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Chapter 762 Fate Transformation, Heavenly Treasure

762 Fate Transformation, Heavenly Treasure Holy Dragon

"Little Gold, what are you waiting for!" Lin Ye shouted angrily.

"Ah, oh."

In the sky, the Golden Dragon of Luck was also stunned by this huge amount of luck.

He did not expect that a mere Nightshade would bring such terrifying luck even after entering the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm.

Immediately after, ecstasy surged into his heart.

Nightshade's advancement had made it hungry. Fortunately, its master did not favor one over the other.

After Nightshade successfully evolved, she gave him a large wave of super luck.

"That girl Nightshade, don't think that you can underestimate the world's dragons just because you've obtained the Ancestral Dragon's inheritance. I, Little Gold, won't lose to her!"

"Of course, no matter what, we must not disappoint Master!"

"Advanced Thearch-grade Realm. If she can do it, so can I!" Little Gold secretly clenched its fists.

Although it was mostly thanks to Nightshade that it could obtain such a huge amount of super luck this time.

However, they were both dragons.

It did not want to fall behind Nightshade in terms of cultivation.

With this thought in mind, its eyes were firm. The scales on its entire body stretched out and devoured the majestic luck that a.s.saulted its face without restraint.

The edge of the cultivation realm barrier that he had already touched instantly rushed to the peak.


The thick barrier shook violently as if it had suffered a heavy blow.


"It hurts!"

Little Gold screamed.

Its breakthrough method was completely different from Nightshade's.

The latter was the upgrade golden light. Its energy was gentle and was most suitable for breaking through.

On the other hand, it had a spiritual body and a true dragon.

After it had materialized its body, it was now time for it to be cleansed from the cells and bloodline to the dragon body.

This kind of pain was no different from cramping and sc.r.a.ping his bones. It was so painful that it reached the depths of his bones. It was definitely not something the will of ordinary dragons could accept.

Fortunately, Little Gold was very hardworking. No matter how painful the evolution was, his beliefs were the same.

The evolution lasted for more than half an hour.

Finally, a loud dragon roar resounded throughout the entire s.p.a.ce.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In an instant, densely packed fate dragon shadows flashed in the void.

10,000 dragons soared into the sky with a monstrous aura.

Then, light leaked out.

A young man with a human body and a dragon head walked out.

"You can transform?" Lin Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled.

One had to know that the stronger a dragon's bloodline was, the longer it would take for them to transform.

Ordinary dragons only needed to become adults to transform into humans. Pure-blooded dragons had higher requirements and needed to reach the Venerable Realm.

True Dragons and Heavenly Dragons needed to be King-grades to do so. The nine dragon princes belonged to this category.

Those with the bloodline of the Divine Dragons had to reach the Emperor-grade Realm, and the Ancestral Dragon corresponded to the Thearch-grade Realm.

The Golden Dragon of Luck, Little Gold, had reached the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm.

It was obvious that the purity of this little fellow's bloodline was probably much stronger than the previous Dragon Emperors of the Dragon Race.

Furthermore, its appearance was still that of a human body and dragon head. The transformation had not been completed.

To properly transform fully into a human, it would probably have to reach the legendary Ancestral-grade Realm.

On the other side, Nightshade, who was swimming freely in the Dragon Race's laws, seemed to have sensed something. Her huge dragon body threw out layers of ripples, and countless law fragments turned into whip shadows that blasted towards Little Gold.

"Controlling laws... What's there to be proud of? I know how to do it too!"

Little Gold snorted coldly.

As an Advanced Thearch-grade Realm powerhouse, it would not be afraid of Nightshade even if she had the strongest Chaos Dragon bloodline among the dragons.

After all, he was also a dragon spirit with luck that was one in a billion.

In terms of rarity, it was even rarer than the Chaos Dragon.

It immediately clenched its five fingers.


The void trembled, and the s.p.a.ce was like boiling water. Countless spiritual energy particles surged, evaporating the whip shadows that had yet to approach.

