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Chapter 5 G.o.d Sacrificer

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Like usual, she fell down over and over again. But she didn't even wrinkle her brows. She was already used to it. Rather than hurting, she felt that it was actually quite funny. Moreover, she had walked for half an hour and had only fallen once, this already counted as pretty good. Patting the snow off her body, she stood up and smiled at Cutie, who was watching from the sidelines.

“Cutie, today I didn't do so bad!”

As she said this, she was climbing back up onto the wooden stakes. Her forehead was beaded with sweat. Even if she took off her clothes, she wouldn't have felt cold. Not only was the current her more resistant to the cold, but she also felt more effortless when she walked. She could walk across this ground, which always had thick snow lying atop it, as if it was a level road. It wasn't like before, when one foot was deep in the snow and the other was shallow. She no longer needed gege to carry her just to be able to go back home. Her results after a month of training made her very happy.

Thinking this far, Gu Weiyi felt even more energetic and she began to walk even faster. But she was completely unaware that all of her actions had fallen right into Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue's eyes, who were both hiding behind trees. They watched her body swaying as she tried to stay balanced on the wooden stakes, watched her tumbling onto the snow floor, and watched her clench her teeth whenever she fell. They thought of how abnormal she had been acting recently, how her body was filled with bruises, and how she refused to bathe with them. It must be because she was scared of them finding out about these injuries on her body! The woman they extremely spoiled didn't want to be their burden anymore and wanted to secretly become strong. Why did she always make them emotional and their hearts hurt? Why did she always make it so that had no other option but to dearly love her? Enough, it was really enough! If all the losses and humiliation they received in the past was able to be exchanged with her appearance, they would even be willing to experience more pain!

They then forced themselves to turn around and leave. They understood. They no longer needed to treat her like a weak girl whose eyes needed to be covered and wings needed to be snapped. Since the beginning, they had put her behind them in order to shield her, making it so that she relied on n.o.body else but them. But this method was wrong. In the world of romance, n.o.body was someone else's dependent and one wasn't stronger than the other. They were the same, equal.  So even if she also wanted to be their guard, it wasn't that she was overestimating her abilities, it was just that she loved them too much, so she wanted to try everything.

If Heaven's reason to give us life was just to meet you, then we're willing to give up the bitter hatred we feel for this world and only live for you.

After returning back to the cave, Gu Weiyi was certain that Xue Yunge and Xue Zhuyue hasn't returned yet. Relieved, she untied her clothes and began to bathe herself. After she finished bathing, she climbed onto the bed and hugged Cutie while thinking about the afternoon's cla.s.s. She had agreed to be the childrens' teacher, so she couldn't back out now. She wanted to be warm to them and teach them how to behave themselves. Everyday, she would recite a story before teaching them how to read. This didn't require much effort on her part. In any case, it was really quite boring everyday here in Xue Yu country's forest.

What story should she tell? Lying on the Ice to Fetch Carp? Teaching the children to respect and love their parents and to understand filial piety was good to teach the children. Picking up a piece of paper and homemade pencil lying on the dressing table, Gu Weiyi began to write down what she remembered of Lying on the Ice to Fetch Carp. After writing the story down, she also made some notes and explanations to the story. Unknowingly to her, time had flown away.

A warm breath tingled the edge of her ear and Gu Weiyi let out a slight laugh, “Ge has returned ah. Right now I'm doing this afternoon's lesson plans and explanations. Can you tell me if it's good or not?”

“Not good!”

Before she could react, Xue Yunge pulled her into his embrace and tightly hugged her. With his strength, she was barely able to breathe. With great difficulty, Gu Weiyi returned his hug and disconcertingly asked, “Ge, what's wrong?”

There was no response. Gu Weiyi felt a twinge of anxiety but still allowed him to hug her as she carefully pacified him. Gege had always been strong and unwavering. In front of her, they had never shown any weakness, making it so she never had to feel anxious about them. How come this time, she was able to clearly feel the intense emotions boiling around in their hearts? It was complex, making it hard for her to figure out.

