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It's the 10th day since departing to reinforce Wilmington, excepting one element doing rear support.
The 5th day, after setting camp on the sh.o.r.es of princ.i.p.ality capital Myleus's lake.

「The losses are?」
「1st company, injured people are only at 2 names. It is possible to sufficiently restore them with Heal.」
「That so, then the 1st company will take a rest for the nonce.」
「Yes, my, lady.」

It's not a pleasant conversation but, the battle situation is on a one way course toward escalation.
As the commonwealth is occupying the western national border's fort, reinforcements are sent in one after another by using that position.
The situation will only grow worse, if that isn't somehow cut off.
The reason that princ.i.p.ality capital Myleus wasn't occupied after the earlier attack is, without a mistake because of Till.
Wilmington's forces held out, because the enemy main force element was entirely mown down and forced to retreat.
In that case, this time I will……

「Perhaps I should rout everything……」
「Please stop, ojousama.」
「That's right, Alice. Because even if you do, you'll soon tire out and be left in tears.」

Shion-san returned from the battlefield, with a face smeared with dirt.
I promptly go to welcome her back with a hug.

「Oneechan! It's great that you're safe. And, since I won't tire out……」
「Because everyone is exceptional aren't they. They won't be done in so easily you know. And, you don't have any persuasive ability do you.」

I really have no dignity, with her ruffling my hair while stroking it……
Even so, I'm the mansion's goshujin-sama.

「So, how was it? The front line.」

Without hiding anything, Shion-san is the 1st company company commander.
As 1 platoon with 2 groups of 6 person parties, the entire force has brought 15 platoons.
The remaining maid-sans are, on a rear support mission.

「Wilmington's forces are fighting well you know. But when the chimeras come out, it's difficult no matter what they do. Their position is forced back using those gaps and, they can't retake the border fort.」

They're the chimeras that even I had trouble with but, Shion-san is a melee expert and, the weapon she's carrying is the high grade item called Senbonzakura Murak.u.mo.
If it's as much as four of them, I suppose they can't oppose her.
It would be bad if she was surrounded by a large herd but, we've contacted Wilmington's forces and they're covering for the aspect where our side is few in numbers.
The ones bearing the raid missions after intervening of our own judgement is, our force.

「As expected, perhaps there's nothing but to circ.u.mnavigate the mountainous belt and deliver an a.s.sault.」
「Is that so……」

Even by looking at the map spread out on the table, I understand that the terrain is rather harsh.
It's not a place to go to with a large force so, there's no meaning to it if we're noticed.

「Master, 3rd company preparations complete. For now, go do reconnaissance?」
「Aim……I suppose so, surely this isn't the sort of case where the enemy doesn't have any security. Take sufficient care.」
「Roger. Shion also said it but, everyone's exceptional, easy.」

Aim is going out in their place, with a light att.i.tude.
With this the present is such that we've sent out everything excluding the 1st company that just came back up until the 10th company.
The 11th company to the 15th company are standing by in our encampment.
Since we won't hold out if we don't take suitable breaks , will we.

「Oneechan, please warm your body in the bath and sleep.」
「The encampment in the rear really helps, this is a luxurious battlefield to even have a bath in it you know.」
「Since we've secured a water source.」

I point behind me and, the capital of water Myleus's wide lake is spread there.
Even if it's called an encampment this is a campground so, while the bath certainly didn't become a drum can bath, it's a barrel bath.
Beltran-san's company sent fire crystals and other goods as appropriate for us so, there's no problem.
Logistics are important to battle.
It affects morale.

「It's a welcome thing. Then, I'll have some rest.」
「Hai, please take your time and rest.」
「Aah, don't get too enthusiastic, Alice.」

I intend to understand that but, it's difficult.

「I understand.」

I, can't say anything but that can I.
If I don't hurry, it will affect the military situation in the kingdom.
Things feel rushed but Aim……don't do anything excessive okay.


――side: Aim――

「Captain, there aren't any more animal trails after this. I think it's impossible to take all our equipment with us.」
「Nn……seems like it doesn't it.」

Precipitous steep cliffed rocky mountains, display the magnificence of the wilds without remorse.
Far from an animal trail, there's immediate rock climbing.
While carrying out the occupation called a sniper, I've grown used to traversing paths that aren't paths but, we won't advance if we don't select our luggage.
Even though I'm basically not used to the things my subordinates bring, since I was always alone……
Seriously, master is.

