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Volume II: Cepheus

Chapter 039: Departure

Following the major mech compet.i.tion, the military training examinations go on as planned. As far as those who earnestly partic.i.p.ated in their training, those people had absolutely no trouble pa.s.sing through. This exams pa.s.sing rate of the new students had reached 100%. Originally after pa.s.sing the exams, they should have still been formally attending cla.s.ses, however, this year coincidently coincides with the 600th anniversary of the Lacey Empire. The capital of the constellation of Cepheus is about to hold a large-scale celebration. All human-inhabited planets within the imperial regime are on a vacation for 10 days.

A full 10-day vacation is undoubtedly a rare opportunity for students to relax. Many students can just go home to see their parents or amuse themselves by traveling to other regions.

However, for Lin Yuan and Caesar, every minute of the 10-day vacation has become extremely valuable.

- Because they must go to the capital of the constellation of Cepheus to undergo pre-match training.

Unlike the single-player matches held in the school, the national finals are all group-based team compet.i.tions, divided into an obstacle course, stress compet.i.tion, tactical compet.i.tion, and as well as the final group showdown. Each event has its own grading criteria. The team compet.i.tions not only have extremely strict requirements on the individual ability of each player but it also pays attention to the teamwork between the groups. There is an additional stipulation from the Mech a.s.sociation that all of the competing schools go to the capital star for training three days prior to the compet.i.tion.

(TN: Word for word what it said, I even asked an undoubtedly more proficient translator than myself (I love her translation of Seizing Dreams, I'm still fangirling about that) and alas no clue what kind of compet.i.tion this is lol. Lord Google offered me nothing, if it's ever mentioned again with more detail I'll come back and change the name.)

The military instructor who will lead the group to Cepheus is currently Lieutenant Colonel Knox.

On February 27th, Lieutenant Colonel Knox summoned the top ten students to convene together. He spoke seriously: "The National Finals is a school-based group compet.i.tion. Everyone bear in mind that from here on out, all of you act as one unit, honor is won together and failure is lost together! Our school has won the t.i.tle of champion in the National Finals for four consecutive years. This year's championship trophy must not be lost! I hope that you can trust each other and cooperate together to display the best talent in our school! "

Everyone immediately earnestly replied back: "Understood! Instructor!"

Knox nodded. "Tomorrow morning, at 7:00 on the dot, We will convene at the school gate. I will be taking you to the final compet.i.tion at the capital star for the three-day match pre-training. I'm sure by now you're thoroughly aware of the rules and regulations of the compet.i.tion. After arriving in the capital star, your meals and accommodations are all taken care of by the Mech a.s.sociation. If you want to meet any friends in private or go to other places to mess around, you must request a leave of absence from me."

Knox paused for a moment and with a penetrating gaze looked at the faces of the ten students one by one: "Does everyone understand that?"

Everyone immediately replied with bright voices: "We understand, Instructor!"


Walking back to the dormitory, Lin Yuan felt somewhat suspicious and asked: "Caesar, was the master who guided me before senior Leo?"

Just recently during training, Lin Yuan carefully observed and compared each of the top ten students for a bit. There are a total of three people that are third-years in the control department, two boys and one girl. Among them, there is Ace who is a boy with a surprisingly soft voice and another boy named Leo's whose voice is somewhat deep and low. Lin Yuan and the mysterious master only talked through the mech each time they met, so in the end, it was impossible to determine what the other party's true voice was.

From everything he has to go on, only senior Leo is suitable.

Strangely enough, Leo seemed like he didn't recognize his appearance? Lin Yuan even took the initiative to smile at him, but he unexpectantly remained indifferent?

Caesar turned his head and looked at Lin Yuan with a completely bewildered gaze, he couldn't help but smile as he explained: "It's not Leo. Don't start being so anxious, that master didn't partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. He lives in the capital of the constellation of Cepheus, he'll be waiting upon us. When we arrive at the capital, he will treat you to dinner."

Lin Yuan excitedly nodded. "Oh, so it turned out to be like this!"

It's no wonder that the compet.i.tion overall felt a bit off. The mysterious master is so powerful, but he never saw a player with such a high level on the playing field. So as it turned out, he didn't compete. Otherwise, the champion t.i.tle would have certainly been his.

After coming around to this idea, Lin Yuan no longer felt confused. After returning to the dormitory, he immediately went back to his bedroom to bathe.