Strangely enough, Second Brother wasn't here. Gu Weiyi felt some doubt. Their actions were very strange today ah!

Just as Gu Weiyi was worrying about this, she heard Xue Zhuyue's voice traveling closer to them. She looked up and saw his white clothed self walking over to them. “This afternoon, you need not go teach the kids. Gege has already requested a leave for you.”

“Request a leave? Why?” She asked, confused. What was up with gege today? They were acting so strange.

“Today, gege won't go out hunting. We want to accompany Yi Yi.” Xue Yunge responded, his head was currently buried in her neck as he tightly hugged her, making his voice sound a bit stuffy when he responded. Accompany her ah? Gu Weiyi felt her some happiness flood into her heart. Even if they did nothing but hug each other in bed all day, she would still feel happy!

After a good while pa.s.sed, Xue Yunge released his hold on Gu Weiyi and sat up. His seductive, purple eyes were no longer. Instead, in their place, were a pair of black eyes that felt like a pool which was impossible to swim out of. After silently looking at Gu Weiyi for a couple moments, Xue Yunge hesitatingly said, “Does Yi Yi want to practice martial arts?”

The color of Gu Weiyi's face immediately changed and she timidly asked, “Ge, you guys knew?”

She didn't expect that they would find out so quickly. She was even worried that they would oppose her choice and would even think that she was hurting herself. They loved her dearly and didn't want her to suffer any hardships. Practicing martial arts required a lot of physical strength and they were worried about her body being unable to bear it!

“Ge, I want to learn martial arts. I don't want to be a burden on you. I don't want to be the ignorant woman who only knows to hide behind you two. I want to become strong, so much so that I can protect you two!” She stared right into Xue Yunge's eyes as she firmly stated this. As long as she became strong, she had no need to fear consequences. Her original idea to live as a rice weevil had already been destroyed by reality. In this strong eats weak world, the existence of something weak was impossible. She no longer wanted to be the simple and ignorant Gu Weiyi. She already clearly saw this fact.

In her dark eyes, there was a strong presence of determination. Xue Yunge saw this and clearly understood that her determination was for them. In that case, what reason did they have to continue shielding her hidden radiance? She was originally supposed to be a phoenix that soared into the highest of the heavens. They should no longer hide her away in the dark and neglect her brilliant wings.

“Gege consents. Gege also wants Yi Yi's protection!” Xue Yunge murmured to her, his smile especially soft. Xue Zhuyue stepped forward and carefully took off Gu Weiyi's shoe to expose her swollen and ulcerated jade feet. Great distress immediately engulfed his weak lotus and pure face.

His slender hands reached forward to softly caress her injuries. He also lowered his face to drop a couple warm kisses on them. This was their Yi Yi ah!

Love wasn't about possessing and shackling someone. It wasn't about constantly thinking about ones personal gains and losses. Once you believe in love, you should unhesitatingly trust and care about each other. Because romance made everyone at an equal status ah! You belong to me just as I belong to you. We'd be willing to pay our life just to protect the other.

With their romance being like this, how could they measure love? Perhaps a three-person romance, for others, was painful. But for them, apart from romance, there was also the affection that made it feel as if their bodies and souls were connected. This taboo was something the secular world couldn't make any sense of. But even if it was like this, they wouldn't give each other up. They loved each other so much it hurt. But even so, everything seemed to turn insignificant the moment they hugged each other.

Xue Yu Country was bitterly cold all year. It was the country that never experienced spring. But the people here loved snow. They even believed in a Snow G.o.d. Rumor had it that the Snow G.o.d had silver hair and blue eyes. Because the Snow G.o.d was female, she also earned the nickname Blue Eyed Snow Woman. It was precisely Snow Woman's protection that kept Xue Yu Country alive for so long. So long as there was Snow Woman, everything in Xue Yu would be doing well. And the Teacher of the Nation was the Snow Woman's messenger. The Teacher of the Nation was the sole individual who could communicate with the Snow Woman and deliver her divine instructions, thus making them sacred messengers. Because of this, the Teacher of the Nation's status was very high up. But apart from the Teacher of the Nation, Xue Yu also had someone who offered sacrifice to the G.o.d. Their sole role was just to offer sacrifices to the Snow Woman.

