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TN: Sorry, I got flu last week and not fully recovered yet. It’s hard to concentrate since my head hurt so much.
And this chapter is quite long…

Chapter 25.
After All, Night Time at Summer Camp Means Love Story Right?

Translated by Yuriko Aya [translasi.sa.n.u.si.me]

— The first night of summer camp. Inside one of lodge room.

"Nagi-chan, please don't angry anymore~"

It was unusual for me to be angry.

"No. I won't forgive it. Everyone is swimming when I'm being scolded right?"

Yeah. when I was scolded by Myurei-sensei, Ruina and the others were playing and swimming in the sea without me.

Well, I won't that they shouldn't play but… after all, the shock is too big.

"I wanted swim in the sea too…"

"Ah, right! Let's go to the beach next time with just two of us. With my transition magic, we could go there immediately."


"Really. Ah, right, in addition, I'll make reservation of it."

A beach with only me and Ruina huh, it sounds good.

"Un, I understand… I forgive you."

"Wait, I've listened your talk in silent for a while, why you decided by your own? Of course you will take us too right?"

Elenoa interrupt with her words.

Hn, it would be better if only Ruina and me, but well, I don't mind it.

Being surrounded by beautiful girls at the reserved beach isn't bad either.

"Is the talk already settled? Then, let's go to hotspring now! I really want to enter it the whole time."

Linde excitedly said so while looking at us.

Ah, right, right, I'll give some explanation, this room is a.s.signed to student council member + Ruina.

On the surface, the reason was if the student council members were together, it would be convenient. But the truth is the teachers were worried if we were put together with other students. I heard it from Myurei-sensei.

Were the teachers mistaken me and Elenoa as beast or something?

… Well, I can't say that I don't know what she's talking about, but I also can't strongly denied it.

Ah, what a nice bath.

Eh… this pattern again huh?

It was unfortunate for you who looking for service scene.

Because this pink-colored image is mine only!!

"Nagi-chan, who are you talking to…?"

Oh no good. Ruina looked at me with weird sight.

"No, nothing. Put that aside everyone, for the girls to gather in the night at summer camp means that right?"


"Yup, that's…"

"Horror story."

"Yup, right, horror story… not that!"

Carried by Elenoa, I spontaneously retorted.

"Fufu, what a splendid retort. Wait, don't look at me like that. I know what Nagi want to say. Love story right?"

Heard the words from Elenoa, the face of student council members were dyed red.

Good. It seems love story is also common sense in this world.

"But, Nagi-chan, With this member, at this point, is there any story about love?"

Yeah, that was the problem.

Love story was something to talk between people who don't know who loves who. Unfortunately, with this member, such thing won't possible.

I and ruina have mutual love and could be tell just by seeing us, Linde too could be easy to understand. The other student council were obviously with Elenoa.

"Wait a minute! I don't have someone I like!"

Linde shout while staring at everyone.

"That, does she thinks that isn't obvious?"

"No matter how you see it, it's obvious."

"… (nod nod)"

When she heard the talk of three student council members, Linde's face became red.

Well, that's because you weren't honest.

As aside, Linde always glancing at me, and when I closely interact with the others she look me with jealous. In the hotspring just now, she secretly (very obvious though) looking at my naked body.

"It's fine, I understand how's Linde feeling. Next time, come play to "House of Cat Ears"."

"I don't know what are you talking about~~~~~!!!"

With red face, Linde shouted like that and went out from the room.

"Ah, Linde-chan run away."

"It can't be helped. Then, starting from me, I have something to confess"

From Sari? What the h.e.l.l is this about?

"The truth is, I think I'll trust Nagi-senpai and allow her to at least touch my ears and tail."

Oh, I see. I'm glad to hear that.

Yeah, she said that when we meet for the first time, that she only let the people who she trust to touch her ears and tail.

"Then, can I do it now?"

"Wait a moment! I need to prepare my heart first. Huuh~ Haaah~ Huuh~ Haaa~, yosh! Come now!"

Then, excuse me.

Caresing Sari's tail and ears at the same time.


Ooh, this is somehow…

Mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu

"Hya… wai… no more than this…"

Mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu mofu

"Aaahh… Aahh… no more, no more, conciouness is…"

— how many hour already since I played her I wonder

When I realized, Sari was completely exhausted in my arm.

Her expression is in ecstasy, There was drool at the corner of her mouth.

"I saw amazing thing. I never see Sari become like that except when Elenoa did it."

"… (nod nod)"

"Well, maybe Nagi is better than me when do that, but I won't lose to you!"

Everyone's face was reddened.

