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After I try climbing for a while, I came out into an area where there were a large amount of giant snake corpses piled up.
The wound openings seem like they were cut open by a sharp blade and, there's frostbite visible there.

「The culprit is a magician! And furthermore they're an expert a ice magic aren't they! No mistake.」
「Anyone could understand that if they saw this.」

Maa wait, don't rush to judgement.
I cross my arms and, look down at a certain corpse.

「However, there are burn marks on the corpse here, that is to say, the culprits are multiple people!」
「I'm telling you, I understand. What does it matter, whoever this culprit is.」
「No, nothing in particular. I just tried creating an atmosphere……let's go.」

Un, actually well, I feel bad okay, and it reeks of blood……
Since we just took an ambush a bit ago, I pa.s.s through while paying attention to the fallen snakes.
Fuumu, but there are people besides us who are also aiming for the summit while defeating snakes then.

「Are they our comrades then?」
「I wonder how it could be, I suppose that if they're Shigen's troops there might be no difference in the act of defeating the giant snakes that ended up reviving. There's no meaning in that if they don't offer a living sacrifice at the mountain peak. It could be that they're protecting her, while holding onto her until then.」

But, the people who fought here probably, fought with the snake without producing any one loss.
Exceptional mastery was blended into this.
If it's like this, could we defeat it even without relying on a living sacrifice if we cooperate?

「Either way, it's an indeterminate factor isn't it……for now let's hurry and aim for the summit.」
「Let's do that.」


「Oi, your facial color is bad. Are you okay?」

When I staggered again, that really got Jin-san to come over.

「Please don't mind it. I, was weak to begin with so, this is normal.」
「That's something arduous isn't it……」

……Wrong, I understand.
This, isn't a conversation of the sort that accompanies endurance.
There's a tingling pain in my arms.
Was it the attack earlier?
The possibilities I can think of are…………Poison is it?
I take a handkerchief out from my road supplies and, I try tying it in a position on my arm closer to my heart than the injury.

「Nn, shouto.」

Using one arm and my mouth, I tied it relatively well.
It might be a little late but, I suppose it's better than not doing it.


Maa, even if the positions were reversed I'd also question this wouldn't I.

「Don't feign ignorance, what happened?」
「Haa……it's poison. It's probably, hemorrhagic venom. The blood won't stop.」

I think the Regenerate Robe is working but, this is a venom with power that exceeds it.
Most likely, if I didn't have the robe I'd already have fallen from extensive bleeding……

「……Turn back, I'll promise to save the miko.」
「No, I'm sure it's pointless even if I turn back……」

I try putting the words out and, even I knew that I'd turned pale.

「Yamata no Orochi's serum……is it available?」

That was careless wa.s.sn't it……
Thinking about my life from here forward, the view before my eyes reached the brink of darkness.

「……Even if we defeat the giant snake, the possibility of saving me is……it might be difficult.」

I ended up smiling without intending to.
It was rather short wasn't it……


Jin-san staggered with a dumbfounded face.

「Ma ma, it's not like it's already decided that I'll die. Defeat the giant snake quickly, collect the venom, make the serum. There's nothing but that.」

Such hopelessness issn't it, making a serum from here or such.
And perhaps, there might be a method besides serum.
If Till was nearby for us, she might be able to do something for me though.

「To save Rin-chan and also, so that I can stay alive, there's nothing but to defeat the giant snake. We've been driven into a corner haven't we.」
「How, can you stay so spirited? Have you, received training as a soldier?」
「Such isn't the case. That's……I'm scared you know. Please don't go out of your way to, make me say it.」

Depressing guy issn't he.
To say that he's brothers with kurozuk.u.me it's exactly as such isn't it.

「In any case let's climb for――Wha, what is that!?」

Above us, and incredible sound of an explosion resounded form the peak we were about to arrive at.
I look up and, there's dancing white flame.

「That flame! I have a recollection of it!!」
「Battle is it? Someone is fighting the giant snake right!」
「Let's go!!」

I run up the remaining last spurt, in one go.
That flame……it might be fine to even call it Byakuen.
That, is the flame Makina had used!
It's the magic Makina had used!
Is Makina, there?
As an enemy?
Or perhaps……


When I arrived at the peek my breath was already faint and, I was able to grasp that opponent's entire form for the first time.
The physique like a strange beast rising out of the volcanic crater was, exactly as expected in a certain sense.
Unlike the opponents I've had up until now that only had their heads, it has a splendid body like a dragon's.
And furthermore the tails aren't making a commotion like with nine tails's tails but, a mult.i.tude of them stretch from that giant body.
Most likely, those are the snake heads I've encountered up until now.
That means they were simply tails.

