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Chapter 1309End - The End

Chapter 1309: The End

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Seeing Lin Li’s actions, the several high priests lowered their heads even more as beads of sweat appeared on their heads. Although they had already guessed that the Lord of Eternity had to have a reason for searching Lilia, the former saintess, when they received the divine oracle to bring her here, they didn’t expect that she would be so highly regarded by the Lord of Eternity. For ordinary people, reaching the Legendary-realm was already a very rare thing, and yet the Lord of Eternity helped Lilia advance straight to the Sanctuary-realm, which was simply a G.o.dsend of a favor that left them in envy.

Lilia also seemed rather excited too, but it wasn’t because of the power she gained. She raised the half of the arrow in her hand, and hopefully asked Lin Li, “Where did you get this thing from? Are you the original owner?”

Although Lilia had used honorific words, the several high priests still felt that she wasn’t being respectful enough to the great Lord of Eternity. However, when some of them raised their heads and were about to rebuke Lilia, they saw Lin Li’s nonchalant expression. Reckoning that Lin Li wasn’t offended by her att.i.tude, they quickly kept quiet.

Lin Li didn’t answer Lilia immediately, and instead said to the high priests, “I won’t hold this matter against you. If you believe in me and worship me as your lord, don’t do such things again in the future, and don’t confer any more so-called saintesses.”

Although he was called the Lord of Eternity, Lin Li believed that he became a G.o.d because there was hope in his heart, as well as in those who believed in him. Technically speaking, Lin Li should perhaps be called the G.o.d of Hope, and since he became a G.o.d because of hope, how could he diminish the hopes of his believers?


When the several high priests heard Lin Li say that he would not pursue their responsibility for this matter, they immediately wiped away the sweat on their foreheads, and answered in unison, “Yes, Lord, we will obey you, and never confer any saintess t.i.tles again.”

Lin Li nodded, and turned around to say to Lilia, “You have a daughter in Anril named Ina, don’t you? This half of the arrow was handed to me by McGrenn before he pa.s.sed away in hopes that I could find her mother.”

“McGrenn…” Lilia was instantly devastated to hear of the demise of her lover. Fortunately, Lin Li had just given her power of the Sanctuary-realm. Otherwise, she would have probably fainted now. However, immediately afterwards, she thought about her daughter. Since her lover had died, what could have happened to her daughter? Thus, she asked, “Well then, is Ina… alright?”

Lin Li raised his hand in the void next to him, and a Gate of Light slowly appeared. He then said to Lilia, “If there’s nothing else for you to do here, you’ll be able to see your daughter by pa.s.sing through this gate. However, after meeting her, please do not mention me to her.”

At this point, Lilia no longer cared to consider why Lin Li deliberately told her not to mention him, as she was overwhelmed with the joy and anxiousness of being able to see her daughter soon. She didn’t hesitate or doubt the authenticity of Lin Li’s words. Instead, she just stepped through the Gate of Light, and walked straight in.

In the Silver Hand’s campground, Lilia appeared in front of Ina, and after a moment of silence, they spoke for a while and embraced each other with joy. Seeing this scene through the Gate of Light, Lin Li finally felt relieved and raised his hand. With a wave of his hand, the Gate of Light turned into countless specks of light.

After fulfilling his promise to Ina, Lin Li could now concentrate on condensing his G.o.dhood. However, when leaving the Eternal Shrine, Lin Li noticed that the statue erected in the middle of the square of the Eternal Shrine surprisingly resembled him a little.

When he thought about it, Lin Li understood that the statue was not him, but the Immortal King. The founder of the Eternal Shrine had always been a mystery, and even the great priests of the Eternal Shrine, such as Willen, probably weren’t clear about who the founder was, either. They only knew that the Eternal Shrine had existed in Anril even before the Dark Age.

That had also touched Lin Li’s soul. As he fused Geresco’s memories, he immediately understood the true origin of the Eternal Shrine. The Immortal King was not a High Elf, but a humanoid that was formed from the Immortal Tree of the Twin Trees of Eternity, and then traveled around the Anril and founded the Eternal Shrine.