Well, I understand what everyone felt. I myself felt it was erotic somehow.

"Then, then next is my turn. Let's do it with me, Miyu."


Run-chan pulled Miyu's hand and come to me.

And then… they bring their head to me.

"You mean, you want me to pet your head?"

"Yes, that's right! You should be thankful. Because there is no one who can pet my head except Elenoa. Come on, Miyu too."

"… (nod)"

I tried to pet their head.

Ooh, it's smooth and felt nice…

— how long it has been going?

Run under my arm let out shriek when she got tired and stopped my hand.

"That's enough. Thanks Nagi. That was good somehow. But I'll say it, I don't intend to become yours. I am Elenoa's. Don't get me wrong."

"… (nod nod)"

Well, it can't be helped.

It's not like I want to force them, that's the girls' freedom.

I thought it already good thing for them to trusted my.

"Well, then, next is my turn right?"

Said that Elenoa presented her head to me just like Run-chan and the other.

"Err… what is this?"

"I got jealous when I see you did that. Because I've never seen someone pet head like that so far. Go ahead, feel free."

Is, is it really fine?

I caressed Elenoa silky silver hair timidly.

Ah, this silver hair is beautiful as always.

"… and, it may be bold of me, would you tightly embrace me when you finish petting my head?"

If it the usual condition then I should take precaution, but right now I didn't feel any wicked feeling from Elenoa.

She purely wished for that.

Therefore I — hugged Elenoa from the front with all my heart like once I did to Ruina.

“Huhu, so this is how to be hugged feel? Somehow it feel strange. it feel strange because I who always giving hug.”

The voice that I heard from overhead was soft voice that can’t be imagined come from her usual self.

I raised my face and saw Elenoa’s expression.

And there was — another expression that she usually didn’t show.

That expression, just like she was desperately suppressed overflowed feeling.

“…My parents are strict people. They are always scold me, I never receive head pat or hug like this, not even once.  Ah, it’ not like I hate my parents. Thanks to them I can entered this Acade Academy and become student council president. If they were not here, the me now won’t exist.”


“Even so, sometimes I have some thought. If I was born in normal family, if my parents aren’t strict, could I get head pat and hug? Fufu, that’s just asking for the moon. It just because the neighbor’s lawn is always seems greener. Ah, you can release me now.”

I gently released Elenoa.

“Thank you for listening my whining Nagi. That refreshed me a lot. The truth is, this is the first time I tell this story. I not even tell Run-chan and the other. I always thought, because I’m in the position to protect them — I can’t show my weak self.  But, when I meet Nagi, that thought was changed.”

“Nagi, and also Ruina-sensei. I thought I always envy your relationship. Not one-sidedly protecting, but relation that can support one each other, relation that can be honest to each other. That’s my ideal relationship.”

“…It’s not necessary for Elenoa to imitate our relationship right?  We have our own way, and Elenoa have your own way.”

“That’s right. That’s why I take this opportunity to make some whine as one step to find it. With this, I don’t know what will happen to my relationship with Run and the other. however,  I believe, it won’t be bad.”

When I saw Run-chan and the other, the three of them were stared at Elenoa with complicated expression.

“…Elenoa. Because I will give you dropkick now, don’t avoid it.”

“Eh, that’s…”



Run-chan dropkick make clean hit on Elenoa’s solar plexus.

Elenoa has fallen.

“With is I’ll forgive you to hide such weak voiced of yours. Therefore, from now on, if you troubled by something, tell us! We don’t want to be always protected by Elenoa.”

“Right. Elenoa-senpai is a reserved.”

“…(nod nod)”

Elenoa, she got nice harem member.

“It hurt… I understand.  Run, Miyu, Sari, my best regards from now on. Ah, right. Nagi, will you come over here again?”

Hmm? what is it? You want to be hugged once again?

Like little while ago, I approach Elenoa without any caution.

I shouldn’t do that.

“Elenoa, what is ……. umgh”

My lips suddenly taken by Elenoa’s lips.

“Hnnn… hnn…!!”

and became rich french kiss just like that.

The three girls of student council (+Ruina) looking at us with dumbfounded look.

Elenoa was very skillful at using her tongue ~  I tried to escape reality.


After having long kiss, Elenoa deliciously licked her own lips and looked at me with flirtatious glance.

“Thanks to Nagi, our relationship is moving one step further. That’s my thanks. So, Nagi, after all, won’t you join my harem? It’s not that bad.”

“…I refuse, I want to make harem myself.”

I said that with my utmost.

Ah, everyone else was fainted with so many unexpected events.

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