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My body is wrapped in soft mofumofu. Something big is grinding agaist the back of my neck.

「Dat tickles…」

Is ti a dog? A cat? I don’t know but I extended my hand and mofumofu ma.s.saged it.

A purring resounds from its throat… huge cat? I think… dogs do not purr.

There? Does it feel good there? I thoroughly enjoy my mofumofu powers.

『… I told thy to stop ma.s.saging me in front of people』

The somewhat entrancing s.e.xy baritone voice has completely woke me up.

My posture suggested that I have pushed Holy Beast-sama down. It wasn’t on purpose. I was half-asleep.

But, thank you for the meal. That was a wonderful mofu feeling.


My field of vision suddenly turned over.

『t.i.t for tat』

「Ahaha, dat tickles!」

Holy Beast-sama rubbed against the back of my neck. He’s only lightly pinning my belly with his paw, but I can’t move. Uooh, that tickles!!

When I look around searching for help…

Did he dislocate his jaw? Arc’s mouth was opened to such a degree.

Father’s expression seemed as if he was biting a handkerchief. I, is he jealous? His magical power is leaking. Stop it, please.

His Majesty was covering his mouth while trembling… what is so amusing? We don’t know each other for long, so I can’t tell.

In the meanwhile, a serious situation has occurred.


I’m being stepped on my belly and I have drunk lots of tea before coming to the audience hall, so I need to go to the restroom.

Holy Beast-sama who picked up my mutter with his high-performance ears swiftly jumped up… huh? Holy Beast-sama’s face is turning into that of a human… huhh?

Before I noticed, I was thrown into the restroom. It was quite at the last moment, so I finished taking care of the business and washed my hands. The water and sewage system of this world has been perfected with magic, so there’s no discomfort.


A good-looking man with blip blopping ears was waiting at me in front of the restroom.

The ears and tail have not changed. The height is similar to Father’s. About 190cm? A long, golden, bushy mane? Hair? His cat-like eyes are the same as well. Holy Beast-sama is as hunk, huh… ah, he turned into a hunk at the end of the game. I was just shaken up because he changed in front of me all of sudden. Umu, I get it.

「Ai. Dank you fo waitin」


When I nodded, Holy Beast-sama picked me up. It’s a shoulder ride~ so high!


I made merry from the unusually high viewpoint. I didn’t experience such a viewpoint even before I died! Holy Beast-sama seemed to be proud.

When the temptation of the twitching ears won over me and I started caressing them, Holy Beast-sama spoke to me.

『Most people usually avoid Beastmen, but Rin seems to be fine』

「Ai. I lathel likesh dem. Holy Beast-tama, you look cool. Dank you bewwy much fo bwingin me to de westloom」


Holy Beast-sama was complacent. He’s the savior of my bladder. As expected, at this age… Rosalia is three years old, but well I am an adult after all. I would like to avoid wetting myself. I’m grateful to Holy Beast-sama. He has helped my many times already, so I have to thank him properly the next time…

In the meanwhile, we have arrived back to the audience hall.

「Rosalia, are you all right?」

「I went to de westloom」


His Majesty and Arc harmonized. Father was nodding his head.

「However, it’s rare for Holy Beast-sama to change into a person」

Father who was at his own pace spoke to Holy Beast-sama.

『I can’t open the door unless I am like this after all』

「I see」

Huh? Father, you are talking with Holy Beast-sama?

Is Father a royalty? He is not, right?

「My Mother is of the royal blood. It’s not known very much, but His Majesty is my cousin. I have also, more or less, received Holy Beast-sama’s protection. That’s why we can converse. Rosalia seem to be possessing Spirit Eyes though」


Father precisely answered my question. Did he read my mind, or did he saw through my expression… you are incredible, Father. However, I had no idea. So there was such a setting.

Holy Beast-sama swiftly returned to his beast form. Hau, mofumofu.

「You, what are you doing over there!」

A sharp voice resounded around the audience hall. A strong-willed of approximately the same age as me was standing there.

「I am mofumofuin Holy Beast-tama」

Although I gave him a reply, he displeasedly glared at me. Did I see him before? Who is he?

「Aldin, stop it」

I recalled with His Majesty’s words.

Aldin Kristya. This country’s… Kristya Kingdom’s second prince and the named Crown Prince. The main capture target and selfish Oresama character. The fiancé of the Villainess Rosalia. Though that’s not true yet.

By the way, his nickname was『Stupid-dono』because he was stupid in every way. That’s because although both his position as Crown Prince and the position of his Mother was high, he had a strong inferiority complex against his genius elder brother, so his mentality was that of a tofu. And above all, the choices to progress his route were flattery. However, choices like that made Stupid-dono obviously even stupider…


While immersed in my thoughts, Stupid-dono got in front of me before I noticed.

With a light Pashin sound, my left cheek felt pain. Holy Beast-sama and Father seemed to want to do something, but I stopped them with my gaze.

「You are being rude. Kneel down」

「… Youw Majesti? Will you pweashe gib me youl pelmishion?」


Alright, got the permission of the guardian! He understands the face of a maiden!

I don’t pay attention to His Majesty’s resigning expression though!!


I slapped him back before he finished talking. After changing into the glamorous form of the sixteen years old Villainess Rosalia. It was difficult to convey my thoughts with my current speech abilities after all.

「Who is the rude one? Retainers kneel only before the King. Even if you are a blood relative, you don’t deserve to be kneeled in front of. Additionally, you are lower than a thrash for raising a hand against a girl. Just where do you think you are worthy of having me kneel before you?」

Stupid-dono had teary eyes. Did I overdo it a little bit, I wonder~ does he understand, I wonder~ the literal translation was『You have no other merit than your lineage, those who hit girls are garbage!』after all.

I should follow-up a little.

「Have you been hit before?」

「T, there’s no way I hot hit before!」

「Was it painful?」

「Of course it was!」

「It was painful for me as well」

「… That’s」

「I believe that the King and n.o.bles cannot live without the citizens. You shouldn’t not act shamefully simply because you have a status. Don’t you feel ashamed for your earlier actions, Your Highness Aldin?」

「… I do. Forgive me. I burst out in anger because I am not able to touch Holy Beast… sorry」

Huh? How obedient. I’m still only three, so he might not be as he is in the game. It should be fine now, it seems that he’s reflecting after all. I dispelled my magic.

「I am also showwy fo hittin you」

I healed him with elementary cla.s.s recovery magic. I fixed myself too on the occasion.

「Dose whom you huwt and bully will one day letuwn it back to you. Be caweful, okay?」

His Highness cast his eyes down and nodded. Does he understand?

「Al! I’m sorry, let’s go」

The first prince seems to have came to collect Aldin. Puzzled by the obedience of his little brother, he quickly left.

「That, I am sorry」

His Majesty apologized while dripping in cold sweat. The father beam fired from behind seemed to be approaching the area of intent to kill. Holy Beast-sama was also drenched in bloodthirst. He’s been shaking since a while ago. Arc seems to be unconcerned but he has teary eyes.

Let’s tolerate it since it was done by a child. I don’t mind it that much either.

「… I tink it would be bettew fo Aldin-tama to quickly stop waisin his hands fo his own good」

「… I will have a good talk with him」

It seems that the guardian will have a serious talk with him behind the scenes. I think it would be better not to start fights recklessly for his own safety.

Father lifted me up in his arms and we left the audience hall. It was pretty difficult to calm Father who couldn’t stop cursing down for Arc and I.

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