Afterwards, the Immortal King fell in love with the High Elven queen, and used most of the resources of the Eternal Shrine on the High Elves to help them prosper, thus becoming an important cornerstone of the High Elves’ rise. Later on, the Immortal King even moved the Eternal Shrine to the distant eastern continent in order not to let it affect the High Elves’ development.

He had to admit that the Immortal King was really devoted when it came to love as he was willing to even abandon the Eternal Shrine, which was his own creation. Of course, based on the later events, the Immortal King was revealed to be ruthless in other aspects too. For the sake of his pursuit of the opportunity to break through the supreme law, he reincarnated as Geresco, and singlehandedly exterminated the High Elves. In any case, he was definitely a ruthless man who was harsh on others and even harsher on himself.

In the Endless Void, the City of Destruction was shrouded in a layer of divine light, after which it vanished without a trace with a slight tremor.

In the Breezy Plains, peace was restored in the Tower of Dusk, but the ma.s.sive City of Destruction in the sky was no longer present. No one knew where the young President Felic, and the huge City of Destruction, had gone, nor did they know when they would return again.

Time pa.s.sed day by day, and in the blink of an eye, a year had already pa.s.sed. Doland City, which got destroyed in the catastrophe, had already been reestablished on top of the ruins. Under the lead of Basel, Gavin, and the others, the Tower of Dusk grew slowly but steadily. However, their president still hadn’t returned yet, and the City of Destruction hadn’t appeared in the sky above the Tower of Dusk, either.

Another year had pa.s.sed, and with the migration of people from other places, the liveliness and vitality of Doland City was gradually restored. The number of mages from all over the Breezy Plains who joined the Tower of Dusk had almost doubled again. Thus, the magic city under the tower had to be expanded again. However, the president and the City of Destruction still hadn’t returned.

Two years pa.s.sed, and then three. In the blink of an eye, five years had already pa.s.sed, and someone suggested that Basel, the chief judge of the Tower of Dusk, take over the position of the president of the Tower of Dusk. However, Basel rejected that suggestion because in his heart, as well as in those of Gavin and the others of the Tower of Dusk, they would only ever recognize Lin Li as their president.

On this day, the vampire Norfeller stepped out of the Black Front Fortress of the Eternal Furnace, and appeared in front of Basel and the others for the first time in five years. However, when facing the crowd that was full of expectation, Norfeller merely said, “Basel, Master wants you to take over as the president of the Tower of Dusk. We want to follow him.”

After saying that, Norfeller disappeared in front of the crowd together with Uljfalusi and the Retribution Knights in the Black Front Fortress.

A few months later, Basil officially took over the position of the president of the Tower of Dusk, becoming the second president. The various forces of the Breezy Plains, the Supreme Council, Brilliance Shrine, Darkness Shrine, Ledin Kingdom, and Felan Kingdom, and even the Gilded Kingdom and Kingdom of Rotterdam, had sent emissaries to attend the inauguration ceremony.

However, such a pompous and grand ceremony didn’t make Basel and the others happy at all. Instead, it put great pressure on them. After all, the Tower of Dusk now was no longer the same as what it used to be when Lin Li was present. Now, the major forces had all sent their emissaries only because of Lin Li. They were still showing some respect to the Tower of Dusk now because of Lin Li, but what about it in the long run? Therefore, securing the current status of the Tower of Dusk was still a difficult task for Basel and the others.

However, the Tower of Dusk was developing well now. Not only did they have a Mage Legion comprising of Legendary-mages, they had also recruited many magic geniuses in the last five years. With the various resources left behind by Lin Li, the future of the Tower of Dusk would definitely be glorious and promising as long as nothing went terribly wrong. They could definitely become a powerful force on par with the Supreme Council.

