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Chapter 907: G.o.d’s descent (14)_1


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The man bent down and placed both hands on the headboard. He held Fu Xi in his arms and his soft lips landed on the girl’s neck.

His long fingers moved down the girl’s waist.

Fu Shang,

F! ck!! ck!

She finally understood what the intimate mode was.

No, she did not want to.

She didn’t want to have any indescribable relationship with an emotionless robot for the time being!

Pushing cylaire away, Fu Shang jumped to the side and put a huge distance between them. He raised his voice and said, ” “No, I don’t mean that. I just want you to sleep with me. Just lie there and don’t activate any intimate mode.”

Cylaire’s Blue eyes flickered when he heard Fu Shang’s words after being pushed away. He then b.u.t.toned his shirt again and returned to his gentlemanly appearance.

I’m sorry, master. I’m sorry for offending you.

After lying down quietly.

The two of them didn’t cause any more trouble.

The black-haired girl was lying straight, like a dried salted fish. Her two claws were holding the soft quilt, and her eyes were turning. No one knew what she was thinking.

Not long after, sleepiness. .h.i.t her, and she fell asleep in a daze.


Fu Shang woke up.

Because she felt like something was staring at her in the dark.

The young girl subconsciously clenched the hand of the person beside her. The skin that she touched was a little cold, and she pursed her lips slightly.

She was sleeping in Cyril’s direction.

Fu Shang opened one of his eyes and saw nothing but the man’s extremely handsome face.

Only then did she feel a little relieved.


The feeling of being stared at by something came back again.

The young girl’s back suddenly stiffened.

She slowly turned her head around. Although she was mentally prepared, Fu Shang was still shocked.

It was because of her back.

There really was a person standing there … No, it was a creature that was not even human.

The person was tall and slender, and it seemed to be a man.

He was wearing a black cloak, and most of his face was covered. Under the warm yellow light of the wall lamp, his well-defined jaw and beautiful lips were exposed.

His skin was extremely pale, like a high-quality porcelain, but his lips were slightly red, giving off a strange demonic feeling.

It was cold and indifferent.

He looked like the legendary… Satan.

The black-haired girl suddenly sat up.

He stared at the slender figure in front of him.

“Who are you?”

In his panic, Fu Shang had forgotten one thing. Cylaire, the robot that was supposed to protect its master at all times, had fallen into a deep sleep.

Fu min heard a mocking voice.

It was an extreme indifference that was carved into the bone.


Fu Shang was speechless.

Alright, I’m sure now.

This guy in the black cloak was indeed not a human.

Looking at the way she was dressed and the lines she said, it was inexplicably a little… Chuunibyou?

who are you, Sir? it’s not a gentleman’s behavior to come to a girl’s room in the middle of the night.

Fu Shang’s face was filled with dissatisfaction.

The other party did not answer. To be precise, he was disdainful to answer.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Cyril, who seemed to be asleep next to her. She reached out a slender hand and pushed him under the blanket.

Wake up!

I, your master, am now facing a lunatic alone!

He pushed.

He did not move.

He pushed her twice … A few times.

He still didn’t move.

Fu Shang was speechless.

Why did this person crash at such a critical moment?

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