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Chapter 1265: A new era


“What? The mutant Union intercepted a total of 36 nuclear bombs from Israel?” All the military experts and higher-ups were shocked.

“Now, it’s no longer a secret. The global headlines are all about this. It seems that the position of the mutant Union replacing and surpa.s.sing the United Nations is confirmed. Everyone, we have to reevaluate the position of the mutant Union. Immediately set up a technical consultant team and go to the deviant Corp to exchange information on whether they have really developed anti-nuclear technology. This is an urgent matter. ”

They weren’t the only ones who were nervous. Some of the countries that were in the process of research and development vomited blood.

After so many years, so much money, and so much suffering, now that this anti-nuclear technology was out, did it mean that they would enter a new era where nuclear weapons would be eliminated?

‘F * ck.’

Once this technology came out, the military forces of countries all over the world would have to be reshuffled!

In other words, other than those high-tech military forces, there would no longer be such a big difference between countries with and without nuclear weapons.

Of course, Russia and the United States of China were still the world leaders in terms of military power, not to mention nuclear weapons. However, without the threat of nuclear weapons, the world’s ranking would indeed have to be reshuffled.

In the ye family’s courtyard.

Minister ye looked at elder ye in confusion and asked,””Dad, is this Xiao Cheng’s intention? I don’t understand, why did he show this card? Once the anti-nuclear technology came out, how many countries around the world would lose their military interests and technology? What is he thinking?”

“I can’t see through him anymore.” Grandpa Shen was also in a dilemma.

At this moment, ye Xiu, who had just returned from the mutant’s Guild headquarters, walked into the courtyard and interrupted the two: “He wants to completely overthrow the world’s structure.”

Ye Xiu sat down on a stone bench and said,”he wants to completely promote the genetic vaccine technology. However, all the powerful countries in the world are against it and refuse to cooperate. For example, China. The proud and arrogant Russia is also among them. These two countries are also countries with relatively large populations.” What he meant was that all the countries in the world were competing in military strength, right? Then, he will destroy the nuclear weapons you rely on and disrupt the compet.i.tion between countries in the nuclear field so that you can shift your attention away from this. ”

The old man asked,’where can it be transferred to? If they didn’t research nuclear technology and expand their capital, would they be more economically powerful than who had more money? You little thief, don’t meddle if you don’t know the country. ”

Ye Xiu curled his lips,”you can compare it to the field of genetic technology!” In the future, all the countries in the world will strive to expand their talent pool in the field of genetic technology. ”

The old man sneered,”using genetic technology for military purposes?” Have you wasted all these years in the military?”

“Grandpa, I have a video to show you.” Ye Xiu said. He took out his phone and opened a video.

This video was the video of Xu Cheng’s battle against the France Army.

After Minister ye and elder ye finished reading, they looked at each other in disbelief.

Minister ye even stammered,”this, this is real?.”

Ye Xiu nodded his head: “although this video has been blocked and prohibited from being leaked, it’s still cla.s.sified as military secrets of the European Union. Every country keeps a copy of it as a reference.”

“What reference?” Minister ye asked.

Ye Xiu: “let’s see if their future soldiers or national talents can also reach this level. Grandpa, you’re an expert. Tell me, my brother’s level of destruction and violence, is it strong in the military field?” Can it be compared to the country’s advanced technology?”

“Strong!” Old master ye was speechless as he stared at the video and kept replaying it. “”One person is enough to flatten an entire country’s Army!”

As he said this, elder ye nervously looked at ye Xiu and asked: “You’re an insider. Did all the other countries in the world accept this technology?”

Ye Xiu nodded his head,”it’s not too much to fight until your head is bleeding!” Do you still remember the 16-year-old army of the Union’s Criminal Police? He beat up our country’s Special Forces so badly that they couldn’t even fight back. He’s the beneficiary of the genetic modification! In the future, the compet.i.tion between countries would be to see who had more genetic experts and whose strength was higher. Who would still want to use firearms? It was simply out of date! If I wasn’t from the ye family, I wouldn’t have come back to inform you guys. ”

Department head ye stood up immediately and yelled at his Secretary,””To the Congress!”

A month later.

It proved that the alien Union had developed anti-nuclear technology.

The release of this anti-nuclear technology had indeed confused many countries about their future military strategy.

This was exactly what Xu Cheng wanted. At this time, he would show his strength to endorse genetic technology. If those countries ‘think tanks still couldn’t figure it out, then they really deserved to be beaten up!

Almost in private, countries around the world were all willing to join the mutant Union Alliance!

This time, there was no force or demand. They were willing to accept the anti-nuclear destruction treaty in accordance with the world rules and legal standards of the Union, and thus introduce the first generation genetic vaccine technology to promote to the world.

It was only then that the world truly accepted the promotion and recognition of genetic technology.

And that video of Xu Cheng’s destructive power would forever be stored in top-secret doc.u.ments all over the world.

The military strategies of the entire world had shifted from weapon research and development to the excavation of the human body’s potential!

It was also from this day on that the world entered a new era.

The middle-aged man who pretended to be Tilu originally thought that after the Golden Cicada shed its sh.e.l.l, no one would find out about his conspiracy, but in the end, Xu Cheng still found him.

At a welfare home for the elderly, Xu Cheng found him.

When the two of them met, the guy pretended not to know Xu Cheng and wanted to walk past him, but Xu Cheng just said,””You are the Duke’s butler!”

The old man’s body suddenly trembled, and he wanted to run away, but he found that his body was controlled by Xu Cheng’s powerful mind and couldn’t move.

Xu Cheng walked up to him and looked at him.

The old man didn’t dare to look at Xu Cheng, but he still asked,””In this world, the only person who knows me is Ross. No one else has ever seen me. How do you know me?”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled.”You wouldn’t have guessed that on the day I landed on the Duke’s Island, when you guys escaped in the submarine, I was in the dark. I remembered what you looked like, and then the Duke told me that you were an ambitious person. In fact, I’ve been wondering why Morgan launched the nuclear bomb early that day. In fact, you secretly told him that I had already landed on the island, right?” You want The Duke and I to die, so you can use the blood poison to control Morgan and achieve the rule you want, right? You want to kill with a borrowed knife! But I didn’t expect that I didn’t die. It’s no wonder why you want me to die so much! Because if you take too big a step, you’re afraid that I’ll find you and not let you go, so you deliberately want to kill me, and then you can dominate without any worries. But I thought about it, this motive is not thorough enough. What made you so crazy to stop me from promoting the vaccine? After listening to the Duke’s words before he died, I finally understood that the blood poison in his body could only consume the blood of ordinary people. Once he consumed the blood of a new type of gene, he would become even more violent and destroy himself. I didn’t think you would be poisoned by the Duke’s blood poison, right? “However, I’ve investigated that this Welfare Inst.i.tute for the elderly often has murders. Many elderly people die from animal bites for no reason. I’m thinking that the new generation of young people or children have already been injected with genetic vaccines, so the only targets you can suck blood from are obviously the elderly! Did I say it right?”

(There’s still one more chapter before it ends. I’m working hard on it.)

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