Inside the living room, Brian turns on the ultrhigh resolution big screen TV to watch a soap opera, this time watching a science-fiction themed one. It was mainly about various clones and with them, feeling resentment and animosity. Caesar went to sit next to him and asked: "I'm setting off with Lin Yuan tomorrow morning to go to the capital star. What arrangements do you have for the ten-day vacation?"

Brian said: "I will also be going back to the capital star tomorrow. I will be celebrating my grandfather's 200th birthday for two days. Everyone in the Bayh family has to be present."

For Mr. Aston's grand 200th birthday celebration, not only does everyone in the Bayh household have to show up, but even the royal family sends congratulatory gifts.

Caesar's royal uncle, Berg, married Mr. Aston's youngest son, Drew, who in turn gave birth to his only son, Brian. The imperial family and the Bayh family have had close relations with one another prior to receiving connections through the event of marriage bringing them together. It was also because Mr. Aston is looked upon in the empire as a mech master reckoned to be the first or second best. His prestige in the entire empire even surpa.s.ses certain military generalissimos.

(TN: Commanders of more than one military unit, the real big-wig generals lol. I also just thought this word looked interesting so I used it.)

His Majesty, Prince Caesar, and Marshal Rosen's S-cla.s.s mechs were all made by him. His own flesh and blood son, General Drew's mech, was completely ignored. The old gentleman's temperament is very eccentric, he only gives mechs to those who are pleasing to his eye. Even at an elderly two hundred years old, he is still just as in glowing spirits immersed in researching parts all day as he was before. He hadn't taken a lot of disciples but each and every one of them ended up as a master......

Such a respectable person of virtue and prestige from an older-generation celebrating a birthday, as one can well imagine when that moment comes, the occasion will be sure to be bustling with noise and excitement.

Right as the two are chatting, Snow also comes back.

Brian hurridly got up and walked over to him and asked, "Snow, how do you plan to spend these ten days?"

Snow said flatly: "There is nothing planned."

Brian puzzledly scratched his head. "I am going to return to my home, I may be unable to keep you company."

Snow said: "It doesn't matter."

After he finished speaking, he turned around to return to his bedroom and closed the door to take a bath, keeping to himself.

Brian felt somewhat lost and went back to the sofa to sit down. He turned his head and turned to Caesar and said: "Actually, I really want to take Snow to the capital star to hang out for a few days, but, since my grandfather's grand birthday celebration is happening, my relatives like my uncle and aunt all have to go back to the capital star. If by chance I was seen together with Snow, it would be unfavorable for him......"

Caesar completely understood Brian's distress and nodded as he said, "You are right to go without him. After all, your current relationship is not suitable for you to lay all of your cards on the table, the Bayh family is completely gathered, in this case, you would certainly be asking for trouble if you took him."

Brian was silent for a moment, "But, you are going together with Lin Yuan to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion and I will also be going to the capital star. We are all leaving. Wouldn't that just be leaving him all alone in the dormitory?"

It goes without saying that Snow had no friends with his indifferent and cold personality. If his roommates were all gone, he would be the only one left behind. Thinking of him staying all alone in a deserted room for a whole ten days with not even a person who would accompany him and chat, Brian felt very distressed.

Caesar suggested: "Wouldn't it be better to book a tour group for him and let him choose a place to have fun in for a few days?"

Brian thought about it: "I'll ask him if he wants to go anywhere."

Brian got up and went up to Snow's bedroom and he knocked to open the door and went in.

Snow quizzically asked: "What? Aren't you going home tomorrow? Shouldn't you be packing your bags?"

Brian suddenly took a step forward and embraced Snow tightly. He rests his chin on Snow's shoulder and begins to lightly rub his chin against him. He lowers his voice as he speaks: "I am going home soon, I can't see you for a whole ten days..."

Snow: "......"

This Alpha's fawning actions and gentle tone can always quickly strike Snow's weak spot.

Snow's body was stiff for a moment, he hesitantly reached out to placate Brian by rather softly stroking his head and saying softly: "Ten days and nothing more, don't worry."

Brian deeply inhaled, Snow's faintly cold smell was particularly nice to sniff at, he was very reluctant to let go.

