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After the Suzuran riot, Dan presented the special menu for Mother's dinner and it was quite popular. Also, because of the muscle exercises, Mother ate more than usual. Let's continue like this and make Mother healthy.

I have asked Martha to wake me up early tomorrow in order to meet Father, so I quickly slipped under the blanket.

I feel some kind of a presence around the ceiling. I see a dark, gloomy lump of darkness.

「Little Princess, I will give you the honor to name me」

「Don't wanna」

Somehow, I remembered the interaction with my Elder brother in the morning, thought that we really are siblings and turned over to sleep.


I gave the something a cold shoulder. I'm sleeping. The sleepiness. .h.i.t my three years old body heavier than I expected…

「No, no, no, no, wait! Don't sleeep!!」

Sleepiness-san drove the loud something away.

「No. Sweepy」

「No, no, no, no, are you really going to sleep?」


I'm sleeping. I'm a three-year-oldmon. Sleeping hours are important. I'm sleepy.

「Who do you think I…」

「Don't cawe」

In the end, that something has begun complaining while sitting on the floor.

「You sure? Darkness is a really powerful spirit, you know?」

Sui quietly asked. In fact, we are sleeping together.

「Yesh. Too mush wesponsibilishy」

That lump of darkness would make a perfect partner for the Villainess Rosalia. Therefore, in order to avoid becoming a Villainess, I don't want to do anything with it. Also, I thought that I might not be able to receive any other divine protections because of that darkness.

The heroine also has a cheat called Spirit Eyes, an ability to see spirits and feel the affinity between the spirits and people. I appear to have the same cheat and it seems that it would be easy for me to obtain the spirit's divine protection.

「I see」

「Wait, wait, you! Aren't you giving up too quickly!? Moreover, I won't let you take away my spot as Princess' number one spiri-「Light」

A dazzling light spread around the room.


「Shtop buwwying Sui. Go home. Wetuwn. Sweepy」

Disregarding the writhing lump of darkness, I set up a soundproofing barrier and fell asleep.

I felt a something headache-inducing on the other side of the barrier, but I didn't hear anything thanks to the soundproofing and was fast sound asleep. However, I felt my cheat for the first time when I woke up in the morning as even a high-ranking spirit couldn't break my barrier. Yeah. It can't be helped. Things get a lot better when you are sleepy.

The lump of darkness has disappeared with the arrival of the morning. It might be poor with the sun. It's just a vague recollection of mine though.

However, it seems that nights will be troublesome from now on… no, I have the soundproofing barrier. Considering to stealthily practice the soundproofing barrier, I got up.

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