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Published at 8th of July 2019 10:55:06 PM Chapter 171.2: 171.2

Chapter 171 . 2: Combat Training Between Veteran and Rookie (Part two)

There were already a lot of people in line training .

When Xu Cheng went over, the Head Instructor said, “Fall in . ”

Xu Cheng joined the rank, stood up tall, and looked up ahead .

“Same training, the compet.i.tion team will have combat training with veterans . Both sides will be equipped with empty sh.e.l.ls, rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, army daggers, electronic mines, and other equipment . In the first round, the compet.i.tion team will play defense, and the veterans are on offense . Both sides will switch on the second round . Everyone clear?”

The 30 or so soldiers all shouted, “Understood!”

“Now, compet.i.tion team, fall out!” the head instructor shouted .

Hu Bing and the other 13 people all stepped out, and Xu Cheng also stepped out, coming up to a total of 15 people in a new rank .

But at this moment, Hu Bing opened his mouth . “Sir!”

Head Instructor: “Speak . ”

Hu Bing: “I think our 14-men team already has great synergy . Due to the lack of understanding of Captain Xu's strength, there's no way to add him and make reasonable arrangements on such short notice . ”

The head instructor frowned .

Hu Bing: “We still welcome him, but if he's joining, he needs to prove himself . ”

Xu Cheng frowned . “How do I prove myself?”

Hu Bing: ”Please stand on the opposing side and combat us . Let me see your strength . ”

The veterans were not happy . “You guys trained for so long together and have great synergy, Xu Cheng hadn't even trained with us, how's the result going to be fair?”

Hu Bing: “If you guys can beat us, then what's the use of us? Why not just send you guys to the compet.i.tion? I know you guys will lose, I just want him on the opposite side to test out his strength . ”

The veteran still wanted to say a few more words, but Xu Cheng suddenly stepped to the veteran's team . He used his actions to answer his decision .

Xu Cheng said, “Alright, let's begin . ”

The head instructor looked at Hu Bing, a bit dissatisfied with his level of tolerance .

“If that's the case, then go back and prepare your equipment . Then, go into the wild . ”

Both teams all went to pick up their gears . Xu Cheng only picked up a dagger first . It wasn't sharp, but there was a smear device on the edge, and sliding it against the enemies' throat would leave behind a red trail, and that would count as a kill . The rifles and pistols all used empty sh.e.l.ls so the damage was greatly reduced . The mines were similar to actual ones and could be dismantled . If they were detonated, they would send off smoke, and the soldier that stepped on it would be eliminated .

A veteran named Wei Yuan said to him, “Xu Cheng, I feel for you Bro . You got injured and aren't as strong as before, but so what? This mathafacking rookie is so arrogant . Us brothers, we will fack them in the azz, for Xu Cheng! No one coward out!”

The other veterans all nodded . “We can't beat him in solo combat, but we will troll them to death in a teamfight!”

Xu Cheng smiled indifferently . He put the dagger behind his waist, and then picked up a pistol and a pack of bullets into his backpack . After putting on the helmet, combat suit, boots, gloves, goggles and such, they all jumped onto a truck . They would be sent to the jungle area at the back of the mountain of the military region, while the compet.i.tion team would be sent to the other side of the mountain to the defense region . They would have half a day to deploy defense measures, and then Xu Cheng's side would be responsible for offense . They could utilize the dark night or even early morning to launch surprise raids . As long as they can win, it doesn't matter what tactics or methods you use .

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