「……This is, well, exactly as expected in a certain sense.」
「You monstrosity――!」

Jin-san answered, by taking my words.
The heads stretching from the body make up, a giant snake possessing 8 heads exactly as expected.
Each and every one of those heads is, fiendish to an extent that there's no way to compare them with the tails.
And in addition even though it's a snake there are even arms sprouting from its body.
HIiEe……As a lifeform it's revolting……

「――Go! Star Flare!!!」

At the voice with good vigor, my eye stopped at the girl floating in mid air while surrounded in white flame.
She's boldly facing off with the giant snake with her small body.
The magic she chanted was high rank fire magic!
Just as the flame became dazzling, it exploded on the Yamata no Orochi.
The white flame flared up and blazed away at the giant snake.
……Might with nothing to criticize!
Would it not lose even to Eclair?

「Hei? ……tTe, Eclair!??」

My eyes met with those of the girl fighting the giant snake.
No, she's not……Eclair is she?

「What what what!?」

Her look was too much and I pulled back a little.

「Wait, in front! Front!!」

Truly adorably, the girl who resembled Eclair tilted her head.
Uunbelievably cute!
That's not it!


I blast away the giant snake's head that's rushing toward the girl at this very moment.

「It still isn't over you know! Why are you letting your focus drop! Do you want to die!!」

……Her cheeks sort of inflated.
She's an, incredibly dangerous child isn't she……
Given that she used Star Flare, it seems she's not someone to take lightly though.
She might've intended to reset the field for now but, she came down toward our location.
After descending to the surface and erasing her flame, her adorable face that's making wrinkles with her eyebrows became exposed.
Her pure crimson hair with, amber eyes is considerably distinctive and catches the eye.
In addition her attire also catches the eye……
Should I a.s.sume her age is somewhere below 10 years?
There's still a lot that's developing.
Her terrifying level of adorableness is, certain though.

「Ano, etto……are you angry?」

……Since this isn't the time to say that sort of thing is it, since we're facing the enemy with our full power right!
Grasp the enemy's movements with the Lightning・Field that's already deployed.
Rather than biting at us it's more accurate to say the giant snake's crushing attack came down from the heavens but, I dodged that while holding the girl making a sulky face.

「Are you okay?」
「Etto, your, name is?」

I kind of don't know but, her face is swelling in a happy seeming way?
I land while embracing the girl.
Looking at him, it appears that Jin-san somehow adeptly evaded.
To start with I drop off the girl I was embracing.


――I couldn't drop here off.
She's clinging to my neck and won't let go.
Kora kora kora kora!?
I mean, this is truly, not the occasion for playing around right now!?

「If she's going to be a hindrance, take the brat with you and distance yourself for the time being!」

With the attacks of the tail snakes and, the snake heads and, the arms coming out of the body, given that the opponent is that current Yamata no Orochi, leaving one person behind isn't at the level of saying you feel bad for him.

「……No, we'll fight like this!」

I tousled the girl's hair while stroking her violently.
It's dangerous so if you don't distance yourself I don't know what'll happen, that threat was also included.


There was a, completely satisfied smile across her whole face.
That's no good, given this……
Why is this sort of child in this sort of place?
I guess I have to do it……!
I run toward the snake while circulating lightning through my body.
The tail snakes suddenly came jumping out from within the earth so, my field is continuously deployed.
Moreover, if I don't provide an effective attack……!


Jumping, I slam my magic directly into the snake's mouth on the giant snake's head.
It flailed a little but, it really was weak at this level!

――And so doing a jump was clumsy.

the other heads came swarming to devour me, in mid air without my being able to change directions.
There's no option except to parry, while warding them off with magnetism!

「――To not move is as a mountain!! Icicle・Garden!!」

A barrier of white ice was deployed around us, at the same time the girl I'm holding screamed.
The giant snakes swarm into that one after another but, it doesn't split, it doesn't shatter!

「Nihehe, incredible?」
「……It's incredible!」

Or rather, I feel like I saw something truly incredible……
This child, it's not the case that she's relying on a tool or the like――does she use 2 types of magic!?


The girl moaned with a very thin voice.
Like a cat being pampered with full power, she buries her head in my face and nuzzles against my cheeks.
Ya, how should I say this, there isn't anything more adorable than this……

「Etto, you……your name is?」

It's no good, this child……
She's incredible but, perhaps it would be better to say she isn't incredible……
No, she is incredible though……contrary to that you could say she fits her age……

「I am, Alice. Your, name, say?」

While stroking the head of the girl that came nuzzling up to me, I tried approaching her face and asking her.

「If you give me a kiss, I'll say it.」

What sort of condition is this!
Yamata no Orochi-san is trying even now to break the ice barrier and coming to coil onto it though!?
Ignore that and, kiss!?

