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Chapter 704: Belong to You


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang An looked at the gown for a long time and sighed. There were very few such handmade pieces now. That was why it could withstand the trials of time. The manpower and resources spent were unimaginable.

“No wonder they all want to be kings. They really have power.” Jiang An sighed. Only the royal family of Country F, which had a high concentration of royal power, could spend so much effort to make a set of clothes. If it were the leaders of other countries, they would definitely be attacked by the people.

Sophie looked at the gown with pity. “If they could put this energy into development back then, the Country F would be doing better now, right?”

This was what she meant by criticizing the previous queen. Jiang An quickly stopped her. “The people a hundred years ago naturally had different views from us now. The queen at that time had already tried her best to let the people live a better life.”

Sophie nodded. “You’re right. That ancestor used many years to tie the army and the royal family together so that the n.o.bles could no longer threaten the royal family. If not for that, our resistance today would be much greater.”

The two of them chatted about the history of the royal family before starting the etiquette cla.s.s in the afternoon. Jiang An felt tired just watching.

Zou Bai walked in and sat beside her. “After the ceremony, we’ll go straight back to Xiyun. The children miss you very much.”

“I miss them too.” Jiang An held Zou Bai’s hand. “I hope Country F’s future will be better.”

After all, she was the one who had planned Sophie’s ascension to the throne. She would feel a great sense of accomplishment if she could see things progress towards a better ending.

“You’re becoming more and more like an heir.” Zou Bai tidied her hair.

Jiang An was very happy with this evaluation. She had surpa.s.sed her three brothers to become the successor of the Jiang family, so it was inevitable that she would feel uneasy.

Compared to her brothers who had always been in the Jiang family, she really did not have the qualifications to be the heir. If not for her parents insisting on doing this, she would definitely not have agreed.

Therefore, Jiang An swore to be as good a successor she could be. At the very least, she had to be able to protect the Jiang family’s business and not let others look down on the Jiang family.

She also tried her best to learn about being an heir, but the knowledge in the books was too rigid. She only had a rough understanding in her heart and did not know how to do it.

At this time, Zou Bai had become a good person to learn from. As the head of the family, he had done very well. Although many families were afraid of his cruelty, they also felt regret in their hearts. If only the children in the family could be like Zou Bai.

To the aristocratic families, there was no difference between conservation and regression. Only by actively advancing could the family prosper.

Jiang An had observed Zou Bai and learned how he handled things. That was why she had today’s plan.

However, Jiang An and Zou Bai were different. She was used to using roundabout methods to make people feel that it had nothing to do with her and use others to achieve her goal.

Her years in the Tan family had nurtured her ability to read people’s expressions. She could see through people’s hearts in the shortest time and know what they were thinking. Naturally, she could make use of that.

This time, in Country F, she used herself as bait to lure them in front of the royal family so that they would focus all their attention on currying favor with her.

As long as she showed any bias, these people would fawn over her one after another.

Actually, they also sensed that Jiang An was a little hot and cold, but the temptation of her support was too great. They could only go all the way.

This way, she would be able to obtain the greatest benefit at the smallest cost and successfully push Sophie to the throne.

At the thought of this, Jiang An couldn’t help but feel a little smug. “I actually experienced having power.”

“From the day you became the heir, you’ve been destined to hold power.” Zou Bai looked at her. “We’ll live like this for the rest of our lives.”

This was the fateful life of all the heirs of the aristocratic families. They were born in power and chased after power. In the end, they left either in glory or desolation of the family.

It sounded terrifying. A life that could be seen at a glance.

However, Jiang An smiled. “I have you. I don’t have to be afraid of anything.” Zou Bai couldn’t help but kiss the back of her hand. A warm feeling welled up in his heart.

They lived mostly for the sake of the family. They sold chances at marriage for more power. Zou Bai didn’t want to do this. He thought that he would die alone. Unexpectedly, the heavens took pity on him and sent Jiang An to his side, allowing him to find true love.

With each other’s love, they were no longer afraid of the coldness of power. They held each other’s hands and did not have to be afraid of anything.

“An’an, being able to meet you was the biggest fortune of my life.” Zou Bai’s expression was very gentle. “I will always belong to you.”

These words of love sounded too touching. It wasn’t that you belonged to me, but that I belonged to you.

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