Castle-like courtyards and white, wide, dome-shaped buildings towered above the ground, making it all seem especially magnificent and mysterious. This was located in Xue Yu's capital, Lin Lang. Apart from the G.o.d Sacrificer, n.o.body could enter this building without the Teacher of the Nation's permission. Even the Xue Emperor couldn't enter this shrine–– Plucking Star Pavilion. After pa.s.sing through several magnificent and complicated lofts, one would appear in front of the Teacher of the Nation's study. Pa.s.sing by the slightly opened window, one could spot a slender figure sitting behind a desk inside the study. His silver hair looked like snow and his jade-like fingers were flipping through a navy blue book.

In the enormous Plucking Star Pavilion, apart from a couple of servants who waited upon the Teacher of the Nation, there weren't many other people. This place was sacred and no ordinary person could just enter. All the people who served the Teacher of the Nation were all girls of marriageable age. Apart from waiting upon the Teacher of the Nation, they also were expected to serve him in bed.

Every ten years, Plucking Star Pavilion would select beautiful girls of marriageable age, from Xue Yu, whose conduct also fit that of a servant. Moreover, only ten girls would be picked each time. To be able to serve the Teacher of the Nation was the dream of all girls in Xue Yu. In front of the Teacher of the Nation, even Xue Yu's most beautiful girl would be ashamed of her appearance!

Hurried footsteps sounded out and accompanying them was a girl's weak, begging voice, “G.o.d Sacrificer daren [1], the Teacher of the Nation is currently very busy. Could you please come again tomorrow?”

“Go away!”

In one swoop, he pushed the weak woman in front of him away. The expression of black clothed youth, who wanted to break the door down, deepened. But he was unable to deny the fact that he still thought this woman was beautiful, even when he was angry. She had an elegant and slim face, fair skin, mild eyebrows, and a pair of bright eyes that looked as if they were made of black crystals. But, the viciousness lurking deep in her eyes ruined eyes that would've otherwise taken breaths away. The man possessed exquisitely soft skin and cherry pink lips. If he changed into women's clothes, this youth would turn out to be an exceptionally beautiful person. The woman who had been pushed aside by him and fell onto the floor and her thin wrist began bleeding. It was obvious that the youth had used too much strength. Unexpectedly, even when facing this beautiful person, he lacked any tender feelings for the fairer s.e.x. But, even though the woman was injured, she still didn't give up and hugged the youth's leg.

“G.o.d Sacrificer daren, nubi [2] is begging you!” The Teacher of the Nation was currently reading. On ordinary days, he loathed whenever someone made a racket during his reading time. If she allowed G.o.d Sacrificer daren to enter, it would be her that would lose her job. But, she also couldn't go against G.o.d Sacrificer daren because he also possessed a majestic status. How could her, an insignificant female, contradict him?

“Alright G.o.d Sacrificer.”

A voice that sounded as comfortable as a soft breeze was heard alongside the sound of a door swinging open. The two of them swiveled their head around and saw a white clothed male walking out. He possessed a head full of shiny, silver hair that looked like snow. When he turned his head and exposed his features, a beautiful face appeared.

No matter who the person was, when they saw such an appearance, they would inevitably feel moved. He possessed a beauty that was indescribable. He had tilting, sword eyebrows that flew into his temples, silver, heavenly eyes that were like the stars in the night sky, giving off a mysterious and enticing feeling. He had white jade-like skin; a straight, up-turned nose; slightly pursed red lips. Nowhere on his entire body was there not a beautiful feature. He was like a gust of wind, bringing warmth to people, but by the time they turned around, he was already gone. Even though he was so warmly looking at you, it still; felt so endlessly barren.