After holding him tightly for a while, Brian was finally was able to let go of Snow and look at him earnestly as he said: "I have a VIP membership card from the Central Travel Agency, I can help you custom-order a nice travel route. There are ten days for you to go out and have fun, do you have a place that you want to go?"

Snow said: "No need, I will just use this vacation time to experiment. "

Brian immediately began to frown as he said: "After so many difficulties we finally get to have a vacation, what is this experiment you're doing, ah?"

Snow said: "The design of senior Shirley's graduation project has finally reached the last few stages. I am her personal a.s.sistant. I will be staying these last few days to lend her a helping hand."

Hearing Shirley's name, Brian's face immediately turned black. "It's that senior girl again, don't stay with her all day!"

There was a distinctly strong smell of vinegar in the air.

(TN: Someone's jealous again~ What's up with these Alphas and chugging vinegar all the time?)

Snow hurriedly said: "I have nothing to do with her."

Brian's face still looked out of sorts. "She looks at you with an obviously abnormal gaze, she must definitely be interested in you! For what other reason would she have you be her a.s.sistant? You are only a first-year and you only just recently entered school. Trying to find an a.s.sistant to do experiments and she doesn't try to find a second-year student, but instead calls upon you? Is this not an attempt or what? For a full ten days, she actually lets you stay alone with her for experimentation?!"

Brian's two eyes are already burning with anger

Snow felt somewhat regretful for pulling senior Shirley out as a shield. This shield is completely useless and only brings out adverse effects.

(TN: Using poor Shirley as an excuse...)

......how should I calm an alpha down when he is angry?

Snow gave it a thought, didn't the last time when he kissed him seem to work out well?

So Snow stood up on his tiptoes and gently kissed Brian's lips, interrupting Brian's wrathful interrogation.

Brian: "....................."

The thoughtless words that he wanted to say without thinking were blocked by Snow's kiss and the soft, cool touch on his lips was fleeting as if it were only but an illusion flashing through his dazzled mind.

Brian blanked out for a second and immediately hugged Snow's waist and firmly kissed back!


(TN: Interjection of surprise.)

Last time, wasn't the kiss nice and fast? Why was this storyline not right......

Snow hurriedly pushed him as hard as he could, but he was tightly embraced by both of Brian's hands.

The superiority of the Alpha's physical strength made Snow's struggle become completely futile. Brian's dexterous tongue seized the opportunity to pry open his jaw, immediately exploring the inside of Snow's mouth. After frantically sucking and wrapping Snow's tongue around him the kiss wildly began to pick up in heat.

Snow stiffly stretched his back taut.

Inside his mouth, he feels greatly affected by their combination of saliva and the nimble actions of the Alpha's tongue. Under the tyrannical ministrations and such fierce friction, the back his spine suddenly picks up a trace of a subtle desire, powerful enough to make him tremble, which then goes along his peripheral nerves and directly charges into his brain.

With the kiss of the Alpha, his whole body was toyed with and grew weak. Snow even found himself having to swallow the other party's saliva.


Brian kissed even more enthusiastically and in addition the technique of this guy's motions and kissing are significantly more than X times better than last time.

(TN: The exact number was left out for some reason? There was just the letter n there so just use your imagination.)

The effect of Snow's homemade inhibitors is still in the verification stage. During this time, close contact with Brian has been avoided. Today's deep kiss makes the Omega pheromones in the body start to fluctuate again!

Brian's frantic French kiss made Snow go almost completely soft in his arms.

- I did not expect that my own pacifying action would actually stir up a fire in the upper body.

It wasn't until Brian finally emptied out all of his desire that he ended his kiss and withdrew back from Snow's mouth. Snow was holding onto his last bit of strength, tightly clenching his fist, gasping for breath and looked at him: "......are you satisfied now? "

Slightly blushing face, moist lips, and his blue eyes are lightly covered with a film of glistening water. As he looks up and attempts to feign a cold and indifferent gaze at me, it is simply the ultimate temptation......

Brian took a deep breath and painstakingly kept his intense urges under control. He smiled and said, "Okay, I believe that you have nothing to do with Shirley. But, do you really have to experiment with her for ten days?"

Snow is faintly said: "I only came towards the end of the experiment, I'm only giving a senior sister a helping hand, nothing more." Snow paused and added: "In addition to me, there are two second-year a.s.sistants...... Don't think too much."

