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Me, dogeza, and the words of love.
Going back a little in time, right after Curtis ran off after Dirk.

I was going in circles in the entrance hall of our house.

"Calm down, Rosarin."

Elder brother adressed me tiredly.

"But… I said something like 'I hate you' to Dirk, you know!? I have definitely hurt his feelings, you know! Even though there was a better way to say it! I should have just dieee! Dirkkkk~"

I couldn't collect myself and cried. Dirk, who is a Half-beastman had no confidence in himself because of the cold reception he was receiving. Although his condition improved after three years of pouring my love at him, what am I going to do if he descends into the negative?

"I am telling you to calm down. This time, Dirk was also at fault, no? Your direction should have been the same. You just missed the common ground. You said that you will marry only Dirk, right?"


"So that no one would steal you, Dirk wanted to display his power and show that he's the only one appropriate for you in front of everyone."


"We are starting there? Dirk did not have the slightest intention of losing."

"It is a custom for Beastmen to beat up others who are trying to woo their partner and made them recognize you like that."

Geraldin-san added.

"Dirk's fault was not conveying that to you properly. It turned into a contest while disregarding your will. But in fact, he only did not inform you."

"Then, he lost control of himself from the anger he felt towards his comrades who wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h his partner. That happens often to young Beastmen."

"I, is that so?"

In other words, we misunderstood each other? If Dirk told me he wanted everyone to recognize him as my partner, would I not get so mad, I wonder?

"Also, you were right in stopping Dirk who went too far. Because Jend wasn't withdrawing either, it was likely that it wouldn't end just with an injury."

"Umu. Losing one's life in order to s.n.a.t.c.h a partner that one has judged to be well-matched with him is quite a frequent occurrence."

"As if I could let it be a frequent occurrence, you 'my pace' musclehead!!"

I slapped Geraldin-san with the Warrior Maiden's harisen. Elder brother also took a step back from Geraldin-san who let out such a remark.

"One's life is the most important!!"

"However, a fight between men is-… "Lives first!! In front of life, the pride and honor of men are equal to trash!!"

"I agree with Rosarin. Don't die because of something like that. Live on."

Elder brother was of the same opinion. Geraldin-san seemed like he wanted to say something, but he must have felt that he would get hit again so he kept silent.

"Well, Curtis-san seems to have the knack for it, so Dirk will surely calm down before long and come back. Wait for him in your room. Think carefully about how you are going to apologize to him."

"Yess~ Thank you, Niisama."

After hugging Elder brother tightly, I returned to my room to think. How should I apologize? I am sorry? I love you? I don't think I will be able to do it correctly. I frantically thought, thought, and thought.

I heard Martha's voice. Wait! I am not ready yet!! Please wait a little longer! The door opened mercilessly in front of the disordered me.
Dirk opened the door. To demonstrate my sincerity, I greeted Dirk with DO☆GE☆ZA, the ultimate weapon of ancient j.a.pan.
Witness the j.a.panese spirit!! I performed a flawless dogeza.

"I lied when I said that I hate you I am sorry I love you the best in the world!!"

"Eh? Eeeeeh!?"

Dirk showed shock at my no breath apology. His tail which I caught sight of went straight up instantly.
Dirk ran over in a panic and tried to raise me up.

"Why dogeza!? Shouldn't I be the one apologizing!? I also love you the best in the world, Rosarin!"


I hugged Dirk in great delight. He did it in confusion, but he said that he loves me the best in the world! Kyaa~!! My excitement is difficult to contain!

"I will record it so say it once more!"

"Ehhh!? Why!?"

"I am naturally going to replay it and listen to it in a bliss! I would like three recordings, one for appreciation, one to store, and one for missionary work please!"

"Although I don't want to, I understand the first two, but what do you mean by missionary work!?"

"I am going to propagate your magnificence! I am also going to enjoy the picture of you getting bashful while confess to me!"

"Don't say it with such a nice smile! What kind of public execution is that supposed to be!?"

"… Is that no?"


"I would like to be told that by you. You are shy, so you don't say it that much."

Like a kitten, I snuggled up to Dirk and stared at him. Dirk's got teary-eyed and his face turned red. Wow… what a stable cuteness.


I pleaded with a sugary tone. At least, at the very least, one recording for appreciation!
Dirk embraced me tightly and spoke with a shaky voice.

"I like you more than anything, Rosarin. I, I love you. I still might be a failure not worthy of you, but I will always and always be by your side. I am sorry for ignoring your will and making you angry."


"… What?"

"I want to see your face."

"Please spare me. I'm red now and my face is loose."

When I stroked his back with my hands, Dirk also stroked mine. Ah~ what a bliss.

"I super love your loose expressions."

"… Yeah."

"Wanna see."

When I tried to move in order to peek at Dirk's face, he pinned my head against his chest.

"… No way. I am too embarra.s.sed."

"I love the embarra.s.sed you as well."

"… That's… true, isn't it? You love teasing me after all."

"It's not an exaggeration to say that it's my life work. That being the case, as punishment for making me angry, please tell me affectionate words while making eye contact w iht me."

"Stop a life work like that! Moreover, the hurdle has obviously sprung up, didn't it!? Weren't you forgiving me just a little while ago!?"

"I forgive you, but I want your sincerity. Moreover, this is a chance to have the person I love whisper love to me, you know? I also want to be told those words once in a while, you know?"

As if resolving himself, Dirk grasped both of my shoulders, made a distance between us and stared into my eyes.


Chuu, he gave me a soft kiss. While looking straight into my eyes while completely flushed… and trembling from bashfulness, Dirk said:

"I am hopelessly in love with you. Rosarin, I, I love you."

Reaching his limits, Dirk's head collapsed on my shoulder.


I am so happy! Ah geez, my face must be so loose I cannot show it to anyone!

(I am hopelessly in love with you. Rosarin, I, I love you.)

"… Rosarin-san."


"… You were recording that?"

"Sure thing I was! It was recorded wonderfully, almost as if your cuteness got condensed in one recording!"

"Heyyyyyyy! Erase it! Delete it! Rather, I am going to destroy that magic tooool!!"

The teary-eyed and shouting Dirk is also adorabz, but I won't yield here!

"No way! I am going to preserve it for eternity! I am going to enjoy it only by myself!!"

In the end, only I am able to enjoy that recording. I won't show it to others. With a hard promise of watching it only within a soundproofing barrier, I defended Dirk's wonderful recording to the last.

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