You could only look at him from afar, you couldn't go touch him ah!

He seemed to not see the youth's obvious impatience and anger painted on his face. Instead, he focused his attention on the fallen servant. Bending down, he fished out a hand towel and wrapped it around the woman's injury. His gentle movements and rapt attention caused the woman's face to flush as she looked up at him with an infatuated stare and her heart bursting with feelings. Not only was the person the most admired in Xue Yu, he was also the G.o.d in this little servant's heart ah!

“Qian Ya Mu!” The impatient voice sounded out from the cold youth, who was currently clenching his teeth. His voice surprised the woman, who immediately returned back to reality and stammeringly said, “G.o.d.. G.o.d Sacrificer daren.. How can you.. Directly yell out the Teacher of the Nation's formal name!” Not only was this a great disrespect, it was also a serious crime ah. The Teacher of the Nation could directly deal with this disrespectful person, he could even directly overlook Xue Yu's laws when he did so! Did G.o.d Sacrificer daren no longer want his life?

“Alright.” Finished with tending to her hand, the Teacher of the Nation, Qian Ya Mu, smiled and stood up, “You may leave first.”

“Yes.” Looking at the hand towel wrapped around her arm, the woman felt both happy and timid. She cast one more glance at him before reluctantly leaving.

As she was departing, she failed to see that the perfect, G.o.d  in her heart's eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. She also failed to see him taking out another hand towel and wiping his hands before throwing it out without a second thought. He acted as if he had come across something filthy.

The beautiful youth looked on with a disdainful smile, his eyes filled with ridicule. Such a fake person ah. In this world, who wasn't like this? It was so nauseating, it made people sick!

“Our great Teacher of the Nation is truly very good-natured and universally loving ah!”

Not understanding the youth's tanting, the male's face was still as calm as before. So much so that it would even make people think he was gentle. He faintly opened his mouth, his voice as clear as water, “Does G.o.d Sacrificer not have any important matters when coming to my humble office today?”

“Heng, Qian Ya Mu. You still dare to act in such a manner the provokes the Heavens and makes others sympathize for you. I can't stand your fake good-naturedness! Furthermore, don't call me G.o.d Sacrificer!” Pain and hatred shone in the youth's eyes. Heng, the so-called G.o.d Sacrificer was so precious to everyone else.

But he couldn't see it! It looked so high up, but it was nothing but an offering. He had to endure that sort of change, bear endless torture, and endure unlimited loneliness. If he could choose to, he would become an ordinary person, even if he had to sacrifice all his esteemed ident.i.ties. He didn't want to go and be someone who had no future and would become a sacrifice!

Qian Ya Mu's expression still didn't change, nor did he get angry over his disrespect. He merely opened his mouth and faintly replied, “This is your destiny.” His beautiful, red lips spit out words that acted like a silent dagger, which pierced right into the youth's heart. It was just this pain that he couldn't bear.

That's right, this was his destiny. The fate he couldn't outrun! He entire existence was just to be a sacrifice. He didn't have his own sense of ident.i.ty, all he did was live for others. He enjoyed endless respect and riches, but it all wasn't the freedom he yearned for.

The study was serene and simple without losing it's elegance. Neatly arranged on bookshelves were all precious books, each of them a collector's item. Sitting behind the desk, located near the window showcasing the garden, Qian Ya Mu watched the calm-faced youth in front of him. The room's atmosphere faintly indicated an underlying tension that was practically about to burst.

“I want to remove my destiny to be a G.o.d Sacrificer!” At last, his words left his mouth. In his beautiful eyes, there was firm determination that he held onto. Despite any possible outcomes, he wanted to be a normal person and travel the world. He didn't want to be confined to a shrine, acting as a lonely guard. “You truly have such a determination? Regardless of everything? Even if it results in death, you still want to remove your fate of being a G.o.d Sacrificer?” Qian Mu Ya slowly said these words. It sounded like he was trying to entice the youth, but his words actually carried an undercurrent of threat in them. The beautiful youth hesitated for a moment before he resolutely nodded his head.

