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Chapter 806 b.l.o.o.d.y Battle In Front Of The Palace

These two ma.s.sive creatures crushed through the ranks of the dragonborn, instantly causing immense damage to the reptilian soldiers.

Whether it was being hit by the powerful tail strike of the thunder dragon, or being crushed by the one-ton weight of the dragonborn leader, the bodies of the dragonborn would collapse, breaking their bones and causing them to throw up blood upon the ground.

"You go deal with the wind spirits above!" Greem looked at Mary and shouted out his orders.

Mary's attacks were relatively weak, which made her ineffective against the tough-hided dragonborn. As such, Greem relegated an easier task to her.

"Zacha, you guard the palace gates and make sure no one gets in. Tigule, you attack with me!"

After quickly handing out the a.s.signments, Greem tossed his golem core and summoned the Flame Fiend of Terror. At the same time, he roared and started his transformations.

The next second, two ma.s.sive flame fiends rose from the ground and started bombarding the dragonborn with magma fireb.a.l.l.s.

Tigule acknowledged his orders and released the Goblin Shredder from his golem talisman. He then dove into the machine within seconds. The next moment, the Goblin Shredder roared and started moving its body. It waved the metal chain and drill on its hands and stood unhesitatingly in the path of the dragonborn.

A series of magma fireb.a.l.l.s exploded in the ranks of the dragonborn. The ferocious flame shockwaves and splashing rain of magma instantly killed the eleven foremost dragonborn. They collapsed beneath the rain of fire, the metal armor on their bodies softening in the extreme heat and turning into flowing liquid that sizzled against the flesh and scales underneath.

Greem and the Flame Fiend stood side by side. One was responsible for conjuring fire all across the field, while the other was responsible for intercepting the enemy. In just an instant, they had managed to engulf an area of a hundred meters in front of them in blazing fire.

The First Grade dragonborn warriors started howling in pain from the magical flames the instant they entered the sea of fire. Apart from burning their bodies, the violent flames even got into their insides through their ears, eyes, noses, and mouths, turning their internal organs into ash as well.

Many dragonborn warriors stumbled through the sea of fire, only to collapse in flames before they could even cross swords with the Goblin Shredder. Their muscular bodies were covered with burns and scorch marks.

Only the Second Grade dragonborn could rely on the wind elementium around their bodies to break through the horrifying fire sea. However, what greeted them the moment they emerged from the flames was Tigule, waving his metal chainsaw and metal drill.

Clang, clang, clang!

The noisy sound of cutting metal came from afar.

The one and a half meter long metal chainsaw sent plenty of sparks flying every time it slashed against the metal armor and tough scales of the Second Grade dragonborn. Meanwhile, the whirling drill always managed to create b.l.o.o.d.y gouges in the bodies of the dragonborn.

The dragonborn might be immensely powerful and possess some of their dragon lord's elementium attributes, but they were still inferior compared to a magical machine warrior armed to the teeth. Even the most trained martial artist would still be vulnerable to a kitchen knife, and even the most powerful of dragonborn could not do anything about the difference in equipment between them and the Goblin Shredder.

The one dozen Second Grade dragonborn were kept at the edge of the sea of fire by the Goblin Shredder. Blood and severed limbs would accompany every a.s.sault they attempted.

The just recently repaired Goblin Shredder was once again tested with harsh battle conditions.

Multiple heavy attacks were landing upon its strong metallic body at every moment. Every strike from the heavy warhammers of the dragonborn caused the Goblin Shredder to tremble from the impact. Tigule was already dazed from all the shockwaves and was utterly deaf to all other sounds now.

Seeing the dangerous situation that Tigule was in, Greem turned his firepower without any hesitation. A wild Firestorm, Meteor Shower, and a terrifying Doomsday Volcano engulfed the Second Grade dragonborn surrounding Tigule.

Fire adepts truly lived up to their names as battlefield cannons!

This ferocious attack from Greem instantly suppressed the growing ferocity and might of the Second Grade dragonborn.

The dragonborn screeched from the pain of burning and started charging around the sea of fire in their panic. They could no longer stay within their tight formation.

However, regardless of how tight the adepts' defenses were, there was no stopping the dragonborn with their shocking numbers. Greem had just laid down a squadron of dragonborn, yet another started making its way through the fire before he could catch his breath. These new reinforcements roared and charged toward Greem.

The Goblin Shredder was slowly pushed to a side of the battlefield by the army of warriors. A large group of dragonborn warriors waved their warhammers and axes as they rushed toward Greem and the Flame Fiend. With no choice left to them, the firepower duo of Greem and the Flame Fiend of Terror could only engage in a melee with fireb.a.l.l.s in the left hand and a giant sword in their right.

