-chan drew her rapier.
With proper form, she stretched her spine while pointing her sword upward.

「Magic sword Cuore・Di・Sol. Ufufu, your teacher is Kran then. It seems she trained you well then.」

Taking one look, she makes a nostalgic sort of smile.
Marisan also, readies holy sword Sacred・Tear once more.

「Then, allow me to become the observer.」

Ilya stands between the two of them.
The air became tense.
Marisan has a natural posture, facing her Silvi-chan is……she also has a natural posture.
That's quite the feat, at her age……

「Should I a.s.sume it's okay……」

Sitra worries for Silvi-chan.
To be sure this child said she was 12 years of age didn't she?
She's only 2 years above the current Silvi-chan so, they're about the same age then.

「Because she isn't the sort of person to make an error in how far she goes, that Marisan.」
「Wilmington's holy knight-dono……this is a strange feeling.」

Well since they were trying to kill eachother weren't they, this holy knight and saintess.

「Having eaten from the same pot, we're already comrades……that saying is a proverb from my hometown. I'm making something good today so look forward to it okay.」

I indicate toward the cooking utensils set out in front of the tent and wink.

「……Hai, I'm looking forward to it. Alice-sama.」

Otto, the match began while I was conversing.
Silvi-chan steps in lightly.
Marisan doesn't move.
I suppose it's that she wants to start with receiving.
Silvi-chan quickly stabs her rapier in.

「Aah, it's certainly a speed to watch out for.」

One and two stabs and that's nothing like the end, an incessant attack to such a degree as to make me think it might continue forever.
And furthermore there's no sign of shortness of breath, with footwork such that even her posture doesn't break, and her way of using her body.

「Hee, prodigy is it……so I see.」

Shion-san is impressed.
On that note, at present those stabs are all being received by Marisan though.
She strikes the sword, letting the stab flow by her.
With a longsword that has more weight than the rapier, it's impossible, doing fine acts to such a degree.

「Ahaha, a battle of prodigy against prodigy isn't this. This is a spectacle.」
「You kind of seem to be enjoying this aren't you, oneechan. I'm getting nervous though……」
「Well yeah, since Alice is her mother-san isn't she. It's exciting to watch this as simply a warrior you know.」

Mother-san, mother-san is it.
I, this guilt of not having endured the pain with my own womb……there might be something like that though?
Since Kran is the one who was in pain.

「I understand, then I'll support her as her father-san. Do your best do your best!」
「The thought process by which you reach such a result is a mystery you know……」

I'm a mysterious woman.
Setting jokes aside, has Silvi-chan's atmosphere changed?
I suppose it isn't particularly the case that my support reached her but, her form has changed again.

「――I come.」
「As you will.」

Pink coloured light……magic is it!
This is a fighting style that Kran doesn't have then!
The magic she uses is――

「Oh freezing sigh, turn into dancing blades! Blizzard!!」

Ice magic is it!
Ice magic, ice magic is it!!
My chest becomes heated.
Pink coloured ice bullets.
Quite the magic power, it's quite the attack!
As a specialist in magic, this draws my interest more than a battle of swords.


Marisan's magic!
A wall of light throws back all of the pink coloured ice bullets.
This is……I've thought this since before but, I wonder what magic it is?
I suppose it's a special magic outside of the 3 magic system, surely.
Libra also used strange magic after all.
I also have to study this……

「Fufu, you're also making a face that seems to enjoy this aren't you, Alice.」
「Ma, maa……those two have quite the magic don't they, though it still has room to grow.」
「Haha, as expected of the pinnacle of magic, Einshaulsama.」
「Fufun, it's fine to praise me more you know?」

My forehead was flicked.
It hurts.

「But, this is magnificent handling is it not, those two. The holy knight-sama of course, but Silvis-sama as well.」

That is so issn't it.
Sitra is also able to grasp the conditions of battle well with her sightless eyes.
Silvi-chan, truly is strong.
That girl has begun using magic but, she isn't shifting into relying on magic alone.
A style that combines magic and sword techniques……a magic swordsman isn't it.
It's like she's Marisan's successor isn't it.
So I see, since wasn't there a time when Makina murmured something like, if it was not Lumina but Silvi.
This level of completeness……I wouldn't think she's a child.

「This is……it makes the heart dance doesn't it, this resistance is not around Kran's level is it.」

And an admiring voice is leaking even from Marisan.
Haha, and I was even told that she's above Kran you know.
Those carefreely observing the match, those who relaxedly gauge her true ability, the relaxation of such adults――――that girl didn't overlook that.

「Combat technique――Crystal・Thrust!」

Combat technique is?
Silvi-chan's, hidden technique?
Here!? Now!!?
It was a thrust with explosive acceleration.
A singular lightspeed thrust, that leaves everything behind it.
Truly an ultimate attack.
Silvi-chan pushes in like pink coloured ice magic bursting forth――this, it's going in!!

「――tsu Time・Accelerator!」

I felt like――I heard such a voice, from Marisan.
In the next instant, as if she had fallen into a coma, the result was layed out while leaving the process out.
――Silvi-chan had, fallen.

「What was that?」
「That just now was……」

No one watching this outcome, had grasped the situation.

「Ah, that's enough! This is Marisama's win! N, no more importantly……Silvis-sama! Are you alright!?」

The Ilya who stopped the bout, quickly ran over to my fallen daughter.

「Ah, did I lose……immature aren't I.」

Silvi-chan got up, like it was nothing at all.
Mu, isn't the damage a little deep?
She's enduring out of pride, seriously.


Coming to her side, I heal my daughter's arm without letting her protest.
It was, probably cracked.


I kinnda don't want her enduring from pride at this age.

「……Princess-sama, Alice-sama, this is because of my inept.i.tude, I have no excuse.」
「Aah, no no. Since Silvi-chan was the one borrowing your skill, it's fine for you to give her strict guidance you know. Since we can't let her grow arrogant at such an age, can we?」
「Mou, mother-sama……I, would not do something like growing arrogant. Fufu, and Maria, as expected. Frankly I thought I had taken the end but……You still had a hidden ball did you not?」

That's right!
Everyone's eyes turned to points though?
Marisan, cleared her throat with a cough and, expressed an extraordinary smile.

「Saa? It is a secret.」

This person, is definitely dangerous.
And my beloved daughter is too strong.
Before the labyrinth of mist, I felt the bottomless potential of my comrades.

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