Brian finally let go of his worries, "That's good, I am going to pack my bags now, wait for me to return!"

After he finished talking, he also moved closer and tenderly kissed Snow's forehead, he then perfectly contented, turned around and left.

Finally, Brian was sent away. Snow sat back next to his desk and drank half a gla.s.s of cold water from the top of the table.

His heartbeat was a little bit out of control, his entire body started to heat up, and some parts of his lower body even reacted......

This kind of situation is not very optimistic.

Snow took a deep breath and whispered: "Night Snow."

The silver mech inside his necklace s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton immediately turned into a fully humanoid model and stationed itself right in front of Snow, calmly saying: "Here, Master."

After a moment of silence, Snow said, "......can I trust you?"

Night Snow cooly said: "Master, when I was finished, Brian's first order issued to my smart center, that was, to the master named Snow...... eternal loyalty."

Snow: "......"

Eternal loyalty to Snow?

Is this the first order that Brian gave to this mech?

Snow didn't know what to say at the moment. Not long ago, Brian had carefully put the mech s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton into the palm of his hand, now there was a kind of indescribable warmth in his heart.

That whipped guy......

Sometimes he was quite foolish, but he is truly good towards him......

Night Snow's tone suddenly became gentle. "Master, don't worry, as your mech, I will always be loyal to you and only loyal to you...... even if it is my creator Brian, I am not qualified to betray you."

Snow was silent for a long time, before finally reaching out his hand towards the mech.

Night Snow's eyes flashed and also reached out its hand and gently placed Snow's hand in the palm of its own hand.

This kind of formal agreement between the master and the mech finally let Snow fully let his guard down and open his heart.

Although mechs do possess intelligence, when all is said and done they are still machines, there are so many unpredictable thoughts in human beings, let alone what kind of emotions may affect them. Night Snow was just a recently completed mech and its memory is still in a blank period. As long as the newly created mech reaches an agreement with their master, they will be dead-set loyal towards them.

Snow still can't completely believe in human beings. He can only believe in his own mech.

Thinking of this, Snow whispered: "Night Snow, I want to tell you a secret, you are not allowed to tell it to anyone."

Night Snow nodded: "Understood, Master."

Snow said: " I am actually an Omega."

Night Snow said: "I knew, Master."

Snow: "......"

It really didn't have a strong reaction, probably because it was not fully aware of the seriousness of an Omega being mixed into a military school.

Snow paused. "First, you help me detect the concentration of Omega X pheromone in my bloodstream."

(TN: Censoring everywhere! Baidu said that this certain 'j口j' censor meant harmonious, but that's likely just a euphemism for l.u.s.t or s.e.xual desire.)

Snow stretched out his arm and immediately put his finger on the needle in Night Snow's detector and took a drop of blood for data a.n.a.lysis, and soon announced the final results, "Master, the pheromone value in your body is 7.0mg / L."

7.0mg / L......

The pheromones in Omegas will fluctuate slightly with changes in mood and physiological state. The normal concentration of pheromones in an adult Omega's blood will fall between 7.0 and 9.0. After reaching 7.0, omega pheromone will present itself on the body through scent, reaching more than 9.0 will signal the start of their estrus period.

Snow had also sneaked his blood into the laboratory yesterday. The pheromone concentration was 0.1, which was almost negligible. That is because the utility of the omega inhibitor reduced the pheromone in the omega body indefinitely.

However, today it suddenly reached a concentration of 7.0.

In addition to the influence of Brian's French kissing, there is another reason - it is pretty clear that the inhibitors injections are as unstable and unreliable as the previous ones, after encountering Alpha contact, especially intimate contact, the inhibitor in his body actually immediately collapsed.

Fortunately, Snow had added a lot of ingredients to cover up the smell and did not cause Brian's to detect anything, otherwise, the situation just now... would have absolutely gotten out of control!

Snow took a deep breath and took an injection from the drawer and injected it into the blood vessels of the arm. After waiting for about five minutes, Snow let Night Snow re-test, and the newly measured value quickly dropped to 0.1.

- This kind of method could no longer be used.

There are tens of thousands of Alphas in this school. Snow can't avoid all of the Alphas all the time. Even if you walk on the road and pa.s.s an Alpha, the smell of the pheromone from the other party will also affect the effectiveness of the inhibitor in his body. The replacement of several ingredients in the process of making these inhibitors has made the effect of the drug decrease. To make the best inhibitor, you must still have to buy and use banned drugs in the formula.

