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When the adorable Jend woke up, he was entirely nude. His complete Beastification is cute, but it’s troubling as it undresses him. I have parted with Dirk and returned to Father’s office. Holy Beast-sama apparently went on a walk.
Father called out to me who returned.

「You are late」

「I have partic.i.p.ated in the Knights Order’s mock battle tournament and came victorious」

「I see」

「Nono, what are you doing during your lunch break, Ojousama!」

Arc immediately interjected. I think so too.

「Well, when I went to look after Holy Beast-sama informed me of the mock battles, Rudolf-san invited me to partic.i.p.ate… it’s just a course of events after that. It was fun」

「I wasn’t asking about your impressions! Seriously, each time we take our eyes off of you, you do something outrageous, Ojousama」

Arc sighed with a headache.

「Eh~ it’s not each time, right…」

「The Elven Forest」

「… It was force majeure!」

「… Umm, I think I heard that the Adventurer Killer of the Elven Forest was defeated…」

Secretary-san timidly joined the conversation. This person is stalwart who has been working in Father’s office for about half a year. Although timid, I think that he’s unexpectedly bold. Rather, being bold as the Prime Minister’s secretary is compulsory.
Everyone, do you remember him? He’s the Civil Official-san that delivered the doc.u.ments on my first day in the castle when I was three. The name is Jack.

「It was mostly brought down by Ojousama alone」

「… Eh?」

「… Wha?」

As expected, even the second Secretary-san reacted.

「T, that’s wrong! Dirk cooperated with me too!」

「… As a bait. The one who rendered the opponent powerless and cut it in half… was you, Ojousama」

「… Yes」

「The information we got was accurate! Don’t omit it just because you find it troublesome! Moreover, you left it out on purpose, didn’t you!」

「That’s just your imagination」

「What about the matter with Yggdrasil?」

「It was too troublesome to explain」

「About cutting the Adventurer Killer in half with a single stroke?」

「I was not lying」

「… You had not said the truth either, no?」


「Goruaaa!! Tell the things properly!!」

「No, I couldn’t talk about it with Elder brother present」

「Let’s talk about it later then」


Jack-san asked timidly again. This person looks quite timid, but he has guts.

「In the end, did Rosarin-san defeated the Adventurer Killer?」

「… I did」

The silence was awkward. The other Secretary-san returned to the work. As expected of his cool temperament!

「… I have thought so since you were little, but Rosarin-sama really is out of the norm」

Jack-san said with a gentle, yet distant look. Please come back.

「No, I am normal」


The voices of Arc, Jack-san, and even the other secretary Nadsan, overlapped.

「Na, Nadsan, you are too cruel! Even though you were acting as if you had no interest!」

I expressed my dissatisfaction while slapping the desk. Nadsan who was looking at me with his chin raised up averted his gaze. Nadsan usually cannot see because of his bangs.

「… No, it’s the truth though」

「… Ei!」


With Rosalia’s help, I ended up raising Nadsan’s bangs.
On that obviously confused face of his, several scales were running from his forehead to his cheeks. Glittering silver scales hid behind his hard, wire-like silver hair. The color if his eyes is light blue, I see.

「R, release me…「Pretty…」

「… Wha?」

「Ahh, excuse me」

I promptly released him. I was expecting it, but he’s quite a handsome young man, so there’s really no need to conceal his face with the bangs.

「You are all right even with Snake Beastmen, Rosarin-sama?」

「Ah, you are a Snake? I thought you might be a Dragon or something」

「… Dragon?」

「My Spirit is a Half-Dragon, you know?」

The two secretaries exchanged looks and said with their voices overlapping.

「「Rosarin-sama, you are too strange」」

「What’s up with you two! I also got to know him by a coincidence!」

「Even the concept of getting to know him is likely not possible by itself」

Nadsan cut me down with a single stroke.

「In the first place, you would normally see something like that only during a subjugation, so a fight would break out the moment you encounter it, okay? The soldiers would fight with their lives on the line, so having a conversation or taming it would be impossible」

Jack-san explained.


It seems that I really am strange. Arc and even Father, don’t laugh! Ugh~ somehow, that’s shocking…

「… Well, if Dragons are normal for Princess, then Snake Beastmen are not a big deal」

「? Nadsan is normally cool though?」

I don’t quite understand. I sought an explanation.
According to Nadsan, women, and children especially seem to dislike Beastmen of the reptile family. Sad from thinking that even I, who is famous for not discriminating against Beastmen would dislike him, Nadsan hid his scales.
Sorry, I noticed your scales from the very beginning. Rather, I thought you were hiding them because you were scared of me.

「I’m sorry, Nadsan… Although even I would be scared if you had four split open heads with entrails that acted as tentacles coming out of your abdomen, but I have a snake(Quetzalcoatl to be precise ) friend among the Spirits, so I’m fine with snakes. I think I would rather prefer to pat the scales」

「… What was my effort for… I am going to cut my hair!」

Nadsan went mad!? Just as he declared, he rushed out and returned with his bangs cut. The bangs were getting in the way after all. So handsome.

「Didn’t I tell you that Ojousama would be fine. It was a wasted effort」

Arc chuckled. Father nodded. Jack-san smiled calmly.

「Welcome back. Your bangs look fantastic. It suits you」

「Fumu, not bad」

「The work has piled up, you know~ I will get Naddono’s share」

「… Yes. I will take care of the work I delayed」

Nadsan laughed with a refreshed face. He promptly took a seat and began working.

I believe that the Prime Minister’s office has finally gained a proper aid. Thanks to them, the burden on Father and Arc lessened. It’s a good thing that both are competent.

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