「From what I can see on the map, if the landscape is this……there should still be spring water after this……for rations bring just 1 day's portion for now. We can gather provisions on site if it comes down to it. Water is something to take just in case. Camping tools are, fine with half our current amount.」

The maid child that was entrusted as vice-captain, briskly went to instruct the entire force.
This child certainly is, a reliable child.
It's like she's more suited to being captain than me.
Frankly, that saves me.
……Since, I don't speak well.
Having ended up with nothing to do, I look ahead with clairvoyance.
There's nothing unusual, within what I can see.
No problem.
I image the process, within my head and……take deep breaths.
My body is heavy, to the extent that I wonder if a large dragon is riding on my shoulders.
The children of the regiment are, without exception at an age no different from master's.
Though you could say it's temporary, these children's fates are riding on someone like myself.

「I'm not good, with this sort of thing……」

I think back to the church's children.
Those children are, currently fine because Rana is looking after them but……

「This is, master is always carrying a weight, several times that of this pressure……」

Master, really is incredible.
When I return, perhaps I'll give her a shoulder ma.s.sage or something.
Master is how to say it, because she's excitable……if a strange air comes up, I'll go along with it and do the act of pushing her down.

「Captain, the preparations are finished!」
「Nn, then go……be adequately cautious.」

The vice-captain did a salute with good energy and turned her back, putting a hand on the rocky mountain――


――It's rather, tough.
Penetrating the rocky mountain, going along animal trails, I had a sudden realization, when it reached the time where the sun comes down.
I had, become intent on taking action on my own at some point.
I think that I probably, wasn't thinking well due to fatigue.
I stopped my legs and, turned around.

「……Sorry, pushed, too hard?」
「ah……No! Such a thing, is not so!」

The vice-captain child, came to frenetically shake her head with clouded eyes.
For the nonce, I was relieved at the fact that, the entire unit was able to keep up.

「The sun has already set, the sun sets early in the mountains so, let's set camp here.」
「Affirmative! Everyone, prepare the camp.」

Everyone, only followed along in silence up until now so, I understood that they were an exceptionally tempered group.
The children of master's mansion are, truly all a match for a thousand.
Is the likes of this vice-captain child, not stronger than that idiot demon?

「Ah, hai captain.」

I'm becoming a hindrance as she puts out the instructions for the camp but, my interest had suddenly bubbled up.
The vice-captain child, came over with a jog.

「You're, a beastman right?」

Her dog like ears, sprung up.

「Hai, it is just as you see……」

Perhaps she felt shamed in some way, she answered with a dark face.

「Since, I'm a dwarf. I don't have prejudices like stupid humans you know.」
「Ah, no, ah, hai……」

This time she's ashamed, at the matter of having displayed that behavior.
The children in master's place are, truly serious.

「Do you love, that which is master?」
「Haii! Ojousama is, like a G.o.ddess-sama! Beautiful and, strong and, kind! I, am always grateful for the fortune of having met ojousama! The Krancescsama, who brought us together as well!」

As much as she leaned her body forward, that pa.s.sion is conveyed.
Master, is as sinful as always.

「Then, would master's personal guard, not have been better?」
「Such a thing! It is an honor to be in the same unit as captain Aim! Furthermore, everyone in ojousama's personal guard is too strong so, it's, a little impossible for me……and the captain is the head maid.」

Ah, her ears drooped.
Certainly, on top of master being overly strong, because of Ilya and, the mansion's most elite 11 people, it's like they could steal a country with just that.

「Ah, but at any rate I'm also aiming for ojousama's personal guard you know? Since the 11 people of her personal guard are, Eleven Sisters and, they're famous among us!」
「Heiー? Who chose them?」
「……The head maid.」

Ah, her ears drooped.

「Ilya, afraid?」
「No no no no no! No!?」

It's amusing how, she keeps shaking her head.

「Ah, eto~~ehe, I'm a little, afraid.」

This a secret conversation okay, speaking while seeming embarra.s.sed like that is adorable.

