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Chapter 4
Mu-eun's breath caught in his throat at the sight before him. He just couldn't take his eyes off her chest. His body swelled up with desire at the sight of her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s and snow-white skin that sparkled like the moonlight during a full moon.

He reached out and grabbed her chest with his hands. He felt an immense satisfaction at the warm skin that filled his hands. How could a person's skin be so tender and soft! He couldn't believe this ecstatic feeling.


Hyoung groaned weakly as his grasp on her chest tightened. Every time his calloused hand roughly grazed over her soft skin, the sensation it incited was rather more strange than painful. He was only teasing her bosom, but it was the tips of her fingers that were tingling with strange sensations. Her fingers flinched.

Her two arms had been long freed, but they refused to move and rested limply on the bed.


Hyoung gave out a startled scream. He suddenly swallowed one of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and sucked it hard as if he wanted to devour it whole into his stomach. He clamped his lips over her nipple, gently nibbling, and then nudging it with the tip of his tongue.


A faint moan escaped Hyoung's lips as the tip of his tongue teased her nipples.  Her body jumped up at the strange stimulus. However, the man who had climbed up on her body was like a huge rock. She was pressed down on the bed and couldn't even move a little.

A more lewd wet sound rang in her ears than the time when he bit and sucked her lips. Her face turned red. Even though she tried to stay as still as possible, her waist swayed by itself.

With her eyes closed, she imagined that her soul had escaped out of her body and was looking down at herself in the air.  The scene of a half-naked man and woman entangled together with the man sucking and teasing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s was very vulgar.

She shuddered with shame. Since she couldn't move her body, she could only flail her limp arms in the air. When she felt something touch her fingers, she quickly groped at it recklessly.

The object she felt with her fingers was hard as well as soft. It rose and fell, then widened and narrowed. There was a peculiar suppleness in its every uneven curve and b.u.mp.

Since she couldn't see it with her closed eyes, she focused only on the sensation she felt with her hands. Her hands that were moving forward were abruptly stopped by a pillar. She realized too late that the things she was groping were nothing but Mu-eun's shoulder, clavicle, and nape.

A fierce beast-like purring sound rumbled throughout the room. Surprised by the unexpected sound, Hyoung quickly withdrew her hand. By the time she understood that the ringing voice came from his throat, the weight pressing down on her body increased.

“You have a knack for provoking men.”

From his raspy, low-pitched voice, he seemed mad for some reason. Mu-eun slightly raised his body and again greedily devoured her fl.u.s.tered lips. He slammed his lips down on hers hard, completely restraining her.


His tongue licked her lips and prodded her mouth open. Mu-eun roughly licked around the inside of her mouth, poking the back of her tongue. Completely absorbed in the kiss, he rubbed his tongue against hers and sucked as if he was going to pull it out of her mouth. Hyoung felt gooseb.u.mps every time he sucked her tongue intensely.

If the previous kiss felt like touching here and there, like a small exploration, this time it was quite aggressive. He swallowed even the breath that almost escaped through their perfectly interlocked lips. Hyoung felt like a prey that was being chased. She felt like she couldn't flee anywhere.

His large hand grabbed her breast drenched with saliva, then kneaded and played with it to his heart's content. He squeezed them hard as if they belonged to him, then released them and grabbed them again. He then tugged at her hardened nipples and rubbed them between his calloused fingers.


A nasal groan leaked out from her throat.  She fell into a fearful but thrilling contradiction.

Before she knew it, his hands were all over her body. His lips briskly moved over her face. He bit her lips, then kissed her on the chin, and then bit and sucked her earlobes.

His hand, which had been teasing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, wrapped around her round shoulder, and moved down to the curve of her waist along her armpit. Whenever the rough calluses on his palm scratched her skin, it incited a tickling and thrilling sensation.

She gasped, breathing raggedly through her parted lips. No one had ever touched her body so freely. She now vaguely understood what the couple's night play was.

Hyoung slightly opened her eyes. But when she did so, what came into her view was the bridge of Mu-eun's nose as he tilted his head to kiss her. She suddenly felt shy and closed her eyes again. Her heart pounded with an emotion different from shame.

The insides of her leg had been weakly throbbing since earlier, but now it had become feverishly hot. The underwear covering her genitals had incontinently become damp.

“………When the woman's body is completely ready for the s.e.xual union, it heats up like a fever, and water begins to flow from the genital area. It is natural…”

The nanny's voice, which was ringing in her head, disappeared again as he tore off her last underpants. A chill swept over her body. Now, the only thing that covered Hyoung's body was a single sokgot1 that was as big as a palm.


Hyoung screamed in surprise. His hand came into the flimsy sokgot and covered her core. His finger penetrated the damp s.p.a.ce between her pubic hair. She was shocked to know that the union between men and women was something like this.


She bit her lower lip at the strange feeling of a foreign body burrowing into her body. Long, hard fingers slipped in one by one and rubbed the walls near her entrance. The fingers that had been momentarily pulled out, again came in deeper and stayed in for a while.

Her chin, which was facing the side, was suddenly grabbed and turned to face him. His lips pressed against hers from above, swallowing them whole. As their tongues intertwined, his fingers picked up their speed.

With her sweet fluids as a lubricant, the small opening easily sucked in his fingers. His fingers pressed down on her damp inner walls, and like a stick, lifted up her l.a.b.i.a and gently caressed them. He then rolled the small bud hidden inside with his fingertips.

“Heung, um…….”

Under the relentless kiss that barely gave her any room to breathe, Hyoung gradually reached her peak. The insides of her mouth where his tongue touched were feverish, and the bottom, where his fingers jabbed in and out was also feverish.

Hyoung didn't realize that her legs were getting wider. Her body jolted up and down, hoping for something.


As her little lower mouth widened further, she felt a tingling pain that made her frown.

When her body stiffened, Mu-eun pulled out his fingers. He had only put in two fingers, but her inner walls were too narrow. At this rate, it seemed that his thing would not even be able to enter.

Her lower body was dripping with water and her warm juices were trickling down her legs. But her body was still tense. He had been told that if the bride's body was not properly prepared before the act, then the union would most likely fail.

Mu-eun just couldn't take it any longer. He was so heavily aroused that he was now starting to have difficulty in breathing. The mere imagination of her tight inner walls clamping on his thing just like how they did with his fingers made him shudder in excitement.

He reached into his pants and grasped the hardened p.e.n.i.s in his hand. His big thing filled his hand and was not comparable to his two fingers.

He wanted to put it in. His waist tingled because he wanted to thrust into her softness right away.

He grabbed Hyoung's thighs, spread them apart, and lowered his head towards her waist. He crashed his mouth to the slightly visible red flesh and sucked it in. A sweet and sour taste filled his mouth.


As she felt his tongue plunge into her entrance, Hyoung let out a startled moan. Her eyes widened in surprise.

'That, that place! He put his mouth there!'

“No… please don't do it, heup!”

Her eyes flashed at the strange sensation.

Traditional Korean undergarments. Here specifically, it is underwear.

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