"Hahaha, dragon spirit attaining the Dao. It's indeed powerful!"

In the distance, Nightshade strolled out of the shadows and chuckled, her beautiful face filled with admiration.

With the ancestral memories she had obtained from the Ancestral Dragon's inheritance, she had already heard about Little Gold's power after obtaining a special dragon body.

However, after seeing it for herself, she was still shocked.

One had to know that she had not only inherited the Ancestral Dragon Emperor's inheritance.

With the Chaotic Dragon Bloodline as the foundation and the Heavenly Ancestral Dragon Technique as the catalyst, she successfully stepped into the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm with the help of the Infinite Upgrade Golden Light.

In this state, she could even fight an Ancestral-grade expert of an ordinary race alone.

However, as soon as the Golden Dragon of Luck broke through, it was already on par with her. Apart from being shocked, it was also frightened by Lin Ye's foundation.

After all, the Golden Dragon of Luck was born with its master, and its source of power came from Lin Ye.

The more luck Lin Ye had, the stronger his bloodline and combat strength would be.

To be able to strengthen the illusory Golden Dragon of Luck to the level of a Chaos Dragon of the same price, it could be seen that Lin Ye's foundation had probably already surpa.s.sed the Dragon Race.

At the same time, she felt extremely lucky.

Fortunately, she had a discerning eye and built an alliance with Lin Ye before he fully took off.

Now, through the Five Elements Spirit Clan, she had even established "You're not bad yourself!"


Little Gold raised his chin proudly.

a marriage alliance with Lin Ye.

In the future, she, Nightshade, would definitely be the mistress of the Lin family.

"As expected of me. I'm really amazing!"

Nightshade could not help but praise her wise and wise decision.

"You're not bad yourself!"

Little Gold raised his chin proudly.

It was also very satisfied to be recognized by the new Empress of the Dragon Race.

They had both broken through.

In the distance, the Heavenly Treasure Sacred Dragon that was still bitterly devouring the Great Dao of Laws on the Great Dao of Calamity had a sour look.

Normally, it would laugh even in its dreams if it could devour the Dragon Race's Laws Fragments so fearlessly.

But now...

It was one thing for Nightshade to break through to the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm.

After all, this person had inherited the inheritance of the Ancestral Dragon and obtained the enlightenment of her ancestor. She had also helped Master Lin Ye cultivate the Innate Limitless Five Elements Divine Body and obtained a hundred times the feedback from Lin Ye.

With all of the above, it was only natural for her to break through to the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm.

However, Little Gold had clearly followed it in and out of the Calamity Great Dao to devour the law fragments.

However, now, with their master's help, it had directly taken off and reached the same realm as Nightshade.

It surpa.s.ses it in strategic and spiritual terms.

Compared to them, the law fragments in his mouth were no longer fragrant.

"Don't be anxious. The opportunity that belongs to you will arrive soon."

Lin Ye glanced at it and said indifferently.

These words were not meant to comfort the Heavenly Treasure Sacred Dragon. He had many ways to strengthen it.

For example, the Tong Tian Ancestral Dragon Bloodline Crystal.

After consuming the Tong Tian Ancestral Dragon Bloodline Crystal, one could instantly possess combat strength comparable to Nightshade.

Apart from that, the Heavenly Treasure Sacred Dragon was the same as the Golden Dragon of Luck. They both had special dragon bodies.a

As long as it had enough Treasure Aura, it could improve rapidly.

Now, Nightshade and Little Gold had both reached the Advanced Thearch-grade Realm. Their combat strength was comparable to ordinary Ancestral-grade Realm experts.

Coupled with the Dragon Race army and the enhancement of the Five Elements Race (read more at ) in the unsealed state, there was a high chance that they could conquer the temple left behind by the ancient G.o.ds.

If he remembered correctly, that temple contained many divine artifacts and treasures.

Once he obtained it, it would probably be easy for the Heavenly Treasure Sacred Dragon to surpa.s.s the Golden Dragon of Luck.


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