The entire battlefield instantly descended into chaos!

Greem and the others knew very well what they needed to do.

Third Grade Thunder Dragon Arms was fighting against the Third Grade dragonborn leader. He had a dragon's aura of might, and he also possessed the advantage in size and strength; victory was only a matter of time.

Thus, Greem could only stall the dragonborn here with all he had and wait for Arms to defeat the enemy and return to back them up.

After all, Greem's side only had four Second Grades, while the enemy had as many as two to three dozen.

Mary was shrouded in a mist of blood in the skies above the cliff. She wove through the air like lightning, drawing out the death throes of wind spirits with every lunge.

She slaughtered three dozen wind spirits in a single go. The remaining spirits could no longer suppress the horror in their hearts and started fleeing in every direction.

Mary didn't chase after them and instead beat her wings to ascend even higher into the sky. She looked down on the chaotic and b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield from her vantage point. When she saw Greem clumsily wave his ma.s.sive fire sword against three Second Grade dragonborn, she dove downward without any hesitation.

The dragonborn warrior she had locked onto raised his head and his four pupils focused on the descending crimson silhouette. A translucent wind blade shrouded his axe as he roared and slashed at the enemy.

A dull thud rang out.

The dragonborn and Mary were blown away at the same time.

Mary's body shook as a crimson blood arrow shot out of her body, piercing two terrifying holes in the throat of the dragonborn warrior.

The dragonborn stumbled backward and stabilized himself with his strong physique and powerful regenerative abilities.

Trading wound for wound. Hmph! How could that frail woman ever be his opponent?!

Before the dragonborn could finish his thought, the crimson silhouette dove at him once again from a strange angle.

Dammit! My axe cut through her body earlier. She should be severely wounded now.

There was no time for him to think. The badly wounded dragonborn warrior raised his axe and sliced downward. The two shadows once again split off in different directions.

This time, the dragonborn warrior could no longer keep himself standing. His thick front legs trembled as he collapsed to the ground. The axe was tossed to the side as he clutched the bleeding gouge in his throat with both hands. Regardless of how he tried to stop it, the blood continued to flow through his fingers like an overflowing river, quickly gathering into a pool before him.

The dragonborn warrior struggled and raised his head, only for a rapidly approaching silhouette to be reflected in his eyes.

Was she still human? She's just an unkillable monster.

The crimson outline flashed past his body, and a ma.s.sive head flew into the sky.

Mary sensed the blood energy flowing from the dragonborn in his body. She quickly healed the damage to her body and beat her wings before snaking into the battlefield once more. Her b.l.o.o.d.y hands were like sharp daggers, quickly slashing past the throats, eyes, ears, armpits, and crotches of the dragonborn.

Every warrior that Mary attacked couldn't help but let out a grunt of pain. Their strikes, slashes, or even desperate grapples all failed to land.

Mary was like a crimson phantom, dashing through the ranks of the dragonborn, dodging their attacks, and using her crimson energy-infused hand to attack their weak spots.

With Mary's frail body and the dragonborn's tremendous strength, she was like a gla.s.s doll weaving between a stampede. Even slight contact would shatter her bones and snap her tendons, rendering her crippled and wounded. Mary could only use her high Agility to its limit, sliding past the axes and hammers at a speed invisible to the eye, refusing to let any of the weapons touch her.

"Greem, how long do we have to hold? What are the witches doing? Why haven't they started yet?"

Mary roared at Greem as she slaughtered the dragonborn.

Before Greem could reply, a deafening roar came from the depths of the palace.

"Witches. You are Fourth Grade witches."

Immediately after, the ma.s.sive palace behind Greem and the others collapsed amidst quaking and shaking. A fifty-meter-long dragon rose from within the rubble and flew into the distance as it roared.

Dammit, the witches couldn't have let the dragon get away, could they?

Greem's heart was gripped with concern. However, he looked up and saw a strange chain of light attached to the Fourth Grade dragon's body. One end of the chain was embedded in the body of the dragon, while the other was firmly in the hands of Khesuna.

With this chain of light, the Wings of Azure Skies would never be able to shake off Khesuna, regardless of how it tried to fly and escape.

The other Fourth Grade witch, Felmyst, pursued it on a strange undead dragon. The other Fourth Grade corpse dragon roared and emerged from the palace ruins, its ma.s.sive wings twisted and damaged beyond recognition.

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