Of course, more importantly, even though Lin Li was no longer in the Tower of Dusk, many people knew that he didn’t get into a mishap during the catastrophe. The Divine Punishment that had shrouded the entire world had not only saved Anril, but also became a huge deterrence left behind by Lin Li.

Afterwards, Lin Li became a mythical figure in Anril, right after the Immortal King and Geresco. On the other hand, the Tower of Dusk also became a magical sacred land in Anril, which was a fact that no one could ignore.

After the inauguration ceremony of Basel, Gerian sighed and returned to his room, where he looked out the window at the lively scene of the bustling magic city. However, he felt more and more depressed because he knew that Lin Li, who was even more cunning than himself, was now a G.o.d who was high and mighty. Hence, Gerian was no longer sad about Lin Li’s departure, but when he recalled the first time he met Lin Li, followed by the auction of potions that they went to, and then the time they dealt with the Merlin Family, he couldn’t help but be emotional, because it all seemed to have happened just yesterday.

“d.a.m.n, Felic, you rascal, you went to become a G.o.d. What’s so fun about that? It’s been such a long time, why haven’t you come back to visit!?” Gerian cursed, but he suddenly turned his head to look at the table at the side, seemingly having sensed something. At this moment, there was suddenly a vial with potion glowing with white rays of light on the table that had originally been empty.

Gerian took two steps forward, reached out, and picked up the potion before scanning every inch of the room, only to realize that there was nothing unusual. He then lowered his head and looked carefully at the potion that had popped up out of nowhere, only to see a small line of words appearing on the potion bottle—”Super v.i.a.g.r.a, restore the masculinity of men! Old man, time to find yourself a partner!”.

Who’s pulling a prank on me? That was Gerian’s first reaction, but he soon noticed that this potion bottle wasn’t ordinary, and seemed to be the Dream Crystal potion bottle that Lin Li used to use exclusively.

One reason that Gerian was so certain about it was naturally because he had seen such a potion bottle at Lin Li’s place before. Another reason was that the Dream Crystal was so rare that it was probably difficult to find another potion bottle like that in Anril. Even if there were other Dream Crystal potion bottles, who would pull a prank on him with such a precious item?

Gerian did not go around looking for Lin Li again, because he knew that there was naturally a reason Lin Li chose not to appear. Even if he tried to find him, his efforts would be in vain. He could only hold the potion bottle up and look out the window at the sky with some tears in his eyes while he started cursing.

In the jungle of the Haiga Mountain Range, a small team of adventurers and a group of magical beasts were fighting intensely with each other. There was a burly black-bear-like man who was more than two meters tall standing in front of the team while brandishing a large double-edged sword that looked like a door. It split an Arrow-back Magic Lizard in two.

However, after the giant killed another demon lizard, a suit of armor that could not have been hidden in the demon lizard’s carca.s.s magically dropped out of it. The giant swept away the numerous demon lizards that charged over, reached out, and picked up the armor, only to be stunned. Clearly, he was confused about how it came about.

An old man walked over from behind the giant and patted his back. “Sean, if I’m not mistaken, this armor should be the Dark Gold Magic Dragon Armor that your friend bought at the Gilded Kingdom’s auction back then. I didn’t expect that he would give this armor to you using such a method.”

Sean snapped back to his senses, and turned his head to look at the old man, still baffled and bewildered. He asked, “Are you saying that this armor was sent by Mr. Felic? But how did he manage to shove such a large armor into the lizard’s belly? He could have just handed it to me personally, it’s been such a long time since I last saw him.”

“He’s a G.o.d, what can he not do? If you want to see him, you have to work hard, and maybe you can become a G.o.d like him too one day.” The old man sighed, and patted Sean’s back again because he wasn’t tall enough to reach his shoulders.

“Yes, I will, I said before that I still want to be Mr. Felic’s follower!” Sean nodded with determination, as if becoming a G.o.d was just as common a goal to him as moving up a rank.