「But, everyone, respects that which is the head maid. She's so overly lacking in gaps that, it's a big deal though. When she acts in front of my eyes, my back ends up going tense of its own volition.」
「Heiー, while I was thinking she was simply a stalker who loved master.」
「Cap, captain Aim!?」
「Joke, nn, I request the construction of you. I'm, going to look ahead for just a bit.」
「Eh, ah, hai! Ano, in that case I will!」
「It's fine, because moving the body, is easier.」

She does a salute with good energy.
The children at master's place, really are……
Un, everyone, I have to bring them back.
I happen to have found a place with a good view so, I move promptly.
It seems we can hit the side of the fort effectively, if we overcome this mountain.
Using clairvoyance, I look over into the distance.

「――――Wait, a moment.」

This, really is……a bad joke.
It's myself who makes a habit of keeping her presence of mind but, I ended up swallowing my breath――


――side: Alice――

「What did you say! Was it there are 100 dragons, there!?」

I couldn't hide my surprise, at Aim's message.

『Nn……There's red, there's blue, earthen color? Anyway, lots. It seems like an avalanche could come in even now.』

Summoning is it?
Are they being senselessly forced into their role, like Fleurety!?

「Ilya, about dragonkin, is the population rather large……?」
「It's not the case that I know of all the settlements but, I a.s.sume there aren't something like 1000 or 2000.」

If it's that much then, I suppose they could be designated as an endangered species.
Thinking of it normally there are ten thousand then.
Be that as it may, there's no mistake that they're a rare species.
Doing such senselessness……!
The chimeras are also trouble but, I suppose dragons really are stronger than that.

『If that comes, frankly I believe Wilmington's force will be annihilated.』
「I will――」
『Nn, leave this to me. I'll approach the fort in this manner and, seal the way by collapsing a place where the span between the cliffs is short. There aren't any of the type that seem like they can fly so, it seems something will come of that.』
「Please don't say the ridiculous! I should have told you that your mission was for reconnaissance! It will be too dangerous, if you approach that close!」
『……Nn, I understand. I also, want everyone to return safely. But, if this isn't done here, we won't make it in time. A lot more, will die. I, don't want that anymore. Because I came here by taking life lightly, this time, I will……』

Aim's determination is conveyed to me, to the extent that it hurt.
But, the shivers won't stop.
I don't want to say something, that would bode ill.

「Aim, how do you intend to collapse the cliff……?」
『I came here while bringing the necessary amount of fire crystals for throwing. It should work, if that is arranged and detonated simultaneously.』
「If it fails……what will you do?」
『Flee, as fast as I can run. Leave it to me, because, fleeing is my specialty.』

――Cowardly a.s.sa.s.sin, is it.
You have people to protect so, you shouldn't die okay, Aim……?
I look at Ilya.

「……Just as Aim-sama said, it might be that the act of preventing large scale losses is doable with the act of attempting this here. I believe attempting to act has worth, if it's a situation where every moment is critical.」


「I understand……I request it, Aim.」
『Roger, leave it to me master.』

My chest, hurts……
The one who brought her to such a place was, none one but me.

「Don't die.」
『I'm, causing master to worry?』
「Enough to be surprising……」
『Rana will be angered won't she. But, I intend to understand, if just a fraction of master.』

Because Aim is also, one who has been entrusted with everyone in her unit.
I truly do request, everyone's matter of you.
I don't want anyone to die……

『I'm going.』
「I request it, of you!」

Somehow, Aim's thumbs up form floated in my mind.


Having finished the transmission, I turn my eye to everyone of the unit.

「Everyone stay――」
「We won't! We shouldn't be making just captain do such a dangerous mission while, returning shamelessly!」

They all, had eyes with firm determination.
I'm……such an idiot, aren't I.
Truly, even though it isn't just me anymore……

「……I'm just saying this but, we're approaching closer to the enemy formation, than any of the units currently fighting, we won't receive support from any unit. If we err――」

I swallowed my words.

「It's an S rank mission isn't it! We did it everyone! If we make this a success, we'll be the Eleven Sisters!」

Un un, everyone laughed as such together.
Tightly, my chest tightened.
I'll bring them back, these children, absolutely, whatever happens――

「Nn, lend me your power. Protect, everyone. Because life is, not so light.」

There isn't something like a life that's okay to easily bring down.
If I myself, don't prove that.

「That is acknowledged, captain Aim! Let's demonstrate, the 3rd unit's potential!」

There's no time.
Having had a rushed break, we left that place, with camp still set up.

――Rana, since I will surely protect!


Next time『One Last Shot』

Please look forward to it

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