Snow calmly considered for a moment before he finally got up and walked up to his closet and took out the safe hidden inside of the closet.

He takes out a small box of nerve anesthetic, a sharp electromagnetic knife, a set of clothes that look ordinary but it actually had a large pocket hidden in its sleeve, and as well as a pair of black leather boots from the safe.

Snow rapidly puts on the skintight clothes and the leather boots, he hides the needles of the nerve anesthetic in his sleeves and the knife was hidden in the secret pocket under a zipper on the side of his leather boot. He then said: "Night Snow, return back to the s.p.a.ce b.u.t.ton."

Night Snow immediately obeyed the order and returned to the necklace on Snow's neck.

Snow took out an ID card and a s.p.a.ceship ticket from the drawer, stuffed it into his bag, then switched off this bedroom lights, pretending that he was already asleep, and then quietly spoke to Night Snow-

"Wait for them to all to fall asleep, we will then leave immediately."

The light gold handwriting on the s.p.a.cecraft's ticket flashed with a faint fluorescence in the dark of the night, which is the unique design element that will naturally be on the VIP s.p.a.cecraft's Supreme ticket.

The two lines of words gradually became clear in front of them......

Terminal: the capital of the constellation of Cepheus, Sheffield.

Departure time: February 28, 2:30 a.m..

(TN: Just a lil' reminder that it is currently the 27th as of now~)


In the bedroom next door, Lin Yuan is lying in the bathtub and soaking in a hot bath, while he also excitedly thinks about the scenario of their arrival to the capital star and then going to a place to meet up with that mysterious master.

I don't know what sort of person that master will be?

Lin Yuan felt very excited when he thought of seeing his face in person. When that time comes, I must properly express my grat.i.tude to him. Without his guidance and those meticulously copied electronic notes, I would have never improved so fast. I smoothly entered the top ten out of the entire school without a hitch and even got second place.

It would be better to take the initiative to invite him out to dinner......

In any case, the top ten contestants in this compet.i.tion have been sent out scholarships. The amount of the runner-up, Lin Yuan scholarship, was a very impressive 20,000 crystal coins, this is definitely the largest sum of money he had ever seen in writing from his childhood to now as a first-year student!

After he finished up taking his bath, he came out of the bathroom and habitually opened up the locked drawer. Lin Yuan took out the small box of medicine and ate a piece for the day.

Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Lin Yuan put the medicine back in the drawer and opened the door to see Caesar standing outside the entrance.

Lin Yuan inquisitively asked: "What's wrong?"

Caesar gave a slight smile and said: "That mysterious master you have always wanted to see just contacted me a moment ago. He has been quite busy in recent days, but he invited you to meet up with him after the end of the compet.i.tion next week. He has already booked a place to eat, at that time, come with me and we'll go together."

Lin Yuan immediately said excitedly: "That's great!"

Caesar paused and went on to say: "And my big brother wants to meet you too."

Lin Yuan surprisedly asked: "Your big brother?"

Caesar nodded, "My home is in the capital star, my brother is also a mech fanatic, he grew particularly fond of playing with mechs since he was a child. When he heard that I have a roommate that ended up taking second place, he really wanted to see you. I don't know if you would be inconvenienced?"

Lin Yuan scratched his head and said: "I actually don't have a problem. However, didn't the instructor not say that you need to request a leave of absence if you want to meet with friends privately? To leave without permission when we are training, is that not something truly bad?"

Caesar hurridly said: "It's no problem, I can talk to him about it tomorrow night. After arriving at the capital star tomorrow night, the instructor will arrange for us to check in at the hotel first. The training will begin the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow evening is free time, I'll just happen to be taking you around the capital city to enjoy the nightscape and conveniently he'll invite you to dinner "

Lin Yuan excitedly said:" Well that's good then! I've been invited out to the capital star tomorrow night! I also want to go see the capital stars nightscape! There should be lots of delicious food I haven't eaten before......"

Sure enough, he is always really keen on food.

Looking at Lin Yuan's excited appearance, Caesar's gaze couldn't help but become soft and tender. "No worries, I will take you to eat the specialty dishes of Sheffield Star. You should pack your bags first, get everything sorted out and go to bed soon since we still have to get up early tomorrow morning."

