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Chapter 458: Comparison

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ever since Zhao Yan saw Tan Nian’s face, he had been watching “Baby Sets Off” without fail. He placed more attention on Tan Nian, wanting to know if he was his child.

However, the more he looked at Tan Nian, the more he despised him. He was clearly about the same age as Jiang Yu and Jiang Yi. How could there be such a huge difference?

His child should be stronger than Zou Bai’s children. He definitely shouldn’t be so timid. He didn’t even dare to speak and needed others to speak up for him.

Zhao Yan had always liked the strong and hated the weak the most. Tan Nian was precisely the type of person he hated most.

Every time he saw Tan Nian’s scenes, he would frown. He thought that if this child was really his, he had to bring him back to the Zhao family and teach him well.

He had to let him grow into an outstanding person and surpa.s.s Zou Bai’s children.

At this moment, Zhao Yan had forgotten the pain of always being compared to someone else from a young age. Instead, he pushed this pressure onto Tan Nian, as if teaching Tan Nian had become an excuse.

He could use this excuse to temporarily not compare himself to Zou Bai.

He was watching the show in the Zhao family’s living room when Luo Xuan pa.s.sed by. Initially, she was not interested in what her son, Zhao Yan, was doing. As long as her husband did not come home, she would always be in a state of anxiety.

However, when she saw that Zhao Yan was watching a variety show, she walked over and wanted to reprimand him. He was already inferior to Zou Bai, and now he had to waste his energy on such a thing. He was simply throwing away everything she had taught him.

However, as soon as she walked to the television, she was stunned. The camera was aimed at Tan Nian. She looked at the child’s face and almost cried.

Zhao Yan did not expect his mother to walk over. Looking at her current reaction, he understood what was going on. His mother loved his father deeply to a point that others could not understand. Of course, she would be emotional when facing such a similar face.

“Who is he?” Luo Xuan asked.

Zhao Yan smiled. “Mom, this is very likely your biological grandson.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Xuan became excited. “When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell Mom?”

“I only found out recently. It was an accident,” Zhao Yan told Luo Xuan the whole story.

Luo Xuan revealed a bright smile. “Well done. This child looks as smart as your father. Hurry up and bring him back.”

“We can’t act too rashly,” Zhao Yan explained. “I asked Zhao Yi to get Tan Nian’s hair. We’ll know after the paternity test.”

“What’s there to test? He looks just like your father,” Luo Xuan raised her voice.

Luo Xuan could not calm down when it came to matters related to her husband. She had loved her husband deeply since the first day she married him, but his thoughts were not on her at all.

She watched as her husband met one true love after another outside. He didn’t even let go of a widow with a child. He loved so many people but refused to love her, his wife.

Luo Xuan had been driven crazy by this kind of life. She felt that as long as her child was outstanding, her husband would definitely come back. Therefore, she forced Zhao Yan to do everything to the best of his ability, comparing him to Zou Bai, who was the most outstanding child at that time.

However, no matter how hard she tried, even when Zhao Yan’s results were perfect, her husband still refused to look back at her. In the end, he even lived in seclusion outside and did not allow her to visit him.

Luo Xuan felt that her entire life was a joke. She had lost interest in everything, and she no longer cared about her son.

However, the moment she saw Tan Nian, her hope for life was reignited. This child was too much like her husband. As a young lady from an aristocratic family, she had known her husband since she was young and had seen him when he was young.

Tan Nian was exactly the same as the person in her memory. Moreover, he was her biological grandson. Luo Xuan could not wait to meet him.

Zhao Yan sneered when he saw his mother like this. A child she had never seen before was even more important than her son. He felt that it was as if he had no parents anyways.

“Mom, after all, I’ve never appeared in front of the child. If I rashly go over and take him away, the child’s mother will definitely not agree. I have to take it slow,” Zhao Yan advised.

Fortunately, Luo Xuan was still rational. She nodded and said, “Then you have to do this as soon as possible. The Zhao family’s children can’t be outside.”

Zhao Yan lowered his head and said, “Don’t worry. As long as he’s confirmed to be related to me by blood, I’ll get custody of the child as soon as possible.” “What are you going to do about the child’s mother?” Luo Xuan asked.

Zhao Yan knew what his mother wanted to hear, so he said, “Just give her some money..”

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