“Teacher of the Nation, you're Xue Yu's most respected senior, you definitely know how to get rid me of my fate.” Tightly pursuing his soft, pink lips, the youth's face flashed with unwillingness and humiliation. His two hands tightened. “I'm begging you.”

He was begging him. He had already used up all his strength. For his freedom, he was willing to give up his pride and dignity. Even it it made his arrogant heart shudder, he didn't regret it.

The beautiful, immortal-like man looked at the unyielding youth before him. His lips flattened out and a cold smile streaked through his eyes. His red lips slightly opened to spit out some enticing words.

“If you desire so.”

In the dense forest of Xue Yu, one by one, little spheres spread throughout the snowy ground, bringing a new sort of vitality in this frozen world. Listening to the soft rustle of falling snow as they spun and danced around the snowy floor was a type of romantic thing.

In the middle of Xue Yu forest, two white figures flashed and disappeared. It was so fast that, if seen by others, they would only think they were hallucinating. It was merely the snowflakes left flying behind them that affirmed something had really just pa.s.sed by. The quick, white figures were like a burst of wind. In the open air, there was the clear sound that sounded similar to a bell ringing, leaving behind an echo.

“Okay Cutie, it's here, let's rest.”

A foot lightly touched down, onto the ground. A tiny branch supported the weight of a white clothed female, but unexpectedly, it didn't make any motions of moving. With her wide sleeves fluttering, a woman's figure carefreely moved about, seemingly like a snow fairy, free of dust. A pair of slender hands loosened it's hold on the tree and a figure soon jumped down from a branch and directly onto a white tiger's back, her face completely filled with leisure.

In front of her was a snow mountain with hundreds of trees growing atop it. Because this mountain was so far out, Gu Weiyi felt that she wouldn't have even known of this place's existence if she hadn't been running around everywhere in an effort to practice her qinggong. Although the scenery here was the same in all four directions, the one strange part about this place was that the trees growing here were exceptionally thick. Ignoring the snow, the trunk of the average tree here was approximately ten centimeters wide. Furthermore, a strange substance even coated her hands when she touched it.

She flipped her palms over to take a closer look and saw a glossy, black lump in her hands. Upon closer inspection, she noticed fine vein lines on it. Regarding this thing, Gu Weiyi felt somewhat anxious in her heart. But her anxiety was mixed together with a type of excitement. Wasn't this coal?

Unexpectedly, there was coal buried here! Emotionally stirred, Gu Weiyi quickly bent down and dug at the snowy ground with her hands. Cutie doubtfully looked at her actions, but nevertheless, she still went over to help her. Together, the two of them used two or four limbs, respectively, to dig at the snowy ground.

Sure enough! Sure enough it was exactly as she thought! Underneath this patch of precious land, there was coal mine that had been sitting there for who knew how many years ah! Gu Weiyi was so excited she nearly shouted out. With this precious piece of land, they would no longer needed to be scared of any future catastrophes.

The entirety of Xue Yu could only rely on burning logs to keep warm. But, now that she had a coal mine, then based on her knowledge and gege's strength, if she wanted to monopolize Xue Yu's energy industry or even become the richest person, it was entirely possible. Countless ideas began to flood into her mind, just like snowflakes forming and falling to the ground. Gu Weiyi's eyes glistened and shone. If her plans were actually achieved, heavens ah.. Such immense attraction. Unexpectedly, it actually moved her usually cheerless heart.

Right now, she had to go back and really think about how to form a strong castle and nation for herself and gege. So strong that even the world's imperial powers wouldn't be able to move it. The current her was no longer a helpless woman whose hands were bound. After a hard two years alongside geges' meticulous guidance, she was no longer the same person as before. This time, she didn't want to be a burden to them. She didn't want to get played and killed by others! Thinking of that warm breeze-like and tender male, she recalled how he faintly smiled as he died in her embrace. Gu Weiyi knew that he would never disappear. He was buried in her heart with untouchable pain and grief.