「Ma, I guess it's fine.」

Isn't this the cute selfishness of a child.
I stopped thinking deeply.

「If you act like a bad child, I won't give you a kiss you know? Just this 1 time, is special――nn.」

Without closing my eyes, I gave a kiss on the forehead of the girl with sparkling eyes.


The girl let out a moan while trembling.
I, I don't possess poison you know?
I have been afflicted with poison though……


She properly said it did she!
I unintentionally gave her head a stroking.
Good smile isn't that~.
This child, is a pampered child at a level no different from Rin-chan isn't she, even though she's older issn't she.

「History's greatest prodigy! That is Lumina!」
「Fufu, I see.」

Prodigy is it.
I can't really say it's a blatant lie can I, and she has the peculiarity of controlling 2 magics.
A prodigy who released high rank magic at her age.
Her magnificence is certain.
……Her closing is naive or should I say, she's a child that gives a sense that makes me anxious though.

「Why is Lumina, fighting Yamata no Orochi? Something like fighting alone is, dangerous you know?」
「That is, etto~~, wait a little!」

Luminchan took a memo out of her pocket!
But however many times I say this, we're in the middle of battle!
Is this okay, really……
I turn my eye to the outside of the barrier and, the snake is coiled around it enough that escape is impossible.
Fortunately it seems it's robust enough that there's no sign of the sort that would indicate breakage but, what should we do……

「The most important reason is you see!」

Nihehe, Luminchan laughed.

「That's a bad guy so, deal with him!! That's all!!」

――Aah, let's stop suspecting that this child is an enemy or an agent for an unknown power or such already.
It's our first meeting but, strangely I feel that that sort of skepticism seems idiotic.
How should I say this, I come to want to face her with unconditional love……it's truly mysterious though.

「……I see, that explains it.」
「Watch me, ka~sama!」


「I'll, beat that guy up okay! ――Burst!!」

Just as she said, the barrier of ice exploded.
The snake wrapped around it was naturally, blown away.
Having become free we, land on the ground in that manner for the moment.

「You were okay then!」
「Jin-san as well!」

It seems that it took his full ability to avoid the snake's attacks but, he somehow avoided them and is still alive.
And since Luminchan also, seems to have calmed down for the time being……we've set ourselves anew haven't we.
We suddenly arrived at the peak and entered battle but, speaking of that is Rin-chan here?
I looked over the summit's appearance for the first time.
Doing that, behind Yamata no Orochi, I see a building on the other side from the area encircled by the volcanic crater.

「Or rather, the shrine! Is it possibly, over there?」
「The possibility is high. The barrier is strong over there, even Yamata no Orochi can't act against it. Shigen might also be there but……there's a sufficient possibility that the miko is also there!」

I want to adeptly slip by the attacks and, go over even if just to make sure.
And I suppose it would be simpler to escape, than to defeat that wouldn't it.
Escape and……my survival is still tough though.
I'm suppressing the hemorrhaging blood flowing out from my arm even now.
Luminchan saw, that.
She's a child rich in expressive changes.
Her face became coooompletely pale.

「Ka, kaーsama! That's!」
「It's okay, I'm still, healthy.」

I tried doing a guts pose at, Luminchan who had finally gotten off for me.


Luminchan, used a heal on the wound's opening.
Really this child, she can do anything caan't she.

「It, it won't close!? Why!」

Lumina is beginning to look at her memo, once again.
U~n, what could that memo be?
During the time while we were doing this and that, it seems that the Yamata no Orochi that had been blown away has righted his posture.
8 heads are besieging us with their intent glares.
I also don't know when, the tail snakes will jump out at us from within the earth.
……And furthermore, there's venom in their fangs.
Even if a large army attacked, the other side is also something like an army.
Even if they attack in parties, its frame is large, it's tough, 1 by 1 the venom infused attacks are life threatening so, this significantly harsh.

「Yamata no Orochi……what As.h.i.taka kingdom feared, the legendary monstrosity is it……」

As I thought, is checking the shrine and fleeing victory then.
The image of defeating it soundly won't bubble up.
For the venom, it'll be fine if I have Till do something for me though won't it……
I don't know whether I'll hold out until then or, perhaps maybe I won't accomplish anything, though……

「……I absolutely, won't forgive you!」

Luminchan who had been continuously clinging to me, turned back to the Yamata no Orochi and faced him with a strong glare.
She had produced a sense like she was somehow half playing but, she's finally serious?


I felt a cold sharp sensation and, the wave of magic power felt like it would cut the skin!
Furthermore, I have a memory of that――

「――Demon eye, release!!」

Magic power surged out, explosively――


Next time 『Makina』

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