In the Sky Garden of the Supreme Council, Speaker Andoine headed to his pharmaceutical lab as usual after handling the matters of the council. However, when he walked into the lab, and was about to challenge himself by concocting an advanced potion, he stood in front of the concoction table and was stunned.

There was a notebook on the table, on which there were several large words written on it—”The Book Of The Great Potion Divine Smith, Felic”. Andoine was suddenly a little excited. It’s been so many years, is that rascal finally willing to pa.s.s down the secret potion formula to me?

Andoine’s hand trembled as he opened the notebook, and flipped straight to the last page in a bid to see if he could concoct a Master-level or even a Guru-level potion. However, there was no potion formula on the page that he flipped to, but a line of words written in red—”To refine a Guru-level potion, you have to start from the basics. Teacher, if you don’t want to blow up the Sky Garden one day, you have to start learning pharmaceutics from the basics!”.

Later on, Andoine discovered that regardless of which page he turned to, he could only see that same line of words. The basic pharmaceutical theory was written only on the first page, making it the only proper content of the entire notebook. In other words, he couldn’t browse the contents of the notebook freely as he pleased. Instead, he would have to reach a certain level of proficiency in pharmaceutics before he could read the content of the next part of the book.

“I have been concocting potions for so many years, and no matter what, I should be considered a senior pharmacist, right? Yet, he wants me to start learning from the first page!” Andoine griped, but he had no choice but to accept the arrangement, because he discovered that the contents of the first page were actually all things he did not understand.

In the Emerald Tower of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, President Kevin had just finished his meditation and walked out of the meditation room. Along the way, he greeted the mages of the Guild of Magic, and returned to the top floor of the tower.

Standing on the terrace and looking out at the small Jarrosus City, Kevin couldn’t help but look into the distance while lamenting emotionally. Who would have thought that a mage from such a small and remote place would leave and become a mythical figure alongside Geresco?

Kevin looked away and turned around to return to the room with the intention of reading through the several magic books that the Tower of Dusk had sent to them. However, apart from the magic books, there was surprisingly a peculiarly shaped staff which was about 50 or 60 centimeters long on the table. It was dark red in color, with a cloisonné handle and an egg-sized gemstone embellished on the top.

“Is this the… Helios’ Scepter?” This staff on Kevin’s desk surprisingly resembled the Helios’ Scepter that Lin Li had once used greatly. Or rather, this was perhaps the Helios’ Scepter itself.

Although Lin Li had burned even the Helios’ Scepter in the Fire of Faith in order to launch the seven pieces of the debris of the stars in unison during the battle with Geresco, he had since become a G.o.d, so it was a piece of cake for him to craft another Helios’ Scepter, especially with his high attainments in forging.

Lin Li’s figure appeared in the sky above the Great Whirlpool without the aura of a G.o.d at all. The City of Destruction had surprisingly also shrunk to the size of a fist as it hovered and revolved above his shoulders. He looked away from Jarrosus City, and glanced at the sky and earth before finally making his way up to the sky step by step, as if he were walking up a stairway to Heaven. Finally, he vanished from this world together with the Great Whirlpool.

Ring, ring, ring!

Upon the crisp and clear ringing of a bell, a hand reached out from under the duvet, and smacked the top of the alarm clock.

Lin Li got out of bed, got dressed, and walked to the window where he pulled open the curtains and looked at the skysc.r.a.pers outside, followed by the endless traffic of vehicles cruising on the road below. The experience that he had in Anril was just like a dream, and the only proof of its existence was the City of Destruction, which was hovering and rotating on the table beside him. If one were to look at it through a magnifying gla.s.s, they would find that knights in armor were carrying out a drill in the parade square in the fist-sized city, looking like a bunch of ants.

Norfeller, who was clad in a butler attire, knocked on the door and entered. He respectfully said, “Master, breakfast is ready.”

“Okay, I’ll head downstairs soon,” Lin Li answered, but he didn’t move. Instead, he looked out of the window at the rising sun, and muttered to himself, “The supreme law! How am I going to break the supreme law of this world?”

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