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Chapter 261: Diversion (Part two)

Xu Cheng turned and left, and he used the card and got onto the elevator, heading straight to the monitoring room located on the 15th floor. There wrre several working areas that he had to pa.s.s through to get there, and each area had an automatic gla.s.s door that required either an employee's ID card or a fingerprint.

Xu Cheng looked up at the entire building as the elevator went up, and he saw that the floors above the 15th were important areas of the company with tight security and almost no blind spots in surveillance. If Xu Cheng wanted to go up, he must take care of the monitoring room first. The corporation CEO's safe was located on the 58th floor at his office, and it was a metal vault with a world-cla.s.s-level of security. On that floor, there were 20 private bodyguards guarding the corridor, all armed. There were 9 more by the office door, and one more on the corridor connecting the office to the vault. It was a bald man with tattoos who was wearing a suit, and this guy was probably the elite on the Sky Ranking list that Bei Shan was talking about.

After pa.s.sing two checkpoints by swiping his card, a guy came out from the monitoring room. Seeming a little suspicious of him, the guard pointed at Xu Cheng with an electric baton and said, “Hey, work is done for today, don't you know?”

Xu Cheng: “I forgot my work bag somewhere so I just came to ask if you guys saw it. Could I trouble you to check the surveillance to see what places I have been?”

The security was half-trusting of his words. “Show me your ID card.”

Xu Cheng pa.s.sed the card to him, and when the security was about to take it, Xu Cheng suddenly dashed behind the guard and wrapped the strip on the card around the guard's neck, immediately dragging him into a dark office room.

Soon, three people came out from the monitoring room and checked the corridor. One guy spoke into his mic and said, “Attention, a stranger might've got into the building.”

Then, the bald man upstairs heard that and said to four of the armed bodyguards, “Go down and check.”

When the three security guards cautiously walked into the office which their co-worker had been dragged into, Xu Cheng had already climbed out from the window and walked along the wall of the building to the monitoring room's window. It was already open as he checked before, and he jumped in and turned off all the monitoring systems.

When those three found nothing but their co-worker's unconscious body at the office, they immediately went back to the monitoring room. But the moment they opened the door, two of them were dragged in by Xu Cheng and smashed against the wall, falling unconscious. Xu Cheng then charged out of the door at the other person and pinned him against the wall, knocking him unconscious as well. He dragged him into the room along with the others.

After making sure that the surveillance system was down, he walked out of the room, very relaxed.

He went to wait by the elevator, already seeing four armed bodyguards coming down. They came in pairs taking two elevators, and Xu Cheng already went to the elevator at the far side and leaned against the wall. When he waited until those four came out, Xu Cheng immediately grabbed the gun from the bodyguard closest to him and used him as a shield, firing three consecutive shots at the other three. Those three were well-trained and were still able to fire a shot before going down, but they all landed on their colleague instead as all four of them fell to the ground.

Xu Cheng picked up another pistol and put it by his waist. He went into the elevator and went directly to the highest floor.

The 16 bodyguards all narrowed their eyes as they saw the elevator coming back up, and they vigilantly walked towards it. Since the elevator just went down, it was impossible for someone to come back up immediately.

The five bodyguards closest to the elevator surrounded it immediately.

Ding ~

When the elevator opened, the five of them subconsciously aimed at the elevator, only to find it empty.

In fact, on the way up, Xu Cheng opened up the roof of the elevator and climbed on top of it. Right now, he was directly standing above the elevator.

When the five of them let out a sigh of relief, Xu Cheng suddenly jumped back down into the elevator and fired 5 quick shots, taking away their lives.

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