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Chapter 553: The Lee Family Repurchasing Shares (Part Two)

Haber nodded. “They are downstairs at this hotel right now.”

Xu Cheng: “Wait for me to finish breakfast.”

Haber nodded. As he ate, he just suddenly asked out of the blue, “Yeah I'm not full yet too. I have something to ask you.”

Xu Cheng: “Speak.”

Haber: “The police found some cat-like paw prints on those dead mercenaries, no other man's fingerprints. They searched world-wide for supernatural incidents like this one, and in the end, they found out that the paw print was the same as the ones left behind at the scene in the Wei Nation where the Shanling Family was ma.s.sacred.”

Xu Cheng's eyes narrowed, he forgot about that.

But Haber continued, “I already pressed down the investigation's public reach. After this case is closed, I will have someone at the police erase all the information.”

Xu Cheng glanced at him. “I guess I didn't waste the medicine by giving it to you.”

Haber chuckled and said, “So you should still go and meet Three-Star, it's fine if you guys don't reach an agreement. After all, they did ask me for this favor, I have to do my part.”

Xu Cheng wiped his mouth and said, “Alright, I will go and talk to them now, since you are so bored that you have to get yourself involved. Later on, I need your a.s.sistance for something.”

Haber bitterly smiled. “Now I still have to go and take care of your wife's business. Sigh*, I still have to be a middleman for her and other people as well. Don't you know? Those people that night that were willing to compensate your wife to exchange her freedom for theirs, they are so scared now and desperately want to see your wife to try to make amends. After they heard that the 200 soldiers were tragically killed inhumanely, they've been begging me to help set up an occasion for them to apologize to Nicole face to face. Alright, I will stop chit-chatting now, I will go and take care of that matter now, see you later.”

Seeing how busy he was, Xu Cheng got up himself and directly went to the conference area of the hotel downstairs.

Over there, there was a group of Bang Nation people. There were two bodyguards standing, and the 50-year-old representative, a lawyer, and a secretary were all sitting there anxiously. On the side, Young Master Lee was also standing there silently, and the bruises on his face showed that he had obviously been beaten prior to coming here.

Xu Cheng said to Haber's a.s.sistant, “Take out your phone and take a few pictures for me in a bit.”

Haber's a.s.sistant nodded and took out his phone and went to sit down on a sofa in the corner.

When Xu Cheng walked towards those Bang Nation guys, Young Master Lee's face was pretty ugly when he saw him. That elder of the Three-Star Corporation representing the Lee Family stood up, reached out his hand, and said, “Mr. Xu, allow me to introduce myself.”

But, Xu Cheng was too lazy to shake hands with him. He just sat down on the sofa and crossed one leg on top of the other as he lit a cigarette for himself. “I have 0 points of positive feeling towards you Bang Nation people, so you don't need to show me all the formalities. Just tell me what you want. If it wasn't for doing Haber a favor, I wouldn't even be here talking with you guys.”

The elder stood there, he couldn't show that he was angry and he was definitely not happy too. Feeling a bit awkward, he said straightforwardly, “Then what does Mr. Xu want from us to be willing to return the shares back to us?”

Xu Cheng: “Depends on my mood. You should probably know that the guy beside you really disgusts me. So, with this premise, if you want to buy the shares back from me, I definitely wouldn't sell.”

The elder of Three-Star asked Xu Cheng, “Then how will Mr. Xu not feel disgusted by him? How can we make your mood better?”

Xu Cheng looked at Young Master Lee. “You can ask him.”

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