Those bitter experiences weren't forgotten, it was just that she didn't bear to recall them. She was scared of pain. Scared of herself turning into a person whose heart only held hatred. Scared that their tranquil life would be shattered. But she no longer needed to avoid it. Their life had always been filled with danger. Two years prior, they lacked any ability and time. In that case, just let everything start now. She would establish a power that could contend against that person. For the former humiliation and pain they forced. For that pa.s.sed life. For her heart, who didn't have time to express her apologies and grief.

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. But, I don't love you.

Curbing her sorrowful thoughts, Gu Weiyi forced herself to smile. If she let gege know that she felt distress on Mu Yalun's behalf, the two of them would definitely feel hurt and would eat vinegar [3]. Regarding the fact that he died for her, gege were grateful, but they were also rejecting toward it. That's right ah, he was someone who Gu Weiyi began caring for, but he was a male, so he was their enemy. Even though he was already dead, he still held a place in her heart, he still occupied some remote corner. They wished that apart from themselves, her heart held no others. That intense desire to hold all her heart was because they were still scared she would leave. Scared that the thing they grasped in their hands was nothing but air.

But she didn't know how to displace their restlessness. She wouldn't blame them for harboring doubts though. It was just that they dearly loved her. Even though they already possessed her, they couldn't help the fear that they would no longer see her one day. This was their fear. It was a fear that developed from their childhood. What reason did she have to go and question their love ah?

“Let's go Cutie.” Right now, she no longer had the time to grieve. Furthermore, she had nothing to grieve about. Weren't they already together? Therefore, she had to cherish these precious moments of happiness ah!

After practicing martial arts with gege for two years, Gu Weiyi was the strongest at qinggong. This qinggong was what she had taken a few years prior, Cloud Dance. It had earned it's name because it was just like lively dancing on clouds. Apart from that, she also learned some quanjiao [4]. It was an a.s.sa.s.sin's technique for it had the ability to take someone's life. It could also allow someone to gain the upper-hand in just one move. Fortunately, she had studied medicine and poisons, so she knew the human body's most important parts, joints, and positions. If she met someone with violent intentions towards herself, it was no longer a difficult situation. Learning from the last time, she started to point countless types of poisons all over her entire body. In any case, both her and gege were immune to the most common poisons, so they had no need to worry. Her weapon was the unexpected needle. It was as fast as a bullet and administered poison when it met it's target. She was certain that n.o.body could escape from her clutches.

This time, there was no room for kindness nor innocence. Since gege were the only two people she cared about, whether everyone else lived or died had no a.s.sociation with her. She would no longer tolerate such a weak way of going down. She, Gu Weiyi, had never been an angel.

Gege were no longer concerned about her going out alone. Surrounding them were nothing more than simple, hunting families. Apart from some violent animals in the woods, nothing else was a threat toward her. Speaking of internal strength, Gu Weiyi brought Cutie and hurriedly flew over to a hole in the ice.

Emotionally stirred, she wrote down her thoughts on a piece of paper. Gu Weiyi's heart was so exceptionally moved as she thought of the grand occasion in the future, she couldn't help but feel motivated. Such a way of thinking already overcame her initial dream of being a rice weevil. In this moment, she could understand a bit of Lan Sheng Ling's thirst for power.

But, with a cold smile on her face, a glimmer of ridicule flashed through her eyes. She, Gu Weiyi, didn't plan on owning power. Owning power would only lead to being confused by the power's enticing outer appearance. She wanted to hold power in the palm of her hand, completely being able to toy and clap as she wished. This way, she would be able to arrogantly laugh at the entire world!

[1] daren – a t.i.tle of respect used to address seniors/superiors
[2] nubi – meaning 'slave servant'
[3] eat vinegar – be jealous
[4] quanjiao – Chinese boxing; translates literally to 'fist and feet'

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