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In the beginning there was only the Void. A deep, perpetual black permeated the Void, so dark and desolate that if one were to be placed inside and asked to move around they would feel nothing, as if no matter how hard or long they ran or waved their arms around they would never move from where they were placed. Then, from the Void arose a ripple, a Thought, and with its birth the perpetual black transformed. No longer was it the Void, from it was born s.p.a.ce, the first ent.i.ty, and the Void was no longer Void but Blank.

Void and Blank both embody emptiness; however, their meanings are different. To be void is to simply be empty, and that is all, to be blank is to be empty but also with the implication that there is potential for something. A white canvas is not called void but blank, because there is potential for there to be something painted on the canvas.

This potential within the blank gives rise to the second ent.i.ty, Life. Life is born of potential, it is not the state of a being having a conscious nor is it a state of growing because both of these are simply branches of potential. A being with potential may grow, and a being with potential may possess sentience, however a being with no potential has nothing, and thus lacks life. And so, the sister ent.i.ties s.p.a.ce and Life were born.

Then once again a ripple spread throughout the universe. What was the point of a canvas unused? what was the point of simply having potential? With this second Thought the universe was moved once again. The blank s.p.a.ce which had remained motionless for eons silently exploded, and from it came two new ent.i.ties. First was born Time, for when movement occurs time exists, as time is a measurement of change. Then came Death, for when change occurs, potential can be used, however potential is not infinite, and eventually— like a candle's flame — it will burn out. This is not to say potential will ever run out either, for like the candle's flame spreads as heat and light, so too does potential change throughout a being's life, potential cannot be destroyed, simply changed. Thus the brother ent.i.ties Time and Death were born. s.p.a.ce, seeing Time, instantly felt a connection, and Life seeing Death felt the same. These ent.i.ties were complementary.

Time cannot exist without s.p.a.ce, for s.p.a.ce is the canvas in which Time causes changes, and s.p.a.ce is of no use without Time, for without change the blank canvas will forever remain as such. Death cannot exist without Life, for Death is the burning of the potential, and Life is of no use without Death, for unused potential serves no purpose. s.p.a.ce and Time embody the canvas, Life and Death embody potential. And so, s.p.a.ce wed Time, and Life wed Death, and they would forever be intertwined as two inseparable attributes.

The canvas, however, was still blank, and the potential was unused. Thus, for the last time, a ripple spread forth before colliding with the four ent.i.ties, creating four elements. From Life was born Earth, from Death was born Fire, from s.p.a.ce was born Air, and from Time was born Water.

Time, like flowing water, can and will eventually wear anything down into nothing. s.p.a.ce, like the air, is everywhere and ever-present. Life, like earth, is the foundation. Without potential the canvas would be Void and without the nourishment of earth life would not exist; all things living are born of and return to the dust of the earth. Finally, Death, like fire, is what puts it all in motion, for the heat of fire expands the air and thus the Universe, melds the earth together forming planets, burns the air forming the stars and wind, heats the water creating currents in the oceans, and its light nourishes and warms the being born of the earth. However, make no mistake, for the burning of all this potential sows karma, which is reaped by Death. Planets and stars collapse, wind and ocean currents go still, and the fire and light that brought life can similarly end it.

Regardless, the birth of the four elements marks the end of the beginning, and the universe is formed and filled with boundless burning potential.
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A Mythology On The Universe's Conception 1 One Universe, Dual Attributes, Three Thoughts, Four Elements summary

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