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I woke up from the long dream.

「I don’t feel like I slept…」

So much has happened. Lowering my gaze, I saw a sleeping Sui and… Hal-like child.

「… Hal?」

「N~ huh? Rosarin, did you shrink?」

「Hal, humans do not shrink even though their height grows」

Well, the elderly do shrink in some way or another, but I’m still young. This natural airheadedness belongs to Hal no doubt.

「Congratulations on your growth, Hal」

Sui woke up and told Hal.

「Eh? Seriously! Great!!」

Hal who ran to the mirror was in high spirits from his growth. He turned from a palm-size to about the same size as me. Apparently, spirits who give their protection grow faster under the influence of the human’s magical power.

He has used my magical power for magic this time, so he probably grew because of that.

「Rosarin changed a bit too. Your p.r.o.nunciation has become normal too」

「I’m sorry?」

I dashed towards the mirror and looked into it. Black was mixed in my blue-silver hair. Black must have mixed with my eyes too as the color of my eyes deepened.

The difficulty I had while talking disappeared and p.r.o.nunciation become easier. Is it because I have become Rosarin in the true meaning?

「I have liked Rosalia’s color though」

「The current color suits you well too, Ojousama」


「It seems that you have been able to meet with Rosalia Ojousama」

Martha smiled gently.

I didn’t feel her presence! I also did not hear knocking on the door!!

Martha, who are you!?

Ninja? Are you a ninja!?

Leaving whether Martha is ninja aside for now, I had a request to ask of her.

「Martha, I have a request for you. I would like to talk with you, Otousama, Okaasama and Arc before the work」

「I humbly obey」

Martha who swiftly readied me up left the room.

When I gave a permission to enter after hearing a knock, Father… carrying Mother, a tied up Arc and Martha came in.

I decided not to mind it. Aren’t you working too fast, Martha?

The tied up… not, Arc spoke up.

「Ojousama, why gather us?」

「Wait a moment」

I cast a light barrier around the room with the wind magic. It became my specialty after practicing it every night against Darkness-sama. This time, only the sound won’t pa.s.s to the outside though.

「Err, it’s because you are the adults I trust from the bottom of my heart」


Martha, your eyes are getting wet. It’s fine being happy, but won’t Arc suffer if you tighten the rope even more? I would like you to stop torturing people in front of children.

Is the reason that Arc doesn’t complain to get untied because he gave up? Or did he discover a new fetish? I pray it’s not the latter.

「Fumu. Let’s hear it」

Otousama has completely disregarded Arc’s situation too, huh. I understand.

I have talked about my meeting with Rosalia. About the war that is supposed to happen when we turn 18. For that reason, to prevent it from happening, I asked to gather information. Additionally, I requested to track down the several people who are supposed to be involved with the war.

「Got it. I will pay attention to it」

Father quickly nodded. Information gathering is apparently within the category of his duties.

「I will also try to gather information during tea parties~ Leave it to me, Kaasama will work hard!」

Mother is so cute… rather, please keep it moderate. I request you take care of your physical condition first. Happy to be relied on, she was full of motivation.

「I will investigate as well」

Even though your voice is that of a hunk, your tied up appearances suggest otherwise, Arc. Thank you very much.



N? Martha’s state is…?

「Ojousama’s request, this Martha will accomplish even at the cost of my life. Yes, please leave it to this Martha, the Red Devil that is told to bring despair to the Adventurer’s Guild」

Just who is our Martha? She’s letting out some dangerous words. I’m curious, but I have to say this.

「Thank you, Martha. But, I would hate it if you got injured or even died. If it’s in exchange for Martha’s life, then I don’t need any information」


Overcome with emotions, Martha tightly embraced me.

「Don’t do the unreasonable, okay? Promise me that, Martha」

「Yes, using all of my ability, I will live up to Ojousama’s expectations!」

S, she sounds reliable, but… will she be all right? While completely worried about whether she would do something unreasonable, the talk came to an end.

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