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It is believed that the m'teoulin can, when speaking, make themselves heard to whom they will, at any distance. They, can confer with one another secretly when miles away, or make themselves known to many. I was informed by an Indian in all faith that an old witch who died in 1876, twelve miles from Pleasant Point, was heard to speak in the latter place when at her last. A very intelligent Pa.s.samaquoddy told me that when Osalik (Sarah) Hequin died he himself heard all she said, though sixty-five miles distant. I am certain that he firmly believed this. This woman died a strange death, for she was found standing up, dead, in the snow, with her arms extended and "hands sticking out." It is generally believed that she was killed by other m'teoulin.

There are really very few ideas in modern mesmerism not known to Eskimo or Indian Shamans. Clairvoyance is called by the Pa.s.samaquoddies Meelah bi give he.


N'loan pes-sans, mok glint ont-aven Glint ont-aven, nosh mor-gun N'loan sep-scess syne-duc Mach-ak wah le-de-born harlo kirk Pes-sauk-wa morgun pa-zazeu.

Dout-tu eowall, yu' eke ne-mess comall Dow-dar bowsee des ge-che-ne-wes sk.u.mp, Na-havak dunko to-awk w'che-mon wh'oak No-saw yu-well Mooen nill Mask da-ah gaw.a.n.k la me la-tak-a-dea-on Di-wa G.o.damr Kudunk-ah dea-on Glor-ba dea-on glom-de-nec Glint-wah-gnour pes sausmok.


We are the stars which sing, We sing with our light; We are the birds of fire, We fly over the sky.

Our light is a voice; We make a road for spirits, For the spirits to pa.s.s over.

Among us are three hunters Who chase a bear; There never was a time When they were not hunting.

We look down on the mountains.

This is the Song of the Stars.

"Ahboohe b'lo maryna Piel to-marcess"

We poual gee yuaa Mar-yuon cordect delo son Ne morn-en nute magk med-agon On-e-est Molly duse-al ca-soo-son nen.

Tumbling end over end, goes Piel to mercess, With feathers on his eyes.

To the maple-sap ridge we are going, Our lunch a cod-fish skin; One est Molly's daughter goes with us.

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