Lin Yuan excitedly nodded and said: "En, goodnight!"

After he turned back to his bedroom, Lin Yuan quickly started packing.

The competing team members need to stay in the capital for one week. This week's accommodation and meals are entirely arranged by the school. Lin Yuan has nothing important to bring, he just casually brings a few changes of clothes and then opens the drawer to bring that bottle of medicine.

When he opens the drawer he only discovers that the drawer was completely empty......

Lin Yuan stayed frozen in place.

......what about my medicine????!!!!

Lin Yuan stared blankly for a moment, thinking that he must have been hallucinating, he took a closer look and found that there was truly nothing in the drawer.

Because of the importance of this medicine, he had been locking the medicine in this drawer and taking a piece daily following his bath. After eating the medicine just then, Caesar had suddenly knocked on the door. Lin Yuan didn't have time to lock the drawer and went straight out to talk to Caesar.

When I came back, the medicine was gone?

What a joke! I definitely just put it back after I finished eating it, ah, how could it suddenly disappear?

Lin Yuan stared doubtfully at the drawer and attentively began to rummage around it, he looked around for a long time but was still unable to even find a trace of the medicine bottle. However, at the edge of the drawer, he discovered a strand of pure white pet hair......

"......Hobby! Give it back to me!"

Lin Yuan turned over his room looking for his housepet.

Wasn't in this room, neither the bathroom, but after opening and pulling apart his closet, it turned out that Hobby was hiding in his wardrobe.

Holding the bottle right in its hand, he was happily immersed in eating the medicine, his mouth chewed incessantly. It was very fragrant and sweet......

Lin was very extremely angry. He immediately grabbed it and s.n.a.t.c.hed the bottle from its hand. With one look, he quickly found himself frozen to the ground where he stood.

This good-for-nothing foodie, in such a short period of time actually finished off the entire bottle of medicine?!

Lin Yuan used all his strength to swat his head. "Hobby! Who told you to steal this? This is not something you can eat!"

......wuwu, his owner is very angry.

(TN: Crying sounds like boohoo.)

......owner definitely knows that I really hate people patting my head.

Hobby looked up at Lin Yuan feeling a bit aggrieved, his eyes were practically gleaming with tears ready to roll down and begin weeping.

Lin Yuan helplessly had no choice but to grab the large photoelectric tablet and hold it in front of him. His face unsightly as he asked: "Why are you stealing my pills?! What if you receive any number of side effects?"

Hobby bowed his head in confusion and wrote out: "Owner, isn't that candy?"

Lin Yuan: "......"

Hobby continued to write seriously: "I have looked at it carefully. There are no signs on it. There was also no logo labeled on the bottle. If this was medicine, there would have definitely been a logo right? Isn't this the candy that Big Sis' Lin Yao had made for you? Big Sis' Lin Yao has also made this kind of white candy before, it was very delicious."

Lin Yuan: "......"

Habib: "Watching you eat it every day, I also wanted to taste it......"

Lin Yuan: "......"

- Suddenly, in the end, he was a bit confused as to whether he had been keeping a good or bad pet.

It's true that my sister's culinary talent is very good. Our family opened a cake shop on the planet of Rennes. She not only constantly makes various kinds of cakes and pastries, but also makes candies. She can use various raw materials to synthesize different flavors of candy in the store to sell. Sales were always pretty good. When Hobby was at home, he would also often eat the candy made by Lin Yao.

Furthermore, Dr. Fornt's medicine is indeed contained in an inconspicuous bottle of candy. There is no logo whatsoever attached to it on the outside...... No wonder why Hobby had always been impatiently drooling beside him all of those times before. This pet has obviously misunderstood, mistakenly thinking that this is candy that my sister had given me......

Although the mistake was not committed intentionally, the problem still remains that the medicine was eaten by the idiot as if it were candy. If he goes to the capital star to compete in the compet.i.tion, what should be done in the case that a strange illness manifests?!

The author has something to say:

Author: Little companions, do not give up the treatment, ah!

Snow: I have not given up treatment, but the treatment plan is always wrong......

Lin Yuan: I have been taking my medicine on time, but now my medicine is gone......

Caesar + Brian: We like what we hear and see!

(TN: Anything relatively s.m.u.tty gets censored a fair amount, sometimes I just have to go with my intuition lol.)

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